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Malaina has connected.
Host has connected.
Seiankornai has connected.
Jessaila has connected.
Tak has connected.
Thurirl has connected.
Grok has connected.
Grok: Howdy. I don’t suppose we have leveled recently and I missed it.

Seiankornai: not yet

Dragonhawk: I don’t believe so

Dragonhawk: why do you ask?

  • Grok looks at the remains of the bone wall, and tries to put a femur inside his new bag
    Jessaila: I’m still level 8.

Grok: Cause I wanna level, and missed a few weeks

  • Seiankornai was promised “after this adventure”
    Dragonhawk: Yes, level 8

Malaina: I think DH or seian said we would most likely level once we are done witht he dungeon

Dragonhawk: that’s my estimate, yes

  • Jessaila has already got a level-up worked through and saved.
    Dragonhawk: lol

Seiankornai: so let’s hurry!

Jessaila: Seriously! I picked up another level of mage.

  • Seiankornai looks beyond the passage of the bonewall, laying on a pile of the former unded bones like a hoard
    Thurirl: I suppose it might be a good idea to plan level-ups in advance.
  • Jessaila has keen elven senses. « 1d20+12 = 5 + 12 = 17 » Notice
  • Grok sees if the femur bone he founds fits in his bag
  • Malaina dusts off her pants and is ready to go now that that battle is over with
    The bonestopper is destroyed, though there are still bones lying around everywhere. Jessaila hears rattling noises in the lower cavern beyond the opening it was stopping up.
    Grok’s bag sucks in one femur bone and disappears it
    Jessaila: “I hear rattling noises. Hopefully not another of these…”

Malaina: “I hope not either.”

In the room to your north, the shouting and splashing has stopped
Jessaila: “Well, shall we?”

Thurirl: “I believe our prisoners may be under new ownership.”

Malaina: “Should we go back for them or keep going?”

Seiankornai: “Anyone watching the lun- prisoners?”

Jessaila: “Oh dear. Prisoners that we didn’t want have been removed from our custody. Oh dear.”

Seiankornai: “So, down the tunnel?”

Isabis: “Considering what they said about that one orc you tried to give them, I imagine they’re no longer living…”

Thurirl: “…I believe the ogre is taking the initiative.”

  • Malaina shrugs and heads down the tunnel with Isabis
    Grok: ((is grok on a river or a path or what?))
Isabis: “Always frightening. Where are we going?”
  • Seiankornai stretches and gets up (he has a grade of fatigue for leaving the Berserk Stance)
  • Jessaila has keen elven senses. « 1d20+12 = 19 + 12 = 31 » Notice
    Thurirl: ((Seian still moving people around?))

Grok wanders through the main cavern of the Glitterhame, along a path between 6’ mushrooms (some of them glowing) under the glittering walls and ceiling
Seiankornai: ((oh, right…))

It’s a cave any dwarf might dream of

  • Grok stops and smells the mushrooms
    Malaina: ((Is Isabis moving?))

Thurirl: “Hmm. Somehow, I doubt these are used for cooking…”

Seiankornai: ((can we say that just wore off a bit ago? it’s hard to remember and play with))

Jessaila: “This is pretty… and unusual.”

  • Grok looks for interesting or useful mushrooms. Survival « 1d20+10 = 7 + 10 = 17 »
  • Isabis takes samples!
    Malaina: “Wow, never been to a place like this before, even when I was moving around caves in the Black Peaks.”

A lot of the mushrooms are interesting, but none of them are obviously useful, unless you’re hungry or want to brew Dwarvish Green brandy.
Seiankornai: “We don’t have mushrooms these big there.”

  • Grok collects some edible mushrooms.
    Seiankornai: ((his range of edible mushrooms are probably larger than ours ))

Thurirl: ((I’m assuming this is a large, open area, and not a yawning pit with a walkway.))

