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After an exhausting battle, the Piercers of Darkness have retired to the inn to regoup and sleep of many grades of fatigue
Grok, Thurirl, and Jamshid turn in pretty much immediately.

  • Malaina feels very tired, but promised Vari a scale polishing, looking quite proud of him
  • Jessaila helps Malaina even though she is also tired.
    Malaina: “You sure you don’t want to go get some rest Jess?”

Seiankornai: “She was hardly touched, from what I saw.”

Isabis: “Personally, I’m almost as hungry as I am tired. You guys reserve us a table, and I’ll go fetch a waitress.”

Jessaila: “I want some rest, but Vari deserves this.”

  • Jessaila smalls.
  • Jessaila smiles, rather.
  • Vari leans his head down to nuzzle Jess and Mala in thanks
    Terwyn is disconnected.
    Malaina: “Thank you Jess, perhaps after we eat, we can go get rest up in the spa?”
  • Janus is sitting at one of the tables in the inn, scruffy chin on the table and looking at a rather large crown made of thorns and bones sitting on the table in front of him. He’s the guy you folks met who jumped up on that one table and told dramatic stories!
    Terwyn has connected.
    Jessaila: “Sounds good, Mala!”
  • Malaina passes by him as she says “Maybe we can get massages, my muscles are so sore!”
  • Vari doesn’t know what a massage is, but agrees because Mala sounds so excited
  • Janus bounces his knee, looking right at the massive crown that sits in front of him, just looking at it and mumbling to himself. “What in the devil are we going to do with you…”
  • Seiankornai looks curious as to what a massage is too
    Malaina: “I wonder, can drakes get massages? I mean, could they feel it under the scales?”
  • Jessaila looks at Seian and Vari.
  • Inkeeper sends a waitress towards Isabis’ selected table, and informs Malaina that massages are available; drakes have to book a full day in advance, though, so they can get in the Ogre masseus who is strong enough to make it work.
    Malaina: “Well, Vari didn’t get hurt, so can I get a scale polishing for him? I want him to look as blue as the sea on a cloudless sunny day!”
  • Terwyn walks to the bar with his nose in a very thick book, seemingly exhibiting an unnatural awareness of his surroundings as he retrieves his beverage of choice.
  • Vari puffls out his scalely chest, wagging his tail
    Inkeeper: “Sure. Right through there.”
  • Inkeeper points
    Jessaila: “Ooh. I see Isabis is thinking dinner, though. Maybe we should delay the spa visit until after dinner…”
  • Vari speaks in broken Melios “You go eat, I go to shine and eat later.”
    Inkeeper: “Don’t worry, it’ll be open another hour or three.”
  • Malaina tilts her head, “You sure you don’t want me to take you in?” seems to droop her shoulders a bit when he shakes his head and then heads into where he can get his scales polished
  • Janus stops leaning his chin on the table and looks up, noticing two large drakes. Waves for Terwyn to come over to the table he’s sitting at and where the massive crown is sitting on the table
    Seiankornai: ((why an ogre masseus? they’ve got a couple drakes here who could probably do it and understand how drakes feel it much better ))

Jessaila: “Oh, hey – aren’t those the other sunchasers we met that one time at that one inn?”

  • Malaina distracted from her melancholy thoughts and looks to see who Jess is talking about
    Janus: “Terwyn, aren’t those the other sunchasers we met that one time at that one inn?”
  • Terwyn doesn’t even look up from his book. “Yes.”
  • Jessaila waves.
    Malaina: “Hmm, so it is.”

Terwyn: “Before you ask, yes, I am aware of what is going on. Stop waving your hand above my face.”

  • Isabis helps the waitress by carrying a bowl of rolls while the other carries menus.
  • Isabis is half way through a roll before she reaches teh table.
    Isabis: “So what is what? Bread?”
  • Malaina sighs as she turns and heads to the table Isabis reserved for them
  • Isabis offers the bread bowl
  • Shesa walks briskly through the door, heading over to Janus’ table with a couple scrolls in hand. “Well, the library here was useful. I found out a little more about the things that may try to kill us.”
  • Seiankornai turns his head around to see them
    Terwyn: “And I’ve found a very interesting riddle.”
  • Isabis follows Malaina’s gaze
  • Janus picks up the massive boney-thorny crown and places it in his satchel bag. “Wonderful. But look over there, Shesa. It’s those lovely drakes and their followers we met before.”
  • Janus waves to the lovely drakes and their followers
  • Isabis blinks at a massive bone-thorn crown
    Isabis: “What the…”

Seiankornai: “Ah, it is you.”

  • Vari is getting his scales polished all shiny and thus is not with the others
  • Seiankornai is fine with the others being refered to as his and Vari’s followers
    Jessaila: “Nice hat.”
  • Terwyn removes his hat of disguise.
    Terwyn: “Thank you.”
  • Shesa nods, smiling briefly at the others before showing Janus the scrolls with her notes.
    Terwyn: “Oh… you meant the crown?”

Polisher: “Oh, you’re going to look FABulous! Just wait until the lady drakes see you!”

Seiankornai: “Have you been here awhile or come some other way than the local sunpool?”

  • Vari doesn’t get why lady drakes would like him all shiny
    Jessaila: “Both of them, actually.”
  • Malaina grabs a roll and sits down, biting into it
    Isabis: “We slogged through the local sunpool a few days ago.”
  • Vari will have to ask Seian when he sees him at dinner
    Isabis: “Whoever thought of putting that sign in their is a genius.”
Isabis: ((in there, even))

Janus: “We’re here dealing with some local business. Nothing major. Just an entire colony of Black Erron.”

Janus: “Capturing and feeding people to their giant tree.”

Janus: “Necromancy.”

Janus: “nothing important.”

Terwyn: “Not to mention a fun matter of dealing with slavers.”

Shesa: “They make good toothpicks.”

