Female Human


STR: 12
DEX: 15
CON: 14
INT: 17
WIS: 13 (+1 from magic item)
CHA: 12

Vitality: 49
Wounds: 14
defense: 15
Initiative: 5
DR: 3

Base Atk. Bonus: 3
Mele/Unarmed Attack: 4
Ranged Attack: 6 (with favored bow, 5 otherwise)

skill: Mod to roll
Acrobatics: 2 (untrained)
Athletics: 6
Blend: 5
Bluff: 6
Crafting: 9
Disguise: 1 (untrained)
Haggle: 4
Impress: 5
Intimidate: 2 (untrained)
Investigate: 2
Medicine: 3 (untrained)
Notice: 10
Prestidigitation: 6
Resolve: 10
Ride: 4
Search: 11
Sense Motive: 10
Sneak: 7
Survival: 7
Tactics: 3 (untrained)
Spellcasting: 9

Type, Name, Received From, Notes
Specialty, Scholar, starting, +2 interests, Crafting(inscription) focus, paired skills resolve=>Investigate, 1 bonus skill point per level
Talent, Matha, Human, con +2, speed 30ft, studies +2, called shot trick, double boost (int)
path step, Light1, alignment + campaign quality, immune to flash damage, able to cast Flare and Glow 1 at will
Core ability, Friends All Over, First Class Level, Explorer 1,
class ability, Tomb Raider, Explorer 1, p38. Unless the DC is more than Explorer level +20, you only fail Search and Athletics checks if you suffer an error.
class ability, subtle and quick to anger, Mage 1,
class ability, Bookworm I, Explorer 2, Research checks take 1/2 usual time.
class ability, arcane might, Mage 2, p43. Highest mental ability rises by 1, gain +2 bonus to spellcasting checks on three spells
craft focus, inscription, Scholar,
craft focus, woodworking, crafting rank 1,
craft focus, Pharmacy, crafting rank 4,
Feat, Extra Contact, Friends all Over, grants contact that doesn’t count against prizes
feat, basic combat, armor basics, level 1 feat, Penalties from armor are reduced by: defense penlty 1, ACP 1, speed 5ft
feat, chance, veteran adventurer, Explorer 3, insight bonus +1 to all saves, and once per session may roll a saving throw twice and keep preferred roll
feat, gear, charm binding basics, level 2 feat, may craft magic items with the four charms listed on next page
feat, gear, favored gear (magic bow), level 4 feat, may boost checks with this gear with 2 action dice, can’t be destroyed by crit failures.
feat, skill, Perfect Memory, Scholar, When making a knowledge check, roll twice and keep preferred result. May take 1 round to take 10 on check.
Interest, alignment: Eyes of heaven, starting, Alignment, religious, Eyes of Heaven
Interest, Melios, Native Language, Language of all humans (and thus of trade!)
Interest, Matha/Black Peaks, homeland/home culture study, Study in Matha culture, with history and politics
interest, Gamok, Scholar, Language of Dwarves and Goblins
Interest, Vidoss, Scholar, Language of the Drakes and Saurians
Interest, Study in Armies of the Underheart, starting,
Interest, Kamil, starting, Language of the (ancient!) elves
interest, Study in elvish history, level 2 interest,
Interest, TBD, level 4 interest, TBD
proficiency, Bow, starting, Learned to use bows
proficiency, Edged, starting, Learned to use blades
proficiency, Bow Forte, starting, attack +1 with bows
proficiency, blunt, starting, Learned to use blunts – including whips
trick, ranged attack, Daunting Shot, level 3 proficiency, p.221, With a hit, target takes -2 morale penalty totarget shooter (until they succeed on an attack against her)
trick, ranged attack?, TBD, level 5 proficiency, some kind of ranged attack trick probably


Isabis Julinka Estolin grew up in the College of Riddles at Arun. Everyone there agrees that it’s a shame she went off sunchasing – she had so much potential as a scholar! Ah, well, maybe when she gets older she’ll settle down and come back to follow in her Riddlemaster parents’ footsteps after all.


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