Seiankornai: ((right, the walkway is the clear path between the mushrooms))

Isabis: ((correct. sight lines are somewhat obstructed by the giant mushrooms))

Thurirl: ((We won’t make you dot the map with random circles of differing sizes. =P))

  • Jessaila continues on the alert, and jumps on top of a giant mushroom to get a better vantage point.
    To the east, a smallish cliff is topped with a stone latticework wall that you recognize as the back wall of the tombs. North is a tunnel with a skeleton rattling down it. NE is another cliff with more cave above it.
  • Skeleton disappears around a bend in the tunnel
  • Seiankornai sees steps to the south
    Skeleton: ((er, tombs are WEST not east))

West is an iron door, closed.
Thurirl: “I believe we may have frightened an undead. Perhaps we should have the ogre’s bard sing of that one day…”

EAST is an iron door, closed

  • Seiankornai also sees a nice ledge on the south wall too, and flies up to it
    Skeleton: ((the GM is kind of tired tonight ))

Thurirl: ((West? East? D= We’re locked in!! panics))

South are the steps to the cave the foreigners told you to go into…are you still trying to follow their directions?
Seian is perched on a moderately narrow ledge about 20’ up (guess he flew up there?)
Skeleton: ((slow up there, Grok, let the rest of the party move ))

  • Grok looks around his new surroundings
    Skeleton: ((Anyway, you just passed what the lizardfolk told Sein to look for, I think))

Thurirl: “Our ogre seems possessed of a singular purpose all of a sudden.”

  • Jessaila is staying with the party.
    Grok: ((They told Seian to look for, not Grok))

Skeleton: ((true, Grok was dozing over the prisoners at the time))

  • Jessaila is perched atop a mushroom, watching the events.
    Skeleton: ((BRB))

Grok- has connected.
Thurirl: “So, shall we follow our green-skinned friend?”

Grok is disconnected.
Jessaila: “I suppose we should. Dangerous to get separated in here.”

Isabis: “Um, speaking of dangerous…”

Seiankornai: ((oh, and before I forget, a sketch from last week

  • Jessaila bounds between the mushroom caps, using them as springboards to reach the next.
    Isabis: “Is everyone healed up from the skeleton attack? Because I don’t know about Thurirl and Jessaila, but /I/ need some sleep some time this week if I’m going to do any more healing.”
  • Seiankornai rests a bit while the party goes into the cave after the ogre, then follows last
    Tak: ((I nominate an extra AD for whoever drew that))

Jessaila: “I’m low on spells, so yes.”

  • Malaina gets into one of the Varis saddles and calls for Isabis to get into the other and has her drakes to follow after Jess
    Isabis: ((hehe, I grant a commission of 1 action die to Seiankornai for drawing))

Seiankornai: ((yay))

Malaina: “I think it would be a good idea to find some place to rest, last thing we need is to be caught by something and we aren’t our best.”

  • Isabis rides Vari2
    Jessaila: “I think I agree. Who wants to rein in Grok?”

Thurirl: “Rest would be ideal, yes. I am not certain where we could find shelter down here. We shall have to set a watch.”

Malaina: “Seian looks pretty tired, perhaps Jamshid?”

Seiankornai: ((rest for an a couple hours for a scene change?))

Isabis: “Not me I don’t speak Woanish.” ((and this is why! Not-IT!))

Seiankornai: W “Grok, come back!!”

Malaina: ((Sounds like a good idea, do spells reset after rest?)) Isabis: ((spell points, yes))

Grok-: W “Why? Things to fight?”

Seiankornai: ((yeah, lots of stuff resets after a scene change, and Seian would lose his grade of fatigue))

Seiankornai: W “Already fought, tired now, rest for a better fight later. You cna make mushroom stew or something.”

Grok-: W “Grok found circle thing.”

Grok-: ((Btw, what is the thing with a big C? A tower?))

Isabis: ((connection to what’s at the bottom of the stairs))

Modifying the fog-of-war manually without a server running affects only the global exposed area (i.e. the entire map), even
if one or more tokens are selected. If you want your changes to apply to individual tokens, start a MapTool server with
Individual Fog enabled (you can leave the Alias field empty to make an anonymous server, if you wish).

This warning will not appear again for this campaign.
Thurirl: ((Probably. Probably not a “Hellavator”, not unless the dwarves like falling thousands of feet before slowing at the bottom.))

Grok-: ((BRB))

Isabis: ((basically it represents several turns of a circular stairway I think))

Grok- is disconnected.
Grok has connected.
Seiankornai: ((wb))

The thundrous roar of water fills the room to the south, where the stream you saw going into the foreigners’ territory comes back out and goes down a hole

  • Grok wanders over to the north and looks down this way while the weak humie, lizzies and pointy ears rest.
    A damp humid spray makes everything slick and wet in here, and the water rushes fast through its channel after escaping a crude rock-and-mud dam that obviously marks the far end of the foreigner camp
    Seiankornai: ((hey, Grok isn’t able to go into a full blown rage like Seian can, it’s tiring ))
  • Isabis gets Vari2 to lift her up on Sein’s ledge to sleep
  • Seiankornai rests up on his ledge, he’s claimed it (but you can visit)
  • Thurirl notes that the ledge may be the best possible camp for now. He helps up anyone he can before getting a lift himself.
    Thurirl: ((gonna have to bring my wolves, unless I stay with them on the ground))
  • Jessaila just climbs up.
  • Jessaila has been working out. « 1d20+11 = 15 + 11 = 26 » Athletics
    Isabis: ((you don’t want to let them camp at the base?))
Malaina: “Thurirl, you want one of my Varis to bring your wolves up?”

