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Malaina: Just so you know, to those who don’t know, I will be playing Malaina and her Drake Vraiuvant

Grok: you mean Malaina is playing Malaina?

Grok: Grok’s head hurt…

Malaina: Yes, and her Drake

Isabis: what colors are the drakes? I /do/ have some dragon tokens

Grok is disconnected.

Grok has connected.

Isabis: wb

Grok: Internet issues on my end. I’ll try to stay with you ugys

TakWatcher has connected.

TakWatcher: ((found it))

TakWatcher: ((observes))

Thurirl: I feel as if we’re being watched…

Isabis: ((Found a token image for Grok: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qcp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emgasp.pnggre%20hat&order=9&offset=24#/d221j21))

Grok is disconnected.

Grok is disconnected.

Malaina: So are we doing this?

TGU: sitll getting setup a bit

TGU: but yes

TakWatcher: (( http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs45/f/2009/151/b/8/Nice_Hat_by_saoirsepdg.jpg better link))

TakWatcher: (( http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs45/f/2009/151/b/8/Nice_Hat_by_saoirsepdg.jpg ))

TakWatcher: ((bah))

TGU: ((I got it already))

Thurirl: ((ah, false alarm… it’s just the one website that’s down =P))

Isabis: ((So Grok, you missed the discussion on IRC earlier: you, Jamshid, Malaina, Thurirl, and the two player-NPCs are the characters who named this group of sunchasers. Care to suggest a name?))

Malaina: ((Grok isn’t here))

Isabis: ((oops))

Isabis: ((yeah, his internet is acting flaky the last while))

Thurirl: Piercers of Darkness

Malaina: I like it!

Isabis: See, now, that’s a name that sounds like a group I’d want to join cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emwink.png

Malaina: I give it my vote

Thurirl: shrugs Just came to me.

Thurirl: Kinda fiddled with a title of a Christian fiction novel… “Piercing the Darkness”…

Malaina: I say we go with that

TGU: fine with me

Thurirl: ‘Cause I started with “Shadows” at the end, then realized I’m a friend of shadows… so that’s kind of conflicting…

Isabis: heh

Thurirl: …so, figured “Darkness” is suitable enough, since the Crone lives in the dark…

Isabis: yeah, shadows are kind of where darkness and light meet.

TakWatcher: ((nice one! Our group is the “Three Rivers of Freedom”, but I’d join a group of Shadow Piercers))

TGU: ((Thor can you give Grok a call, see how his internet is?))

  • Isabis points out one of the 99 knights. “There’s a shadow let’s go pierce it. I’ll use arrows, but swords will do.”

Thurirl: ((“Paging Thor, God of Thunder, paging Thor…”))

Malaina: ((Seems we aren’t having any luck with players right now))

Isabis: ((Can’t do anything about the internet in another state :\ ))

Malaina: ((Can’t we just do an introductory rp? Or do we need to fight or something?))

Isabis: ((Can’t introduce people who’s players aren’t here is the problem))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: yeah, his internet connection is developing issues

TGU: ((does he mind if we start the prolog encounter without him? or should we wait?))

TGU: ((he won’t miss anything of plot importance, more of getting people comfortable with the system and setting the tone))

Malaina: ((plays some music as they wait))

Thurirl: ((I should get something to eat… haven’t had supper yet))

TGU: ((we can talk about our characters at least while we wait; go over any other gameplay questions too (in IRC)))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: we should go ahead without him

TGU: k

The life of a Sunchaser is most often filled with times of boredom or relaxation interspersed with moments of pure terror and adrenaline, always followed by celebration. We join our heroes today awhile before they reach that latter stage… Grok is thrown backwards by the giant lahskil, just clearing Isabis and Thuril’s heads. Malaina and Vari are doing their best to keep it distracted, as Seiankornai is pinned against a crumbling wall on his back by a forked spear over his neck. The ruin delving was going just fine before that big brute woke up, you have even managed to get that old elven heirloom you were hired to find…

TGU: ((bah, it removed my formatting))

TGU: ((oops, forgot to mention Jamshid))

TGU: ((he’s by the Lahskil with Mara and Vari))

It seems it’s going to be one of those days.

