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Seiankornai has connected.
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Dragonhawk: So…a motion has been made to have the last three goblins run away, reducing the XP of the fight but also ending the fight

Dragonhawk: are others in favor?

Seiankornai: ((or would people prefer to finish the fight?))

Malaina: ((Sure, we can keep looking around the ruins))

Thurirl: ((too bad there’s not an ability for the party called “Mass Intimidate”… =P))

Seiankornai: ((quick, let’s give ’em all the Evil Eye))

Dragonhawk: LOL

Dragonhawk: ok, so actually the chances of these particular goblins fleeing are about 1-in-implausible; I’ll tell you what. If you don’t want to fight them, I’ll let each of you narrate one awesome attack on a remaining target and if I agree that it’s awesome, you kill your target and the fight ends. Agreed?

Malaina: ((Sure))

Seiankornai: ((k))

Thurirl: ((okay))

Dragonhawk: OK

Dragonhawk: The two with yellow tryangles have lances

Thurirl: ((…and now I’m starting to draw a blank. Dang it.))

Dragonhawk: (no. 73 has a throwing spear, which will not pierce Vari’s hide at all, and Seian’s only if he is Very Very Lucky. The lances have AP4 IIRC))

Seiankornai: ((perhaps we should go in order of completed messages; I claim goblin 73))

Malaina: ((Perhaps Vari could roast up 38 and 93, and leave them easy pickings for Mala to pierce 93 and leave 38 to Thurirl?))

  • Thurirl knocks aside a lance tip as he goes into a full spin, following up with his tail to knock the goblin silly, before finishing his spin and stabbing into his enemy’s neck, severing some very important blood vessels.
    Seiankornai: ((Vari should definitely help Mala with at least one goblin))

Thurirl embeds a lance into the wall, and paints over the hole with the blood that was previously in that neck

  • Vari 1 rears up and then stomps down, jaws open wide as fire erupts forward in a flash of heat, almost roasting alive one of the last goblins on his feet
  • Malaina comes up behind the goblins as he is screaming from his burns and trying to put out the fire on his clothing and the sharp end of her Halbred is shoved through his torso, lifting him up off the ground and then she throws him to the side with a well placed flick of her arms
  • Seiankornai slips by Malaina to get at the unenaged goblin. As it is about to throw a spear into Mala’s back, Seian chomps down on its hand just before he releases it, cracking the spear in half. The two pieces clatter to the floor as Seiankornai strong jaws bring the goblin in to his doom.
  • Seiankornai licks his bloody maw, “Well, that was a good fight. I wonder whay they were doing here.”
    There is roast goblin and fresh for drakes that aren’t too picky about where their food has been…
  • Malaina flicks her halbred to get the blood off it, “Long enough they expected Jillian (I can’t remember the rest of his name) to come back.”
  • Seiankornai looks around
    it appears that the goblins hid their den behind the walls of this perfectly good drakish lair in order to hide from their enemies
  • Thurirl investigates the surrounding rooms.
  • Malaina goes to have a look around
  • Seiankornai walks through the rooms, smelling the place
    They have a few bits and pieces of old treasure displayed on the back walls with portraits of less-poor looking goblins done in charcoal on questionably tanned hides
  • Seiankornai checks to make sure they aren’t drake hides
    The hides are probably goat. The treasures would appear to be all that Jillintkivan failed to retrieve from the village after it’s conquest.
    Malaina: “We should probably take these back to him.”

There is also a pile of scrolls in remakably various conditions, written in crone’s-runes
Seiankornai: “Agreed.”

  • Malaina checks the scrolls out
    You retrieve from the walls: a simple wedding ring, a trophy for “Second Place, Junior Flight Invitational: Obstacle Relay,” something that might or might not be non-representational art, a book of…well, the goblin legend says “spells” but the Vidoss title implies “recipes” instead… and one small bar of gold stamped with the seal of the Royal Drakish Office of Weights and Measures
    The scrolls appear to be correspondence between the local chief and a more distant leader. The gist of interesting information is as follows:
    Scroll: The local goblins have repeatedly said things along the following lines: “We don’t care if you think we’re stupid and this place is cursed, we conquered it and we’re not leaving! No, not even for orders. No, not even for threats. You want us to leave, you can come pry out cold dead bodies out of the walls yourselves!”