  • Seiankornai growls, “Hissss, those foul walking plants, should burn their whole forests.”
    Terwyn: “Shesa, next time, you knock.”

Janus: “Yes, Burning did prove rather effective.”

Isabis: “Eugh. Nothing unusual, maybe, for around here, but I hope you ‘dealt’ them into an early grave. Somewhere far away from their accursed tree.”
  • Terwyn laughs at a private joke.
    Jessaila: “I like fire as much as the next elf, but is foresticide the best way to do it?”

Seiankornai: “Yes!”

  • Shesa shrugs. “One of them managed to escape. It was screaming something about ’an Avatar! as it went. We got the rest, including the necromancer.”
    Isabis: “No. Ashes are good fertilizer too.”

Jessaila: “Well, of course you’d say that.”

Janus: “So what about you? The bruises suggest you’ve been on your own little adventures.”

Seiankornai: “An avatar of what?”

Terwyn: “Next time, I pose as the agent of the gods, okay, Shesa?”

Seiankornai: “We’ve saved the sunpools for this generation!”

Terwyn: “Rascal knows I’ve got the luck for it.”

Malaina: “Oh yea, that was fun.”

Jessaila: “Indeed it was.”

Isabis: “Yeah, I finally found a use for that horrid necromancy spell.”

Malaina: “Drinking potions, possibly traveling through time, building bridges from pretty much nothing.”

  • Janus takes that rather in stride. “Such strange and wonderful times we live in.”
  • Shesa laughs. “I haven’t really studied their religions, so I’m not sure what. I was surprised how little effort it took, tho, to turn them into kindling. I’m not even a student of the Wood Chop school.”
    Terwyn: “Yes, Janus, they certainly are interesting.”

Terwyn: “So… what happened to that slaver captain, anyway?”

  • Seiankornai wing shrugs, “It seems it’s something that comes up every so often, that a group of Sunchasers has to be tested for sunpools to continue to work.”
    Terwyn: “Indeed.”

Janus: “Put in your seven paces, or still working on it?”

Shesa: “I wonder if that’s why I was separated from the party I was with previously? When I went through the sunpool, I came out in a different place from where the others did, not that I know for sure they all made it to the same place.”

Terwyn: "It would certainly explain why when I was still a trader I would occasionally leave a sunpool with more than I’d entered.

Janus: “…yes that explains it…”

  • Janus eyerolls
  • Jessaila doesn’t see how that explains it, but eh!
  • Malaina looks through the menu, but doesn’t seem to be reading it
    Jessaila: “Oh, right. Food.”

Janus: “I’d suggest the meat bun, if you can afford it. Very delicious. They’ve managed to make rybou meat very tender.”

Waitress: “Do you know what you want, sunchasers?”

  • Waitress eyes the unopened menus, and adds “I can come back…”
  • Shesa nods. “Stew, and some tea.”
  • Waitress takes orders
    Seiankornai: “Lately we’ve been looking for, or diplomizing for rather, some parts of an ancient scroll written by Snowblade.”
  • Terwyn mouths to Janus, “Buying the inn, maybe?”
  • Isabis orders a meat-bun
    Malaina: “I’ll take a meat bun as well.”

Seiankornai: “A whole, sueeling, pig, please.”

  • Malaina closes the menu
    Seiankornai: *squeeling

Jessaila: “Tea, and some of this creamy tuber soup with cheese.”

  • Janus chuckles. “We’ve got better use for that windfall, Terwyn…”
  • Janus flaunts his panache a bit. “Drinks are on me, my good woman.”
    Malaina: “And a platter of raw, bloody meat if you have any, we have another drake and he deserves a good dinner.”
  • Terwyn mouths, just the Chef, then.
    Jessaila: ((Which woman is that aimed at?))

Waitress: “…would you accept lightly braised? It keeps the juices in and adds crunch without overcooking the meat.”

Janus: ((Waitress))

Seiankornai: ((there’s three good looking women here, and no other men to claim them ))

Shesa: ((Janus knows Shesa’s not interested))

  • Malaina puts her elbow on the table and puts her cheek into her hand, staring off
    Jessaila: ((Ah.))
  • Janus mouths back to Terwyn “not my type.”
    Terwyn: “Your finest game bird, if you will.”

Seiankornai: “So we’re still working on getting the scroll fragments. What are you up to lately?”

Terwyn: “Aside from being waylaid by one’s past?”

Janus: “This and that. Our current quandries are heading up to Drake Territories to deliver some sort of message to one of the Drake Priests.”

Janus: “We also will be bringing that crown you saw earlier to them, see if they know how to destroy it.”

  • Waitress finishes taking orders, including drinks on Janus for all of the Piercers of Darkness (she can’t tell drake genders by looking) and makes for the kitchen
    Jessaila: “Oh, we’ll be going that way ourselves in a few weeks.”

Seiankornai: “Oh? A message? I’m a drake priest, you may give it to me.”

Janus: “Oh! Wonderful.”

  • Shesa grins mildly maniacaly. “We got a really good haul off those Black Erron, and are considering starting a War Raptor ranch at our Holding.”
    Terwyn: “We should tell them about our recent detour. Should definately find that dwarf and buy him a drink.”
  • Janus rummages in his Satchel Bag for the Drake Statue, finding it in a different position than it was the last time he brought it out.
    Janus: “..er…yes, you didn’t hear that wrong. We’ve come into a bit of a windfall, and Terwyn decided that the best way to spend it is to…er..”

Janus: “Breed war-raptors.”

  • Janus never thought he’d say that
  • Jessaila deadpans. “War-raptors.”
    Janus: “War-Raptors.”

Seiankornai: “Breed war-raptors?!? Don’t tell Grok, or do, he’d want in on it.”

Terwyn: “It’s an economically sound decision. I can bring out the charts again if needed.”

Jessaila: “Are they tasty or something?”

Janus: “No, no, enough of the charts.”

