Sunchasers DH

My Journey Begins

A message stone from Seiankornai to one called “Dreivoss”

After months of planning and searching I have finally found a group of Sunchasers to accompany. I knew they would be the right ones when I had heard of what they did for the drakes. That there is already another drake in the group is excellent (though it would have been even better if he was a female instead, they’re much more fun to travel with).

The ogre makes an odd companion, and even odder still that I am only one of two that can talk to… him? (are there even female ogres? I shall refer to him as a him), but I think I shall be able to have some fun with him.

It’s an otherwise typical group of Sunchasers, mostly the humans, and the elf that I helped to find them. There is a Vessa, though, and he seems to have some history with the drake and his girl.

So, off to spread good and fame for the drakes (and myself), and to find answers…

Wolves and Bitter Work

Log of Jessaila, Assimet 29, 228

My new companions seem to be good sorts, though the ogre has an attention span shorter than most toddlers I’ve met. They’re all good-hearted people; I think I’ll continue traveling with them so long as they’ll have me. I didn’t feel like much help in the fight today, but we’ll see about doing better next time.

We got a few rabbits on the way back, and I made them up into a stew, together with some potatoes and the last of my seasoning packages. I wonder if Thurirl noticed that I gave him some of the best Vessa seasonings this side of the Gron’ver.

Isabis seems to be quite well educated in Elven lore, though she said some things that make me wonder what she actually does know. She mentioned something about priests not liking something she’d found, but then when Seiankornai questioned her more, she swerved off and avoided the subject, like she was afraid to bring it up.

I wonder… no, she couldn’t. For all I know, I just read the scroll wrong. But I know what it said. It was too clearly worded and too unforgettable! It was like a hand reaching out from my ancestors to tickle my fancy, then slip back into the shadows. If Isabis knows Kamil, then maybe she can tell me if I translated it wrong and have spent four years of my life wrapped up over a little grammar mistake.

I have to know.

Bother, she’s asleep already. I’ll ask her in the morning…

My time so far...

Well, things have become quite interesting in a short amount of time. I found an flyer saying they were hiring temporary guards to keep a mine safe from goblins. Any chance to take out goblins, I will always be in the front lines. Of course, Vari was up for flying anywhere. I was a bit nervous I would have to get to know a bunch of strangers, but thankfully, Thurirl happened to be signing up as well, so I didn’t feel so alone.

The group I am with is…quite diverse. A couple of humans, male and female, Thurirl is a Saurian, but I am pretty used to that. There is Vari, but he is pretty much my family. But someone…odd joined. An ogre, he doesn’t speak a lick of Melios, so there is that language barrier, though thankfully Jashmid (I think is his name) translates for him and for us. Isabis Julinka Estolin….you know, I think I will just call her Isabis, well, Isabis, she seemed quite surprised when I told her where me and Vari come from. Don’t know why I told them that…Thurirl knows, but he had to prod me for information. I don’t like thinking of what happened…it just makes me and Vari upset….

….Anyway, we got to the mine and did our job. It was quiet for a few days and Vari enjoyed flying around the mountains and speaking with the other drakes that lived there, though he did pester me to buy him a cow. He knows I can’t afford a cow right now! But the quiet didn’t last, goblins attacked, probably attracted to Vari when they saw him hanging around the mine. Of course we slew them, the goes off in expletive. But as soon as the battle was over, Vari heard the cries of a female drake crying for help. Of course me and Vari went to see what was wrong, I think the others had trouble keeping up.

We arrived to find an older female Drake and she told her baby had been stolen by goblins. insert another expletive She was too big to follow them, but Vari is still young, so he was able to squeeze into the tunnel and followed their trail. We got ambushed, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle. We finally found where they were holding the yearling and found they had stolen two other babies, one of which we were too late to save. Long story short, we destroyed them and saved the two remaining babies, both of whom clung to Vari which is understandable. One of them even let me hold her! Hmmm…I miss holding a baby drake, I used to carry Vari around all the time….

Well, we were able to return the little girl back to her mother, as well as the other female to her mother. We were given a reward and seemed to become celebrities to the drakes in that area. But our guard duty came to an end and we got paid our wages, Vari even got a bronze cow statue! He isn’t sure what to think, but I will probably sell it and try to buy him a cow or goat with the silver I get. With all he has done, he deserves it. When the mail came, I had to…well, seperate myself from the group. Can’t help but feel a bit jealous that everyone gets mail from someone…I don’t have anyone to get anything from. All I have is Vari.

I thought our group would have split after that, but Isabis got a letter from her father, asking her to go help a friend. She asked us to come along and help. I agreed because, well, I have no where to really go and I find it nice being around others. Two more joined us before we left, another drake and an elf. It should be good for Vari to have another drake around, this one seems older and bigger, he can teach Vari things I can’t.

Our next mission seemed to be to go to an old elf ruin and find a music box, simple, right? Sometimes things aren’t all that simple. Wolves caught our scent and attacked. We took out most of the pack, Thurirl seemed very upset by it. I guess I can understand, they were only trying to survive. But the world isn’t perfect or fair. The ogre, who’s name is Grok, drove them off and we were able to search the rest of the ruins. We did find the music box, plays such a pretty tune and the others were surprised by it’s condition. If only it was so easy to say we found the box and left. A stone monster we probably disturbed woke up and attacked us! Poor Vari, he got some pretty bad bruises. But we were able to take the creature down and Isabis healed Vari’s wounds right up.