TGU: ((ok folks, time to roll initiative cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emsmile.png))

Isabis: « 1d20+3 = 16 + 3 = 19 » init

Thurirl: « 1d20+6 = 11 + 6 = 17 »

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur rolls: 1d20+5 => 6 + 5 = 11

TGU: Lahskil init « 1d20+1 = 7 + 1 = 8 »

Malaina: « 1d20+8 = 16 + 8 = 24 »

Malaina: « 1d20+1 = 14 + 1 = 15 »

Malaina: ((I am not sure what Vari’s Init is))

TGU: Seian init « 1d20+5 = 3 + 5 = 8 »

Isabis: ((class initiative bonus plus dex.))

Isabis: ((oh, wait, is that your mount? He goes with Mal.))

TGU: ((Vari init should be at +3))

Malaina: « 1d20+3 = 1 + 3 = 4 »

Malaina: ((Geez))

TGU: ((oh, sure, he can just act with Mala))

TGU: (sorry, confusions!))

Malaina: ((Ok))

TGU: Grok init « 1d20+7 = 15 + 7 = 22 »

Malaina has received initiative.

The lahskil finishes its follow through with its throw of Grok, and now turns its head towards Mala, but she’s the quicker

  • Malaina unhooks one of her Chakrams as she smirks

Malaina: « 1d20+7 = 16 + 7 = 23 »

TGU: ((that is a hit))

The lahskil is kind of hard not to hit

Malaina: « 1d6+2 = 5 + 2 = 7 »

Malaina: ((Should I have Vari act next?))

However it is harder to actually damage. It’s rocky bulk only takes a little damage from Malaina’s charkram

Isabis: ((yes, your extra character may go before or after you))

Thurirl: ((we did it that way in Age of Worms with Aella and Westani))

  • Malaina Vari roars as he stomps himself in front of Mala to protect her, unleashing a fire attack on the thing threatening her

Malaina: « 1d20+1 = 17 + 1 = 18 »

TGU: ((hit!))

Malaina: « 1d6 = 4 »

TGU: « 1d20+4 = 7 + 4 = 11 » ref save for half

TGU: (it failed)

TGU: ((the thing is too tough for it to fail any damage saves so far))

Grok has received initiative.

  • Grok picks himself and his big rock back up off the ground and goes back up to the enemy

Malaina: ((I thought fire was that things weakness))

Grok: ((That’s both half actions, one to stand and one to move. Next.))

Isabis has received initiative.

  • Isabis casts “magic weapon” on her amunition and shoots an arrow at the ruin haunt.

TGU: ((yes, it has damage defiance(lethal), but the fire got through))

TGU: ((whereas your chakram only did half damage))

  • Isabis hits « 1d20+6 = 8 + 6 = 14 » for possible damage « 1d6+1 = 1 + 1 = 2 »

Isabis takes a slight chip out of it

Isabis: ((done))

Thurirl has received initiative.

Thurirl: ((back just in time))

  • Thurirl realizes their foe is not the distractable type. He settles for aiming a Polar Ray at its head anyway.

Thurirl: Spellcraft Check: « 1d20+11 = 5 + 11 = 16 »

Thurirl starts to freeze some of the lahskil

  • Thurirl mutters curses against hard-to-blind enemies.

Thurirl: Damage: « 1d6 = 1 » Cold

Jamshid par-Bahadur has received initiative.

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur hurls his javelin at what passes for the monster’s eyes (Attack « 1d20+7 = 14 + 7 = 21 » for « 1d8+4 = 2 + 4 = 6 » damage), steps closer while drawing his saber, and strikes twice more (Attack « 1d20+8 = 1 + 8 = 9 » for « 1d10+4 = 6 + 4 = 10 » damage and Attack « 1d20+8 = 1 + 8 = 9 » for « 1d10+4 = 5 + 4 = 9 » damage))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((done))

TGU: ((they all actually manage to hit))

TGU: ((except the one that rolled a 1 of course))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((two rolled 1s))

TGU: ((ah, right))

  • TGU spends two GM action dice…
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur gets his saber caught in his cloak, throwing off his aim

Jamshid’s attack with the javelin goes well, but his sword gets stuck in the monster

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((oh, important point))

  • Grok shouts something happy-sounding in Woanish

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((unless this thing is immune to it, the javelin causes the bleeeding condition))

whisper: “Grok see prybar!”

TGU: Lahskil damage save « 1d20+15 = 19 + 15 = 34 »

TGU: ((made its save))

TGU: (by a lot)

TGU: (vs DC 16)

Seiankornai has received initiative.