Jess can climb 20’ all right, it’s not /quite/ sheer

  • Seiankornai pulls out some gaming stones from his bag for various drake board games with anyone who’d like to play.
  • Grok goes to examine a new hole
    Thurirl: “I think that would be best. I do not wish to leave them behind, and this is the most defensible position in case of ambush.”

Something attacks Grok!
Dragonhawk: Grok, dex vs 18 to avoid being knocked off the ledge when they attack

  • Vari 2 glides down, grabs one wolf by the scruff and the other in his claws and makes his way to the ledge with them
  • Vari 2 hopes they don’t wiggle too much
    Jessaila: ((Isn’t Grok still AFK?))
  • Thurirl goes with Vari 2 to make sure the wolves are okay.
    Dragonhawk: ((pause until he gets back then, the “new hole” he’s gone “to examine” has enemies in it
  • Vari 2 goes to find a spot near Mala, press his side against the stone wall and lays down
  • Thurirl comforts them before settling down to cuddle with his small pack, hoping the magic doesn’t wear off anytime soon…
    Malaina: ((What about Isabis’ undead servant? Does he get no cuddles?))

Grok: « 1d20+5 = 18 + 5 = 23 » Dex. sure it isn’t reflex?

Thurirl: “Shall I douse my lights or keep them lit for now?”

Dragonhawk: ((eh, could be reflex, but you made it anyway and your reflex mod is higher right?))

Grok: yes, it would be

  • Isabis leaves her skeleton on guard at the base of the cliff, and it doesn’t even have time to collapse of spell dissipation before you hear Grok yelling…
    Thurirl: “…you’ll pardon me if I don’t rush to the rescue.”
  • Grok attempts to smack whatever is attacking him
    Isabis: init
  • Malaina groans as she gets up from where she was sitting against Vari 1
    Thurirl: Initiative: « 1d20+8 = 18 + 8 = 26 »
Malaina: « 1d20+10 = 1 + 10 = 11 » Malaina and Vari’s Initiative Grok: Grok acts quickly, with a roll of « 1d20+9 = 18 + 9 = 27 »
  • Jessaila springs into action. « 1d20+13 = 7 + 13 = 20 » Initiative.
    Seiankornai: Init « 1d20+7 = 14 + 7 = 21 »
  • Seiankornai glances over at the commotion of hte ogre, how bad is it?
    Jessaila: “What in the world is that ogre up to?”
Isabis: ((um…I’m gonna be honest here, I have no idea what these things are supposed to be. “Grick” – some kind of aberration?))

Something hungry was hiding in the rocks, and behold, a large food thing came right into the mouth of their lair
Grok: ((it’s soon to be paste))

Isabis: ((yeah, probably))

Seiankornai: (( A grick))

  • Something 1 and Something 2 make noises at each other: “Grikk?” “Gikk!”
    Seiankornai: ((octopus-worm))

Something: ((there we go then.))

Jessaila: ((That’s a significant beasty.))

Something: ((two of those))

Grok: ((Can I hit one yet?))

Something: ((they’re not that big though, only medium sized. Merely disgusting, not huge))

Tokens dropped onto map ‘Khundrukar’
Grok: ((hopefully can handle on my own))

Something: ((one moment, need monster init))

Something: « 1d20+3 = 1 + 3 = 4 »

Something: (( … ))

  • Something s 1 and 2 are apparently sleepy too…
    Seiankornai: ((squish it, Grok, Seain will eat popcorn while watching… if he had any))

Something: ((go ahead))

  • Grok smashes 1 and then 2
    Grok: Grok smashes the foe down with brute strength! « 1d20+13 = 7 + 13 = 20 » for « 1d4+10 = 3 + 10 = 13 » damage
Grok: Grok smashes the foe down with brute strength! « 1d20+13 = 19 + 13 = 32 » for « 1d4+10 = 2 + 10 = 12 » damage
  • Something saves for « 1d20+5 = 12 + 5 = 17 » vs 16
    Grok: AD Crit on second 1
  • Something 2 saves for « 1d20+5 = 9 + 5 = 14 » vs …nevermind, instadies
    Grok: WWOO, something to crush!”
  • Something 1 “GRIKKIKKIKKIKK!” (( *nooo, you killed the missus!))
    Grok: ((done))

