House Rules

Spells and Magic

*Identify I: This spell takes 1 hour to cast, not 8.
*Wish (all levels): These spells require a material component that is difficult to obtain, and represents Moru’s favor – in fact, it would be appropriate to describe it as a token representing your right to call in a favor from Moru at some future time. This token/material component replaces the listed “subplot for each use” requirement. Tokens can be acquired from a Temple of Moru for a reputation cost equal to the square of the level of the wish spell (1, 4, or 9 reputation points) and a time cost of downtime days equal to the level (1, 2, or 3). Materials to create your own token can be acquired by taking a sidequest – excuse me, subplot – in which case you will acquire some reputation value’s worth of the needed materials, allowing you to cast your spell several times (because if you spend a precious spells-known slot learn a powerful spell it should be possible to cast it more than once a campaign). Wish I scrolls may be sold with or without the token attached – buyer beware.

Building Magic Items

Rules for non-magic upgrades to magic armor: you may have any one craftsmanship upgrade for free, and may only have one ever. Materials upgrades do not apply. You may have any one customization for free (but not blessed, because that’s magic and could interfere with the charm/essesnce). If you want additional upgrades, you must pay silver for them; calculate the total cost of the item before enchantment, then calculate the cost of the base item with the free upgrades, and subtract to find your silver cost.

Statting NPCs

Special NPCs, by the rules as written, have vitality equal to Health Grade x Threat Level x 5. However, the makes of the system have acknowledged that the 5 is the imagined size of the party. Our party consists of 7 PCs and 2 additional special characters. Thus, party NPCs will use 7 for a total vitality of HG x TL x 7. Enemy NPCs will also use a larger modifier (the total number of special characters in the party at the time of the battle, so up to 9).

Trade Goods (or, COW!)

Beef cattle are not listed in the source book for some reason :P I declare them 150 s in price.

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House Rules

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