Sunchasers DH

How I Know It's Time to Publish

Log of Isabis Estolin, Cadulemet 17

It’s time to start publishing my travel journals. How do I know? Because that dratted ogre has found a bard and paid him to broadcast Grok’s version of the story. We got a sample earlier this evening when he presented it to the Sideways Sun in the “Bragging Right” circle. Grok’s version of the story doesn’t even mention what we were searching for, or what we found; it just has him defeating unrealistically large hordes of enemies while the rest of us “manage to stay alive” in the background. Oh, an apparently Grok thinks he’s the leader of our group. Argh.

On the plus side, his version and mine may be so different that people won’t even recognize them as being related to the same circumstances. I can only hope.



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