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You are working your way through the “Path of Wisdom”
Seiankornai: (with emphasis on “through”)

Grok: ((breaking, not working))

So far, Grok has blown a hole in the wall, Thurirl has fallen into a pit, and Isabis has made a rope and, well, tied herself up in it more or less.
Seiankornai: (and Jess is just moving straight through)

Jamshid, Malaina, and their respective companions have been sitting at the bottom of the slope shaking their heads at everyone else.
Grok: (Seian is doing his impression of a humming bird))

Oh yeah, and I believe Jessaila is temporarily deaf.

  • Jessaila is totally trying to do this the right way, but… yeah…
    Seiankornai: (if it’s dumb but works, it’s not dumb )

Thurirl: ((Let’s never speak of this falling into a pit thing ever again…))

Dragonhawk: ((the “right” way through the Path of Wisdom probalby should’ve involved sedating the ogre in advance, but what fun would that be? ))

Seiankornai: ((a different sort of fun))

Dragonhawk: ((Thurirl: ISabis has nothing to say on the subject, I assure you ))

  • Isabis can’t even get TO the pit
    Jessaila: ((That’s true – the ogre and drakes won’t fit through most of the traps.))
  • Isabis spends a round or two struggling out of the tangled “rope” of braided vines she was trying to use as a help up the sloped floor
  • Jessaila remembers she was helping Isabis earlier and looks back to see if she still needs it.
  • Grok continues on making a grok sized hold in the wall
    Seiankornai: ((Grok has a pick, correct?))
  • Thurirl lies still, partially from pain, and partially in hopes that no one will have noticed if he doesn’t move.
    Grok’s hole is now up to 3/4 the size it needs to be for him to fit
    Isabis: (from about half from the cannon; you can squeeze through if Grok’s impatient though)

Seiankornai: ((/me starts up Skype))

Grok: ((Yes, I do))

Thurirl: ((if he gets stuck, this’ll be hilarious))

Grok: ((can i squeeze through, and not be on the trap on the other side?

Isabis: ((you would still be squeezed then, blocking the hole and limiting your movements.)) Isabis: ((recall that Grok is currently stopping up the trap on this side by sitting on it.))

Grok: ((Best continue to make things bigger in terms of the hole then

  • Jessaila decides to cross the balance beams while there are still beams to cross.
  • Isabis gets herself straightened out, makes sure Seian still has hold of the rope, and attempts the climb yet one more time.
  • Seiankornai waits for Grok to be able to get through before he attempts it
    Isabis: « 1d20+6+4 = 8 + 6 + 4 = 18 » climb with rope, oh please no more falling
  • Isabis reaches the top this time!
    Jessaila: It’s a good thing she’s flexible. « 1d20+13 = 4 + 13 = 17 » Acrobatics.
  • Seiankornai helps Thurirl back up, actually
    Seiankornai: “Up you go.” he says, while grabbing Thurirl in a claw
  • Thurirl accepts the help, saying nothing. He’d rather just forget his rather embarrassing fall.
  • Jessaila balances her way along the balance beam.
    Grok finishes reducing this particular section of wall to rubble
  • Grok slides over, and considers how to avoid this annoying trap in front of him now
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur watches with interest
    Seiankornai: “Grok, you’ve got more rocks now! Use ’them!”

Grok has many flattish wall-thickness pieces of rubble available

  • Jessaila continues on to the other side of the current obstacle.
  • Grok attempts to jam this trap with some rubble
    Isabis: ((make a presti check please, with +2 for “blunt force” ))

Grok: « 1d20+6 = 19 + 6 = 25 »

Grok: think i can only max out at 15 though due to being untrained

Seiankornai: ((wow, good untrained bonus, then))

Isabis: ((yeah, I think you succeed though.))
  • Seiankornai sets Thurirl down on the platform
    Thurirl: ((“Puny building mock the Mighty Grok! Grok smash!”))
  • Malaina just continues to watch
    Grok successfully jams the trap full of rock shards
  • Seiankornai thren goes over and gets Isabis
    Thurirl: “My thanks to you. And let us never speak of this again.”


Seiankornai: “Speak of what?”

