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Host has connected.
Jessaila has connected.
Seiankornai has connected.
Malaina has connected.
Grok has connected.
Thurirl has connected.
Seiankornai: greetings all

Dragonhawk: Hello

Grok: yo

Dragonhawk: I’m hoping for a short session tonight, or at least getting off at the intended-usual 11:30 instead of 12:00 eastern

Malaina: Alrighty

Jessaila: Okay, good.

Jessaila: My wife’s car needed jumping this morning, so I ended up shorter than usual on sleep.

Dragonhawk: I sympathize; I’ve gone in to work an hour early two days running.

Seiankornai: and went to bed late the night before hte first of those two

Dragonhawk: it seems like a small thing, but I’m running kind of tired.

Dragonhawk: so

Grok: all the skeletons fall apart?

When last we saw our heroes, they were fighting the insane ghost(?) of a dwarf (priest?); magic missiles seem to upset it, but blades just sort of wave right through without obvious effect.
There is one enemy skeleton left in the main room as well
It is Arundil’s turn

  • Arundil attacks Jessaila for « 1d20+8 = 14 + 8 = 22 » and « 1d20+8 = 6 + 8 = 14 »
    Jessaila: ((Ouch.))
Arundil: ((one hit or two?))
  • Arundil does « 1d4 = 2 » wisdom drain
    Jessaila: ((Just one.))
Arundil: ((OK. Do you have and drain recorded from last week?))

Grok has received initiative.
Jessaila: ((I don’t seem to have recorded it, but I know I have some.))

Dragonhawk: ((searching log… 3pts ))

Jessaila: ((So I’m down a total of 5pt to 11.))

Dragonhawk: ((OK. Heh, still above average))

Grok has two skeleton archers to deal with.

  • Grok smashes two archers
    Grok: Grok smashes the foe down with brute strength! « 1d20+13 = 20 + 13 = 33 » for « 1d4+10 = 3 + 10 = 13 » damage
Grok: Grok smashes the foe down with brute strength! « 1d20+13 = 15 + 13 = 28 » for « 1d4+10 = 4 + 10 = 14 » damage Grok: activating 1st

Dragonhawk: skeleton 788 saves for « 1d20+7 = 10 + 7 = 17 » vs 17

Grok: ((done))

Thurirl has received initiative.

  • Thurirl looks for enemies he is more equipped to deal with…
    Jessaila: ((The ghost, please. I’m almost out of combat spells to deal with it effectively.))

Thurirl: ((I’m not sure how many spell points I have left myself…))

  • Thurirl heads toward the sounds of battle further down the hallway…
    Thurirl: ((and I have no idea what to do right now…))

Seiankornai: ((do you have magic missile?))

Thurirl: ((no))

Dragonhawk: ((it appears that Thurirl has cast scorching ray twice this combat, so that’s his spell-point usage))

Jessaila: ((Oh.))

Thurirl: ((crap))

Jessaila: ((We need a party mage…))

Thurirl: ((I’ve only got 13, according to my sheet… I really don’t know how much I can cast.))

Seiankornai: ((2 for every level of mage, and 1 for every level of mist dancer))

Grok: ((Mal has a magic sword, fire has a chance of hurting it, heck, I think even I can hurt if if need be.))

Malaina: ((Oh, I didn’t know Magic Weapons could hurt incorporal beings.))

Grok: ((Don’t know, but i’d say there is a chance

Seiankornai: ((they can’t; only Force damage can while it’s incorpeal))

Dragonhawk: ((force and magic, but do your characters know that?))

Grok: ((that is the question. That’s why I say Grok can hurt it, but I don’t think Grok in character knows he can))

Dragonhawk: ((make a knowledge check then. Grok didn’t take up sunchasing just when he met the other players, or he wouldn’t have been way south in the mountains. Maybe he’s hunted ‘ghost’ things before.))

Seiankornai: ((hmmm, he comes from a culture that worships the bloodGHOST; I think he’d have a decent chance))

Dragonhawk: ((thurirl?))

Grok: ((My concept is that Grok doesn’t have much experience with undead. So I’m assuming he doesn’t know.))

Dragonhawk: ((ah. OK then.))

Thurirl: ((I dunno what to do. D=))

Seiankornai: ((I think she’s asking you to roll a knowledge check; int + number of studies you ahve))

  • Thurirl tries to remember if he’s come across any knowledge of his foe… « 1d20+3+7 = 2 + 3 + 7 = 12 »
    Thurirl: ((oh c’mon!))

Seiankornai: ((you also should have 9 more spell points at least, if you’ve only cast two scorching rays so far))

Dragonhawk: ((so your character isn’t sure what will work; time to improvise ))

Jessaila: ((Attack it with more scorching rays.))

Thurirl: ((very well… “Light him up!”))

Jessaila: ((Please – before it knocks me silly. ))

Thurirl: ((fires his proton gun))

  • Thurirl fires off three rays of intense heat, burning into his targets with the fury of his magic!
    (Casting Check: « 1d20+14 = 15 + 14 = 29 » Damage: Ray 1: « 4d4 = 8 » Ray 2: « 4d4 = 10 » Ray 3: « 4d4 = 9 »; AP 5)
    Dragonhawk: ((OK, I do have one caveat: you may not cast through Jessaila ))
Thurirl: ((down to seven then… I need to make “cheat sheets” for all these RPGs I’m in…))

Grok: ((Burn them both!))