Scroll: The distant leaders have repeatedly said things along the following lines: “You’re so stupid you make rocks look smart. The land around that village is totally cursed, and we’re not sending you any supplies just because you’re too dumb to move away. You are insubbordinate, and the Crone will have your hides for bedroom slippers when she gets here.”

Seiankornai: “Goblin hide bedroom slippers, not a bad idea. … What are bedroom slippers?”

Scroll: (( hypocritical much? ))

Malaina: “Something youw ear on your feet when you are in a house, so you’re feet stay warm, but you don’t get your floors dirty with your regular shoes.”

Scroll: ((also, wouldn’t goblin hides contaminate the floors??))

Seiankornai: “Oh, feet things.”

  • Seiankornai does one more pass looking for further treasures
  • Malaina gathers up all she can and puts them in the saddle bags
    Seiankornai: ((and perhaps looking at that wall drawing again; can I get a reminder on what it said?))

Scroll: ((we all fly to the island, with additional labels for Mommy, Daddy, Me, and three named siblings))

The house is just as well cleared out as you thought it was; now the holes behind the wall are cleaner too (drake fire will do that)

  • Seiankornai will remember the names, perhaps Julian-whatsit will remember them
  • Malaina keeps looking around
    Seiankornai: “So do you think we should investigate some further lairs, or see what may be on the island?”

Malaina: “Sounds like a good idea, we might find more stuff for him to keep.”

  • Seiankornai whispers to Mala, “I’m… half hopeful that we might find a missing family member hiding on the island.”
    When you come out of the damaged lair, you see the drake that was flying down the cloud-river is passing over the coast above the edge of the village, evidently bound for the island himself.
  • Malaina sighs and shakes her head, “I honestly doubt it, or they have hidden themselves very well to stay out of the goblins sight.”
    Seiankornai: “Yes, I know…. still, I want to hope, no matter how unlikely it may be.”
  • Seiankornai shouts a roar of casual “hi” as the messenger flies by
  • Messenger looks over his shoulder and roars back a greeting; the air-code is dense, but the translation is “Hello, I am a duly empowered royal messenger with right to fly over all territories of the Black Peaks, Who are you not-from-this-territory-person?”
  • Malaina goes to look around the ruins while Seian has his conversation
  • Seiankornai roars back the equivelent of “Seiankornai, might goblin hunter.”
    Seiankornai: ((with the inflection that goblins have been hunted))

Messenger: “Are you royal-goblin-slayer or sunchaser-crazy?”

Messenger: (( “crazy” is always appended to Sunchaser in modern air-code ))

  • Seiankornai roars back “Sunchaser-crazy.”
    Messenger: " Good suns then! "

Seiankornai: “Bye”

  • Messenger goes back to flying efficiently in the direction of the island
  • Seiankornai stops roaring
    Seiankornai: “Well, always nice to say hi to a friendly drake, even one on duty. Now, all focus on that island.”
  • Messenger is a good flier, with coloration not unlike Vari’s. His message bag is full, but he’s still outpacing you a bit
    Soon you can see the messenger’s destination, clearly a Drakish Royal Mails outpost. There is no other obvious sign of civilization on the island.
    Seiankornai: ((and probably going across the direction we are))

Seiankornai: ((oh, he is going to the island?))

You can see why they built the outpost here and not on-shore, though: the steep cliffs and solid stone probably make it notably more goblin-resistant than most places.
By the time you’re approaching it, the messenger is unloading his bag into a chute; a younger drake stands by with a new, equally full bag, talking to him.
…he really does look remarkably like a larger Vari, though his back spines are different

  • Vari 1 easily finds a place to land, lowering himself down so Mala can hop off
  • Seiankornai lands nearby, “Hello, didn’t know anyone used this island.”
  • Malaina blinks at the sight of the blue drake, “Huh…haven’t seen that shade of blue besides Vari…”
  • Messenger looks over at you. “Oh, hello. I thought you must be headed for the north village.”
    Seiankornai: “No, we were investigating the old village over there. Found some goblins.”
  • Messenger gives Vari a sort of extra-long look, then shakes his head and goes back to stuffing handsfull of scrolls and envelopes into the chute
    Seiankornai: “Also a drawing on the wall of one of the lairs, mentioning the island, so we’d thought to check it out.”

Messenger: “What, in the Delta?”

Station-keeper: “In the Cursed Village? Really??”

Messenger: “Shut up! It has a real name, use it.”

Station-keeper: “Whatever. Nothing lives there, not even rats.”