Janus: ’I’ve seen those charts enough for one lifetime, thank you."

Terwyn: “I’ve got one you’d probably pay me to never show anyone…”

IsabisEstolin: “Wasn’t he wanting to do river-kings? As opposed to raptors.”

  • Terwyn winks at Shesa, giving clear indication of what he means.
  • Janus just silently seeths
    Seiankornai: “You don’t breed something with ‘war’ in the name for tastiness.”

Jessaila: “Grok just wants to do any idea that any other person would call ‘ill-conceived’.”

  • Janus puts the Drake Statue on the table
  • Terwyn blinks.
    Terwyn: “I have never heard anyone describe my ideas in that fashion.”
  • Terwyn mouths at Janus “Am I just that lucky?”
  • Seiankornai examines teh statue closely
    Janus: “Luck isn’t what I’d call it. But yes, apparently the raptors are very skilled and valuable mounts, they raise rather quckly, and have multiple offspring.”

IsabisEstolin: “I … suppose someone has to breed battle mounts. And with the crone’s year coming, it’s probably a good time to sell any kind of battle gear. People are stocking up and training up in case it’s war again.”

Janus: “So…according to certain charts, it’s the best bet to use our newfound windfall. Beyond, of course, improving Riverheim.”

Terwyn: “Hey Janus, you should probably show them your other recent trophy…”

Jessaila: “Where’s this?”

  • Shesa nods. “Unfortunately, we probably won’t have enough to really turn the tide until several years after the Crone is likely to show up, but any little bit helps in the preparation for war.”
  • Janus gives Terwyn a ‘which one’ look, then looks to Jessaila. “Riverheim?”
  • Terwyn draws a knife motion across his neck.
    Jessaila: “Yes, Riverheim.”

Terwyn: “Our bragging rights.”

Janus: “It’s the land I own near Whitestone, on the Shimmering Lake. It’s one of the Six Lakes.”

  • IsabisEstolin looks at what book Terwyn is carring around
    Seiankornai: “Sounds reasonable,” he syas, without taking eyes off the statue, “Though you’ll want to hire some who know how best to manage them, probably some Vessa.”

Terwyn: “Oh, this book? Just my ledger.”

IsabisEstolin: “You were reading your ledger while walking?”

Janus: “We’ve built a sizable manor there. Working on getting someone who can make a stable sunpool and a device to let us transport to and fro when we like.”

Terwyn: “I read it doing a number of different things.”

Janus: “We stepped through the local sunpool and ended up here, trying to reach the Drakes.”

IsabisEstolin: “…a ledger?”

Jessaila: “Oops. A bit out of your way, I’d think.”

IsabisEstolin: “I’ve known people who read things in the most imporbable situations, but never a ledger.”

Janus: “Closer than we were, is the point. And if we hadn’t, we’d have never run into one of the Ninety-Nine or those Black Erron.”

  • Janus rummages around in his pack for another small trophy he hasn’t had shipped back yet; a fist-sized chunk of Plate Armor bearing the symbol of a white feather dipped in blood.
    Janus: “Heard about the local Dawnstrider murders?”

Terwyn: "Most impressively would, of course, be reading it while fleeing for one’s life trying to figure out just which deal had been taken by silence.

  • Terwyn passes it over.
    Terwyn: “Which would be this deal right here.”
  • IsabisEstolin hasn’t
    IsabisEstolin: (heard about the murders that is)
  • IsabisEstolin reads the line Terwyn is pointing out
  • Terwyn shows his ledger which is quite clearly marked of “Fellow has no manners. Really, abducting me and trying to sell me to cannibals?”
    Terwyn: “This was, of course, some years ago. Before I was a sunchaser.”

Janus: “Long story, really. We got hired by the local guards to deal with some assassination that’s been going on. Along the way we ended up being kidnapped, fought our way out of a slavery ring, commandeered the boat, arrested everyone onboard, and found one of the Ninety-Nine cutting out Dawnstrider hearts. Bit of a Rascal’s Breakfast, that.”

Terwyn: “I still can’t believe just knocking on the door worked as a distraction.”

Janus: “Long story short we fought the most attractive of the ninety-nine I’ve ever seen. Never seen Nudity used as a weapon before. But we won, I’ve got a new trophy, and we ended up stumbling upon a group of Black Erron and a rather sizable economic windfall.”

Terwyn: “and ten years worth of firewood.”

Jessaila: "How can I say “…” out loud to express what I’m thinking about that?"

Janus: “I find a blank stare and a raised eyebrow get the point across.”

  • Jessaila gives a blank stare and an elegantly elven raised eyebrow.
  • Janus smiles, and looks over to Seiankornai. “So do you think you can figure out what message this charming little satue has?”
    Janus: *Statue
  • Seiankornai cocks his head at Janus, “I still don’t understand your kinds fasination with clothing or the lack thereof.” and goes back to examining the statue
    Terwyn: “It is his issue. Certainly not mine.”

Shesa: “One thing we learned with the Black Erron. Larger blades turn them into finer splinters.”

Janus: “Oh come off it, you were staring more than I was and we both know it.”

Malaina: “Jess, I am…gonna go to the spa, I’ve lost my appetite.”

  • Malaina stands up from her seat and heads off
    Shesa: “The baths here are quite nice.”

Seiankornai: “Are you not feeling well, Mala?”

IsabisEstolin: “She probably doesn’t feel like discussing naked undead. I don’t blame her.”

IsabisEstolin: “I’m just hungrier, apparently.”

Janus: “Oh, she wasn’t really undead, but… yes. I apologize, madam.”

  • Janus bows
  • Malaina didn’t leave for that reason
  • IsabisEstolin is guessing, not reading minds
    Jessaila: “I’ll be there in a bit, Mala.”

IsabisEstolin: “I hope she’s OK…”

  • Vari makes his way in, shining like a sapphire, head held high
    IsabisEstolin: “Hey Vari! Nice scale job!”

