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[20:08] <jessaila> We are utilizing this channel for our own devious purposes!
[20:09] == The_Grand_User [the_grand_u@Nightstar-f06b6e83.wa.comcast.net] has joined #TGUsGames
[20:09] <malaina> mwhahahaha!
[20:09] <jessaila> So do we wish to start after heading out for the mission?
[20:09] <~The_Grand_User> ((hi))
[20:10] <malaina> ((Sure thing)
[20:10] <jessaila> ((Okiedokie.))
[20:11] <jessaila> Scene setting – the evening we receive the mission; the place: a campsite or something.
[20:12] <malaina> Annnddd….Action!
[20:12] * Jessaila has finished her dinner and has been quietly mulling the events of the day.
[20:13] * Malaina makes her way back with Vari from bathing, letting him go find a place to bed down for the night
[20:14] * Jessaila notices Malaina arrive, but hesitates a few more minutes before walking over.
[20:14] * Malaina finds a place close to the fire to eat, not noticing Jess come her way
[20:14] <jessaila> “Could we talk for a bit, Malaina?”
[20:15] * Malaina blinks and looks up, her mouth full. Swallowing, she set her bowl down, “Ummm, sure?”
[20:16] * Jessaila sits down. “I noticed you were angry at what I said to Professor Lord Estollin earlier today.”
[20:16] * Malaina frowns and looks away, putting food into her mouth
[20:17] <jessaila> “I wanted to apologize for angering you.”
[20:18] * Malaina swallows and lets out a breath, “You didn’t make me angry, I just have my own reasons…”
[20:18] <jessaila> “Well, yes. You were upset about Vari being wounded.”
[20:19] * Malaina glares at the fire, “I just thought it was….careless for him to get hurt for her ridicolous test, no matter how it happened.”
[20:22] <jessaila> “I’m not going to make excuses for VenVellesin.”
[20:22] <jessaila> “Could you tell me how you and Vari got together? It seems like you’ve been together for awhile.”
[20:23] <jessaila> “I’ve never known a drake to bond so closely with a human, or vice-versa.”
[20:24] * Malaina is quiet for a few long moments, just staring into the fire before finally speaking up, “You’ve heard….what happened in Eurateos, correct?”
[20:25] * Jessaila thinks.
[20:25] <jessaila> “I don’t think I have.”
[20:30] <malaina> “……It was 13 years ago, the village I lived in was located in the Black Peaks, pretty much on the border of drake territory, but father said our ancestors made a peace treaty with them and it was still in affect. One day, hunters from our village found a baby drake and what looked to be signs of a battle. So they brought the baby back, and the elders made plans to send scouts out the
[20:30] <malaina> next day to find his parents. But….”
[20:30] <jessaila> “But…?”
[20:31] * Jessaila mentally calculates Mala’s apparent age with ‘thirteen years ago’.
[20:33] <malaina> “My village was attacked, the goblins who got the babies parents came to finish the job, to feast on the baby. They….slaughtered everyone….my mother….my brothers….I happened to be feeding the baby when it happened, and my father saved me and gave me this…” she put a hand to her throat, touching a gem that seems to glow, looking strangely like an eye, a very dragon like eye, “He
[20:33] <malaina> told me to take the baby and run as far as I could and never look back….”
[20:34] <jessaila> “Oh.”
[20:34] <jessaila> “And the baby drake was Vari.”
[20:36] * Malaina she nodded her head, drawing her legs up and putting her face on her legs, so she can hide her tears, hating to think about that time
[20:37] <jessaila> “I’m sorry.”
[20:38] * Malaina shakes her head against her legs and turns her face away, “….don’t be…..it’s those goblins…..one day….I’ll find that clan….and I’ll destroy them all…”
[20:38] * Jessaila sighs.
[20:39] <jessaila> “I know how you feel, I’m afraid.”
[20:39] * Malaina blinks and turns her head to look at her, “You….do?”
[20:42] <jessaila> “Yes. Ten years ago, I was married and had a son.”
[20:43] * Malaina lifts her head up and sits up straighter, looking quite surprised
[20:45] * Jessaila looks down. “We were happy; I stayed home and took care of my two men, one big and one little.”
[20:46] * Malaina smiles a little, “That sounds like my mother, taking care of her two men and me.”
[20:47] <jessaila> “Not the most exciting life, I suppose, but fulfilling.”
[20:47] <jessaila> “And then I met a gaunt elf named Logair.”
[20:48] * Malaina gets quiet, listening
[20:49] <jessaila> “Gaunt elves are obsessed with restoring the imagined glories of the elven past; and Logair made me part of his obsession. He murdered my husband Ardun and took away my little Osin.”
[20:49] <jessaila> “He told me that as long as I did everything he demanded, my son would live.”
[20:50] * Malaina feels her eyes go wide, gasping
[20:51] * Jessaila pauses. “And so I went with him, living with the gaunt elves for five years.”