  • Vari 1 scratchs at his chin
    Seiankornai: “Hmm, most of the goblins think it’s cursed too. The goblins that remained there had some letters from others stating as much.”

Messenger: “It’s not /cursed/ it’s just… over-protected.”

Thurirl: “By whom?”

Messenger: “Um…my dad says it’s by his cousin, but he won’t tell me the cousin’s name. Claims too much talking attracts goblins.”

Messenger: “He’s weird about family that way.”

Malaina: “Cousin?”

Seiankornai: “The old cranky drake in the lair over by (place) perhaps?”

Malaina: ((What is his name?!))

Messenger: "All I know is “dad’s cousin.” And at that, you couln’t prove it by me – I’ve never met any extended family."

Seiankornai: “It is a riddle. Who is your father?”

Malaina: “If it is Jillian, then he has no idea that he would have family that survived, he was convinced everyone got killed.”

Messenger: “My dad’s Zechthran Tijinthila.”

Station-keeper: “Your dad’s a coward who changed his name so he wouldn’t shame an honorable cla- OW OW I’m SORRY ow ow ow…”

  • Malaina looks confused
  • Messenger wing-whaps the Station-keeper until he retreats down a ramp to the interior

Malaina: “Drakes can have two names?”

Messenger: “…flightless grass-eater (mumble) jerk…”

  • Seiankornai acts like nothing happened “Changed his name”
    You whisper to Seiankornai: Drakes don’t have surnames per say, but they have clans, and may give the clan name in that position
    You whisper to Seiankornai: Especially if they live in mixed towns, where a surname is expected by all the humanoids who do use them
    Seiankornai: “Drakes have given names and clan names, which can act like human surnames, particularly when living in heavily mixed communities. Lots of drakes and lots of humans.”

Malaina: “Ahhh…can we ask what your dads other name was?”

  • Malaina is merely curious
  • Messenger sighs deeply
    Messenger: “…I dunno.”
  • Malaina rubs at her chin, “It’s strange that you look so much like Vari…almost like an older brother or something.”
    Messenger: “Look, dad says someone’s out to /get/ the clan, and already got most of us. He says as far as he knows, him or his cousin are the legit clan leader now and apparently cousin doesn’t have kids? So he changed the name of the whole clan.”

Messenger: “…who’s Vari?”

  • Seiankornai looks between the messenger and Vari some more, then asks Mala, “Do you know the name of Vari’s parents. Their resemblence is remarkable as you noted.”
  • Malaina sighs and rubs the back of her head, shaking it, “No, he was found as a hatchling, newly hatched if I remember. All he had on him was a note.”
    Seiankornai: ((ah, thought the mother had been present, but mortally injured, or something))
  • Malaina points to the lounging drake, “Vrauivant. He’s been my best friend and little brother for years!”
  • Vari 1 lifts his head up when he hears his name, a curious look on his face
    Messenger: "Oh, the kid. Huh. “Little” brother is it? Um…tell me about this note?"
  • Malaina goes over to the bag and opens up a small pocket, fishing out a folded piece of paper and then heading back over, “Well, like I said, it was all he had with him when he was found. I didn’t exactly have time to inspect it, my….my village got attacked by goblins, wiped everyone out, except me and Vari. My father made sure I could escape before his life was taken…”
  • Messenger looks at the paper
    Messenger: “Huh. Looks like half a note to me. Still… You should talk to my dad. I mean…”
  • Messenger looks at Vari again, long and hard
  • Vari 1 tilts his head, wondering why he is being stared at
    Messenger: “…I’m not the one to say things for certain, but he /could/ be…maybe…maybe Sgothjinthi’s eggling.”
  • Vari 1 looks to Mala, very confused now
    Seiankornai: “…well, gives more time for Isabis and Jess to search through all the books and scrolls at Jilint’s lair.”

Messenger: “I mean…well, about the right age, anyhow, and he certainly has the family coloring.”

Malaina: “Would it be ok with you two? If we went and saw? Even if it turns out to be a dead end, I’d like to at least try…”

  • Malaina looks at Vari, always wanting to find out if he had a family somewhere
    Seiankornai: “It is fine with me, if not Vari’s family it might be Jilint’s. … Or both! Let’s find out!”
  • Malaina looks to the messenger, “Would it be ok if we went and met your dad?”
    Messenger: “Yeah, I kind of think you should. You can find him in the new town – he runs the post there. Our family’s been in the Royal Mails for a dozen generations – well, he says, it’s not like I can look it up.”

