Sunchasers DH

I Knew Those Tunnels Had Trouble In Them

Log of Isabis Estolin: Assimet 13, 228 (continued)

Well, Vari was right that we needed to hurry, and he did slow down enough for the rest of us to catch up to him in the lair. It turns out a nearby drake’s lair had a 1 year old kidnapped in a raid. The mother was too big to fit into the tunnels the goblins used, but we weren’t. Grok turns out to be a decent tracker, and we followed them to their lair where we found them preparing to devour not only the little one we knew about but two more.

One didn’t make it. I was so angry I’m amazed I could shoot straight, but we had to get the survivors out, so we settled for building a flaming barrier against the door and running away, instead of rampaging through the whole nest (and that ogre can rampage!) though I feel someone should go back and clear them out. Cronists, every one of them, these drake-eaters. There are so many good reasons for getting rid of them…sneaky rats probably have a back exit, so I doubt we did as much to put a damper on their activities as I’d like to hope.

Anyway, the mother who sent us down here will be happy, her Ixenalti is safe (well, pretty traumatized psychologically, but physically uninjured). The other survivor has a real jaw-breaker of a name, Trekizinivehafora. She tells me she goes by Trekis for short; she talks to deal with nerves I think. She told me about how her name supposedly means “Made to breathe fire” and I didn’t correct her (it means “by breath created” actually, which is – interesting), and then I heard a blow by blow of her kidnapping and how unfair it was that she couldn’t breathe bright fire yet. Hopefully she’ll calm down around Ixenalti’s mother and tell us more useful things – like where she lives!

Goblins ataque

As told orally…

Goblins hoxe atacaron o campamento de minería, e logo de esforzo heroico, a maioría morreron. Grok persoalmente enviou catro delas e, tras esa demostración de poder, o resto fuxiu. Grok compañeiros parecen facer bos obxectivos arquero, pero tamén axudou. O Drake grandes necesidades para controlar o apetito, como o alimento pertence a Grok!

Troubles, Tunnel Optional
In which the Sunchasers find something interesting (to fight)

Log of Isabis Estolin: Assimet 13, 228
Well, the goblins really were that stupid after all. There were over a dozen of them – I’m not positive how many in total, Vraiuvant ate several of the bodies before I got around to counting. I got to practice my new healing spell…a LOT. It’s not very powerful, but it gets us there in the end. The Ogre didn’t want any (something about only being scrached, says Jamshid) but Vraiuvant needed quite a bit. Fortunately, he makes a good patient when he’s distracted by food! I’ve got pages of notes for the professors, too; these were scaled goblins (evil rotten stinking baby eaters, may they all rot in-__,.
Guess that’s not all the excitement for today. Must chase a flying drake now (!) another entry later.

Tunnel Troubles?
In which Sunchasers deal with boredom

Log of Isabis Estolin: Assimet 12, 228

We’ve been settling into camp for a few days now, exploring the local are etc. Mostly we’re playing at strategy because we’re bored. Well, it is good strategy to learn the ground we’re defending and get to know the rhythm of the surrounding woods and so forth. It just feels pointless because we haven’t seen any enemies, and I doubt whether we will. What is there to steal from a mining operation that’s just getting started, after all? Goblins aren’t known for their wisdom, though, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared in case they don’t think about that before they decide to attack.

The Beginning of the Beginning
In which Sunchasers meet each other and destroy a grave-bane

Log: Assimet 9, 228

Today I signed up for a job guarding a mining camp until the regulars arrive. I thought it would be boring, but an ogre joined up too! It’ll be interesting to see how that works. There’s also a saurian and a couple of drakes on board, and a couple more humans – including the only survivors of the Eurateos goblin raid! I knew there were only a handful, but I hadn’t realized it was literally just the two.

Anyway. Restless night last night, dreaming of ruin haunts, and after I signed the contract I spent the rest of the day walking. Tired now. More tomorrow.

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