Jamshid par-Bahadur


Initiative: +6
Panache +2
Prudence +3
Legend +5

Noble Renown 2

Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 12

Fortitude +9
Reflex +5
Will +10

Defense 22
DR 5
Vitality 79/79
Wound Points 16/16


Javelin (x2): Attack 11
Damage 1d8
4 lethal
Bleed, massive, orc, armour-piercing 4, threat 19-20

Bolas (x2): Attack 8
Damage: 1d6
3 subdual
Trip, cavalry, threat 19-20

Saber: Attack 12
Damage: 1d10
4 lethal
Bleed, AP 4, Threat 19-20, Cavalry

Hatchet: Attack 11
Damage: 1d6
4 lethal
Bleed, Hook, Hurl, Trip, AP 2

Stiletto: Attack 11
Damage: 1d4
3 lethal
AP 8

Shield: Attack 10
Damage: 1d4
3 subdual

Unarmed: Attack 10
Damage 1d4
5 lethal

Classes (Levels):
Soldier (2) Captain (3) Martial Artist (1) Gallant (1)

Race (Talent): Human (Savage)

Specialty: Vanguard

Acrobatics +7
Athletics +5
[Blend] +5
Bluff +6
Crafting +10
[Disguise] +1/-3
Haggle +12
Impress +14
Intimidate +3
Investigate +3
Medicine +2
Notice +7
Prestidigitation +3
Resolve +8
Ride +3
Search +3
Sense Motive +7
Sneak +3
Survival +4
Tactics +2

Edged (forte)
Hurled (forte)


Armor Basics
Shield Basics
Misdirection Basics (+1 threat range vs. specials, counts as 4 characters for numerical advantage)
Great Fortitude
Combat Instincts
Personal Lieutenant
Martial Arts
Quick Draw

Ogres, Undead, Janno, Trade

Melios, Kamalil, Woanish

Saber (superior, ap, bleed)
Tower shield (massive)
Javelins x2 (superior, bleed, massive, ap, orc)
Bolas x2
Hatchet (superior, bleed, hook)
Stiletto (elven)
Long knife
Arrows (x8)
Moderate hardened leather armour (dwarven, fitted, enchanted 1 defense)
Ancient vambraces (
2 accuracy and ragged wound)

Backpack with:
Grooming Case
Firesteel + Tinder
Hemp rope (50’)
Silk rope (50’)
Masterwork tailor’s kit

Rations (x14)
Coffee (x9)
Filling food (x9)
Wilding oil (x1)


Son of a powerful chieftan of the Avvesti (A nomadic tribe of humans who live on the fringes of Avva’s Anvil), Jamshid gained a favorable reputation as a warrior and explorer. At the age of 26 he led an expedition of Avvesti warriors to the ruins of an ancient Elven city deep within the Anvil. Between the fierce sandstorms, desert predators, and roving ogre warbands, only Jamshid and three other members of the expedition survived to search the ruins.
On his return, Jamshid found that his father the chieftain had just been slain by a powerful naga. Jamshid hunted down the naga and killed it, making a suit of armour out of it’s tough hide. Jamshid’s older brother now rules their tribe, and Jamshid has taken to wandering the lands as a Sunchaser.

Jamshid par-Bahadur

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