Seiankornai: “And what’s your name?”

Malaina: “Thanks so much!”

Seiankornai: “(Should’ve asked that sooner.)”

Messenger: “Oh, I’m Jinthilasvant. I go by Vanti with people who like short names.”

Malaina: “Thank you very much Vanti, for telling us this.”

Messenger: “No problem. If you beat me there, tell dad I’ll be along eventually, but if I’m late they can searc for my bend and broken body under the gigantic bag of census forms.”

  • Messenger winks at Mala
  • Malaina chuckles and waves as she heads back over to Vari
    Seiankornai: “And who is the station drake?”

Messenger: "…I call him “little annoying guy who’s rude about the Delta.” Or Delom for short."

Seiankornai: “Hess.”

Malaina: “We’ll give him you’re fondest regards.”

  • Malaina smirks as she hops back into the saddle
    You whisper to Seiankornai: ‘Delom’ is a common name-ending for names with translations like “goblin’s doom” or “tiger’s doom”
    Seiankornai whispers: ahh
    You whisper to Seiankornai: …so it might be safe to call the guy that. Hard to say for sure, though.
    You whisper to Malaina: You actually have met a number of drakes that went by Delom; it must be short for something moderately common
  • Seiankornai shouts a goodbye down the tunnel (or whatever it was) ‘Delom’ went in, then turns to take flight where Jinthilasvant indicated.
    Seiankornai: *fly*fly*fly*fly*fly*fly*fly*

Messenger: (It was a ramp down into the interior of the station)

  • Vari 1 follows after Seian, still a bit confused over what all the excitement is over
    You are flying north-east (from the “thumb” of the island’s mitten-outline to the green x)
    Thurirl’s map-reading had already revealed what Vanti has confirmed, to whit, that there is a newer village there built by a multi-species group including drakes and pechs as the largest constituents
  • Vari 1 looks for a place to land, wanting to rest his wings
    Seiankornai: “Seems cozy, typical of pechs.”

The streets here are wide, and there appear to be several public landing zones adjacent to things like parks and business districts. The mail building also has a landing area on top, of course.

  • Vari 1 lands in one of the landing spots, asking if they can rest for a while before they have to fly again
    Seiankornai: “I think so, Vari.”

Seiankornai: “We should probably get a meal here and doze for a bit.”

Seiankornai: “After riddle solving though!”

Malaina: “That sounds like a good idea.”

Seiankornai: “Or during riddle solving, even better!”

  • Malaina is eager to find Vanti’s father and see if this is the missing link to Varis family
    If Vari was hungry when he chose the landing spot, then you are probably near a resteraunt. Sure enough, following your noses leads you to the open windows of The Riddler’s Dish, clearly a pech-owned establishment but designed to allow drakes in as well
  • Seiankornai trots along the steets till the find the address
    Messenger: roll resolve to go past it

Messenger: vs 12

Seiankornai: ((snerk))

Malaina: ((All of us?))

Messenger: ((yes ))

Seiankornai: Resolve « 1d20+9 = 9 + 9 = 18 »

Messenger: ((well…we can skip Thurirl, since he seems to have fallen asleep on Seian’s back ))

Vari 1: « 1d20+2+2 = 3 + 2 + 2 = 7 »

Malaina: « 1d20+15 = 18 + 15 = 33 » Resolve

Vari stop at the window of the resteraunt, drooling
Seiankornai: ((I think this is being realisitic results :P ;) ))

Malaina: “Vari come on, we can come back later!”

Malaina: “I promise I’ll buy the biggest platter they have for you!”

Thurirl is disconnected.
Vari’s stomach gurgles

  • Vari 1 looks pitifully between the good smells and Mala, trying to play the pathetic card on her
  • Waitress quietly fans the kitchen smells at the window…
    Malaina: “Ugh, fine, but get a snack!! Something you can eat on the way!”
  • Vari 1 bounces a bit and makes his way over to get some food
    Seiankornai: “oookay, I guess food first…. maybe he’ll be in there or someone can direct us to him.” :)

Malaina: “He must be hitting another growth spurt, he is eating alot more lately.”

Waitress: "Welcome young sir! Can I interest you in a riddle box? Best food on the go from the jungle to the dwarf-sea "

Vari 1: “How much is it, it sounds good! Everything smells so good!”

