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  • Malaina is so proud of how Vari turned out
    Malaina: I am smiling!

Seiankornai: hee

Malaina: he is a force to be reckoned with now!

Dragonhawk: Level-up wise?

Dragonhawk: ah, good

Seiankornai: so where are we now?

  • Seiankornai attempts to undistract the tired distractable GM :P
    It is a few days after you got paid by the Riddlemasters, and you are deep in the midst of spending 50-75% on wild Panache activities, as sunchasers will do. Isabis and Jessaila (at least) are looking forward to storming the opera in style, Seian is trying one of every kind of cow the city can provide, etc etc.
    Today, some of your are checking out the shopping. Vari and Vari follow Malaina down a wide street toward the open-air market
  • Malaina takes a look around, not really having anything in mind to buy, but it never hurts to just see what is out there
  • Jessaila has chosen to get a box for the epic opera ‘Ring of the Malgre’, which is seven hours long and only put on once every ten years.
  • Seiankornai returns to the group after visiting a special craftsdrake and is now all decked out in adornments of gold, silver, and precious stones. (maybe 12 kinds? he is a priest technically :P ;) )
  • Vari asks if they can get one of those speciality cows, the ones that look fluffy and groomed
    Isabis: “…and we need jewelry to go with the dresses, I bet Vari will enjoy looking at that too…”

Seiankornai: “Don’t I look fancy! :D”

  • Jessaila agrees with Isabis.
    Vari 1 seems to be having a little trouble walking straight, and keep bumping gently into Vari 2 for no reason
    Jessaila: “You know, I’ve never had money to shop for much jewelry before.”
  • Vari stops walking and looks over at his twin, asking if he is alright
    Isabis: “Ooh, very nice Seian. Maybe we should check out your jeweler.”
  • Malaina also stops walking and looks behind her, growing concerned, “You don’t look very well, maybe we should return to the inn so you can lay down?”
    Vari1: “I’m fine. I don’t know why he keeps walking into me like that.”

Malaina: “Maybe we should go back anyway, you might bump into one of the stalls and we don’t need an angry merchant.”

  • Vari1 seems a little off in appearance, but it’s hard to put your finger on it. He is clearly not noticing it himself though.
    Vari1: “I’m fine! HE’s the one that can’t walk straight!”
  • Malaina rubs at Vari 1’s leg, frowning in concern
    Seiankornai: “…You do look a bit odd, Vari.”
  • Jessaila wonders how long it’s been since the magic divided him up.
    Vari1: (this is untrue)

Malaina: “I…think we better head back.”

Vari1: “But I want a cow!”

Malaina: “I’ll have one delivered! I promise!”

  • Malaina starts to feel a bit frantic
    Vari1: “But I’m fine! Two, tell her we’re fine!”
  • Vari also starts to look worried cause he seems so snappish
    Vari: “We…we can get a cow later, Mala always keeps her promises.”

Vari1: “But…but…ok.”

  • Vari1 turns around and starts following Malina back towards the inn
  • Malaina walks between them, keeping her hand on Vari 1s leg, a small feeling of dread building up in her stomach
  • Seiankornai follows along, worried a little but certainly not as much as Mala is
  • Vari1 keeps sliding towards Malaina, and insisting that he’s walking straight when she make him coorect
  • Malaina wonders if Isabis or Jess can check him over, make sure he isn’t sick or anything
    The party pauses to let a slow wagon clear an intersection. Vari 1 somehow ends up practically hip-to-hip with his twin (“but I AM standing straight!”) even thoug Mala is between them at the shoulder.
  • Vari1 bumps Vari2 at the hip as the start walking again
    You whisper to Malaina: Vari2 thinks that felt /weird/ – hips are usually more boney and less, well, rubberey.
  • Vari stumbles a bit when he is bumped into and gives his twin a strange look
  • Jessaila whispers to Isabis. “Didn’t we determine they’ll merge back together at some point?”
  • Vari1 doesn’t seem to notice
    Malaina: “Jess….Isabis….is he sick?” she asks in a whisper

Isabis: (to Jess) “Yeah…and they’re the only ones – one? – it hasn’t worn off from yet…”

  • Malaina looks even more worried
    Isabis: (to Malaina) “I think mayb it’s the wild magic wearing off. Remember how Jess had that crazy coughing fit when she started breating again all of a sudden?”

Jessaila: “I think I agree.”

  • Malaina has an honest, blank look on her face, having forgotten about why she has two Varis and looks between the two, “W-w-wait, you mean….” starts to looks frantic and scared
    With Malaina dropped back to talk to the others, Vari1 is listing towards his twin again. Did…did his shoulder just cave in when then bumped together???
    Jessaila: “We should get them back to the inn and… well, if they’re going to merge back together…”

Vari: “What’s wrong with you, are you hurt?!”

