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Jessaila: Woah, new maps?

Dragonhawk: eh?

Jessaila: …oh, oops. It appears I signed on as GM.

Jessaila: Sorry, BRB

Dragonhawk: hah

Jessaila is disconnected.
Jessaila has connected.
Jessaila: There

Jessaila: No secret map stuff for me, thankee.

Dragonhawk: heh

Dragonhawk: moving right along then

Dragonhawk: ((though actually, those are mostly old maps))

When last we saw our heroes, the goblins were evacuating in terror at your sunchaserly invasion of …well, the place they trapped you in. If the shaman escapes, he’s going to have some SERIOUS explaining to do.
Malaina has received initiative.
The good news is, the enemy is, if not fleeing exactly, at least retreating in an orderly fashion before you.
The bad news is, you haven’t been this worn down since the middle of a certain night in Khundrakar.

  • Seiankornai is all "rawr"y
    Dragonhawk: Malaina, it’s your turn; the chief seems to be trying to move west.
Malaina: « 1d20+12 = 9 + 12 = 21 » Halberd; AP 5, Reach +1,Trip, Bleed, Hook, 19-20 Threat (17-20 for Favored Foes) @ Goblin Chief

Dragonhawk: hit

Malaina: « 1d10+2 = 10 + 2 = 12 » Halberd Damage (GM roll for Bleed) Malaina: ((Wow, max damage, that is a first for me))

Seiankornai: ((nice))

Jessaila: ((Please fail the save, chief!))

Dragonhawk: « 1d20+7 = 13 + 7 = 20 » vs bleed

Seiankornai: ((aw, oh well))

Dragonhawk: ((damage recorded, anyhow))

Seiankornai: ((and Mala can swing again))

Malaina: ((Can I attempt to trip him?))

Seiankornai: ((yes, it’s just another half action attack))

Malaina: ((What do I get again, a +2 for size?))

Dragonhawk: ((probably))

Malaina: « 1d20+12+2 = 11 + 12 + 2 = 25 » Acrobatics Malaina: ((If this succeeds, would I be able to say this is a Topple and Gut to add damage?))

Seiankornai: ((oh, don’t you have a halberd trick to use with trip, Mala?))

Seiankornai: ((ah, yes))

Dragonhawk: Chief to avoid tripping /again/ « 1d20+12 = 1 + 12 = 13 »

Seiankornai: (( XD ))

Malaina: ((Yea, Topple and Gut, lets me apply damage))

Tak: ((toppled and gutted!))

Dragonhawk: ((anyone want to activate that fumble, for damage while falling?))

Malaina: ((1/2 damage, but it’s better then nothing at all))

Thurirl: ((I will activate it.))

Seiankornai: ((can we spend more AD to have her topple and gut go to wounds?))

Malaina: ((I’ll add an AD if it can be applied))

Tak: ((it’s full damage))

Tak: ((not 1/2))

Tak: ((topple and gut just says “you can also do your polearm damage”))

Malaina: ((Oh thats right, its my free attakc that does half damage))

Dragonhawk: ((if everyone chips in a die, the regular damage goes to wounds. If just one spends a die, then the chief falls on his spear and does himself his standard damage in addition to Malaina’s, but it goes to vitality as usual)

Seiankornai: ((I shall spend then))

Malaina: ((I’ll add one))

Thurirl: ((I already put mine in))

Malaina: ((Brock?))

Jessaila: ((Okay.))

Seiankornai: (( /me pokes Brock))

Malaina: ((Ok, rolling damage)) Malaina: « 1d10+2 = 5 + 2 = 7 » Halberd Damage (GM roll for Bleed)

Dragonhawk: ((OK, spending one of Isabis’s AD too, and the chief is wounded))

  • Malaina slashs down with her Halbred, getting in a good hit, and then smirks as she jabs the hook o fher halbred around his calf and pulls back quickly while rolling the spear in her hand and bringing it down
    The goblin falls badly, trying to avoid falling on his spear and succeeding only in putting himself even more terribly in the way of Malaina’s spear.
    Malaina: ((Rolling Varis Str checks now))
Vari: « 1d20+3 = 1 + 3 = 4 » Str Check Vari 1: « 1d20+3 = 8 + 3 = 11 » Str Check

Malaina: ((And I’m done))

The goblin chief falls limp, desperately wounded and unconscious.
Dragonhawk: « 1d20+7 = 5 + 7 = 12 » vs bleed

  • Dragonhawk is (somehow) not bleeding out, but you won’t have to worry about him in the next few minutes, anyhow.
    Malaina: ((DH, oh no!))