  • Jessaila gets to the end of the balance beam.
  • Seiankornai winks at Thurirl
    Thurirl: ((My ears! D=))

Jessaila is lucky, she cannot hear the not-quite-deafening racket of the jammed trap trying to continue operation

  • Grok moves out to the balance beam, grabs it, and swings himself around from underneath, going hand over hand
  • Malaina winces from her spot
  • Vari rubs at his ear slits
  • Thurirl is rather glad he doesn’t have large, furry ears to hear the grinding sound. Still unpleasant though.
  • Seiankornai is pretty sure the sound is better than being up close to Grok’s cannon blasts
  • Trap thanks Seiankornai and considers view before her.
    Malaina: ((Wow Traps, nice to meet you!))

Trap: ((Grok, give me an acrobatics check anyway; if you fail, you only fall 10’ though since you’re halfway down already. Vs. 12, so mainly just don’t fumble it. ))

Grok: will do, give me a minute

Trap: ((np))

  • Jessaila investigates this locked door.
    Grok: « 1d20+4 = 1 + 4 = 5 » untrained acrobatics

Grok: “AHHGH!”

Grok loses his grip going around a corner and drops down into the pit, taking slight « 1d6 = 4 » potential falling damage
Seiankornai: “Well… looks like the Grok is out of your way, Thurirl and Isabis.”

Grok twists his ankle

  • Thurirl feels the floor tremble a little.
  • Grok looks around for a way out of this mere 20 feet pit. He hopes he doesn’t have to shoot the balance beam to give him a way out
  • Jessaila turns around.
    Jessaila: “Grok, give me a moment and I’ll lower you a rope.”
  • Jessaila is still inspecting the door.
  • Thurirl looks through the hole wondering if he should risk walking over the ogre.
  • Jessaila searches. « 1d20+11 = 10 + 11 = 21 » (Search)
    Grok: “Foot hurt.”

Seiankornai: ((“The foot of Grok mocks Grok, he must cut it off!”))

Trap: ((The foot of Grok mocks Grok, he must beat it into submission!"))

Grok: (("Not even Grok is mightly enough to sever Grok’s foot, or beat it into submission.))

  • Seiankornai nudges Thurirl and Isabis ahead
  • Seiankornai finally gets to stop hovering in place
    Trap: “Hoo boy…”
  • Thurirl looks a bit annoyed at being shoved forward, but moves ahead anyway.
    Thurirl: “Hmm. A somewhat daunting feat. I shall have to be careful.”
Jessaila: “Hey Isabis! Glad you got over the pit.” Jessaila: “The other pit, I mean.”
  • Thurirl isn’t sure he can be heard over the trap he’s standing on. That noise is harsh!
    Isabis: “I had a little help from my friends.”
Jessaila: “Want some help here?”
  • Seiankornai calls back to Vari, Mala, and Jamshid, saying the way is clearer now.
    Isabis: “Well I sure don’t want to end up in a pit with an ogre…”

Jessaila: “What did you say? I can’t hear you.”

Isabis: “Got a tarp? er… GOT A TARP IN THERE?”

Jessaila: “I’m still deaf from that cannon. Hold up two hands if you want help!”

  • Isabis waves both hands
    Jessaila: “Okay, just let me get this door open!”

Jessaila: ((Is still waiting to hear if inspection of door yielded anything.))

The door is a blank. There’s not even a knob, though there is a speck of light shining through the keyhole
Jessaila: “Ah. We just need a key. Or a well-aimed lockpick.”

  • Jessaila investigates if the tip of any of her blades are thin enough to pick the lock.
    Malaina 1: « 1d20+13 = 7 + 13 = 20 » Notice
Vari: « 1d20+3 = 2 + 3 = 5 » Notice

Dragonhawk: Jessaila: not really.

Jessaila: “Anyone have a really thin sort of pin or pick…”

Grok: ((someone want to check in the pilings in the other pit? Seems to be a possible place for a key.))

Dragonhawk whispers: you don’t notice anything new except maybe a faint vibration in the hangings.

  • Malaina archs an eyebrow and goes to check out the hangings
    Seiankornai: “Don’t think my claws are small enough.”

