Sunchasers DH

Spot of Trouble

Sitting here on Vari as the caravan is moving along and I felt I should record what happened. Ran into a spot of trouble as we made our way through the hills, plains goblins decided to attack us. To me, this isn’t anything new, goblins seem to attack any kind of caravan to get the supplies for themselves and kill off anyone who gets in their way. But this time it was different. The goblins here are being paid to raid caravans looking for a specific piece of cargo with a symbol on it.

Of course, this has all been told to me. Arm is still pretty sore and it is probably good I didn’t interrogate the goblin leader either, I’d probably end up killing it anyway.

…..I haven’t really felt like I have been part of the group as the days have gone by. Everyone else either can command magic or have powerful connections or come from a powerful family. Me. I’m just a girl from the Black Peaks with her drake. Maybe I should go back to doing guard duty back in the Black Peaks. At least there I am useful outside of a fight….



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