Grok: ((no need to rush over, they are wimps))

Thurirl: ((I guess this family is meeting a short, bloody end…))
  • Something 1 bites at Grok for « 1d20+6 = 16 + 6 = 22 » to do possible « 1d8+2 = 4 + 2 = 6 »
  • Seiankornai yawns then lays back down, “Have fun, Grok, just come back after you squish those two.”
    Grok: hit, and damage.

Something: ((considering they have been living on foreigner lizardfolk for many years now, Thurirl will probably not sympathize. Also, animals.))

Grok: Grok smashes the foe down with brute strength! « 1d20+13 = 16 + 13 = 29 » for « 1d4+10 = 1 + 10 = 11 » damage
  • Something saves for « 1d20+5 = 5 + 5 = 10 » vs 22
    Grok: hitting back, since it seems it is done.

Modifying the fog-of-war manually without a server running affects only the global exposed area (i.e. the entire map), even
if one or more tokens are selected. If you want your changes to apply to individual tokens, start a MapTool server with
Individual Fog enabled (you can leave the Alias field empty to make an anonymous server, if you wish).

This warning will not appear again for this campaign.

  • Grok then examines their home for anything interesting
  • Seiankornai sees Grok going to explore further in the cave, WGROK COME BACK NOW! EXPLORE LATER!”
    Grok finds another pile ’o bones, this one boringly magicless if rather more gory than the previous one
    Thurirl: “We are fortunate he aggravated something that would not overwhelm him.”
Malaina: “Ugh, I’m going to sleep, wake me up if something really happens.”

The Griks have evidently been dumping the non-meat portions of their victims back here.

  • Malaina goes to tuck herself under Vari 1’s wing, letting Vari two tuck someone else there if they want to
    Grok: W “Dat way clear. Nothing fun.”

You whisper to Grok: did you want to search the bone pile
You whisper to Grok: Not sure how agressive “examine” is supposed to be here

  • Thurirl lays down with his small pack for an enjoyable and comfy bit of sleep. As comfy as stone can be.
    Grok whispers: yes
    Seiankornai: ((come on back Grok and let’s get the scene change so we can recharge))
  • Jessaila also tries to get some sleep.
  • Vari 2 flicks a wing out and then drapes it over Jessaila, dragging her over to lay against him
    Grok: ((Give me a min, going through bones. I’ll be good after this.))
  • Vari 2 even tucks Isabis against him
    You whisper to Grok: you find a decent suit of scale mail built for a medium-sized humanoid, needs cleaning. Also about 200sp scattered through the pile
    Jessaila: “Yarp!”
  • Isabis rolls agains Vari2 and falls asleep. By morning, Vari2 has become distinguishable from 1 by the fact that he is glowing.
  • Grok brings loot of scale mail and 200sp back to the party.
  • Jessaila is surprised, but quickly adjusts.
    Grok: W "Found something:

Jessaila: “Thank you, Vari.”

Isabis: ((solves Malaina’s problem anyway… ))
  • Vari 2 grumbles something out, lays his head down and goes to sleep
    Isabis: “What is that stench?”
Isabis: “Nevermind, don’t care until after sleep.”
  • Seiankornai tosses a book at Grok, W “Here, a riddlebook in Woanish.”
  • Grok looks at book, and holds it upside down
    Grok: ((Too bad Grok can’t read…))
Isabis: ((this is what we get for letting him sleep while we argued with the foreigners )) Isabis: ((now we’re all tired and he’s wide awake))

Seiankornai: ((then he should be puzzled for hours! ))