Grok: ((I don’t suppose Axhar is small enough to go through the hole.))

Dragonhawk whispers: You remember that when you hung the last banner in the right place, there was a loud click and the sound of all the traps starting. Now, you can feel a faint vibration in the hooks, which transmits to the rods and thus the banners.

  • Malaina wraps her hands around one of the hooks and feels the vibration, wondering what would happen if she took one off
  • Jessaila takes out her hair-clip and sees if that will work.
  • Jessaila has fast fingers. « 1d20+8 = 19 + 8 = 27 » Prestidigitation
    Grok: ((She’s got, Good Vibrations!))
  • Jessaila casts Drench – on the other side of the door. Then she tries again.
    Voice: “Augh!”
  • Jessaila has fast fingers. « 1d20+8 = 7 + 8 = 15 » Prestidigitation
    Voice: “Why you lit- mph.”

Seiankornai: “What did you do?!?” Seian shouts, “Whatever it was, I approve!”

Jessaila: “I can’t hear what you’re saying, Seian, I’m still deaf!”

You hear…nothing, nobody is close enough to hear it but Jessaila, who is deaf. Nevermind. I said nothing.

  • Jessaila keeps trying with the dang lock.
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: “Perhaps Axhar could squeeze through?”

Jessaila does not succed this time.

  • Jessaila has fast fingers. « 1d20+8 = 14 + 8 = 22 » Prestidigitation
    Thurirl: ((how can you see Jessaila?))

Voice: ((Jamshid is at the bottom of the room, and probably can’t see this all))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((oh, didn’t realize I couldn’t see))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((in that case I’ll cautiously head to where they are))

Jessaila: “I nearly had it, but someone shoved my lockpick out!”

Grok: ((Any chance she can electrify her lock pick in some fashion?))

  • Malaina goes over to the red banner and takes it off the hook
    No sooner is the weight of the banner off of the hooks, than the door closes and the traps stop. Blessed silence!
  • Malaina puts his claw on the door, but doesn’t try to open it
    Malaina: ((Sorry, meant Vari))

Grok: ((I suppose the door doesn’t open?))

Voice: ((no))

  • Vari calls over to her that the door is closed and he doesn’t hear anything else
    Seiankornai: “Oh, what happened? Did we win?”

Thurirl: “I do not believe so. Perhaps a mechanism was tripped?”

  • Vari tries calling through the door to see if anyone will answer
    Seiankornai: ((Jamshif probably can))

Seiankornai: ((*Jamshid))

  • Malaina calls through the door as well, “Guys?! Is anyone close to the door?!”
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((where is Jamshid at this moment?))

Seiankornai: ((near the door, as shown on the map))

Thurirl: ((one moment; GM is AFK))

  • Seiankornai flies back to see what’s keeping the others
  • Seiankornai sees teh door is closed and goes down to it
    Axhar: poof “Somebody called?”

Seiankornai: “Hello? Mala? Vari? Anyone back there?”

Malaina: “Seian, the door closed when I took one of the banners down! Is everyone ok?”

Seiankornai: “Yeah, everyone’s fine, the traps turned off when you did.”

  • Jessaila kicks the door open and draws her saber.
    The door does not open at the force of a kick.
    Malaina: "That’s good, should I open the door back up or try to take down another banner?

Jessaila: “Oh dear.”

You bruise your foot. Oh, right, it’s another one of those ogre-resistant doors, like the first one.
Seiankornai: “Umm, probably put it back on, but wait a moment first.”

Jessaila: “Owwww.”

  • Seiankornai calls back “IS EVERYOnE AWAY FROM THE TRAPS? YES? GOOD!” back to Mala “Ok, you can put it back on.”
    Jessaila: “Rascal take whoever invented these bloody doors!”

Jessala’s hearing comes back just in time to hear “Traps? Yes? Good!”
Jessaila: “What?”

The jammed trap starts screeching again. One shriek every three seconds. Yay-fun.
Jessaila: “AIIIEEEEE.”