Dragonhawk: ^ Goblin Chief

Seiankornai has received initiative.
Seiankornai: “Good one Mala.”

  • Seiankornai looks around for more goblins, sees them by Jess
    Seiankornai: “RRRRAAAAAWWWWRRRR!”
  • Seiankornai bites a goblins
    Bite hits « 1d20+14 = 18 + 14 = 32 » for « 1d10+9 = 4 + 9 = 13 » damage
  • Goblin 40 saves for « 1d20+6 = 5 + 6 = 11 » vs 18
    Isabis has received initiative.
  • Seiankornai then claws down the one behind him in contempt
    Claw hits « 1d20+14 = 19 + 14 = 33 » for « 1d8+9 = 7 + 9 = 16 » damage
  • Goblin 89 saves for « 1d20+6 = 4 + 6 = 10 » vs 17
  • Seiankornai chomps down the first goblin while his claws go right through the next
    Seiankornai: “Omnomnomnom.”

Seiankornai: ((done))

  • Isabis attacks Goblin 58 with her hand claw, hitting « 1d20+7 = 16 + 7 = 23 » for possible « 1d6+1 = 1 + 1 = 2 »
  • Isabis attacks Goblin 58 with her hand claw, hitting « 1d20+7 = 10 + 7 = 17 » for possible « 1d6+1 = 2 + 1 = 3 »
    Dragonhawk: *Goblin 58 saves for « 1d20+6 = 1 + 6 = 7 » vs 10 and « 1d20+6 = 14 + 6 = 20 » vs 11

Isabis’s first desperate swipe takes the goblin through the throat – Seian would be proud.
Malaina: ((Woo, good job Isabis!))

Dragonhawk: ((second damage on the other goblin))

Jessaila has received initiative.

  • Jessaila evaluates whether or not the goblins facing her will run if given the chance…
  • Seiankornai burps loudly behind her
    Jessaila: ((I take that as a yes.))
  • Jessaila strikes out at the closest in order to gain some defensive space.
    You whisper to Jessaila: they look a little wild-eyed, but you could probably put them over the edge into panic with a good Threaten action or something
  • Jessaila strikes with elfin speed and her fencing sabre. « 1d20+7 = 7 + 7 = 14 » tohit, « 1d10 = 4 » for damage. Touche! (If your target is a standard character with a lower Dexterity score than yours, he immediately fails his Damage save. 1/round.)
    Dragonhawk: miss
  • Jessaila strikes with elfin speed and her fencing sabre. « 1d20+7 = 1 + 7 = 8 » tohit, « 1d10 = 4 » for damage.
    A goblin laughs at Jessaila’s miss, then glances at the raging drake behind her and stops laughing again
  • Jessaila uses contempt.
  • Jessaila strikes with elfin speed and her fencing sabre. « 1d20+7 = 15 + 7 = 22 » tohit, « 1d10 = 6 » for damage.
  • Goblin 71 saves for « 1d20+6 = 19 + 6 = 25 » vs 14
    Jessaila: “Shouldn’t have distracted yourself by laughing at that.”

Goblin: “Aouw…well my armsmaster won’t be lecturing me on that dumb mistake, anyway.”

Thurirl has received initiative.

  • Goblin spares another (unwise) glance, this time at once of the bodies already littering the floor.
  • Thurirl resists the urge to kick the Chief.
    Thurirl: “I believe Isabis went down this passage. I shall see if she requires aid.”
Isabis: “Hey, Thurirl! Thanks for coming, that panicker seemed to think he was going to find safety this way, and i’m not sure what that meant to him.”