Vari 2: ((Then he can be on guard duty))
  • Grok doesn’t see room above, so resides among the mushrooms
    You all sleep, and Isabis’ skeleton de-animates. There are a few rustlings and rattlings among the mushrooms, but nothing disturbs Grok or the ledge while you sleep
    Whisper: (vidoss) “Thiy tuk epert thi bunstuppir…” “nut ur disezin, jost till thi chif.”
  • Jessaila awakens refreshed and conveniently drake-warmed.
  • Thurirl perks his head up. Did he just hear…?
  • Seiankornai yawns and stetches after the good nap, ready for more action
  • Isabis wakes and discovers that Vari2 has caught her glow
  • Malaina slowly wakes up, stretching and yawning, lifting up the leathery wing as she stands
    Isabis: “Wow, biggest nightlight ever.”
  • Grok is now asleep.
  • Vari 2 lifts his head up and yawns, lifting his wings up as he stands, the other Vari doing the same
  • Jessaila pats Vari 2 on the neck.
  • Malaina looks over and shakes her head, “Oh Isabis, what did you do to him?”
    Jessaila: "How are you doing, Vari and Vari?
Isabis: “Is it my fault everything I touch lights up? I don’t even recall how I came to be sleeping under there…”
  • Vari 2 looks at himself, looking surprised, “I’m glowing…”
  • Thurirl gets up and stretches, his packmates doing the same thing.
  • Vari 1 laughs at his twin…well, not so much a twin now
    Isabis: “Look at it this way Malaina; now you only have to stay close to at least one of this Vari or me; that’s twice as many options as before.”

Seiankornai: “Easier to tell you two apart now.”

  • Jessaila was on the other side of Vari 2 from Isabis.
  • Vari 2 laughs at the other Vari now because he realizes he can have Mala all to himself now since he is more useful
    Isabis: ((uh oh, sibling jealousy incoming))
  • Vari 1 glares at Isabis because why couldn’t she give HIM the glow?!
    Thurirl: “…this will not improve the level of bickering.”

Seiankornai: ((oh dear XD ))

Malaina: “Wonderful, now the tug of war between them is going to escalate.”

Isabis: “…what? I don’t evern REMEMBER how I got under there!”

Seiankornai: ((any bets on how long it take before Vari 1 shanghais Isabis?))

Malaina: ((It won’t be long!)) Malaina: ((He will grab her and hug her tight to him until he glows))
  • Isabis packs up and goes to jump down from the ledge
    Malaina: “Don’t argue with him, let’s just go, we have a scroll to find and possible treasure as well.”
Thurirl: ((Five silver on him doing it on the next floor…)) Isabis: “Huh, Grok found some smelly armor.”

Seiankornai: “So, Mala will be riding the glowing Vari, and Isabis will be riding the not-glowing Vari, I suppose. Shall we wake hte ogre and continue?”

  • Isabis prods the scalemail sitting next to Grok
    Thurirl: “I require assistance with my pack members.”
  • Vari 1 wonders if it is possible he can hold Isabis close and walk on his two back legs while they go, cause that might get him glowing as well
  • Vari 2 gives his twin a smug look as he goes to help Thurirl with his pack
  • Seiankornai hauls down Thurirl’s pack
  • Isabis is blissfully if tmporarily unaware of Vari1’s designs
  • Malaina feels more like a mom to her two drakes then a companion
  • Jessaila goes about giving both Varis a wing-root rub.
  • Isabis climbs up on a mushroom cap and tosses pieces at Grok to wake him up
  • Malaina is glad Jess is distracting them, but she knows a fight or something is about to happen with the non-glowing Vari
    Thurirl: “If I may ask… was anyone else aware of visitors last night? I believe I heard something whispered in that awful form of Vidoss…”
  • Grok wakes up. W “North boring. What way we go?”
    Malaina: “I think I heard something too, I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not.”

Seiankornai: “No, I didn’t notice anyone.”

Isabis: “Down to the waterfall or over to the door…”
  • Jessaila talks to Vari 2 and urges him not to hold himself higher because he’s glowing; she talks to Vari 1 and encourages him not to be jealous.
  • Malaina wonders if Jess realizes that they are just not that mature yet
  • Grok moves over to the door.
    The door in the east wall is exceptionally sturdy-looking; solid oron plate, about 5’ tall (so short for most of you) and 4’ wide, with heavy rivets studding the surface and a tarnished silver rune matching the smith-mark you were asked to look for.
    Seiankornai: “I beleive it ws this south passage that the degenerate vessa said led further down. However, a big iron door seems promising too, a more likely place for dwarves to hide important things behind.”
  • Jessaila investigates the door.
    Malaina: “Is there anyway to open it?”

Grok: W “What dis mark?”

Did I mention the door is locked? The door is locked. Hinges are on the far side. There is a keyhole.

  • Jessaila investigates the keyhole.
  • Jessaila looks for evidence the door has seen recent use.
  • Jessaila checks something out. « 1d20+9 = 14 + 9 = 23 » Investigate
  • Grok looks around for a key.
    Yep, that’s a keyhole all right. Dusty, too.
    Thurirl: “We were not issued a key, were we?”