  • Waitress points Vari to a menu
  • Vari 1 checks out the menu, hungry enough to probably eat everything."
  • Seiankornai asks the waitress, “Do you know of a drake named Zechthran Tijinthila?”
    Waitress: “Oh, sure, that’s the postmaster. Can I interest you in a riddle-box sir?”

Malaina: “We’re hoping he can help us find some answers.”

  • Vari 1 orders the riddle box
    Seiankornai: “Sure.”

Waitress: “He can if you need the price of postage to the capitols. 2s for drake size, 1s for human-size.”

  • Malaina waits for the drakes to get their food before heading off to find the postmaster
  • Waitress bustles into the kitchen, and upon returning hefts two cheap wicker baskets onto the counter. “That’ll be 2s each, sirs.”
  • Malaina pays for Vari and Seian
    Malaina: “Their drooling so much, I doubt they would be able to get their money out fast enough.”

Waitress: “Sure you don’t want one for yoruself, miss? Maybe a pastry to keep company with?”

Seiankornai: “Oh… thanks.”

  • Seiankornai guesses that’s faster than digging his own silver out
    Malaina: “Sure, I’ll take one.”
  • Waitress ducks back into the kitchen and returns with a smaller, rounder basket for Malaina. “1s for you then. Have a fine day!”
  • Malaina pays and thanks her, “You have a good day as well.”
  • Seiankornai examines the basket for what the riddle is
  • Malaina digs out a pastry and snacks on it as they head for their destination
    The drake riddle boxes prove to have spice-baked leg-of-goat, a large pastry, and a bamboo bottle of small-beer. The bottle has a riddle printed on it, and so does the pastry wrapper (a different one). The wrapper promises a discount on your next Riddle-box if you bring back the right answer when ordering.
    Malaina’s has a chicken drumstick in place of the goat leg, a smaller pastry with fruit instead of cheese in it, and some kind of fruit cordial in the bottle
  • Malaina chuckles at it, “Well, this seems like a good way to keep customers coming back.”
    Seiankornai: “Indeed…. we’ll have to do so when Isabis and Jess are done and we’ve got the scroll fragment.”

Malaina: “Yea, I think they would enjoy this place and the food is pretty good too!”

  • Seiankornai noms his gaot leg, pastry, then guzzles down the drink. He then places the wrapper and bottle in his pouch for later examination
  • Vari 1 eats his meal, finding it satisfactory for now
    You walk while you eat and reach the post office a few minutes after the crumbs are gone
  • Malaina packs away her riddle for another time
    It appears that the Drake Mail and Matha Couriers systems share a building here, as they often do in mixed towns
  • Malaina heads inside
  • Seiankornai looks around once inside, eyes out for a striking blue drake, similar to our Vari
  • Vari 1 licks around as well, still cleaning some crumbs off his snout
    You see a sort of dusky-blue drake and two pechs manning the counters
    This drake is too young to be the postmaster, though – he’s not that much older than Vari
    Malaina: “Hello there, we’re looking for Zechthran Tijinthila.”

CounterKeepers: “Oh, the postmaster? I’ll go see if he’s available.”

The drake heads into the back
CounterKeepers: (from behind a wall or two) “Ungle Zeeeeecthran! Someone’s here to seeeee you!”

Zechthran: (from behind a wall or three) “Well don’t yell about it, come here and…” (the voice trails off to too-quiet to hear

  • Malaina tilts her head a bit
    Zechthran: (approaching the door now) “…ask them their names? What kind of secretary are you, boy?” (counter-drake) “I’m not a secretary!”
  • Malaina chuckles a bit, leaning on the counter
    Zechthran: “Hello, kind visitors. What can I do for you this fine day?”

Seiankornai: “I am Seiankornai deev’Ornhysvear.”

Malaina: “My name is Malaina Ainsel.”

  • Malaina gestures the slightly wandering around drake, “And this is Vraiuvant, or Vari for short.”
  • Vari 1 looks over cause he heard his name
    Seiankornai: “Your son, Jinthilasvant, told us you might be able to answer some questions.”

Zechthran: “Please to meet you. And what sort of questions did Vanti feel the need to pass on to me? He knows the postage rates, hehe.”

Malaina: “No, you see, it’s about Vari. I’ve only ever seen a shade of blue scales on him, until we met your son, who looks like Vari, only much older.”

