Sunchasers DH

Never Have Time to Write

Log is Isabis Estolin

Cadulemet 1

We took the job. We’re to go find “anything written” in a ruin sandwiched dangerously between gaunt territory and the salt weep. Should be exciting. So far, it’s mostly a long day on foot though.

Malaina was really upset earlier, but Jessaila talked to her privately and now she seems better.

Cadulemet 5

River travel is faster but boring. Having not much to say here, I’ve been working on my natural history notebook instead.

Cadulemet 11

Found the ruin today. They were full of scraps and fragments of runes, and we found a some serious treasure in the highest storeroom! There was a djinn imprisoned in a bottle, and there was a midget korret living on (literally on, as though it was a nest) a book of magic. When Thurirl looked at the book with mage-sight, it almost blinded him! It has a fascinating poem in the front, too:
“This book bears the blessing of the shining moon,
her power rising as a boon,
once for destiny and once for desire,
and twice for the will of the high.”
The original is in Kamil of course, like the rest of the book. This bears some serious reading, especially since it might have some bearing on the search for the name of the hidden God. Interestingly, the korret – his name is Fragment – had a quote from something else that was even more relevant:
" “Dragon Kings live on the Mountain of Smokes, Stars live in the skies. The Mountain Builders live in the earth, and Rebells live wherever they hide. Soreg, they hide in the twisted lands, and Ruul live by the seas, and Lyss hide among those who listen to them, and the Insia hide ’mong the trees. The wardens of power live each in their place, and passes down his decrees. But sad is the state of foolhardy elf who never looks higher than these.”
Jeshalaam Forthrunner, 718 – (living) "
I really should try to find whatever book that came from.

However, having spent maybe a couple hours searching, we barely escaped the place before it was overrun with A) gaunt elf lunatics and B) evil cronist mercenaries led by one of the 99 Knights! I think it was one of the castlebane division – he was big like the ogres he was babysitting, but he didn’t bother to really lead them. The groups were fighting each other, but it seems they mostly wanted whatever we happened to have found inside, so when they realized we weren’t inside (thanks to Grok, drat him!) they chased us. It’s been a long, long day. It’ll probably be a long day tomorrow, too. I just hope we survive to get some proper rest afterwards.



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