You hear shouting from the east passage:

  • Goblin guard – “Your Power! What are we doing?”
  • Goblin Shaman- “Are the families away?”
  • Goblin guard- “The column is all past, but where is the rest of your-”
  • Goblin Shaman- “The sunchasers are too powerful, all are lost! Retreat!”
    And from the west:
  • Goblin guard- “WHAT? Who called retreat?”
  • Goblin guard- “Chief? CHIEF! What’s going on out there?”
    Malaina has received initiative.
  • Malaina looks down at the chief with pure hate in her eyes, hand tightening on the staff of her weapon, looking ready to drive the sharp point down into his throat and end his life….
  • Malaina but instead heads east, gritting her teeth and stomping all the way
    Goblin: “Yes sir, your Power sir, retreating now!”
Malaina: « 1d20+10 = 5 + 10 = 15 » Threaten (DC 25 Auto Succeed)

Tak: ((she’s taken a quality from Vari that lets her threaten 3 guys at once))

Malaina: ((They need to make a DC 25 Resolve Check))

Tak: ((they have to make a DC26 or higher Resolve check. They have to BEAT 25, not match it))

Seiankornai: ((big scary loud lady coming!))

Malaina: ((Ahh, my bad!)) Malaina: ((Individual rolls too))

Tak: ((Vari’s been teaching her the proper way to roar, and it pays off))

  • Goblin rear guards have resolve? « 1d20+4-1 = 11 + 4 – 1 = 14 » « 1d20+4-1 = 17 + 4 – 1 = 20 » « 1d20+4-1 = 6 + 4 – 1 = 9 »
  • Malaina draws her eyes at the goblins she sees, the red of them flashing as she takes in a breath and roars at them
    Malaina: « 1d6 = 4 » Stress Damage

Goblin: (poorly pronounced Melios) “You hear that sunchaser? We’re leaving already!!”

Modifying the fog-of-war manually without a server running affects only the global exposed area (i.e. the entire map), even
if one or more tokens are selected. If you want your changes to apply to individual tokens, start a MapTool server with
Individual Fog enabled (you can leave the Alias field empty to make an anonymous server, if you wish).

This warning will not appear again for this campaign.

  • Malaina sounds very…dragon like, as if her pendant is amplifying her rage
  • Goblin 63 saves for « 1d20+6 = 20 + 6 = 26 » vs15
    Goblin 83 for « 1d20+6 = 16 + 6 = 22 » vs 15
    Goblin 10 for « 1d20+6 = 4 + 6 = 10 » vs 17
    One of the rear-guard swoons in terror
    Seiankornai has received initiative.
    Vari: « 1d20+3 = 13 + 3 = 16 » Str Check
Vari 1: « 1d20+3 = 11 + 3 = 14 » Str Check

The upper door finally succumbs to the combination of repeated poundings and lots of acid and opens
Nightscale is pleased to observe that when it finally broke, it opened up a nice neat square opening along the etched lines.
It’s not quite dwarven work, but it’ll do
Vari: “Good job Nightscale!”

  • Vari 1 nods in agreement and then turns so he can go tell the others or help them out, having heard a very strange roar that didn’t sound like Seian
    Nightscale: “Thanks! We did good. Where are the little people, so we can show them?”
  • Seiankornai attacks teh goblin he can reach
    Bite hits « 1d20+14 = 6 + 14 = 20 » for « 1d10+9 = 2 + 9 = 11 »
    Dragonhawk: Goblin 71 saves for « 1d20+6 = 5 + 6 = 11 » vs 19

Seiankornai: ((Nightscale and the Vari’s should probably call down to us that the door is open))

  • Seiankornai shall delay till Jess moves up further
    Vari 1: ((Would that be ok to do now?))

Dragonhawk: ((sure, talking is free up to reasonable lengths))

Isabis has received initiative.

  • Vari 1 calls down to the others they have the door open
  • Dragonhawk sidesteps to let Thurirl in, then swipes at her remaining foe, hitting « 1d20+7 = 8 + 7 = 15 » for possible « 1d6+1 = 1 + 1 = 2 »
    Dragonhawk: ((misses))
Isabis: ((also, missed the nick change again ))
  • Isabis swings again, hitting « 1d20+7 = 9 + 7 = 16 » for possible « 1d6+1 = 6 + 1 = 7 »
    Dragonhawk: Goblin 63 saves for « 1d20+6 = 4 + 6 = 10 » vs 14

Jessaila has received initiative.