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((which means it will take 1 subdual damage each round that it doesn’t attack and 1d4 lethal each round that it does attack))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((could be leaking sap or something))

  • Seiankornai tries to free himself from the wall « 1d20+1 = 16 + 1 = 17 » str check
  • Seiankornai manages to break the forked spear off, and rights himself

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((also it has armor-piercing 2, in case you were subtracting any from dr))

TGU: ((it has no DR)

  • Lahskil again slams at the big Grok « 1d20+11 = 8 + 11 = 19 » to hit
  • Grok ducks aside. Grok is amazingly agile for such a big creature.
  • Lahskil slams at Vari next « 1d20+11 = 3 + 11 = 14 » to hit
  • Lahskil hits the smaller drake for « 3d10+6 = 19 + 6 = 25 » lethal damage and 2 subdual damage

TakWatcher: ((running might help. cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emtongue.png))

Grok: ((it really might, if these things don’t care about adventurers as long as they stay away…))

  • Malaina winces at hearing Vari’s pained cries, “Can we just get out of here?! We got what we came for!”

Malaina has received initiative.

Isabis: “Can you disengage without getting smashed?”

Thurirl: “Distracting the creature will improve our odds of retreating.”

Seiankornai: “It doesn’t react properly to my insults! I don’t know if it’ll be easy to distract.”

Isabis: “Yeah, it’s a grave-bane, it doesn’t exactly care if we…I dunno, burn the surroundings or something.”

Malaina: “So let’s just get out of here!!”

Seiankornai: “I can burn! I love to burn!”

  • Malaina tries to move out of the range of this thing, calling for Vari to follow her. Her Drake, limping a bit, follows after her quickly

Jamshid par-Bahadur: “And leave this beast to devour other unsuspecting adventurers?”

Isabis: “Anyone who goes into a ruin but doesn’t expect to encounter monsters needs a lesson taught them. I just don’t think this thing will leave us alone long enough to run away.”

Isabis: “After all, it’s got a stone where it’s brain should be – Literally!”

  • Malaina Vari roars as he retreats, blasting fire at the thing

Malaina: « 1d20+1 = 9 + 1 = 10 »

TGU: ((hit))

Malaina: « 1d6 = 2 »

TGU: « 1d20+4 = 19 + 4 = 23 » ref save

TGU: ((made teh save that time))

TGU: « 1d20+15 = 16 + 15 = 31 » damage save

TGU: ((and still going to be tough to take down))

Grok has received initiative.

  • Grok the mighty bashes it’s head with a rock! A big rock!
    Hits AC « 1d20+5+4-2 = 7 + 5 + 4 – 2 = 14 » for damage « 1d12+4 = 6 + 4 = 10 » “subdual”
  • Grok adds « 1d4 = 1 » to the « whichRoll = damage » roll.

A big rock is pretty effective, actually

TGU: « 1d20+15 = 4 + 15 = 19 » damage save vs DC 22

Grok’s big rock causes lots of damage to the lahskil, sending shards of rock and plant matter everywhere. However, the thing is still tough and standing, and hitting back.

TGU: ((one failed damage save down, damage reset; one damage save to go))

  • Isabis shoots makes a ranged and daunting attack hitting « 1d20+6 = 19 + 6 = 25 » for possible damage « 1d6 = 3 »
  • Isabis activates the threat

TGU: ((and that will take care of the last damage save))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((boom! headshot))

  • Isabis shoots right through one of the cracks Grok just made, severing a critical vine, and the thing collapses

Isabis: “Whew. There! Hypothetical future ignoramusi are now safe.”

The lahskil let’s out a moan, which sounds like a creaking tree or stone as it collapses

Yes, it certainly is a typical day in the Sunchaser’s life.

  • Isabis lays a hand on Vari’s flank and gestures with the other hand, healing 1 vitality

Malaina: ((So he has 2 vitality now?))

Isabis: “We should take rubbings from those gravestones, if any are still legible.”

Isabis: ((yeah))

  • Malaina tends to Vari
  • Isabis casts Touch of Light again. And again…

Until after a couple minutes Vari is feeling refreshed

Jamshid par-Bahadur: “Agreed. Isabis take rubbings, Thurirl keep watch, Mailaina, Grok, and I will search for artifacts”

Isabis: “Accepted.”