Seiankornai: “No.”

Malaina: “Doubt we could break it down, it was made by drawves.” Isabis: “I imagine if they had the key, they’d’ve had more luck getting the things they wanted out of here, cronists and foreigners or not.” Isabis: "Ask Grok what was down the “circle thing” he found last night?"
  • Seiankornai relays the question
    You whisper to Grok: Annoying little people…they didn’t let you get all the way to the bottom before they started in with the calling, and now they want to konw what was there anyway
  • Jessaila gets out her hairpins and tries to coax the lock to open.
  • Jessaila has fast fingers. « 1d20+8 = 4 + 8 = 12 » Prestidigitation
    Jessaila: ((Fast, but cold fingers.))

Grok: W “Grok no go down. You no let Grok.”

Jessaila bends a hairpin. Ah, the lock was dwarven work too.
Jessaila: “Oh, bother.”

Malaina: “Looks like we better find a key.”

Jessaila: “Or more hairpins.”

Thurirl: “Or dwarven hairpins.”

Jessaila: "Anyone got something about… three millimeters across and a hundred long?

Isabis: *snerk “Dwarven hairpins…the mind boggles…” Malaina: “I can check my grooming case”
  • Malaina sets her pack down and digs it out
    Isabis: “Three across…you mean thick? I might have a file that short…”
  • Malaina holds out the case to Jess to see if there is anything she can use
  • Grok goes to look for key down pit
  • Isabis looks at the keyhole
    Isabis: “Probably too wide to go in there, though, and it’s not really made for metals.”
Isabis: “…and the ogre is gone again.” Malaina: “Seian, follow him please.”

Malaina: ((Dun dun dun dun…))

Grok: ((You suggested key might be in circle thing, grok go check

Malaina: ((Dun dun dun dun…))

  • Jessaila tries one more thing.
  • Jessaila has fast fingers. « 1d20+8 = 1 + 8 = 9 » Prestidigitation
    Jessaila: “Blast!”

Seiankornai: “Ok.”

  • Isabis goes with Seian
    Modifying the fog-of-war manually without a server running affects only the global exposed area (i.e. the entire map), even
    if one or more tokens are selected. If you want your changes to apply to individual tokens, start a MapTool server with
    Individual Fog enabled (you can leave the Alias field empty to make an anonymous server, if you wish).

This warning will not appear again for this campaign.
Thurirl: “I do not wish to slander your abilities, but I believe this door may be beyond your lock-picking skills.”

Malaina: “I have to agree, if the scroll is behind the door, it would be best to try and find a key.” Malaina: “….where is the other Vari?”
  • Jessaila inspects the lock as thoroughly as she can in order to figure out what sort of key is required.
    The circle-stair leads to the bottom of the waterfall.
  • Thurirl looks up and notes we seem to be short one twin drake.
  • Seiankornai looks around, tests the water for drinking purposes as well
    Thurirl: “Curious… could the magic be wearing off?”

Colored minerals and lichens paint the lower cave in unearthly beauty, while the pool is home to assorted pale cave-creatures

  • Vari 1 eyes Isabis
    Isabis: ((albino crawdads, blind fishes, that sort of thing))
  • Grok goes down and looks for shiny or not shiny key
    Seiankornai: W “Now Grok, if we meet anything, we run back for the others before we fight it. OK?”

The east wall is home to two wooden doors, and there is a narrow exit to the south
Seiankornai: W “I won’t let you go any further unless you agree.”

Thurirl: “Hmm… then again, the others are gone as well… we should ask them if they have met our other Vari…”

The water tastes mineral-heavy, but otherwise unexceptionable
You whisper to Thurirl: you think insects were supposed to disappear before Vari2, and they’re still swarming Jamshid
Vari 1: ((Does Jess and the others know which direction Isabis and the others went?))

  • Jessaila can probably track them down.
    Thurirl: “Ah, I have it. Jamshid is still attracting his swarm. The other Vari must be around here somewhere…”

Grok: W “Run from a fight? Grok not run from fight.”

Malaina: “I hope he isn’t causing any trouble.”
  • Grok continues on, with or without his minder.
    Seiankornai: W “A bad leader doesn’t share the fight with his friends.”

Seiankornai: W “Do you want Grok to be known as a bad leader?”

Grok: W “Friends squishy. Might die. They not mighty like grok.”