  • Jessaila steps forward.
  • Jessaila strikes with elfin speed and her fencing sabre. « 1d20+7 = 1 + 7 = 8 » to hit, « 1d10+1d4 = 6 + 2 = 8 » damage. Touche! (If your target is a standard character with a lower Dexterity score than yours, he immediately fails his Damage save. 1/round.)
    Dragonhawk: ((miss))
Jessaila: ((Oh, for pity’s sake.))
  • Jessaila strikes with elfin speed and her fencing sabre. « 1d20+7 = 2 + 7 = 9 » tohit, « 1d10+1d4 = 7 + 1 = 8 » for damage.
  • Jessaila uses contempt.
  • Jessaila strikes with elfin speed and her fencing sabre. « 1d20+7 = 16 + 7 = 23 » tohit, « 1d10+1d4 = 3 + 4 = 7 » for damage.
  • Goblin 36 saves for « 1d20+6 = 10 + 6 = 16 » vs 13
    Goblin: “Crone preserve me…”
  • Seiankornai steps up after Jess and claws the goblins before he can finish his prayer
    Claw hits « 1d20+14 = 5 + 14 = 19 » for « 1d8+9 = 5 + 9 = 14 » damage
  • Goblin 36 saves for « 1d20+6 = 10 + 6 = 16 » vs 19
    What a shock…the Crone does not preserve her foolish worshipper.
    Thurirl has received initiative.
    Goblin: (from the south) “Open the gaaaate!”

Goblin: (second voice) “Get out of the way so I CAN!”

  • Seiankornai tilts his head, did he hear Vari a moment ago?
    Thurirl: “Shall we investigate this tunnel or perhaps see if the ‘front door’ has been forced open?”
Isabis: “I’m interested in making sure another lot of guards isn’t about to come up this tunnel behind us.”

Dragonhawk: ((do you want to delay until after the goblins’ move to see what they do, Thurirl?))

Thurirl: “Fair enough. Though I would be surprised if our friends upstairs were unable to open a way out at this time. We have been fighting for a long while.”

Isabis: “…have we? I should have said less than 10 minutes.”

Seiankornai: ((should people make notice checks to have heard Vari?))

Thurirl: “I don’t not wish to be separated from the others. We may well rush into an ambush… and I have learned not to rush today.”

Isabis: “A valid point.”

The goblins in the NE passage flee, following the orders of the Shaman.
The goblins in the NW passage likewise reconsider their position:
Thurirl: ((So, I guess I can delay, unless we decide to move back to the crossroads.

Thurirl: ))

Goblin: ((Isabis can’t move this turn, her actions are used.))

Goblin: "Is everyone out back there?’ “Yeah, looks like.” “CHIEF!” “He’s not answering.” “Then I say we move.” “Yeah, let’s get out of here!”

  • Nightscale sticks her head out the new door and looks down the pass.
    Nightscale: “Hey, Vari – look! Are those what goblins look like around here?”
  • Vari tries to see what she sees
    Sure enough, perhaps a hundred feet lower than the cave Vari can see a stream of goblins – mostly non-warriors – husting out of a crack and down the path. Many are so young or so low-status that they aren’t even scaled.
    Dragonhawk: ((hustling))
Vari: “Yes….up for lunch?” Nightscale: “Eew. You /eat/ goblins? Yech. Goblins are nasty. And that’s coming from someone who eats bottom-feeding swamp fish.”

Seiankornai: ((they’re obviously different here than there :P ;) ))

Vari: “They eat our young so they may have their scales, I think it is an equal trade.” Vari: “But if you don’t want in, more for me.”

To the south, the less-panicked goblin wrestles open a gate with a shriek of badly oiled hinges, and the two tumble through, shouting a password (?) in rought not-quite unison

Goblin: ((Thurirl, do you know what you want to do?))

Goblin: ((and a question for everyone else: does anyone want to pursue the fleeing (and lenthen the fight ) or will you let them flee? ))

Seiankornai: ((Seian is probably ready to get out, now))

Seiankornai: ((and you probably need to get going))

  • Jessaila is in need of rest and healing.
    Malaina: ((Mala will let those fleeing go, though she may end up doing something to the chief))

Goblin: ((I admit, I was hoping to get to one non-fight post…))

Seiankornai: ((how about we exit Round time and discuss what to do about the chief while you head out?))

Jessaila: ((Works for me.))

  • Thurirl would prefer to heal himself rather than fight.
    Malaina: ((Yea, the Vari’s will probably be flying down to the fleeing goblins and doing a mini massacre))

End init

  • Jessaila comes limping back to find the others.
    Malaina: “You guys ok?”