Seiankornai: “Oh, you’re just in time Vari, I think I know how to wake up this messenger from the Dragon Kings!”

Seiankornai: “And yes, very nice shininess to your scales.”

  • Vari looks around anxiously for Mala, but doesn’t see her anywhere
    Jessaila: “Looking good, Vari!”

IsabisEstolin: “Didn’t Malain just come to see you?”

  • Seiankornai studies Vari a moment, “Where is Mala?”
  • Janus doesn’t know whether this is a boy drake or a girl drake so just opts to keep his mouth shut.
  • IsabisEstolin tries to look behind Vari
  • Vari doesn’t seem to hear their compliments, lowering his head and going over to see what Seian is talking about
  • Terwyn doesn’t care.
  • Shesa looks at Vari. “You’re as shiny as some of the stones in my crystal garden.”
  • Seiankornai turns the statue to face Vari. He could swear it blinked at him.
    IsabisEstolin: “I…think maybe I’ll go check on her… excuse me…”
  • Vari tilts his head at the statue, lowering his head down to get a closer look
  • IsabisEstolin goes to find Mala before Vari can get worried, hopefully
  • Statue looks statuesque
  • Malaina is in the hot springs area of the spa, down to her chin in the water
    Vari: “Hello?”
Vari: (says this in Vidoss)
  • Terwyn understands.
  • Malaina wasn’t talking to Terwyn
    Seiankornai: “Hess, I haven’t awoken it yet. I wanted you to be here. But now I shall.”
  • Vari looks confused, not a priest
  • Terwyn responds in the same language. “My supposition that I am of the wrong species is indeed correct?”
  • Statue stands very straight with wings folded, just as he was first carved
  • Jessaila gets up. “I did promise Mala I’d join her at the spa, and I’m feeling pretty beat up – so I’ll be back later.”
    Statue: (for once)
  • Seiankornai picks up the statue and walks over to the large fireplace. “If you do not mind, sir, I would like to use your fireplace to perform a rite of fire.”
  • Vari follows after Seian
  • Jessaila does pause to watch Seian, though…
  • Terwyn takes copious notes.
  • Isabis checks the bedrooms…not there…
  • Janus watches with interest, taking a bite from his rybou bun
    Seiankornai whispers: Mala said she was in the spa
  • Shesa eats her tasty stew.
    Inkeeper: “It’s not going to explode or anything, is it?”

Seiankornai: “No, it’s just going to be a bit of flash, so could be startling. The fire that’s there should be well handled by your fireplace.”

Janus: “I’ll cover any damages.”

Inkeeper: “Well, OK then. As long as it won’t damage anything.”

  • Seiankornai nods to Janus, “There shall not be anything to cover, but thanks.”
  • Inkeeper nods at Janus behind Seian’s back.
  • Seiankornai places the statue in the bricks, breaths in deeply, and shoots a small stream of flame from his nostrils on the statue.
  • Statue spreads its wings and breaths a miniature stream of flame back at Seian
  • Seiankornai inhales the stream of fire, then breaths it back again
  • Vari watchs with somewhat mild interest
    Jessaila: “Fascinating, as Thurirl would say.”

Statue: “Seiankornai, servant of the Dragon Kings, you are seen.”

Seiankornai: “Messenger of the Kings, you are heard.”

Seiankornai: “Speak, what is their wish to be known?”

  • Seiankornai is still and calm, but anyone nearby can hear his heart is thumping LOUDLY inside
    Statue: “This message is for the leader of the temple under Razylymingeir, and any of his servants who awakens the messenger. Razylymingeir and his fellow Kings have prepared for you a tool against the Bloodghost. It grows even now, but alas, we cannot deliver it as originally intended.”

Statue: “We leave it in the care of Uryteyuraka, in the Vale of Steams. It is for you to recieve, only come to the vale.”

Statue: “This message is for the servants of the Dragon Kings; all who recieve it are enjoined to forward it also to the leader of the temple under Razylymingier.”

  • Statue bows, and goes still again.
    Seiankornai: ((knowledge « 1d20+6 = 7 + 6 = 13 »))
  • Jessaila has seen the interesting part, but doesn’t speak Vidoss, so goes to see if Mala’s in the spa.
    Seiankornai: ((+1 due to associated study of Drake Culture?))
  • Vari turns and goes to eat a few pieces of meat, pretty much losing all interest in the statue and the message
    Statue: (knowledge vs 18; if you have interests relating to the Drake culture or to Avva’s Anvil you may apply the bonuses.)

Terwyn: « 1d20+8 = 16 + 8 = 24 »« 1d20+8 = 20 + 8 = 28 »

Seiankornai: “Vale of Steams? I’ve heard the name, but I do not know where it is. I shall have to return to my elder, he should know.”

Player “Terwin” is not connected.
You whisper to Terwyn: The Vale of Steams is, now anyway, a hot and dangerous rift int he desert of Avva’s Anvil.
You whisper to Terwyn: It literally steams as often as not.
Terwyn: “Ah. The rift of the desert.”

Seiankornai: “…The rift? How far from the edge is it?”

You whisper to Terwyn: It drives travelers mad, because the steam indicates that it should have water (and it’s far enough in that people who get there generally NEED water) but nobody can find the source
Terwyn: “Far enough that it is problematic.”

Terwyn: “Its features are such that it should have water, but no one has yet found the source.”

You whisper to Terwyn: As far as the Brenne Stones from the Salt Weep

  • Seiankornai pins Terwyn with a glare, “How far, precisely?”
    Terwyn: “As far as the Brenne Stones are from the Salt Weep.”
  • Janus raises an eyebrow at the drake pin
  • Seiankornai calculate in his head, “A few days flight, then…”
    Seiankornai: “It’s doable, and Uryteyuraka is there!!!”