[20:52] <malaina> “And…..Osin, did he turn out alright?”
[20:52] <jessaila> “Logair gave Osin to his own mother so I wouldn’t manage to find him and escape. But that…”
[20:53] * Jessaila stops, momentarily unable to speak.
[20:53] <jessaila> “To them, Osin was just a half-human, which is the next closest thing to a rabid animal.”
[20:54] * Malaina frowns and closes her eyes, tightening hands on her legs, feeling tears starting to build up
[20:54] <jessaila> “Logair’s mother put him in a cage and fed him once a day. When he got sick, she just left him there.”
[20:55] * Malaina grits her teeth, glad Vari is asleep and it is cold, knowing he would pick up on her anger and probably react
[20:55] <jessaila> “At least until she could justify calling him dead enough to bury. I don’t know all the details.”
[20:56] <malaina> “They….they just let him die?!”
[20:56] <jessaila> “Yes.”
[20:56] <malaina> “…..what…..what did you do, did you finally leave?”
[20:57] <jessaila> “Years later, yes.”
[20:58] <malaina> “…..thats horrible…what they did to you…..to your family….”
[21:00] <jessaila> “No more horrible than what the goblins did to yours.”
[21:01] * Malaina sighed before running a hand through her hair, “……I’m…..I’m sorry if it seemed like I was……angry at you, over what happened…..I just can’t….lose him…”
[21:02] * Jessaila nods.
[21:02] <jessaila> “I understand better why, now.”
[21:03] <jessaila> “He’s the last thing you have to remember him by.”
[21:03] <jessaila> ((Sorry, remember them by))
[21:03] <jessaila> ((meaning family.))
[21:05] <malaina> “He’s all I have left….” she whispers
[21:08] * Jessaila nods.
[21:09] * Malaina finally lets out a breath and rubs at her face
[21:10] <jessaila> “I felt the same way for three years with Logair, before I finally learned Osin was dead too.”
[21:11] <jessaila> “The last thing I had left. You don’t know what things I did in the hope I could keep him alive.”
[21:11] <malaina> “Maybe….it’s best you not tell me, I can only imagine.”
[21:13] <jessaila> “No. I’ve never told anyone everything of that.”
[21:14] * Malaina nods her head
[21:15] <jessaila> “It was a horrible thing when I learned Osin was dead. I might as well have died myself, for awhile.”
[21:16] <jessaila> “I barely remember the year that followed.”
[21:16] <malaina> “Did that Gaunt Elf try to make you stay, even though your family was gone?”
[21:18] * Jessaila looks away. “Yes, but I didn’t try very hard to escape, either.”
[21:18] <jessaila> “I could have, if I’d wanted to.”
[21:18] <malaina> “I guess, I will never understand why he thought forcing you in that way would make you want to stay. If that was me, I would be fighting tooth and nail to get my own son back and to escape, to the crone about trying to preserve my race!”
[21:21] <jessaila> “I couldn’t do anything that would risk his life. I couldn’t bring myself to dare.”
[21:21] * Malaina sighs
[21:21] <malaina> “I guess I am hot headed like that….”
[21:22] <jessaila> “So I pretended to let them think I was coming around to their beliefs, waiting for them to drop their guard.”
[21:22] <jessaila> “By the time I learned Osin was dead, I had trouble remembering what I really believed, and what I was just pretending to believe.”
[21:24] <jessaila> “Even after I escaped, I had a bit of trouble. Sometimes I still do.”
[21:24] * Jessaila looks up. “But I learned something important when I got back.”
[21:25] <jessaila> “My parents – my adoptive parents – were still alive, and I was able to go back to them.”
[21:25] <malaina> “R-really?”
[21:26] <jessaila> “You know, in some ways I’m like Vari – I was found as a baby, alone in a boat on the river. I was adopted by humans.”
[21:26] <jessaila> “My adoptive parents had children of their own, but they made room just for me.”
[21:27] * Jessaila smiles.
[21:28] * Malaina grins a bit and looks back at the fire
[21:28] <jessaila> “I have a little sister. Joieanna. She was born about the same time I was found; but being a human, she grew up faster.”
[21:29] <malaina> “What was it like? Growing up with humans?”
[21:29] <jessaila> “You know how elven children grow, right? About twice as slow as human children, and then we age much more slowly.”
[21:30] <malaina> “I think so.”
[21:31] <jessaila> “Joieanna was younger than me – not sure by how much – but when I was still learning to read and write, she became an adult and had kids.”
[21:32] <malaina> “Oh wow….”
[21:33] <jessaila> “Yes. And when she had kids, I got to have such fun!”
[21:34] <malaina> “Hehe, I bet you did!”
[21:37] <jessaila> “I had a niece and a nephew.”
[21:38] <jessaila> “That was twenty years ago, and my niece had a baby boy last year.”