Isabis: “Don’t worry, Malaina, he’ll be fine.”

Jessaila: “Yeah. That’s what’s happening, Mala.”

Vari1: “Nothing’s wrong! Why do you keep asking me if anything’s wrong?”

  • Malaina hadn’t even thought of trying to prepare herself when that happened
    Seiankornai: “I don’t know if we have enough time to get back to the inn if that’s what’s going on.”
  • Vari1 is starting to get worried about how everyone is mysterously (to him) worrying
    Vari: “You’re acting funny, you keep bumping into me! Did you bump your head?”

Jessaila: “Then maybe just some open space where we’re not in the way.”

Vari1: “I’m not doing it, you keep walking into me!”

Vari: “No, you keep walking into me!!”

Seiankornai: “Vari, you might be merging with yourself, that’s why you’re bumping.”

Vari1: “…What’s merging?”

Jessaila: “Oh dear.”

  • Jessaila looks for a place to get out of the road and the traffic.
    Isabis: “It’s when you go from being two people becuase of wild magic to being one person becaue the magic is done with.”
  • Vari looks confused
    Seiankornai: “Let’s go over to that grassy field.”

Isabis: “That’s somebody’s lawn Seian.”

Jessaila: “A lawn’s better than the street.”

Isabis: “Let’s try for the park, it’s closer than the inn and not private property.”

  • Isabis gestures down the street
    Malaina: “Y-yea, we’ll have more room for you to…to…” feels herself start to choke up

Isabis: “Left at the next corner and one block down. He can hide in the hand-ball court.”

Vari1: “Two isn’t going to die is he?”

  • Vari doesn’t want to die!
    Jessaila: “No, no. It’s going to be all right.”

Seiankornai: “Probably not, most likely since the both the splits had memories from before, that merging together will have both memories from the split, so not dying, just being put back together.”

Jessaila: “What Seian said.”

Isabis: “That’s right. You’ll just remember everything twice.”

  • Vari finds a place to sit down when they are at the park, not sure how he feels about this
    Vari1: “I like having a brother better than remembering everything twice!”

Vari: “Why can’t we just stay this way?!”

  • Vari1 doesn’t want to go into the handball court with Vari2 now, in case it makes him disappear.
    Seiankornai: “Well, we found you have a cousin and other family.”

Vari: “But I’ve known him longer!”

  • Vari keeping his distance from the second Vari as well
    Vari1: “Yeah, and cousin Villin is rude!”
  • Vari1 edges into the court while you are talking
    Isabis: “What, calling him Villain isn’t rude?”
  • Vari tries to edge away from him
    Vari1: “His name is hard.”

Vari: “And he is heavy!”

  • Malaina looking back and forth between the two of them, looking ready to cry
    Vari1: “Yeah!”
  • Jessaila puts a hand on Mala’s shoulder.
  • Vari1 fidgets, somehow always ending up a smidge closer to the other Vari’s position even though he thinks he’s standing in place
  • Malaina tries to put more distance, even trying to hid behind Mala and Jess, “I don’t want to disappear! I don’t want to be forgotten!”
    Malaina: ((Opps, sorry!))

Isabis: “It’ll be all right Vari, really. Look, he’s always been a part of you. You should, um…give him a hug, to welcome him back to being inside you.”

  • Vari whimpers and backs up more, opening his wings up, ready to fly away
    Jessaila: “Right. You’ll still be yourself, and we’re here for you.”

Seiankornai: “It’ll probably hurt if you’re far away.”

  • Vari1 spreads his wings too
    Vari1: “I don’t want to!”
  • Seiankornai says in a very sympathetic tone “Magic doesn’t really give much choice, sorry.”
    Malaina: “Vari….please….no one is going to forget you, least of all me!! Don’t you think this is hard enough for me?!” is now crying
  • Vari1 ends up in the center of the court, with his twin circling around
  • Vari folds his wings back down, hating to see Mala, even more then the thought of merging back together
    Seiankornai: ((hating to see Mala *cry?))