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((Search 14))

  • Malaina scowls “I’m not going anywhere until Vari is up and about”

Seiankornai: “Well, that as embarrassing. I can’t believe it surprised me with that iron bar, spear, thing. I’m just glad it was split.”

  • Vari feels the pain fade and lifts his head up
  • Isabis commences going over the remains of the lahskil, making rubbings of any gravestones that haven’t weathered away altogether.

Malaina: ((How much Vitality does he have now?))

  • Grok breaks off a lahskil trophy and waves it triumphantly, yelling a warcry and generally showing off.

There is not too much that is still legible on the gravestones that make up the lahskil, but Isabis gets a few names and final words here and there of the ancient elves.

Seiankornai: ((Vari has full 26 vitality))

Malaina: ((Thank you))

  • Isabis finishes her work and goes to assist with the artifact search « 1d20+11 = 6 + 11 = 17 »
  • Malaina stands up from where she is kneeling and stands back as Vari hefts himself up and flaps his wings a bit before folding them down, “Thanks Isabis.” she said with a grin, patting his flank

There may be a few treasures embedded in the thing as well

  • Malaina goes in search of artifacts, Vari hot on her heels

Malaina: « 1d20+5 = 8 + 5 = 13 »

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur searches the body 21

Isabis: (over her shoulder) “No problem. It’s a slow healing, but sun’s path above nothing, eh?”

TGU: ((there’s 2 Any treasure rolls, 2 Loot treasure rolls, and 2 Magic treasure rolls))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((sweet! do you roll those or do we?))

Isabis: ((did anyone get the Adventurer’s luck feat?))

TGU: ((you guys get to, one each, and one more))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: “Light of Avva! Come check out what’s in here!”

  • Thurirl settles against a stone pillar, looking like he belongs there so much he’s hard to see.
  • Malaina heads over to Jamshid to see what all the excitement

TGU: ((let me look up the roll))

  • Isabis tucks away her papers and goes over to look.
  • Thurirl idly keeps a look out, just in case any other parts of the geography decide to wake up.

TGU: ((so who wants to roll what?))

Malaina: ((What are we rolling?))

TGU: ((for treasure))

Isabis: ((I think the casters should roll magic cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emsmile.png))

Isabis: ((Loots: « 1d20+10 = 13 + 10 = 23 » magic))

TGU: ((there’s several categories: coin, gear, loot, magic, trophies, and Any))

TGU: ((on the magic table, a 23 grants « 1d4 = 1 » wilding oils))

TGU: ((all treasure these rolls use 1d20+10))

  • Grok finds « 1d20+10 = 19 + 10 = 29 » “any” loot

Thurirl: ((Looting: « 1d20+10 = 13 + 10 = 23 » magic))

TGU: ((ok, 29 = 2 categories of GM’s choice (-5 to the rolls))

  • Grok finds lots of « 1d20+5 = 1 + 5 = 6 » “any” loot

TGU: ((so Thurirl also finds « 1d4 = 1 » wilding oils))

  • Grok finds lots of « 1d20+5 = 5 + 5 = 10 » “coins” loot

TGU: ((and the two categories for Grok will be trophy and coin))

TGU: ((for the trophy roll, Grok got “1 flawless body part” roll a d20 to find out which))

Grok: « 1d20 = 2 »

TGU: ((ear/lobe/sensor))

Grok managed to pull out what the lahskil used for hearing.

Thurirl: “…what is that?”

  • Thurirl is confused by Grok’s trophy.

Seiankornai: “Looks like the ear from some large elven statue.”

Seiankornai: “See the pointiness?”

  • Grok tells whoever can understand him (’Ankor?) how he has torn the ear from the great foe and will attach it to his belt for all to admire

Thurirl: “Indeed. A wonder I did not recognize it before.”

  • Grok only speaks Woanish
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur taps it with his knuckle

Grok also finds 41 silver coins embedded in the lahskil

Jamshid par-Bahadur:

“Should be a good replacement if you lose any of yours Grok”

Thurirl: “I believe our companion is boasting of his achievement in slaying the beast.”

TGU: ((so both magics have been rolled, and 1 any))

Malaina: ((What do we roll for the any?))

TGU: ((1 any and 2 loots left))

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur finds 15 of something (any)

Isabis: “Hmph. I slew the beast, fool ogre.”