[21:38] <malaina> “That must have been nice….heh, I remember my older brother, his name was Byron, he was almost 20, he was so sweet on the cow farmers oldest daughter. I used to tease him about it whenever she came around to delivery milk…”
[21:41] <jessaila> “I helped Joieanna deliver the baby, and got to hold him.”
[21:42] <jessaila> “In another twenty years, unless something should happen, I’ll be there to see the next generation.”
[21:42] <malaina> “….Is it hard….to watch as your family seems to move from one generation to the next, but you aren’t even middle age yet?”
[21:43] <jessaila> “I suppose.”
[21:43] <jessaila> “I didn’t actually know how long elves lived – not until after I married Ardun.”
[21:44] <jessaila> “It was really frightening to think that he might be dead a hundred years and I would be very little older than… well, I am now.”
[21:44] * Malaina sighs and leans her head on her knees, “I wonder….if my father would have let me choose my husband….”
[21:46] <jessaila> “But at the same time, it’s so exciting to know that I’ll be able to watch the generations of my sister’s family, and protect them so far as I’m able.”
[21:46] * Malaina grins a little and nods
[21:48] <jessaila> “It made me realize that although I’ve lost my Ardun and Osin, I have others I can treasure, too. Family, friends, comrades…”
[21:49] * Malaina nods her head and looks over to the slightly snoring Vari, “That is true…”
[21:51] * Jessaila pauses.
[21:52] <malaina> ((Like pause this rp or she is going quiet?))
[21:52] <jessaila> ((She’s thinking for a moment.))
[21:55] <jessaila> “I’d like to ask… would you and Vari join that circle?”
[21:56] * Malaina looks a bit confused
[21:56] <malaina> “What….do you mean?”
[21:57] <jessaila> “Oh, er, how to say it. Will you become part of my family?”
[21:57] <malaina> “M-me?”
[21:58] <jessaila> “Yes, you and Vari.”
[21:58] <malaina> “Wow…I…don’t know what to say.”
[22:01] <jessaila> “I can’t replace yours, and I know how futile it would be to suggest that. But I’d like to offer, well…”
[22:02] * Jessaila giggles. “And Joieanna tells me I’m a really annoying big sister. So beware.”
[22:02] * Malaina was quiet for a while, looking into the fire before turning her head and looking at Vari for a long while, the drake shifting a bit and curling his tail around a tree slowly, making it creak from the movement
[22:03] <malaina> “I’ve….never had a sister….all I remember is having my brothers….I forgot what it is like to have a mother and a father….to be a real family….”
[22:03] <malaina> “But….”
[22:03] == Ariandyl [Scyld@Nightstar-0badf977.res.rr.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]
[22:03] <malaina> “But I think I would like to be part of your family.”
[22:04] * Jessaila grins.
[22:05] <jessaila> “Welcome to my family, then, little sister. Ha!”
[22:05] == Stalker [Z@Nightstar-3602cf5a.cust.comxnet.dk] has joined #TGUsGames
[22:06] * Malaina laughed a bit loudly, causing Vari to blink his eyes open and look over at the two of them in confusion
[22:07] * Jessaila grins at Vari.
[22:08] * Malaina gets her laughter under control as Vari just looks confused, but lays his head back down, going right back to sleep
[22:08] <malaina> “Don’t mind him, he doesn’t do well at night, even when he wakes up, he goes right back to sleep. Comes with being cold blooded.”
[22:08] <malaina> “It may take some time for him to warm up to you.”
[22:09] <jessaila> “Oh, I understand.”
[22:10] <malaina> “But once he does….well, I don’t know what he will do honestly, growing up, I didn’t make it a point to get close to anyone.”
[22:12] <jessaila> “I understand. If you let someone close… it might hurt.”
[22:12] <malaina> “Yea….”
[22:12] * Malaina yawns a bit
[22:12] <malaina> “I think it’s time to get some sleep. Unless you want some company if you are taking the first watch?”
[22:13] <jessaila> “I am, but I should be fine.”
[22:14] <jessaila> “One of the perils of being family of mine is family hugs.”
[22:14] <jessaila> “Do you mind?”
[22:14] * Malaina chuckles “Oh dear, should I be afraid?”
[22:15] <jessaila> “I hope not.”
[22:15] <malaina> “Well, no, I do not mind.”
[22:16] <jessaila> “Good!”
[22:16] * Jessaila hugs Malaina.
[22:16] <jessaila> “Good night then, little sister!”
[22:16] * Malaina squeaks and goes tense for a few seconds, not having been hugged in years, but slowly wraps her arms back around her, hugging her back, though it seems a bit awkward for her
[22:17] * Malaina chuckles as she nods and stands up, “Good night….big sister….” smiles lightly and you can almost see tears in her eyes, but she turns and makes her way to Vari, unrolling her bedroll and laying down under her blanket, Vari moving a way to lay over her
[22:19] * Jessaila goes off to take the first evening watch.
[22:19] <jessaila> ((End-ish?))
[22:20] <malaina> ((Yesh))

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