Elven scout-mage


STR: 12
DEX: 18
CON: 11
INT: 14
WIS: 16
CHA: 14

Vitality: 63
Wounds: 11
defense: 16
Initiative: 13
DR: ?

Base Atk. Bonus: 4
Mele/Unarmed Attack: 4
Ranged Attack: 4

Acrobatics: 13
Athletics: 11
Blend: 2
Bluff: 11
Crafting: 2
Disguise: 2 (untrained)
Haggle: 2 (untrained)
Impress: 2
Intimidate: 2
Investigate: 9
Medicine: 11
Notice: 112
Prestidigitation: 8
Resolve: 0
Ride: 4
Search: 11
Sense Motive: 3
Sneak: 8
Survival: 11
Tactics: 10
Spellcasting: 13

- Melis (native language)
- Kamil (elven language)
- Woanish (ogre language/self-preservation)
- Sharos (cultural)
- Elven Culture
- Cooking
- Music (bagpipes)
- Boating



Jessaila was found as a baby in an unmanned boat floating the in the swamps of the Gron’ver, on the very edges of Sharos civilization. Although the Saurians who found her had compassion for the abandoned elven baby, their investigation to find her parents was truncated by a Black Erron raid, and the years have obscured her likely origin. Jessaila was raised by a family of Sharos traders who traded with the Saurians, and from her Saurian friends Jessaila learned the ways of the wild at a young age.

Although Jessaila exhibited a wanderlust in her youth, she never strayed too far from her adopted family, and befriended a young Sharos named Ardun, a warrior famed as much for his savage, unattractive and disfigured face as for his martial qualities. Jessaila looked past Ardun‘s bestial exterior and fell in love with the tender and ferociously loyal human underneath, and married him, living with him in the outskirts of the Sharos civilization, and bearing him a son, Osin.

Jessaila’s happy life then turned upside-down when a passing elven adventurer named Logair noticed her in a trading post. An elf yearning to restore lost elven civilization to greater heights than ever before, Logair noticed Jessaila’s pure-blood elven heritage and was offended by her happy acceptance of life with Ardun, and tried to lure her into leaving the Gron’ver and joining his quest to restore the elven people. Although Jessaila was flattered by the attention and intrigued by the knowledge Logair offered of her race, she became alarmed at the disdain he showed for her half-elven son and her human husband.

Ardun feared the elf would try something, and arranged for his family to flee one night. Logair stalked them down and killed Ardun with poisoned arrows in an ambush. Logair then kidnapped Jessaila and her infant son, separating them and threatening to kill Osin if Jessaila resisted. Logair then spirited his captives away and went into hiding, all the while passionately teaching Jessaila everything he knew about lost elven civilization, and how to be “truly elven.” Jessaila quickly learned that Logair had no intent to keep his word not to harm Osin, but months of captivity passed before she finally managed to learn that Logair had murdered her infant son as well.

Logair calmly foiled Jessaila’s few attempts to escape, and the shock of her family’s deaths and the conditions of her own captivity robbed her of much of her will to resist brainwashing. Jessaila adopted a submissive outward, letting him believe that he’d brought her around to his point of view, although Jessaila insisted to herself that she was merely biding her time before escaping and taking revenge. But in moments of doubt, she began to even question if Logair was right, and allowed herself to learn much of the knowledge he offered to teach her, letting time pass by. Logair gave her more freedom, taught her swordfighting and basic magic, and in his softer moments, apologized for his past misdeeds. Logair finally inducted her into one of his greatest secrets: his service as an agent of the Ninety-Nine Knights of the Crone, who fed his ambitions in exchange for information. Shocked and terrified back into resistance, Jessaila took advantage of an unguarded moment, strangled Logair, and fled into the wild.

Jessaila tried, unsuccessfully, to return to the Gron’ver, but found her old life impossible to regain: she no longer felt at home in the brooding Deep Green, and after the natural deaths of her adoptive parents, she left the swamps, vowing to seek out a resolution to her life.

She remains emotionally distant towards likely traveling companions, and has adapted to the elven behaviors she learned from Logair in order to avoid too many prying questions about her past. Although she would dismiss others’ pity or outrage, she craves companions who will listen to her story and help her make sense of her own inner turmoil. Jessaila is shamed at “acting the elf”, feeling that by consciously choosing to follow the path that Logair advocated, she betrays the memory of Ardun and Osin. She also feels shame at having stayed so long as a captive of Logair, knowing that she could have escaped far earlier if she’d wanted. She believes that, had she not been shocked to escape by discovering Logair’s service as an agent of the Crone, she might have remained with him even to the present; this also shames her.

Though ambivalent towards even potentially profitable tasks, Jessaila will, without hesitation, fight to protect children, being willing to persist even at the risk of her own life, and will most highly regard individuals who do the same. She also has an awareness and fearful hate of the servants of the Crone.

Two of the aspects of elven culture that Jessaila adopted without qualms are music and food. Though she is content to eat other people’s cooking, she will generally offer to participate in fixing food, though she adds more spices than normally found in bland elven cuisine. Jessaila also enjoys elven music, and although she does not carry an instrument with her during her travels, can play the pipes.


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