You explore the tunnels just a bit, and discover the following interesting things:
Thurirl: “The enemy appears to be routed. I am adequate, though my performance was not.”

The goblins were inhabiting a large cavern to the east. It is predictably filthy.

  • Seiankornai settles down, quite tired out by his exertion
  • Malaina looks down at the unconcious chief, “What should we do with him?”
    Seiankornai: “I’m full, Where’s the Varis or Nightscale?”

Jessaila: “I’m feeling like I got hit by a lot of spears.”

Malaina: “Probably still working on the door, though I don’t hear anything right now.”

However, down the south corridor, they have what appears to be a sunpool behind a sturdy gate.
North of the ‘living cavern’ however, is the really interesting find: an ancient door of what you would swear was dwarven construction.
The reliefs on the door depict dwarves defeating (unscaled) goblins in battle…and there’s not a scratch or a stray fleck of paint on it to indicate that goblin vandals have been living on its very threshold, apparently for years.
Seiankornai: “I thought I had hear him shout something about the door.”

Malaina: “Yea I did, why don’t you guys stay here and rest, and keep an eye on him. Don’t care if Seian eats him, one less goblin to hurt someone.”

  • Malaina heads off to go check on the progress of the door.
  • Jessaila glances at the goblin chief.
    Goblin: ((You are now logging without the GM, but I’ll come back and read it later. Goodnight all.))

Jessaila: ((Gnight))

Malaina: ((Night DH))

  • Jessaila gets out her saber. “Does anyone object to a strike of mercy?”
    Seiankornai: “Not particularly.”

Thurirl: “Information would be valuable, though I am uncertain how much he contains.”

Malaina: ((Do you think it would be likely that Mala looks outside and sees the Varis flying around, and diving at goblins?))

Seiankornai: “He’s the chief, so he probably knows the most, excluding the Shaman.”

Seiankornai: ((sicne the GM is not here: yes, she should probably be able to see them))

Jessaila: “What sort of information are we expecting?”

  • Malaina is glad to see the door has been opened in such an unconventional manner and she steps outside to see a massacre taking place, the Varis flying high, roaring and diving down on the fleeing goblins, “…heh….good boys…” she smirks a little, folding her arms
    Jessaila: “If we interrogate him, we’d still need to execute him afterward. We’re probably too far to take him somewhere with us as a prisoner, and I can’t justify releasing him…”

Nightscale: “So have you delt with the goblins inside, Malaina?”

  • Nightscale is sitting just outside the “door”
    Thurirl: “Agreed. It would be unwise to let him wander and spread information upon us.”

Malaina: “Yes, we took out a big number, though some did flee. The others were taking a slight beating, so we let them go.”

Malaina: “Their dealing with the chief I knocked out.”

Nightscale: “Oh.”

Malaina: “They want to see if they can get any information, though I say let him rot…they would show no mercy to us.”

  • Malaina walks off from Nightscale, deciding to not let herself go down memory lane
    Seiankornai: “Well, if you’re going to question him, might as well get it over with. Otherwise, just stab his heart or something.”

Seiankornai: ((obviously if we choose the former, we’ll have to wait till net week ;) ))

  • Jessaila shrugs at Thurirl and Seian and swipes the tip of her saber across his throat.
    Seiankornai: “I guess that’s that.”

Jessaila: “I guess so.”

Seiankornai: “I think I’ll try climbing back out.”

  • Jessaila cleans her blade.
    Jessaila: "Going to have a look around before coming up. Looks like there might have been something more down here, once.

Thurirl: “I do wish to be away from here… although that door…. we should at least make note of this place and perhaps return with a sizeable force.”

Seiankornai: “Very well.”

  • Seiankornai crawls up through the hole and back outside to find Mala and Nightscale and the Varis off in the distance. “I see those two are getting their hunting done.”
  • Malaina is taking on any straggler fighter that comes at her while the Varis are picking off any that got away during their attack
    Thurirl: ((brb; bathroom))

Seiankornai: ((well, guess we’re done for now as far as we can go without a GM))

Malaina: ((Seems like it, so I am going to log off)

Malaina is disconnected.
Jessaila is disconnected.
Seiankornai is disconnected.
Thurirl is disconnected.

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