  • Malaina goes back over to where she took the red banner down and puts it back on
    Voice: ((er, the trap starts screeching after the banner is in place.))
  • Jessaila pushes firmly but carefully on the door.
  • Seiankornai flies back to the other side of the pit
  • Seiankornai wonders when Thurirl and Isabis will attempt to cross it
    The door does not respond to pushing. You can now hear someone swearing, quietly, on the other side.
  • Jessaila casts Drench again.
  • Thurirl gives the balance beam a careful look.
    Voice: “AUGH! Master, Help!! Bring a buck and mop, quick!!”

Axhar: “Is the door locked again or is it just being blocked from the other side?”

Jessaila: “I think someone’s blocking the door!”

Seiankornai: “So use your feminine charms on him.”

Voice: jessaila, try a notice check

Axhar: “stand back for a moment”

Jessaila: “I am and it’s not working!”

Grok: ((in other words, stick him with something metal and sharp))

  • Axhar casts Gust of Wind against the door
    Seiankornai: “And threaten to let Grok use his ogreish charms on him if that doesn’t work.”
  • Jessaila gets out her rope, ties one end to the balance beam, and drops the other end to to Grok.
  • Grok climbs up the rope
    The door rattles in the wind
  • Axhar hits it with another (equivalent to Huge Bull Rush)
    Isabis: “What are you /doing/ over there?”

Jessaila: “Grok, push on this door! Don’t kick it, though.”

Jessaila: « 1d20+10 = 4 + 10 = 14 » Notice

Grok: ((Will do, when the bull rush wind blast is resolved))

Isabis: ((the wind blast is resolved))
  • Grok attempts to shove the door open when he can reach the door
    Jessaila: It’s a good thing she’s flexible. « 1d20+13 = 4 + 13 = 17 » Acrobatics.
  • Axhar tries a different approach, meditates for 10 seconds, and becomes Incorporeal
  • Axhar will now attempt to float through the wall 15’ to the right of the door
  • Jessaila returns to the opposite side.
    Jessaila: “Isabis, you want help going across the easy way or the hard way?”
Isabis: ((are you going through the wall right there?)) Isabis: “I’m for easy way, but it doesn’t look like I have anywhere to go yet?”
  • Grok continues to attempt to move through the door
    Axhar: ((here actually))
Jessaila: “That’s fine. I can just cast Feather Fall on you so an potential fall won’t hurt.” Isabis: ((Grok, roll the notice check please))

Grok: « 1d20+8 = 2 + 8 = 10 »

Isabis: “That would nice, thank you.”

Grok keeps right on pushing the door.

  • Jessaila makes with the magic. « 1d20+13 = 14 + 13 = 27 »
    Axhar: ((is this space solid or open?))
  • Isabis is fall-resistant
    Jessaila: It’s a good thing she’s flexible. « 1d20+13 = 4 + 13 = 17 » Acrobatics.
  • Grok attempts to pull instead of push
    Dragonhawk: ((Axhar is currently in a wall.))
  • Jessaila goes back towards the door.
    Dragonhawk: ((Axhar is currently in a bookshelf.))
  • Axhar keeps going straight until he finds a space
    Jessaila: “By the way, Isabis, spell doesn’t last very long – you might want to follow close on me. Use my shoulders for balance if you want.”

Apprentice: “You! Go back through there Right Now and tell you be-caverend mistress to stop pouring water in the library!”

Grok: ((we can always set the library on fire…)

  • Axhar takes another 10 seconds to go Invisible and then looks around (Notice 26) (other conditions still in effect are Incorporeal and Flying)
    Apprentice: “…huh.”
  • Grok attempts to keep opening door.
  • Jessaila returns to the door, presumably with Isabis in tow.
  • Vari gives Jamshid a ride as well
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur accepts
    Isabis finally just sits straddling the beam to wait for space on the landing.
  • Seiankornai sets Thurirl on his back and follows after them, testing that the beams hold his weight, first.
  • Thurirl is content to ride rather than attempt to balance.
  • Seiankornai stands on multiple beams at once, being a large quadroped is nice
    Master: “Why did you push a carrel /here/?”
  • Jessaila investigates the door again to see why it won’t open.
    Apprentice: “To keep the blasted sunchasers out while I clean up!”
Jessaila: « 1d20+10 = 20 + 10 = 30 » Notice

Master: "Youngling, you’re not allowed to block up the Path of Wisdom!

