Sunchasers DH

Travelling Is Boring - That's Good

Log of Isabis Estolin: Assimet 36, 228

Well, it’s the end of the month, and my legs are sore. I’ll never understand why my companions were determined to through the passes. I think maybe Jamshid and Grok don’t like water for some reason. Still and all, it’s hardly the first time I’ve walked up and down a few mountains, and Grok and the drakes and the horses did all the serious hauling. We actually sold every piece of armor we took off the bandits, all three horses (we might regret that, I’m still divided in my own mind on the subject), all those blades we took off them…for a few hours I was rich beyond the wildest dreams of scholars. Then I paid off my latest debts, stayed in a hotel fancy enough for entertaining my cousins, chipped in for Vari’s feast of cows, did a little feasting of my own… where does all the money go?

Grok spent some of his on a fine cannon, which he apparently intends to wield in battle like some sort of exploding crossbow. I’m glad he didn’t have it a week ago, he would have besieged Norn VenVellesin’s house with it. From what I heard around the bar at the Fleeing Sun, that would have been a bad idea. Apparently lots of sunchasers have been through her little test, and while any amount of shouting seems to be taken as par for the course, everyone who got physical with her claims to have ended up on some sort of “grey list,” where the jobs are less interesting and more dangerous. I’m not sure what that means for us. Didn’t Grok try to set her house on fire? Still, if rumor has any truth in it, angry test-ees have in the past gone so far as to attack the foundations with elementals, throw giant boulders, poison her well – I hope that idiot got taken by the authorities for poisoning a water source! Anyway. Maybe we’ll get some benefit of the doubt on account of not all helping Grok with it. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, someone in the royal armory got the idea that I sent Grok there to get his weapon – as in, officially. I forget how much power there is in saying the name “Estolin” in Caskenneth these days. I still don’t know how Grok knew that, or even if he really did, or whether he just tried to tell someone I’d given him directions and they jumped to conclusions or what. Needless to say, Rayan was insufferable. Well, let’s be honest, Rayan is Always insufferable – someone needs to remind him that just because his father won the kingship doesn’t make him anything special. He’s such a spoiled town-clown anyway. His face when I brought out the Morning Sunrise! Priceless. I’ll never know how the bandits found a tin, but it’s obviously reached the point of being worth its weight in gold up here again. Between that and convincing both of his sisters that I really didn’t know about Grok and the cannon in advance, he finally retreated into faux politeness, and the rest of the visit was almost tolerable.

The temple managed to be almost-tolerable too, but they wouldn’t let me show Jessaila the Kamil/Vidoss codex of the book of Avva, not even just the usual open page through the glass. Someday, I’m going to actually get uncle Orran to sign an endorsement for me and come down and pull House on them, and see what’s on the pages they don’t leave open for everyone to see.

I wonder if Seiankornai could get them to open it up? He’s some kind of priest too, right?



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