Seiankornai: “VARI! VARI! We know where Uryteyuraka is!!!”

  • Jessaila finds Mala in the spa.
  • Seiankornai chases after Vari turning away and pounces on him in joy
  • Vari nods his head, clearly not interested
  • Vari roars in indignation, shrugging him off
  • Isabis finally thinks of checking the spa, entering perhaps a minute after Jessaila
  • Janus looks at Terwyn
    Jessaila: “Hey Mala. Mind if I join you?”

Seiankornai: “She’s one of the Kings, well, Queen rather. But we know where she is!!!”

Janus: “So…uh…seemed important?”

  • Seiankornai seems oblivious to Vari’s indignation
  • Malaina glances over, eyes above the water and nods, though her eyes look…different
  • Statue curls up with a self-satisfied expression while everyone is looking at Seian and Vari
  • Jessaila takes off her equipment and splashes in. “Ahhh…”
  • Vari snorts and leaves the rest of his food behind, not in the mood for one of Seian’s bouts of excitement over something he doesn’t care to know
    Jessaila: “That’s the thing…”

Terwyn: “I am unsure. I believe the Bloodghost were likely affiliated with the Black Erron, given that they feared our dear companion was an avatar of the Dragon Kings.”

Seiankornai: “We’re going to have to start an expedition at once, oh, so many things to plan, so much to do… argh, but we’ve obligations already.”

  • Seiankornai is frantic
    Isabis: “Ah there you are – ah, Jessaila beat me in.”

Terwyn: “But I think it is likely more important to our counterparts than it would be to us.”

  • Isabis hears roaring in the dining room
  • Seiankornai paces around, fortunately in a place big enough for drakes, otherwise he’d wreck some furniture
  • Janus thinks for a moment
  • Malaina glances over at Isabis with her strange looking eyes
    Janus: “We planned on seeing the Drakes anyway, to get this message to them and to see if they can deal with that Black Erron Crown. But I don’t think we’ve time to go playing in the desert. Shesa?”
  • Jessaila belatedly notices the eyes. “Um, Mala… er, what’s with your eyes?”
    Isabis: “Eyes? What…oh my.”

Isabis: “I was just wanting to make sure you’re OK before Vari got worried about you. Now I think I’m woried about you.”

  • Malaina moves head above the water, looking confused, “What are you talking about?”
  • Shesa nods. “So, a possibly fun adventure, but one that we can leave to them.”
    Seiankornai: “… We need to find those scrolls quickly, at least the missing one up near the dwarves. Then we can set on finding the Vale of Steams. …”

Isabis: “Are you feeling OK? You need a mirror.”

  • Jessaila fishes in her equipment for her tiny hand-mirror, and hands it to Malaina.
    Malaina: http://rlv.zcache.co.uk/red_dragon_eye_round_stickers-p217520221179627037en7l1_216.jpg

Janus: “Right.”

Janus: “Terwyn, can you write down everything it said?”

  • Malaina sits up more in the water, scooting alot closer to her pendant unknowingly and looks down at her reflection, seeing her eyes looking….normal…. http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs50/f/2009/260/9/0/Red_Eye_by_Krwawy_Edward.jpg
  • Seiankornai has been speaking rapidly in Vidoss, though Terwyn can certainly have been interpreting for the others
  • Terwyn has already done so.
    Malaina: “What are you talking about, my eyes look like they always look like. We did get hit in the head alot today, maybe its best we rest.”
  • Malaina gives the mirror back and reachs over to her pendant, slipping it back onto her neck
    Isabis: “Ah… I didn’t get hit in the head.”

Isabis: “Huh. They do look normal now.”

  • Malaina has her hands behind her neck, tying the piece of jewelry back on, but the pendant seems to be….staring at Isabis…or is it staring at Jess?
  • Janus moves to Seiankornai. “Right then. Is there anything else we’d need to know about this statue? We’re planning on heading up to speak with the drakes on what to do with our crown situation, but this sounds more like something you’d be interested. How about you keep the statue and deal with whatever charming puzzles it unfolds, and we’ll pass along any information you’d like mentioned to the drake leadership?”
  • Seiankornai suddenly turns on Janus, Sheas, and Terwyn, “Thank you for finding this and bringing it to me!!!”
    Seiankornai: “Yes, you cna take messages, I shall have to write several now. INNKEEPER! I need a stone tablet to write on!”

Seiankornai: “… oh, you can carry a stone tablet just fine, right?”

  • Shesa follows Janus over to speak to Seian. “If they’re heading south, would it help if we searched for the scroll they’re looking for in the Dwarven lands? I was hoping to return home for a visit anyway, so we could do that while they head more directly towards the desert.”
    Inkeeper: “Yeah, fine, you can buy one, but stop /roaring/ like that. You’ll disturb the guests, not to mention the neighbors!”
  • Jessaila rubs her head and glances at Isabis… but drops the subject for now.
  • Janus looks to Shesa. “Depends on how many you send.”
    Janus: “One or two and we’ll be fine.”

Seiankornai: “No, I think it’s best if we look for the scrolls,.”

Seiankornai: “Though thanks for the offer.”

  • Isabis looks rather creeped out
  • Shesa nods. “Well, I’ve been away for a while. A few more weeks or months won’t change things much at this stage.”
    Isabis: “Are you /sure/ you’re feeling all right? No funny…anything?”

Seiankornai: “I only need to write one, as that’s the only one that needs to be official, but I’ll also send other paper letters with you if you are headed that way.”

Malaina: “No, other then feeling a bit sore, I am going to get a massage though, so that should help and I should feel right as rain in the morning.”

Malaina: “Why, did something happen during the fight?”