Jessaila notices that the hinges are on this side of the door. Therefore, the door opens towards her. Therefore, no amount of pushing will open the door. Oh.
Jessaila: “…!”

Jamshid par-Bahadur: facepalm

  • Malaina just shakes her head
    Master: “Mercy, look at all these damp scrolls…here, Unroll them on /those/ carrels, so if she sends any more it won’t hit them again.”
Jessaila: “Grok, try… pulling the door open.”
  • Grok already tried to pull the door
    Thurirl: “Something the matter, Jessaila?”
Jessaila: “Yes. I tried to push a pull door.”
  • Seiankornai reachs a claw over and tries to get it in the crack of the door and pull it out
    Thurirl: “Ah. A common mistake, I’m sure.”

Seiankornai: “Try taking the hinges off?”

Those of you who are following the conversation in the next room can now identify the other sounds in the next room as frantic mopping and rustling papers.

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur floats invisibly closer to the door
    Seiankornai: ((Axhar you mean?))
  • Axhar floats invisibly closer to the door (Jamshid stays with Vari)
  • Jessaila tries to use one of her knives as a crowbar.
    Axhar can see that the apprentice pushed two carrels into a short passageway leading to your door, and then (unwisely!!) started laying out the damp books on those same carrels. The master is now helping him move them to safer locations to dry.
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur tries to ascertain whether these two are A) likely to be hostile, and B) likely to be a threat if they are
    Jessaila succeeds in sliding the door out far enough to grip with the fingers and pull open towards herself.
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((grr, that was also Axhar))
  • Jessaila pulls the door open.
    Axhar: tries to ascertain whether these two are A) likely to be hostile, and B) likely to be a threat if they are (Sense Motive 16)

The apprentice looks like an apprentice scribe, hostile yes, fighter no. The master is a grey-robed Dawnbringer and an elderly woman; again, angry and hostile? Oh, yes. Likely to attack? Not a chance,

  • Axhar becomes visible
    Axhar: “Excuse me…”
  • Jessaila then, without attempting reconnaissance, vaults these she-doesn’t-know-what-they’re-called and into the room.
  • Grok moves into the library when it is clear
    Jessaila: It’s a good thing she’s flexible. « 1d20+13 = 4 + 13 = 17 » Acrobatics.
  • Apprentice GLARES at Jessaila over the carrel; the shelves at the back are just the right height so all she sees are the Angry Eyes
  • Master jumps
    Master: “Er, ahem. yes?”
Jessaila: ((Oh, too high to vault?))

Axhar: “May I be of assistance?”

  • Jessaila sees the apprentice’s glaring eyes and casts Color Spray.
  • Jessaila makes with the magic. « 1d20+13 = 6 + 13 = 19 »
  • Grok is willing to throw Jess over the blockade
    Axhar: Impress 12
  • Axhar attempts to be polite, but it is hard to be polite when one’s teammates are casting hostile spells
    Apprentice: “GAH! AAAAH! Cavern-blasted-crone-shadowed SUNCHASER!”
Master: “Language young man!”

Seiankornai: “He’s used to our kind, I take it.”

Grok: ((I don’t suppose he said that in Woanish?))

Thurirl: “It would appear so.”

  • Axhar sighs “I do hope we can resolve this peacefully?”
    Apprentice: “I can’t SEE!”

Seiankornai: ((probably not, but he certainly sounds annoyed))

Jessaila: “Interfering-son-of-a-stump-eating… library?”

Grok: ((wind blast him into a bookcase))

  • Jessaila boosts herself up to see more.
    Jessaila: “What in the world are you… this is a library!”

Axhar: “Shhh! Keep your voice down! This is a library!”

Thurirl: “Library?”

Jessaila: “Yes, I just recently observed that.”

Seiankornai: ((hehehe))

Seiankornai: ((“Oh, burnables!”))

Master: “This is the library of the Path of Wisdom, yes. …do you have pieces of stone in your hair?”
  • Thurirl gives a nervous glance at the ogre… and maybe one to the drakes as well.
    Jessaila: “A few, yes.”
  • Master comes over to peer at Jessaila
    Master: “I see.”