Vari: ((Yea, sorry, tonight is not my night for typing stuff))

  • Jessaila whispers to Mala. “I learned a spell for Calming Emotions. Should I offer to try it?”
    Vari1: ((boy do I know what you mean 9.9 I’ve been there myself!))
  • Malaina sniffles as she wipes and her face, but shakes her head no
  • Vari1 is only getting even more agitated, fidgeting and jiggling and…vibrating?
  • Vari stops trying to move away, sitting down and curling his tail around himself, head lowered down and a sad look on his long face
    Vari: “It’s not fair….I finally have a brother and he has to go away…”
  • Vari1 gets closer to him, without quite seeming to actually walk over
    Vari1: “I’m don’t want to go away. I’m staying here with Malaina!”
  • Vari1 suddenly trots over and hugs Malaina
  • Malaina gives a watery chuckle as she can’t stop crying, “You silly little drake…you’ll always be with me…” hugs him around his long neck
    You whisper to Malaina: he doesn’t seem to be getting weak, but he does feel disturbingly boneless
  • Jessaila joins Mala in giving Vari1 a big hug.
  • Malaina grits her teeth to stop herself from sobbing
    You whisper to Jessaila: he doesn’t seem to be getting weak, but he does feel disturbingly boneless
  • Isabis puts a comforting arm around Vari 2
  • Vari wipes at his own face
  • Vari1 ends up with his tail pointing towards Vari 2… it quietly starts giving off a faint bluish fog
    Jessaila: “You will really feel better when you’re back together, Vari.”
  • Seiankornai calmly sits upright watching them
  • Malaina pulls back and cups his chin, giving an encouraging smile, “It’s gonna be ok, I’ll be right here when it is over.”
    Isabis: “If you don’t want to give him a hug, you could at least sit down next to him while you wait for it to finish happening.”
  • Vari is too upset to move
    Vari 1: “…you do look sad. I’m sorry you have to disappear. Will you feel better if I promise not to forget you?”
  • Vari slowly gets up and goes to sit next to him, putting a wing over him, “Yea, I’ll feel alot better…”
    Vari1 is “steaming” blue fog all over now, which whisps towards Vari 2 and makes him sneeze. Vari1 does not appear to notice the fog.
  • Jessaila hopes the magic doesn’t go ‘sluurrp.’
  • Jessaila thinks that might be distressing.
  • Vari rubs at his nose
    When Vari2 sits down, Vari1 leans against him…and then literally leans into him
    Vari 1: “I promise. I won’t forget a thing.”
  • Vari leans his head on top of his twins, closing his eyes
  • Malaina bites her lower lip hard, finding this incredibly hard to watch cause it is like she is watching her son fade away
  • Jessaila hugs Mala and offers her a shoulder if required.
  • Vari 1 seems to deflate like an old baloon, so that Vari2’s head sinks in instead of resting on his. Then he “rolls” sideways into his twin,and everything goes all misty…and Vari 2 is left in place, his chin brushing the ground as the expected support evaporates
  • Vari lays there, eyes a bit wide cause the one that was there is now gone
  • Malaina hugs onto Jess and buries her face into her shoulder as she sobs
    Vari: “…now I feel strange.”

Dragonhawk: *Vari sneezes one more time, the fog absorbed, and both sets of memories now simply “his”

Vari sneezes one more time, the fog absorbed, and both sets of memories now simply “his”
Isabis: “Are you dizzy, or unusally sleepy?”

Seiankornai: “Are you ok?”

  • Jessaila keeps huggling Mala, but offers a bit of advice. “You should go hug Vari, too.”
    You whisper to Malaina: No, what’s strange is the feeling of having just been in two places at once
  • Vari shakes his head, still laying there, feeling sad and bewildered at the same time
  • Malaina sniffles and nods, pulling away and making her way over to Vari
  • Isabis examines the magic on and around Vari
  • Vari sits up enough to pull Mala into a hug
    Isabis: “Hmm. It looks like your natural magic is normal – maybe a bit bolder than usual, but all in the normal pattern for a young fire-breather.”
  • Vari feels strangely stronger
    Isabis: “Hmm. Well, all in all, I’d say you’re well and properly reintegrated now. Can you remember both things you had for breakfast?”

You whisper to Malaina: I stipulate that the Varis got into a kid-fight at breakfast time (I’m having eggs! You can’t have eggs, I’m having eggs! etc.) and ended up refusing to eat the same thing this morning
Vari: “Y-yes, it’s strange….I can remember the things he saw when I was somewhere else…”

Isabis: ((good luck deciding which was “him” and which was “me” now, Vari ))

Vari: ((Hehehe)

Seiankornai: “Are any of the memories dominant or do they all feel the same?”

  • Malaina pulls away, wiping at her face
    Vari: “They feel the same to me, cause it was still me.”
  • Isabis nods
    Isabis: “Very good. See? Nobody’s forgetting anything.”
  • Vari sits up, stretching his wings and looking a bit stronger then before
    Isabis: “So… how are /you/ doing Mala? You still want to go back to the inn and recover, or shall we revisit the cows and jewelers plan?”