TGU: ((you alwasy start with a 1d20+10))

Malaina: « 1d20+10 = 3 + 10 = 13 »

  • TGU translates Isabis statement for Grok
  • Isabis tries to figure out what the oil she found does, but her spell fizzles

TGU: ((that let’s you roll on the coin table now; so again with the 1d20+10))

Isabis: “…hey, don’t tell him that. I don’t want to fight with your ogre.”

Malaina: « 1d20+10 = 7 + 10 = 17 »

  • Grok yells at Isabis

Thurirl: “Then it’s best you don’t insult your fellow adventurers in tongues they cannot understand. Someone will eventually tell them what you’re saying.”

Seiankornai: offended “He’s not my ogre.”

  • Isabis rolls her eyes “I wasn’t insulting him, I’m just saying…he didn’t shoot any arrow, including this one.”

Seiankornai: “He would like to tell you that you stole his rightful kill.”

  • Isabis pulls out the critical arrow
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur pulls out 19 worth of coins

Isabis: “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Tell him he can keep the stone ear anyway.”

Seiankornai: ((Jamshid Mala was the one to roll on the coins table))

Malaina: ((I am confused))

Seiankornai: ((and she found « 82*3 = 82 * 3 = 246 » silver coins))

Malaina: ((She did? Where?))

Isabis: ((wherever she was searching, obviously cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emtongue.pngcp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emgrin.png))

Seiankornai: ((Jamshid, you can use that roll for the Loot table, in which case it’d be 1 set of raw materials worth 1d20*5 silver))

Seiankornai: ((Mala: when you rolled the 17 above))

Malaina: “Vari, get out of that!!!” swats the Drakes side when he tries to claw at the silver they found

Seiankornai: ((there was a coffer stuck in the lahskil))

  • Isabis gives up trying to identify the oil and probes the corners of the opening

Isabis: « 1d20+10 = 8 + 10 = 18 » loot

  • Thurirl pockets his own oil, figuring he can find a use for it. Failing that, extra cash is always welcome.

Seiankornai: ((one last loot, and everyone has rolled one.. ah, that’ll again be the raw materials, 1d20*5 in value))

Isabis: « 1d20+5 = 17 + 5 = 22 » value of raw materials

  • Malaina gathers up the silver she and Vari found, planning to split it with the group when they are in a safe place

Seiankornai: ((the wilding oils let you benefit from the Wild Side I spell))

Thurirl: ((I have a better version in my head =P))

Isabis: (( Heh, but this one costs you no spell points ))

Seiankornai: ((Isabis, that’s times five, not plus five cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emtongue.pngcp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emsmile.png))

Isabis: (( oops, « 17*5 = 17 * 5 = 85 » ))

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur rolls: 1d20 => 4

Seiankornai: ((so 20 silver in raw materials))

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur makes a neat stack of silver fittings worth 20 silver

The ruined lahskil is now thoroughly looted of anything of value

  • Malaina scratchs under Vari’s chin when he starts nosing at her hair

All in all, it’s been a good day to be a Sunchaser. Now to hike back to town and deliver that hierloom."

  • Thurirl blends into the rock of the pillar, looking around for anything else that might pop up or provide loot.
  • Isabis helps carry the loot out of the ruin, for dividing up later
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur draws his javelin out of the plant matter of the thing’s head and cleans it carefully
  • Thurirl helps with carrying the loot as well, sticking to the shadows in case of sudden ambush.
  • Seiankornai edges a bit closer to Malaina and the silver coins she found
  • Malaina hefts herself onto the saddle of Vari’s back and hangs on as he starts to walk with the others, having put her stuff into his saddlebags
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur takes rear guard as they leave the ruins and head back toward camp

Isabis: (( « 1d100 = 80 » loot position ))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((« 1d100 = 94 » loot position))

  • Malaina Vari narrows his eyes at Seiankornai for getting so close, moving away from him

Thurirl: (( « 1d100 = 52 » loot position ))

  • You roll to the GMs: « 1d20 = 16 » *2 => Invalid expression: « 1d20 = 16 » *2.

Malaina: « 1d100 = 18 »

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur takes one of the oils of wilding and hands the other to Isabis
  • Thurirl shrugs, figuring he’ll make do with his spell instead.
  • Vari puts some distance between himself and everyone else

*But how did this band of adventures get together? For that story we go back a few weeks. Away from the grasslands of Anmai with its dotted ruins and to the mountains of the Blakc Peaks… *

Thurirl: ((does the Mr. Caffeine hand gesture))

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