Jessaila: “Can I get in, or do I need to crawl through?”

Master: “We are not permitted to block the path in this fasion; we will move the carrels.”

Seiankornai: “HELLO!”

  • Master prods the apprentice
    Jessaila: “Oh, thank you.”

Axhar: “I do apologize for the misunderstanding, perhaps I could help clean this up?”

  • Seiankornai not being familair with libraries does’t know to be quiet in one
    Apprentice: “Yeah, as soon as I get the rest of the books to a /dry place/.”
  • Apprentice gives Jessaila another venemous glare
  • Axhar attempts to cast a modified version of Control Weather raising the temperature and lowering humidity only in a small area over the wet scrolls (Spellcasting 36)
  • Jessaila squeezes through.
  • Grok joins her, and asks “Got good cookbooks?”
  • Thurirl is happy to be someplace less cramped and booby-trapped.
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur enters and attempts to confirm the not-booby-trapped notion (Notice 25)
  • Seiankornai squeezes through the small hall and into the library
    Grok looks into a strange courtyard; two strips of grass separated by a walkway, with …bedrolls lined up against each side?
    Grok: ((How many bedrolls?))
Apprentice: ((10 as it happens, same as the number of carrels.))

Seiankornai: “Sorry about the mess, did we pass?”

Apprentice: “NO!” Master: “You aren’t done yet.”
  • Malaina archs an eyebrow at the apprentice
  • Jessaila glances at the Apprentice and casts Breeze on him to dry him off.
    Master: “…I think before I give you the little talk, you can just finish mopping up.”
  • Master hands Jessaila the apprentice’s mop and sends him off to fan the pages of the codices
    Seiankornai: ((("I’ve got fire! "))
  • Thurirl eyes Jessaila and wonders just what the heck happened at that door.
    Axhar: Assuming the improvised spell worked to dry off the scrolls without causing damage, Axhar will repeat the process in the other damp areas
  • Jessaila decides to obviously work hard to maybe repair some of the oops her spellcasting caused.
    Seiankornai: ((it’s likely a pretty big area, he probably got the whole library))

Axhar succesfully gives the library a desert environment (how appropriate), causing the damp scrolls and books to dry quickly.
Grok: W “What we break next?”

Master: w “You break NOTHING. Now you anwser questions.”
  • Seiankornai hushes Grok, "*W* “No, no more breaking stuff.”
    Malaina: “May I ask what we may have to do next?”
  • Master goes to inspect the Path at that cue
  • Master hops the balance beams like a careless child.
    Master: …
  • Malaina glares at Seian
    Master: “What… …. …Oh.”
  • Thurirl is possessed by a sudden feeling of impending doom.
  • Jessaila starts looking at book titles.
  • Master comes back shaking her head.
  • Seiankornai is quite a bit bigger than the librarian, but even he feels small under that glare
    Thurirl: “I believe I remember something I heard about librarians, and angering them…”
Master: “That’s going to take more fixing than usual. Ooooh, yes.”

Jessaila: “Oh, hey, you’ve got a copy of Talumden! A COMPLETE copy?”

Master: voice dryer than the air “Do keep it out of the puddle, young lady.”

Jessaila: “I only ever got to read the second volume! Oh, this is so exciting!”

Malaina: “Jess just…clean up the mess please…”

Malaina: “Don’t make them any more angrier.”

Isabis: “What’s the Talumden?”

Jessaila: ((We already finished.))

  • Malaina sighs and looks back to the Master to see what other trial they have to pass
    Jessaila: “It’s a transcription of an old elven epic poem!”
Isabis: “Ooooooh.”
  • Isabis reads over the shoulder
    Malaina: “I apoligize for the mess and hope anything that did get wet can be salvaged.”

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((I’m going to have to log out for the night I’m afraid … feel free to play my characters for me))

Malaina: ((Night night))

Master: “Ahem. Please attend, younglings.”

Jamshid par-Bahadur is disconnected.

