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In the library of the Path of Wisdom (Log 66) :

When God created Avvis, he formed the land and the seas and the lights of the skies and the plants and animals in all their profusion, and then he brought the Deacons to that place. Now the Deacons were of a race already created elsewhere. God gave the Deacons their instruction, commanding them to oversee the lands and the creatures, the seasons and the elements, the lights of the heavens and the order of the earth, and the institutions of society – but there was not yet any society for them to serve. Then he instructed all of the high Deacons to confer with their subordinates and produce a form according to His purposes in which He instructed them; for it pleased Him to have the Deacons join him in forming the peoples. Therefore each group of Deacons chose a form according to His purposes in which he had instructed them, and brought the forms to the mountain top where He had instructed them to come, that the forms might be seen and approved and receive the breath, which is the same for all peoples. But a few groups did not follow his instructions, and their forms were not formed according to his purposes.

Now the dragons had two high Deacons. One of them spoke to his followers of the glowing heat of volcanos that rises into the air and is seen for miles around, and they agreed and took magma and formed the form of the Drakes. The other showed his followers the small lizards, how they took joy in the warmth of the sun and the coolness of shadows, and they agreed and brought a form like unto the lizards. Thus the dragons brought the forms of the scaled folk.

The Deacons who concerned themselves with the skies and lights and the airs had also two high Deacons among them. The conferred long together, for the Deacons of the heavenly lights would be little able to serve close among the peoples on the earth, so they wished to make their peoples brothers. In the end, they brought two forms in the same shape, one made of bright crystal that glowed with the light that shone upon it, and one woven all of feathers and leaves, so light the wind might carry it. These became the star elves and the wind elves – but on the day of the Breath, they were called “light” elves, one in a word meaning brightness and one meaning little weight. Of that language, only the Deacons now remember more than a few words.

The Deacons who concerned themselves with the earth had two high Deacons. One spoke to his followers of the strength of the bones of the earth, and they took the stones of the mountains and built the forms of giants, who value strength above all. The other spoke of the treasures of minerals and gems, and his followers helped him to forge a form of metal and precious stones, the form of the dwarves.

The Deacons who concerned themselves with the living things had three High Deacons. One spoke of the plants, saying to his followers that they were also suitable for the forms of peoples, and his followers agreed and used a young tree to shape the form of the erron. Another spoke to his people of the strong creatures of the fields, and they shaped a people they hoped would identify with their strong creatures, the form of the ogres. The third said only that the world needed a humble people who would never forget that they were meant to partake in the shaping and caretaking of the world they were brought to, and his followers considered together and formed a form of earth and clay, filled with seeds to represent their hope. This was the form of the pech.

Now there were three other Deacons at that time called high, and what they would have guided none now recalls. Neither is it known among the races what forms they brought, for they did not construct them according to God’s purposes, as He had instructed them. But there were among their followers some few who saw that this was wrongly done. They looked at the forms that others were building, and considered the instruction they had been given, and begged the three to reconsider and present acceptable forms, but they were not heard. Finally, they went off as the time drew near and tried to construct an acceptable form. They formed a small form of earth and horn, and with much effort they made it hold together and it was acceptable but it was not beautiful to behold as the other acceptable forms were, for they had none of the high to help them. This was the form of the goblins. So they tried again, and took council of the deacons of the skies, and took of the earth again for strength, and bound it together with hide and vines, and it was acceptable, but it was still not beautiful to behold as the other acceptable forms were, for they had none of the high to help them. This was the form of the orcs. And they tried again, in desperation and despair, and the Deacons who had formed the dwarves saw them and had pity on them and helped them to construct a thing of metal and mechanism. It was better, for it was acceptable in principles and had a beauty in its design – but it was not finished.

Thus, when God came to the mountain of the Breath to approve the forms and grant them the Breath, the three who would have been high but did not present acceptable forms were tested and denied, and they were wroth in their denial, though the fault was their own, for they had not given heed to their instruction. Then they and most of their followers departed in anger and forsook the mantle of Deaconhood. But God approved those forms that were presented in accordance with his purposes, and he granted them the Breath of life, which is for all the peoples. And the drakes breathed, and the saurians breathed, and the two races of elves breathed, and the giants breathed, and the dwarves breathed, and the erron breathed, and the ogres breathed, and the pech breathed. And the remnants of the followers of the unfaithful bowed before God in shame and showed him what they had wrought, and he blessed them for their obedience. Though He knew that the races they brought would know trouble, nonetheless he saw that they were acceptable, and knew also that they would contain their faithful remnants through the ages, even as those who had shaped them. So the goblins and the orcs also breathed. Last of all, He looked on the last form, and saw that it was unfinished, though it was prepared at its core, and was made according to his instruction, and he declared that even this people would possess the Breath, though they would be forever different form the other peoples. And so the first of the unborn also breathed, and the Deacons gave glory to God and thanked him, and hastened to finish him; and to this day, the unborn have no life in their extremities, and may be rebuilt around their living core, for their form was unfinished when it received the Breath.

But as for the race of men, they were created in a different world, and came late to Avvis.

Now the three who were refused went out and set themselves in defiance of God, for they would not accept his rebuke. Then they formed three camps. One of those who had been a high deacon took his followers and declared that they would reshape all life in their own way, and they began by reshaping their own forms in horrible ways and became the Soregg. Another took his followers and declared that if the Most High wished to play at the letter of His agreements, they would beat him at his own game, and this camp became the Lyss. The third took his followers and declared that if they could not have life they would take it by force, and these became the BloodGhosts. These three groups have troubled Avvis unendingly since the time when the races received the breath.

Found Documents

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