  • Malaina pulls out the note, explaining to him how he was found, the note the only thing found with him, the attack on her village and raising him by herself
  • Zechthran is rather boldly blue himself, as expected
    Zechthran: “Wow…well…wow. I guess he might just be Sgothjinthi’s eggling. We’d heard there was an egg, and then for some reason they were moving, and then they didn’t arrive…It’s a little crazy, moving an egg, but I can’t call him paranoid when…well. Like I say, he didn’t arrive.”

Malaina: “Who is Sgothjinthi?”

Zechthran: “…my cousin.”

Malaina: “Is that Jilliantkvian?”

Seiankornai: “We were also investigating the Cloud River Delta village, when we saw your son flying by, to look for clues into the history of one Jillintkivan.”

Seiankornai: ((scratch mine))

Seiankornai: ((she mentioned his name))

Zechthran: “No, although…well. After…um, my clan got suddenly small…there were three cousins left. The one you’re calling Jillintkivan, he was off on the mail routes. My wife and I were visiting her parents because she was getting ready to lay our first egg, and wanted her mother’s advice and stuff.”

  • Zechthran waves his hand in a vague sort of “and female stuff” sort of way
    Zechthran: “And Sgothjinthi was up at the capitols for training. Our clan has always had a big presence in the mail fliers.”

Malaina: “I think….I think goblins got them….I mean, I don’t think any self respecting drake would just leave their egg in the open, especially in goblin territory.”

Malaina: “Because they attacked our village, looking for the hatchling that night.”

Zechthran: “Oohhh…I am SO sorry. Cursed crone-spawn, they just won’t leave it alone…”

Malaina: “So, there’s a chance Vari could be related to you and Jilliantkvian?”

Seiankornai: “And that Jilliantkvian still has some family left. You didn’t disown him or vice versa? Because from what he said he doesn’t think he has any family left.”

Zechthran: “It’s possible. I mean…well, he looks an awful lot like Sgot, and that can’t be denied. An awful lot…”

Malaina: “Yes, he really thinks he is alone.”

Zechthran: “Oh, Jillintkivan has kind of…well the thing is that the cursed goblins are still going after us. They know who Jillintkivan is, what with the hoarding and the crazy powerful preservation magic and all. They obviously figured out Sgot’s family. I’m /hoping/ they don’t know who I am though. So, you know, don’t tell anyone please.”

Seiankornai: “Do you know why they’re after you?”

Zechthran: “I’d clue in the poor crazy fool, but he /is/ crazy, and I don’t know if it’s safe.”

Malaina: “Do you think it’s a good idea that he at least knows Vari is his family?”

Malaina: “Hmmm…perhaps we can go after these goblins, cause if they are the same ones that wiped out my village…well, let’s just say, I have a few sharp objects I want to introduce them to, personally.”

Zechthran: "I kind of sort of maybe really don’t. I guess grand dad had “something” you know? They thought it should be their something. Then there were a couple generations of feud over it, and then it was a blood feud, and they still didn’t have the something anyhow."

  • Seiankornai looks at Mala, “The scroll fragment perhaps?”
  • Zechthran shrugs
    Zechthran: “Nobody ever told me, and then the village was gone and it was too late to ask.”
  • Malaina looks to Seian, “Seems like it.”
    Zechthran: “I guess Jillintkivan fixed their wagons pretty good in the end, though. That mad preservation spell keeps new stuff from growing in the village, so most of the goblins have moved out. They don’t seem to have resettled nearby either – not that there aren’t goblins everywhere, but the nearest big den seems to be way up in the hills from here.”

Malaina: “Well…if the fragment is there, and the goblins haven’t found it, I say we get Jess and Isabis, cause I’d feel alot better with them here to help fight.”

  • Malaina clenchs her fists, wondering if she can finally get her revenge.
    Seiankornai: “Well, not sure if the scroll is still in the village, or in Jillintkivan’s lair, probably the latter.”

Malaina: ((Hey, I just noticed, one of her subplots is completed!))

Malaina: ((Well, we do need to go back to see if they made any progress…and I think we should tell him about Vari))

Malaina: ((Didn’t mean to use put the (()) there))

Zechthran: ((time to end for the night though))

Seiankornai: ((ok))

Malaina: ((kk))

  • Zechthran bids you a cautious good day, reminding you not to tell other people about his clan and the goblins
    Game Saved
    Log Saved

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