  • Apprentice re-shelves the last book and leaves, muttering under his breath.
  • Malaina actually willing to listen to her and not be distracted
  • Thurirl is not that young, but attends anyway.
    Jessaila: “Logair thought it was the best thing since the elven empire. Said he: ‘even if it was transcribed by a human’.”
  • Seiankornai settles down into a relaxed listening position
    Jessaila: “The first part of volume two was pretty boring, but the second half had an unfinished romance. I still want to know who won Lady Dawn’s hand.”
  • Malaina hisses at Jess to shut it
    Jessaila: “Right. Paying attention now.”

Apprentice: “It is the duty of the wise to make certain they posess all the facts in order to make correct decisions. Accordingly, I will test your knowledge. However, even the wisest scholar cannot know all; therefore you may use the library if you need to before you answer. You may give only two wrong answers before you fail the test; but you have until Moru’s face is full to complete 10 questions.”

Apprentice: ((you have seven days, one of them now approaching noon))

Apprentice: very dry voice again “Your first question is: what will it cost to repair that wall in there?”

Seiankornai: “As much as we’re going to be charged.”

  • Seiankornai mutters that
    Apprentice: “Since there are such a lot of you, I’ll give you the second question now also: What is the favored prey of the Glass Serpent?”

Grok: ((In other words, the bedrolls are for us.))

  • Thurirl looks for the section on economics and the cost of building materials.
    Apprentice: “You wish to answer, young drake?”

Seiankornai: “Not a serious answer, no, I think Thurirl will probably be the best to answer such a question.”

The library is fairly well-stocked with several hundred books, though not all sections are equal in size. The religion section is all of the north wall, for example.
Grok: ((hmm, Grok with his inability to read, isn’t going to be too much help.))

  • Jessaila starts looking for the information on the glass serpent.
  • Jessaila checks something out. « 1d20+9 = 10 + 9 = 19 » Investigate
    Jessaila: ((Jessaila has BookWorm I, so she makes her check in half time.))

Apprentice: (( here are the investigate modifiers: . The library has “hundreds” of books, but they are well organized; roll at 4d6 hours base and DC21. Religious questions get 1/4 base time/-10 DC.))

  • Thurirl considers the damage and begins a rough estimate in his head. (« 1d20+7+2 = 14 + 7 + 2 = 23 » Knowledge: Economics)
    Jessaila spends « 2d6 = 6 » hours searching for Glass Serpent in the biology section with not success.
    Seiankornai: ((for the snake: Knowledge « 1d20+7 = 16 + 7 = 23 » (plus extra if Hunting or Reptiles studies apply))
  • Grok idley looks for some pictures in books. Afterwards, he starts looking behind books as he gets bored.
    Thurirl looks up a few tables in an economics magazine, does some math, gets Seiankornai to check the math, and turns in the correct answer to the Master after 1 hour.
  • Thurirl tries not to look smug. Having dealings with dwarves comes in handy.
    Seiankornai remembers that the Glass Snake is a predator from the underheart…he has never hunted there! +6 to research to find out what it ate, since he knows where to look now.
    Seiankornai: W “Grok, no, put that down.” to the librarian, “Do you have any large, durable picture books for the ogre?”

Seiankornai: “Well, we have a clue now.”

Seiankornai: “It’s a snake from the underheart, so look in those books.”

Apprentice: ((OK, I guess I’ll let Seian apply his knowledge bonus to complete Jessaila’s research; she loses the 1/2 time bonus because she spent time researching before Seian thought to tell her.))

Grok: After a few more hours pass, Grok starts pestering the head librarian for food.

Jessaila: “It is? No wonder I’ve never heard of it…”

It takes another « 2d6 = 11 » hours to find the answer, but it turns out Glass Serpents eat Giant Cave Spiders. And unlucky humans polishing rubble for the crone, that that doesn’t count as a /primary/ food source.
Apprentice: ((er, “but that”))