  • Malaina scratchs at the back of her neck
  • Janus pulls out the large-sized crown made of bones and thorns. “We figure we’ll need their help to properly dispose of this, so that’s one of our next goals.”
  • Waitress comes back wheeling a cart with a selection of stone tablets on it, each wrapped with a paper band giving the stone quality and type.
  • Seiankornai notices that he’s the only one here of his group, “…where’ve the others gone?”
  • Seiankornai selects the very best, and plops down a pouch of silver coins
  • Waitress can sell Seiankornai the equivalent of anything from newsprint to fancy stationary…stationary it is.
    Shesa: ((if Shesa were there, she’d be worried about mind control, Malaina. she’s had some run-ins with the Soregg))

Janus: ((if Janus were there… he’d be thoroughly pummeled for being in the woman’s spa.))

Malaina: ((XD))

Isabis: “I’m not… not altogether sure, but it looked like something happened /just now/, when you put your pendent on. And this /is/ Soregg country, sad to say, so…I’m sure it didn’t come from the fight in the temple though…”

  • Malaina looks confused, tilting her head a bit, “Maybe it is the steam, it can make things look a bit strange and I have been sitting in the water for a while.”
    Isabis: “Yeah. That’s true… just to be sure though, I’d like to examine you a bit. Maybe later, when Thurirl can join me, he’s more skilled – and you know him better, too, eh?”
  • Malaina starts to get out of the water, “Examine me how?”
    Isabis: “Magically. Just to be sure.”
  • Seiankornai writes his very formal message to the drake’s high priest, and several more letters, one to his immediate mentor, one to his cousin, the drake king, one to his family, and one to his deceased mate’s family.
    Malaina: “Well, alright.”

Jessaila: ((Seian has a deceased mate?))

Seiankornai: ((yep))

  • Malaina gets out of the water and goes to get her towel, drying herself off
    Seiankornai: ((he mentioned it only once, and I think it was just to Vari or Mala))

Jessaila: ((Somehow I missed that – I thought Seian just left her behind to care for the cave.))

Malaina: ((I think it was Mala, she hasn’t said anything to anyone because she knows its not for her to tell))

Seiankornai: ((nope, his mate and wayrmligns were killed by goblins))

Seiankornai: *wyrmlings

Shesa: ((/me had forgotten it, but now remembers that I’d heard about that))

  • Jessaila stays in the spa for just a few moments longer.
  • Malaina gets dressed, wrapping her large amount of hair into a towel, “If you want Isabis, you can examine me now, I feel comfortable with you.”
    Seiankornai: “Now, where are my friends? MALA! JESS! ISABIS!”
  • Seiankornai goes looking for them
  • Janus tucks the letters into his satchel bag when given them. Shesa can carry the stone tablet.
  • Seiankornai looks in the massage room, then the spa
    Isabis: “OK, then, I’ll… /what/ is all that roaring about?!?”
  • Janus sits back down with his drink and his meat bun and just watches how fun this other group is
  • Seiankornai just walks right in the ladies spa, fortuantely he’s a drake, and they don’t really care about such things
  • Malaina gives Seian a disapproving look, “Look, I know you don’t get why males and females have to be seperated, but please respect the rules of the spa! Out now!!”
    Seiankornai: “We know where Uryteuraka is!! We know where Uryteuraka is!!”
  • Malaina her voice seems to deep and grow a bit louder at the end of that outburst, her pendant staring down Seian
  • Seiankornai stops to look at the pendant, “Why is it looking at me?”
    Isabis: “Yeah, and quit it with all the roaring! You’re going to get us thrown out! …also, who is… ’Ooh-rye-teh-your-uh-kuh? Must be a drake, what a long name.”

Seiankornai: “She’s a Dragon Queen! One of the Dragon Kings.”

Shesa is disconnected.
Malaina: “Later Seian, out!!”

  • Malaina points to the where he came in
  • Seiankornai is still too excited, and has to be comically pushed out and the door closed behind him, “He’s still talking excitedly from behind it.”
    Isabis: “Oh. One of…did he say ‘drake queen’ or ‘Dragon Queen’?”

Seiankornai: ((er, remove those quotes))

  • Malaina goes to her pack to dig out her grooming kit to trim her ends and brush out her hair
    Seiankornai: “She’s one of the Six Dragon Kings, though Queen is hte proper title for her, since she’s female, but she’s just as important as the rest!”

Isabis: “One of the six? Seriously? I thought they were all, ah…”

  • Isabis trails off, trying to think of a polite version of what the priests of the Eyes of Heaven say about the dragon kings.
  • Malaina tunes out their talk of dragons and kings and queens
    Isabis: “OK, you know what? One reordering of reality at a time. I’m busy finding out if Malaina is ensorcelled. Tell me about it when we come out, OK?”

Seiankornai: “Oh, there was also something about some sort of weapon or whatever, to help with the fight against the Bloodghost.”

  • Janus heads over to Terwyn. “Seems our action is settled. Find us someone to breed some raptors, then deliver these letters and figure out how to deal with that Crown we found. While we’re down there we can see about more expansions for Riverheim. Certainly need to build some pens…for…the raptors…”
    Janus: “….”

Janus: “Remind me why this is a good idea again?”

Inkeeper: “Hear now, master Seiankornai, you really have to stop yelling through the door of the women’s spa. Why don’t you take a nice soak of your own, eh? Nice hot water, it’ll do you good, and you can /calm down/ before the watch comes in here about disturbing the peace.”

Seiankornai: “Oh, yes, I think I’d like that, I simple must celebrate! We’ve found Uryteuraka!”

  • Jessaila dries off quickly during this discussion.
    Terwyn: “Money.”
  • Malaina has none of her armor on, using her razor to trim the ends of her hair, occasionally brushing the edge along her skin
    Seiankornai: “Another pig, please, in a barrel of wine, that’ll do. Here’s the silver for it!”
  • Seiankornai goes to the drake’s spas, they’re bigger and not gender segregated
    Inkeeper: “Yes, good, you just celebrate with a long hot bath and some fine drake wines, and we’ll all stay clear of the watch tonight…”
  • Inkeeper hops to it
  • Seiankornai doesn’t do any more roaring/shouting. But he does do singing, very happy singing.
  • Isabis casts ‘detect magic’ and immediately asks, “Malaina, did you know your pendent is magical?”
  • Jessaila dresses. “I don’t think I’ve seen Seian this happy since that time with the bacon macaroni.”
  • Malaina looks up in surprise, not feeling her razor slash against her hand…and nothing really happening
    Seiankornai: (it pales in comparison )

Malaina: “Magical? It’s just a pendant!”