Malaina: “I…want to be alone for a while, if that is ok. I’ll find you guys later.”

  • Malaina looks very sad right now
    Seiankornai: “Sure.”
  • Thurirl shows up at Seian’s side without a sound.
  • Isabis whispers to Malaina, “I know it’s hard to wrap your head around, but nothing was really lost here – he’s still all there. It’ll take me a while to stop seeing that image in my head, but really, everything is fine.”
  • Malaina doesn’t notice that due to her own distress and sadness, something cracked
  • Isabis hugs Malaina
  • Malaina hugs Isabis back
    Jessaila: ((Something cracked?))

Isabis: “I’m sure Vari won’t want to leave you alone, so I guess we’ll bring back his cow for you. And maybe some steak for the rest of us.”

Malaina: ((Yep, something cracked))

Dragonhawk: ((The GM takes note.))

Malaina: “Yea, see if you can find one of those fancy cows, the groomed ones, I’ll pay you back.”

Dragonhawk: “We’ll look fo rone.”

  • Thurirl looks a bit sad, but says nothing. Some things are beyond words.
  • Malaina spends the rest of the day alone with Vari, wrapping her mind around the fact the twin is gone, but is still there with her drake, though it still hurts because it feels like she lost a son
  • Jessaila will still go shopping, but will also help get the One True Vari his cow.
    Thurirl: “A very curious process… and, not to bely the obvious, distressing to family. I shall make a note to avoid that particular area in the future.”

Seiankornai: “Probably more so than for others.”

Isabis: “You have to admit, though, if you could count on getting that effect then lots of people would flock to the area.”

Isabis: “Many a busy merchant or parent or public official has wished to be in two places at once.”

Jessaila: “I wouldn’t necessarily mind being duplicated.”

Jessaila: “I didn’t enjoy, however, losing all of my hair.”

Isabis: “Would’ve been great if you’d been in need to go swimming though.”

Thurirl: “I am not certain I would enjoy the process. The new memories would be confusing.”

Isabis: “Hah. Yeah, just imaginbe being you and Aurix /at the same time/ eh?”

Seiankornai: “Hess, that would be most interesting, yes.”

Thurirl: “…that would prove most useful, yes. I do not intend for knowledge of my alter ego to be widespread.”

Isabis: “He could be his own distraction! Hehe.”

Isabis: “Aurix should totally come to the theatre with us this weekend.”

Jessaila: “He should!”

Thurirl: “I shall consider it. Perhaps more public appearances are in order. A travelling merchant no one sees? Very suspicious.”

Seiankornai: “Yes, him in his fabulous outfit, me in my own fabulous adornmetns, Jess and Isabis in their fabulous dresses. And Malaina and Vari too, if they’re feeling better, in their own fabulous wear.”

Thurirl: “I have, after all, not had the opportunity to return the outfit to its hiding place…”

Thurirl: “Perhaps multiple outfits would be best…”

Isabis: “And besides, we’re tyring to make the society pages so my cousins will get jealous. So we need as much attention-getting company as we can gather!”

  • Isabis winks
  • Thurirl actually smiles. “Then I shall notify him of the invitation. I doubt he shall turn you down.”
    Isabis: (anyone else have comments prior to departure from the city?)
  • Jessaila buys jewelry to go with her gowl.
    Jessaila: gown.

Seiankornai: (nope, just dropping off a cow for Vari)

  • Jessaila finds she enjoys listening to and being seen at opera.
    Malaina: ((Not that I can think of))
  • Thurirl finds Opera a bit boring, and has trouble not nodding off. Thankfully, as Aurix, he feels a bit more comfortable making his real emotions known… he starts snoring through the end of the first half…
  • Seiankornai enjoys the drake chior portion
  • Seiankornai didn’t even need ear protection, either
  • Jessaila is Very Interested in the convoluted tail of enchanted treasure, love, bewitchment, betrayal, heroism and triumph.
    Jessaila: ((tale, rather.))

Seiankornai: ((it could involve a tail though))

  • Malaina returns with Vari later that afternoon, looking better, still a bit sad, but better
    The bid to be seen by the fashionistas is a success. The opera is pretty good if you like opera. Vari eats a well-groomed cow, and promptly announces he will be saving up for another. The whole party leaves town with less money and more dress clothing than they started downtime with.
    Mala narrowly avoids being sewn into a most un-tomgirlish garment and spends the whole evening of the opera on weapons practice to regain her equilibrium
    The day after the opera, you take ship for Moru’s mirror
    Isabis: ((are you still planning to visit the dwarves first, then the holding?))