Master: “Correct. 2 down, 8 to go. Have some waybread.”
  • Master hands out some large crackers
    Jessaila: “Giant cave spiders. Ew…”
  • Malaina thanks her and eats her bread
    Isabis: “No wonder they thought our ancestors were tastier.”
Master: “There’s a fountain in the courtyard you are free to use any time.”
  • Seiankornai thinks “Well, you are.”
    Seiankornai: “Hmm, yes, I think I will.”
  • Seiankornai goes to get a drink
  • Thurirl turns down the waybread in favor of jerky. How can any species live by bread alone?
    Master: “Oh, dear. I’m so sorry…I’ll send someone for appropriate food before next mealtime.”
  • Isabis eats her box lunch and offers a silent prayer of thanks to the High (whatever his name is) that she has something better than crackers this meal.
    Thurirl: “Do not trouble yourself. I have ample supplies of meat upon my person.”
  • Master eyes the drakes
    Master: “All the same….”
  • Grok pigs out on Thurirl’s meat.
    Thurirl: “…ah. I see your point. By all means, I would be happy to accept whatever meat you can provide.”

Jessaila: “They’re thinking we have ample meat supplies on our person, too.”

Thurirl: W “No! Bad ogre! That’s my jerky, not yours!”

Grok: Later, Grok attempts to learn to juggle, using books.

  • Thurirl swats Grok.
    Grok: Grok shares some of his rations with Thurirl
  • Thurirl is not sure if he should be thankful or look for a burial plot.
  • Master goes out while you eat, and returns with a bag or jerky large enough to keep the dragons from going hypoglycemic, and a book of optical illusions, which she hands to Grok with a murmur.
    Master: w “Picture riddles. Enjoy.”

Jessaila: “Lady. You are brilliant.”

  • Master curtseys to Jessaila
    Seiankornai: “Wonderfully done, and thanks for meat.”

Grok: W “O, that one of dragon!”

Master: “After my many years, I’ve gained a skill or two.”
  • Seiankornai can’t help himself and looks at the book over Grok’s shoulder
  • Vari eats quietly
  • Grok is kept busy for hours into the night
  • Jessaila waits until the apprentice is dry and less-glaring before she wanders over.
    Master: ((OK, DM is tired and has to re-do her questions I’m going to call it a bit early tonight.))

Jessaila: “Um, sorry for drenching you earlier.”

  • Apprentice finishes arranging more waybread on the snack table/carrel and shrugs, still rather hostile.
    Apprentice: “Uh. Your forgiven-I-guess.”

Thurirl: “Thank you for your hospitality. A bit of mental exercise and good food always lifts my spirits.”

Jessaila: “When you pushed my lockpick back out of the door, I used the only spell I figured wouldn’t cause damage. Um, sorry, I didn’t realize there was a library on the other side.”

  • Apprentice looks like he’d rather stay mad but doesn’t think he can get away with it.
    Apprentice: “I guess I’ll just have to be glad you didn’t, I dunno, use a fire spell or something.”
  • Apprentice reflects a moment
    Jessaila: “I don’t have any of those. That’s usually an ‘unfortunately’ but I’m glad of it today.”

Jessaila: “Maybe that should be part of the wisdom I take away from your Path of Wisdom.”

Apprentice: “Not supposed to hold anger anyhow, ’cause it shadows the heart or whatever. So yeah. ….anyway, it beats the ruin-delver lot we got last year. Forget what they were after. Hadda fix the door after, ’cause they mined through it with a pick.”

  • Apprentice sighs, but stops glaring at you anyway.
  • Apprentice eyes Grok
    Grok: ((Grok is calling it a night. See you guys next week.))

Jessaila: “Can I take you out for tea sometime as a way of apology?”

Apprentice: “…did he just try to put his hand through a book?”

Grok is disconnected.
Seiankornai: “It’s a very good book of illusions. Yes.”

Jessaila: “Um… Maybe? Grok tends to bring an… unusual problem-solving method to the team.”

  • Thurirl is amused by the ogre’s antics, though he hopes he doesn’t cause any damage. Wrath of librarians and all that…
    Apprentice: “Er. Uh. Not supposed to make plans like that with people on the path. Ask me after, maybe.”

Jessaila: “Oh, okay. I can do that.”

Jessaila: “Thanks.”

  • Apprentice leaves again; he is not responsible for overseeing your research, only the Master has to stay and watch you every minute. He is just the errand boy for nowl.
  • Jessaila smiles gratefully and goes back to her last bit of food.
    Soon your meal break is over and it’s on to the next.
    Master: “Now that you’ve got the easy ones out of the way…”

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