Isabis: “…has you skin /always/ been impervious to blades that can cut your hair??”

  • Malaina looks down at her razor and then looks back up at Isabis, “What…are you talking about?”
  • Malaina folds her razor up and puts it away
    Isabis: “I just /saw/ you slip that razor against your other hand! If I hadn’t seen you shaving your hair line with it moments before that, I’d swear it was a dull blade, else you should be bleeding.”

Malaina: “Well, I didn’t feel it, maybe it just looked like it slipped against my hand.”

Isabis: “And the pendant is very magical. I’d have to study it a lot more to be sure what kind of magic, but its pretty bright, so I can guarantee it’s not ‘just’ a pendant.”

  • Jessaila glances at Isabis and back to Malaina. “Um, with the eyes thing I thought I just saw… and the knife…”
  • Janus decides to go take a dip of his own, and notices Seiankornai there.
  • Malaina looks like she is being suddenly surrounded, “It’s not magical!!”
  • Janus slips into the water.
    Jessaila: “Er, I’m wondering if it’s somehow attuned you to pick up some of Vari’s drakish traits?”

Janus: “So… who exactly is that… Eurypteridaka?…”

Isabis: “I sure hope it’s just that…”

Janus: “I don’t keep up with Drake history.”

Isabis: “I swear, if another one of you runs in right now and starts shouting about imposters…”

Seiankornai: “Uryteuuraka, though I suppose it’s hard to say with you small throat. UryteUraka is one of the six Dragon Kings, though she’s technically a Queen, being female.”

Isabis: “That looks an awful lot like transmutational spells to me, see. Oh! Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

  • Isabis dashes out of the spa and goes to find the other sunchasers
    Isabis: “I need to look at your hat of disguise!”

Terwyn: “May I ask why?”

  • Malaina tries to keep it together
  • Jessaila glances at Malaina and puts an arm around her in a friendly/sisterly hug.
    Isabis: “I want to compare it’s Florasylvinian signature with that of another magical item, to determine whether they share a Morulain Constellation type with one another.”

Janus: “So she’s been missing?”

Seiankornai: “Her names means something along the lines of keeper of forgotten lore or forgotten herself, as well as a hunter or stalker.”

  • Malaina mumbles, “It’s not magical, it’s not…”
  • Isabis slides into jargon under stress
    Seiankornai: “All the Dragon Kings have been seperated from us, since the great cataclism that blasted the elven empire to the dust of the desert.”

Jessaila: “Where did you get it?”

Terwyn: “Interesting. Go ahead.”

Malaina: “….my father gave it to me before he told me to run…”

Terwyn: “Recovered as the spoiles of battle.”

Isabis: “Thanks!”

Seiankornai: “They’re not exactly lost, they’re just on the opposite side… until now we’ve heard about Uryteuraka.”

  • Isabis grabs the hat and disappears back through the spa doors
    Isabis: “Ok, the Morulain pseudo-color is about the same…”
  • Isabis looks avidly back and forth between Malaina’s pendant and the hat
    Isabis: “…and the Florasylvinian contours are quite similar, too, really…”
  • Malaina feels herself starting to grow tense
  • Isabis follows invisible lines with a finger
    Isabis: “Wow, same constellation /and/ same phase, if I didn’t look carefully I could almost mistake it for the same spell except for all the extra variability tags…”
  • Malaina mumbles something
    Isabis: “…doesn’t explain the invulnerablity effect though…What was that?”

Terwyn: “Surprisingly, I have no idea what you are talking about.”

  • Malaina stands up suddenly, ripping the pendant off, “I SAID IT’S NOT MAGICAL!!”
  • Isabis looks through a crack in the door to the womens’ spa and sees …Terwyn?
    Jessaila: “Woah, Mala!”

Jessaila: “Calm down, little sis!”

  • Malaina her skin suddenly looks very rough and scaly, her teeth looking more fang like, eyes looking strange again and voice much dragon sounding, “If it was magical it would ahve saved them, it would have saved them!! Don’t tell me it’s magical because it’s not!!”
    Isabis: “Well, there’s a very clear Florasylvinian field around it, so…your EYES!”

Isabis: “Your EVERYTHING!!”

  • Malaina throws it at her and runs out of the spa
    Jessaila: “Oh dear.”
  • Malaina slams herself into her room
  • Jessaila looks at Isabis. “I don’t think that went as well as it could have.”
    Isabis: catch? « 1d20+8 = 15 + 8 = 23 » vs 15

Isabis: “Are we sure that’s really Malaina??”

Jessaila: “I’m… reasonably certain.”

Isabis: “I mean…wearing a pendant of disguise, apparently, and looking /very/ strange with it off…Vari should be able to tell for sure, these things don’t usually do scent.”

Terwyn: ((Terwyn was curious, and waited outside the door))

Seiankornai: ((and was probably ran over by Mala))

Isabis: ((roll acrobatics to dodge a distraught pikewoman))

Terwyn: « 1d20+7 = 15 + 7 = 22 »

Terwyn: ((Sure!))

  • Isabis looks at the pendant again. “Huh. I’m glad I caught it, it looks like there’s a crack developing. If it hit stone the wrong way, it could ruin jewelry and enchantment all at once.”
  • Jessaila thinks out loud so Isabis can hear. “I’ve heard that humans who live too long with drakes tend to… eh, get things passed on, for lack of a better word.”
    Jessaila: “If Mala’s spent nearly her entire life with Vari, maybe his… drake-ness is catching?”

