Sunchasers DH

Notes to Self

Log of Jessaila: Assimet 30, 228

First, Notes to Self:

  1. Don’t piss off the ogre.
  2. Even if he (it?)’s being childish.
  3. Actually, especially then.
  4. Don’t get hit by poisoned arrows.
  5. New companions have very poor (read: violent) reactions to being deceived.

We had a bit of excitement last night after going to sleep. We did not find it necessary to post a guard. In retrospect, this was a mistake which I don’t think we shall soon repeat, for our camp was attacked in the night by bandits. I slew four, though I took a bit of a battering in return – and got nicked by a poisoned arrow. I’m still a bit shaky, though Isabis says she can probably work up an antidote and that it’s not lethal. Though I didn’t make out too badly from the fight, the younger of the dragons, Vari, received fairly serious injuries, and it set Malaina all aflutter with anxiety.

When we returned to our employer’s home, we then discovered that this entire ordeal – minus the bandits – was a test to screen good sunchasers from the pretenders. It seems the wolves we killed in the ruins are permitted to live there, led by a vargr; and, as we so efficiently destroyed his pack when it attacked us, he informed the bandits in order to get revenge.

Once this was made clear, my companions (Malaina and Grok in particular) were particularly offended by Mistress VenVellesin’s test, her explanation of that test, and the midnight misadventure with the bandits that it spawned. Several of them stormed out of the house, and Grok tried first to tackle Mistress VenVellesin (come to find out she was represented by an illusion) and then tried to burn the house down (come to find out it’s warded against that).

Malaina’s response, having nearly lost Vari, was understandable – though logically, it was not part of the test and more of an incidental event than anything else. It was the vargr’s fault for summoning the bandits, but that was not part of Mistress VenVellesin’s test. Some of the others, though, not so emotionally endangered, had near-tantrums of their own, as I noted. It’s almost like they’ve never been deceived before!

Maybe I’m just jaded from life, but I can’t seem to work up all that much outrage towards Mistress VenVellesin. Annoyance, certainly; but…

DOH! We forgot to pick up our pay!

Forehead-shaped imprint


Errant comment deleted by the amazing power of the GM :P

Notes to Self

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