  • Vari 1 edges a bit closer to Isabis
  • Isabis examines the things in the pool
    Grok: W “Good leader no let others die.”
Thurirl: “I believe the ogre is more likely to cause trouble. Unless… he is hunting Isabis…” Isabis: “Fascinating…and possibly tastier than mushrooms…not seeing a key I don’t think…” (search « 1d20+14 = 13 + 14 = 27 »

Jessaila: “Why would the non-glowing Vari hunt… oh.”

Isabis: “Hello, what’s this?”

Jessaila: “Let’s find normal Vari immediately.”

  • Isabis fishes a burst coinpurse out of the pond, collecting 50sp
    Thurirl: “Let us explore to the south. I believe that is where Seian and Grok went.”
  • Vari 1 looms over her, a look on his face that should never be on a drake
  • Seiankornai tries the doors
  • Grok looks carefully for key, and if he doesn’t find it, continues south looking for key.
  • Jessaila heads toward the location of the stairs, following the smell of ogre.
    The doors are stuck, but they’re only wood, so you might be able to force them.
    Maybe it’s the humidity
    Modifying the fog-of-war manually without a server running affects only the global exposed area (i.e. the entire map), even
    if one or more tokens are selected. If you want your changes to apply to individual tokens, start a MapTool server with
    Individual Fog enabled (you can leave the Alias field empty to make an anonymous server, if you wish).

This warning will not appear again for this campaign.
Vari 1: ((Would I need to roll something to grab Isabis and keep her or should I just say he grabs her?))

Isabis: ((from behind? He can just grab her))
  • Grok looks in new area for key as well
  • Seiankornai bashes it down
    Seiankornai: ((south first))

Grok: ((notice or search?))

  • Thurirl waves for the others to follow Jessaila.
    Grok is searching the west end of a long narrow cavern half-floored in river
    Seiankornai: « 1d20+1 = 20 + 1 = 21 » Strength
  • Vari 1 reachs his claws forward faster then he normally would and grabs Isabis, pulling her forward and then tucking her against his side with one arm, standing on three legs, determined to get a glow as well
    Grok: ((And Isabis cries out from this molestation…))
Thurirl: ((I’ll notify Vari’s lawyer. =P))

Seian bashes in a door in satisfyingly drakish fashion, revealing…a room full of rotted cloth goods…
Isabis: “Eyeeek! Something’s got me!”

  • Grok runs back and looks for a foe.
  • Isabis tries to escape (opposed athletics checks) « 1d20+6 = 19 + 6 = 25 »
  • Vari 1 stands still, a determined look on his face
    Isabis: ((need Vari1’s athletics (or comp)

Grok: ((Search cloth for key, Seian))

Vari 1: ((What is Athletics again?))
  • Jessaila follows the stream, finds the stairs, and comes down.
  • Grok not seeking any foes, goes back to looking in the south area.
    Isabis: ((strenght mod plus skill or competence mod, plus 1d20))
  • Seiankornai roots through the old clothing, “Eh, dwarven weavers aren’t as good as dwarven smiths it would seem.”
    Vari 1: « 1d20+3+2 = 2 + 3 + 2 = 7 »
Vari 1: ((Of course))
  • Isabis struggles out of the grip of her attacker and falls into the stream!
    Isabis: "HA! (splutter) Wha…VARI?!? "
  • Jessaila comes down just in time to see Isabis fall in the stream.
  • Isabis resist the current? « 1d20+1 = 2 + 1 = 3 » vs 13
    Tak: ((and now the FUN begins))
  • Vari 1 tries to grab her
    Thurirl: ((oh hell))
Isabis: ((uh, oh…))
  • Jessaila bolts over to help.
  • Isabis swims?? « 1d20+6 = 2 + 6 = 8 » vs 15
  • Seiankornai hears a splash and shout, wanders back out
  • Grok ignores the antics of the others.
  • Jessaila casts Water Walk on herself.
  • Jessaila makes with the magic. « 1d20+13 = 19 + 13 = 32 »
    Isabis: ((ok, I need to make one more try, then if you don’t get me out it’s Cheat Death time…))
  • Isabis swims?!? « 1d20+6 = 20 + 6 = 26 » vs 15
    Isabis: ((whew…))
  • Isabis holds position in the stream long enough for Vari and Jessaila to pull her out
  • Jessaila runs out on the water and grabs Isabis’s arm.
  • Vari 1 a bit guilty as he helps Isabis out of the water
    Thurirl: “Is everything okay? Isabis, were you knocked into that current?”
Isabis: “Er…I sort of went in on my own initiative…Vari grabbed me and I thought it was another skeleton or ogre or something.” Malaina: “Vari!! Why did you grab Isabis?! She could have drowned!” Thurirl: “I see. I am glad to see you are unharmed.”
  • Vari 1 lowers his head and whines, looking pitiful
  • Jessaila lets her water-walking spell lapse.
  • Thurirl gives a subtle glare to Vari 1, though he lets Mala do the talking.
  • Seiankornai takes in the situation, and is now half expecting Vari 1 to startt crying.
  • Vari 1 is about to start crying
  • Vari 2 bullies his way between Vari 1 and everyone else and gives them a glare
  • Jessaila goes up to Vari 1 and gives him a hug.
    Thurirl: “…well, at least we have not suffered the loss of a companion. Let us move on and hope it does not happen again.”
  • Isabis gets away from the stream before the drakes knock her in again!
    Seiankornai: “No harm done?”
  • Malaina sighs, but decides to ride in Vari 1’s saddle so he doesn’t feel so put out
    Isabis: “I guess not…Ahem…so, Seian, nothing behind door #1?”

