Sunchasers DH

What do you call a day when...

Log of Jessaila, Assimet 33 (?), 228

What do you call a day where your perception of the world is changed?

It’s taken me four days to ask Isabis my question about that puzzle-poem, but the answer she gave me is worth the wait. Not only did she agree with my interpretation, but she knew a similar piece of work – a song, the actual words to the song I used for my duck rhyme. We’ve both come to the same insane conclusion: there is some sort of mysterious god out there, someone my ancient ancestors honored as not just a god, but the God-Creator. And someone is trying to ensure this god is not remembered. Erased from the universe, expunged from the memory of mortals. But can a God-Creator be so easily exterminated?

It’s at once exciting and terrifying to ponder. But the truth of it all must be out there somewhere…



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