Sunchasers DH

A whole year older

As I write this, I can honestly say, this has been the best birthday ever!! And it is because I am celebrating it with my family, my Auntie Helga, Vari and BonnyAbby! I guess I never shared that bit of good news, turns out, something that completely slipped my mind, but I was 6, can you blame me, my Auntie Helga was way up north when my village was attacked, but I was so scared and confused, I totally forgot. Turns out she is now a sort of guardian along a well traveled path here in the Black Peaks, rarely any goblin sightings.

So, I decided to go to her place to celebrate my birthday. I figured the others barely noticed, they found some kind of ancient library, boring stuff as usual. But I am a whole 20 years of age, the big 2-0! Vari had gotten me a music box that plays the tune of the song me and Auntie sing together and Auntie gave me this big, thick, beautiful blanket to use on my bed back at the new base, I can’t wait to sleep under it!

Other then feeling my temper get worse at times, things have been going pretty well. Found out Vari has family, though to really reunite them, we have to take care of a major goblin threat. I welcome this challenge, because if I can kill off that particular tribe, then I know my village can finally rest in peace and I won’t feel that Daddy giving me this amulet wouldn’t have been in vain. Though….it has been looking a bit strange lately, a bit warped. But magic items don’t last forever and Auntie did say it’s been in the family for generations, so maybe time is finally taking it’s toll.



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