Seiankornai: “Dwarven tailor shop or something.”

  • Seiankornai goes to bash the other door down
    Seiankornai: « 1d20+1 = 14 + 1 = 15 » Strength

The door squeels and doesn’t fall apart like the last one, but it does come open

  • Seiankornai looks in
    This chamber is even better – rotten FOOD
  • Jessaila stays a little closer to Isabis, and casts Breeze on her to help dry her off.
    The only good news is, it’s so old it hardly even smells any more.
    Seiankornai: “And mummified food.”

A wet spot on the floor under teh first archway speaks of the damp that all this fuzzy mold grew in
Modifying the fog-of-war manually without a server running affects only the global exposed area (i.e. the entire map), even
if one or more tokens are selected. If you want your changes to apply to individual tokens, start a MapTool server with
Individual Fog enabled (you can leave the Alias field empty to make an anonymous server, if you wish).

This warning will not appear again for this campaign.
Thurirl: “An old storage area then. No doubt long abandoned and untouched for many, many years.”

Isabis: “We goign to sift it for keys?” Malaina: “Is that mold safe though?”

Seiankornai: “The key is most likely metal, right?”

  • Isabis examines the mold « 1d20+7 = 11 + 7 = 18 »
    Isabis: “Yeah, I think it’s safe.”
Thurirl: “…may I remind you that combustion results in undesirable particulates in the air?” Isabis: “It’s the yellow stuff that you have to watch out for, that’ll stop a sunchaser in his tracks. This is all smaller and reddish.” Malaina: "Well, lets get to looking Malaina: ((Should roll Search?)) Isabis: “Somebody tell Grok, he’s wandering down southaways.” Isabis: ((move your token into the room your seraching, 30 or 31))

Seiankornai: WGROK! FOUND STUFF!”

  • Jessaila checks something out. « 1d20+9 = 4 + 9 = 13 » Investigate
  • Seiankornai resists the urge to shout “OGRE FOOD!”
    Malaina: « 1d20+9 = 1 + 9 = 10 » Search

Grok: ((Is there another section to this part, and is Grok done searching the south yet?))

Malaina: ((Why am I rolling so many 1’s tonight?))

Jessaila: ((Dicehate night.))

Seiankornai: ((that’s annoying, yeah))

Isabis: ((Thurirl you going to pick a room?)) Isabis: ((no results until everyone updates their position))
  • Seiankornai looks around « 1d20+8 = 5 + 8 = 13 » Search
    Thurirl: ((we’re searching here))
Isabis: (…ok, seriously. 30 or 31.) Thurirl: ((sorry))
  • Thurirl has his pack, including himself, help search the larger room.
    Seian discovers a think…it’s not a key, it’s an angry grey Jelly
    That wet spot? It’s getting bigger, and by bigger I mean “taller and madder”
    Malaina: “What…is that?!”

Seiankornai: “Ummm.”

GreyJelly: SPLORP!
  • Seiankornai fires!!!!
    Thurirl: “…target practice for drakes.”
GreyJelly: ((and with that we’re ending a little early, because I forgot to convert the jelly ))

Seiankornai: ((and you want a nap you haven’t been getting the past few days ))

GreyJelly: ((…OK, and becaue the GM is tired))

Game Saved
Log Saved
Malaina: ((Time for the GM to get some rest!))

Thurirl: ((Pretty good session, even if we didn’t get to do much. Signing off here!))

Seiankornai: ((goodnight))

Thurirl is disconnected.
Malaina: ((Night))

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