Jessaila: ((I believe that’s correct.))

Seiankornai: ((mmhmm))

You have a pleasant river trip, more or less. There is a minor altercation with Seian making another attempt to capture a river king, but fortunately his is easier to reason with than Grok on the subject. The main point is, nobody gets eaten.
Seiankornai: (( :P ))

Malaina: ((XD))

  • Seiankornai still pouts, we’ve got a fortress lined up to move into, so we can get a pet now, right?
    You are deposited at the same port as last time, but wisely choose an inn that is not on Wagtail street. People there might remember the “gold bugs” and/or the imporbably city-dog pack.
    Isabis: ((maybe on the way back there, Seian ))
  • Jessaila is not getting THAT pet.
  • Thurirl is sure to keep his outfit and persona up the entire trip. The river boat may talk if he tries to make a switch.
    Isabis: “Hehe, I wonder if Nightscale shares your taste in pets? She’d be living with it you know.”

Malaina: “True, so it’s probably best to discuss any room mate situations with her first.”

Seiankornai: “Eh, there’s plenty of rivers and small lakes in the area.”

Seiankornai: ((there better be for the name “thousand river valley” to hold :P ;) ))

Isabis: ((technically, your holding is in a mountain pass…))

Isabis: ((but if Nightscale found comfortable lodgings, you could keep a river king too))

Seiankornai: ((hmmm, looking at their stats, River Kings are the Beast type rather than Animal type, so technically a “people”, so not really a pet thing; still, there probably are largish aquatic reptiles that could be pet qualified))

Seiankornai: ((like the Water Serpent))

You make an appointment with the castle
Thurirl: ((testing fabulous saurian, one, two…))

Thurirl: ((dang it… always forget the commands))

Isabis: ((are you trying to think of “/im” perhaps?))

Thurirl: ((possibly, yes))

Aurix: ((ahem “Does this new jewelry make me look too gaudy? Or not gaudy enough? One must make one’s presence known…”))

Seiankornai: ((that looks better, but not quite gaudy enough :P ;) ))

The king had asked
Aurix: “Pets are over-rated in my opinion. Perhaps you all can stand having some random creature beneath your feet, but I prefer to have my home free of pests, whatever their hide. I have business to do! And feeding cuts into my profits.”

Aurix: ((and don’t make me break out the magenta text =P))

Isabis: ((ahem))

The king previously told you, “Any swords that bear Durgeddin’s mark belong to me, though I would pay a bounty for them. The scroll you seek belongs to Clan Mitya, and if you find it you must surely surrender the original to them.”
Accordingly, King Orvon and the current head of clan Mitya meet you, together with the steward of the Counting House.
Seiankornai: “We got your stuff! Some of it, at least.”

Aurix: “Did we find the original scroll? I do forget these things… where’s my ledger?”

King Orvon: “Very well, then, present the…stuff.”

  • Aurix starts pawing through various pouches on his person. Saurians aren’t too big on pants, or at least not this one.
  • Seiankornai let’s the people with more dextrous manipulators do the handing
  • Isabis hands over the scroll the Clan Leader Mitya
    Isabis: “Honored Mitya, the original Ahset fragment of Snowblade’s Scroll on Moon Pools.”

Mitya: “I thank you from the depths of the mountain. We had long since given up on ever recovering this treasure.”

Aurix: “Oh, we did find it! Excellent! You’d think I’d remember these things…”

  • Aurix jots something down, having produced pencil and ledger from somewhere.
    You also turn over three blades (one an axe) with Durgeddin’s mark, earning a bounty of 300s
    Seiankornai: “We also cleared out the orcs and undead, though there were some less than friendly degenerate vessa living there and some strange kind of giant dwarves…yes, I know it sounds odd.”

Mitya: “Giant dwarves? Wouldn’t that be…nevermind.”

  • Aurix mutters something about “very distant cousins” and also maybe something about “inbred”…
    KingOrvon: “Is it so? We shall have to send an inspection team, then, to see if it is safe to retake the city.”

Aurix: “Uh… pardon me, Your Majesty, but… ah… they were very, um, particular about that point… I don’t think they will want to part with it. The dwarves, I mean.”

  • KingOrvon raises his eyebrows
    KingOrvon: “Well, if they are dwarves, then surely their clan will speak with mine. We will see what there is to be discovered.”

The king dismisses you, and you take your reward to the bank. That takes care of business on Moru’s Mirrir. Next stop: Goblin’s Doom Pass and your new home!
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