Terwyn: ((Night all))

Malaina: ((Night))

Terwyn is disconnected.
Isabis: “Really? I’d have though I’d have heard of it before now, but…maybe? Maybe we’ve just never seen her out of the influence of this thing, before.”

Jessaila: “I should have stopped you, though. I could tell she was getting upset by the attention, but…”

Isabis: “I think I better go follow her. One thing’s for sure, this spell couldn’t save anyone else. It’s designed to affect one and only one person.”

  • Pendant suddenly seems to be whispering to the both of them, “Return…”
  • Isabis looks at the pendant
  • Pendant stares back up at the both of them
    Pendant: “…..Return…..”

Isabis: “Return? You to your owner, or your owner to somewhere else?”

  • Isabis shakes her head, not expecting an answer.
  • Pendant just keeps whispering at them to return
    Isabis: “Come with me, Jess? Maybe you can help me avoid adding my other foot to my mouth.”

Jessaila: “Yes, might be best.”

  • Isabis heads up to their rooms with the whispering pendant
  • Jessaila goes to Mala’s room and knocks on the door contritely.
  • Vari the door opens, but it’s Vari who sticks his head out, glaring at them, not sure who was it that made Mala cry
    Isabis: “Um Malaina? Your pendant is, er, asking for you. I think.”

Jessaila: “Hey Vari. Can we talk to Mala?”

  • Vari looks down at the pendant, confused as to why it is not on Mala’s neck and takes it, back up and closing the door, but they can both clearly hear her sobbing inside
    Isabis: (muttering) “OK, that’s something…” (louder) “Malaina, please? It wasn’t that kind of magic – let us in, talk about it a little, please?”
  • Jessaila stands there with her nose touching the closed door. “Uh, guess not?”
  • Vari growls at them to leave
    Jessaila: “We’re not going to leave – we care too much to leave.”

Isabis: “No! Malaina told me not to tell her somethign that wasn’t true, well it wasn’t but she should know what the truth really is.”

  • Vari opens up the door after a few moments, but he doesn’t look happy, slowly backing away to take his place back by her bed, laying his head next to her curled up form
  • Malaina is curled up tightly on her bed, hugging her pillow against herself and weeping into it
  • Isabis takes a deep breath and steps just inside the door (and to one side so Jess can get in too)
  • Jessaila steps in quickly, too.
    Isabis: “Malaina, this couldn’t save anybody from a goblin attack. It’s just a disguise of some kind. Your dad must not have even needed it, or you’d already know what it did.”
  • Malaina sniffles, “….I don’t know what it does….he shoved it into my hands and told me to run and never look back…”
    Malaina: “Besides Vari, it’s all I have left of my family and village…”

Isabis: “Well, it seems he trusted you with a magical pendant. That’s nothing to be sorry for, is it? He wanted you to be safe, he wanted it safe…he protected you, and you protected it, right?”

  • Jessaila puts a hand on Mala.
    Jessaila: “That makes it all the more important, Mala. In that last moment, your father had both the love and the clear-headedness to give you a valuable treasure of his.”
  • Malaina squeezes her eyes shut, “He should have kept it, it probably could have saved him!! I should have stayed in the damn barn with Vari, but I just had to run out because….I saw on of them…cut down Rickon….”
    Jessaila: “There may be magic in it or not – but it’s definitely filled with love.”
  • Isabis mutters “or not, she says…”
  • Malaina sniffles and buries her face back into her pillow, shoulders shaking
    Isabis: “Look, it’s not that kind of magic. It wouldn’t have helped your father, or, or Rickon, or anyone caught in a raid like that.”

Malaina: “…I know…its just not fair…”

  • Isabis supresses a “life’s not fair” platitude under a “mmmm.”
  • Malaina sniffles and wipes at her face, looking over her shoulder at the two
    Isabis: “I think you should have this back. It’s obviously an even greater treasure than you realized.”

Isabis: “And that’s saying something, considering.”

  • Malaina face is red and blotchy from crying, and her eyes are also red..der from crying as well, swollen a little
  • Malaina sits up and takes the pendant back, looking down at the eye before putting it back on her neck
  • Isabis holds out the pendant, looking very keenly at Malaina as she approaches (if she approaches)
    Isabis: ((er, scratch that))
  • Isabis watches Malaina carefully as she takes the pendant back and puts it on, but doesn’t say anything more about the skin and the eyes
  • Malaina seems to go back to normal and she sniffles again, rubbing at her eyes
    Jessaila: “I’m sorry we were insensitive to your feelings a few minutes ago, Mala. I’m very sorry. Will you forgive us?”
  • Isabis eyes Vari and seems on the verge of saying something to him, but thinks better of that in the end too.
  • Vari just watchs the two of them
  • Malaina looks at Jess and Isabis with red rimmed eyes and then down at her lap, “I should be saying sorry, I lost my temper and ran off like a little child.”
    Jessaila: “Let’s forgive each other.”

Isabis: “I’ll forgive you, anyway. But will you forgive me too? I’m sorry I got so wrapped up in the technical bits I didn’t notice how you were feeling about it.”

  • Malaina gives the two a weary smile and a nod, “Yes, I forgive both of you.”
    Isabis: “Thank you.”
  • Seiankornai ’s joyous singing wafts up from down below in the quiet after the apologies are given and accepted.
  • Jessaila hugs Mala.
  • Malaina hugs her back tightly, pulling Isabis into the hug as well
  • Isabis joins the group hug willingly, if belatedly
  • Vari wraps a wing around the three of them
  • Janus has joined Seiankornai in the joyous singing. Alcohol is wonderful.
    Eventually, Isabis gives back Terwin’s hat, and all of the Piercers of Darkness get to sleep – for the most part, thouroughly drained, both physically and emotionally.
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