I found a pair gloves that looked almost brand new and Isabis says I could probably sell them for a nice piece of silver. I have no use for gloves, so I will probably take her advice. Going to stop for now, night is coming and Vari doesn’t do well in the night time, plus, I am plenty tired myself. Hopefully, the next morning will be peaceful.

- thoughts of Malaina

A few wolves short of a pack

Log of Isabis Estolin: Assimet 29, 228

Arrived at VenVellesin’s keep today. It’s falling down. The wolves were no problem – if that was the whole pack, it’s down to three now. We found the music box with moderate searching, and suffered only one ceiling collapse – just a few bruises of Malaina, not fun but hardly life-threatening. We made it halfway back to the delivery point (<- look at me talking all professional!) and camped in a handy cave we found on the way in. The drakes are sleeping across the opening, so it should be a nice quiet night inside. Downside: sleeping on a stone floor. Oh well. The ruined keep had a stone floor too, and I think this one is smoother.

A job, a real job!

Log of Isabis Estolin: Assimet 28, 228

Met father’s contact today, Norn VenVellesin. She is a full elf, with family ties to a certain ruin. Apparently she remembered a certain music box to a certain scholar, and now she wants us to go find the thing and fetch it back so she can let the scholar hear the tune. Sounds fairly simple for a ruin-raiding assignment – she says it’s in poor repair, but all above ground. Compared to the infamous Temple of Avva expedition, it should be a cake-walk. (Can I call it infamous when so few people ever heard about it? Infamous to me, anyway.)

Spent most of the day walking. Nothing exciting. Norn says wolves like her family place for denning, though, so I’m keeping an arrow on the string.

Enough Guard Duty for A While

Log of Isabis Estolin: Assimet 26, 228

Well, today was the last full day of guard duty for the mine. The Savinar foreman gave us our pay and references right after our mail, which a pair of visitors very helpfully brought up from town. Fortunately, the mail provided the answer to the “what next” question. My father wrote me and asked me to help out a friend of his with an artifact retrieval “if I’ve found a reliable group of companions.” What am I, a recruiter? Still, I don’t really want to be doing this alone, and I’m tired of the guard duty routine. The visitors, a drake and an elf who both look like they’ve taken the wide step through a sunpool or two themselves, decided to join in the fun. I guess we’ll see what this Norn VenVellesin wants out of her ruin and go from there. It sounds like she’s working with some ruin scholars, so maybe she’ll give us a reference and I can stop listing my dad on my credentials. I just hope we don’t run into any bandits – I’ve got the drake’s reward, some goblin silver, and my whole two-week payoff in my purse. Not only is it heavy, it’s just begging to be locked away in the bank before something bad happens to it.

On the other hand, bandit bounties are good money too. It’s all in how you look at things, right?

So This Is Fame

Log of Isabis Estolin: Assimet 15, 228

After all the excitement two days ago, I figured things would stay quiet the rest of the week. We dropped off to drakelings, and Ixenalti’s mother took the dead to his family. I did my anatomical studies like I promised the scholar I would, and that was the end of it, right? Only it was barely a full day before the first curious/excited/grateful drake showed up to meet us.

The foreman just shooed away number 5. I have to admit, though, I like this kind of “excitement” a lot better than what triggered it. Not that I don’t like helping people, but getting there five minutes too late for someone hurts. Rest in peace, little one. I never even heard your name.

I notice the last drakeling’s mother isn’t one of the people who visited.

On Ogres

From Thurirl ar Sjachi’s Private Notes:

Ogres are such unsubtle brutes.

Also, they have a bad habit of interrupting my education of the ignorant. I must find ways to circumvent this vexing behavior.

I Knew Those Tunnels Had Trouble In Them

Log of Isabis Estolin: Assimet 13, 228 (continued)

Well, Vari was right that we needed to hurry, and he did slow down enough for the rest of us to catch up to him in the lair. It turns out a nearby drake’s lair had a 1 year old kidnapped in a raid. The mother was too big to fit into the tunnels the goblins used, but we weren’t. Grok turns out to be a decent tracker, and we followed them to their lair where we found them preparing to devour not only the little one we knew about but two more.

One didn’t make it. I was so angry I’m amazed I could shoot straight, but we had to get the survivors out, so we settled for building a flaming barrier against the door and running away, instead of rampaging through the whole nest (and that ogre can rampage!) though I feel someone should go back and clear them out. Cronists, every one of them, these drake-eaters. There are so many good reasons for getting rid of them…sneaky rats probably have a back exit, so I doubt we did as much to put a damper on their activities as I’d like to hope.

Anyway, the mother who sent us down here will be happy, her Ixenalti is safe (well, pretty traumatized psychologically, but physically uninjured). The other survivor has a real jaw-breaker of a name, Trekizinivehafora. She tells me she goes by Trekis for short; she talks to deal with nerves I think. She told me about how her name supposedly means “Made to breathe fire” and I didn’t correct her (it means “by breath created” actually, which is – interesting), and then I heard a blow by blow of her kidnapping and how unfair it was that she couldn’t breathe bright fire yet. Hopefully she’ll calm down around Ixenalti’s mother and tell us more useful things – like where she lives!

Goblins ataque

As told orally…

Goblins hoxe atacaron o campamento de minería, e logo de esforzo heroico, a maioría morreron. Grok persoalmente enviou catro delas e, tras esa demostración de poder, o resto fuxiu. Grok compañeiros parecen facer bos obxectivos arquero, pero tamén axudou. O Drake grandes necesidades para controlar o apetito, como o alimento pertence a Grok!


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