Seiankornai: ((let that count next time, then))

Grok: ((Friendly ‘Fire’ indeed))

Thurirl: ((I’ll hit the skelly then? Or shall I delay and tell her to move?))

Seiankornai: ((the not shooting through her, that is))

Thurirl: ((hang on… lemme delay until her turn, if we can…))

Dragonhawk: ((I will allow that.))

Jessaila: ((Tell Jessaila to duck, and I’ll do something dramatic to mask the incoming spell and maybe make it more effective.))

  • Thurirl preps his spell in his hands, holding off until the way is clear. “Jessaila! Move!”
    Malaina has received initiative.
    Vari 2: « 1d20+8 = 12 + 8 = 20 » Bite Attack, Threat Range 17-20 (increases to 15-20 w/Favored Foe) @ 295
Malaina: ((Does that hit?))

Dragonhawk: yes

Vari 2: « 1d20+8 = 14 + 8 = 22 » Bite Attack, Threat Range 17-20 (increases to 15-20 w/Favored Foe) @ 295 Vari 2: « 1d10+3 = 2 + 3 = 5 » Bite Damage Vari 2: « 1d10+3 = 10 + 3 = 13 » Bite Damage

Dragonhawk: skeleton 295 saves for « 1d20+7 = 17 + 7 = 24 » vs 14

Dragonhawk: skeleton 295 saves for « 1d20+7 = 20 + 7 = 27 » vs 22

Thurirl: ((lucky bag of bones))

Jessaila: ((That’s naughty.))

Vari 1: « 1d20+6 = 18 + 6 = 24 » Fire Breath; Threat Range 20 (increases to 18-20 w/Favored Foe), Beam/Range 20ft, Damage type: Fire @ 295

Dragonhawk: hit

Vari 1: « 1d20+6 = 18 + 6 = 24 » Fire Breath; Threat Range 20 (increases to 18-20 w/Favored Foe), Beam/Range 20ft, Damage type: Fire @ 295 Vari 1: ((Gosh darnit)) Vari 1: « 2d6 = 6 » Fire Breath Damage/ Fire Damage Vari 1: « 2d6 = 6 » Fire Breath Damage/ Fire Damage

Dragonhawk: skeleton 295 saves for « 1d20+7 = 20 + 7 = 27 » vs 25

Dragonhawk: skeleton 295 saves for « 1d20+7 = 9 + 7 = 16 » vs 28

The Varis take out the last skeleton
Jessaila: ((At least DH is shaking out all the high numbers from the dicebot with defense, rather than attack, rolls…))

Malaina: ((Uh, well, Mala knows about undead since they are her favored foes, so I am going to skip her turn and see if the magic users can take it out.))

Grok: Hey, Grok still had a bony friend still

Dragonhawk: ((different combat, really ))

Grok: ((if she knows about undead, stick it with magic sword!))

Malaina: ((I don’t know if a magic sword is the same as magic))

Grok: ((Time to find out!))

Malaina: ((Yea, I think I am going to skip))

Jessaila has received initiative.

  • Jessaila hears Thurirl’s instructions to move.
    Malaina whispers: would it be possible i can roll a knowledge check since one of Mala’s interests is weapon information?
    You whisper to Malaina: you could roll anyway; with her interest and her specialty in killing undead I’d give her a +3 on this particular roll
  • Jessaila hops up on the rim of the well and kicks off with her feet, somersaulting over the “ghost” and casting Polar Ray I on the ghost.
    Dragonhawk: ((acrobatics check))

Jessaila: ((I’ll take an acrobatics check and Presti or Bluff check to draw the ghost’s attention, please.))

Jessaila: It’s a good thing she’s flexible. « 1d20+13 = 6 + 13 = 19 » Acrobatics.

Malaina: « 1d20+3+3 = 11 + 3 + 3 = 17 » ???

Thurirl: ((…landing behind the ghost? I hope she ducks; I’m not sure these things stop in ectoplasm.))

Malaina: « 1d6 = 2 » AD

Dragonhawk: ((OK, Jess, you don’t fall flat on your face…good thing, that’s be weird, falling through the thing))

Jessaila: ((And bluff, or presti?))

  • Jessaila makes with the magic. « 1d20+13 = 14 + 13 = 27 »
  • Jessaila casts a polar ray for « 1d6 = 1 » damage.
    Dragonhawk: (Jess: bluff to distract if you really want to spend an action, but it’s already more-or-less focussed on you.)
  • Jessaila bluffs. « 1d20+11 = 7 + 11 = 18 »
    Dragonhawk: ((I note that tumbling through an enemy square and casting spells are both actions as well…))

Jessaila: ((S’fine, whatever. If it’s too many actions, then I’ve completed what I want.))

Arundil is so surprised by the tumbling act that he briefly stops his otherwise-constant stream of insane babbling, turning to watch Jessaila fly up and over; the spell however jolts him back to the present – maybe? – anyway he starts howling nonsense again.
Dragonhawk: ((delayed action now))

Thurirl: ((reroll?))

Malaina: ((Do I know anything?))

You whisper to Malaina: remind me what you were trying to figure out?))
Thurirl: ((That was a Knowledge check? I had wondered why you were rolling…))

Malaina whispers: Whether or not Mala would know if her weapon, which is a magic weapon, would be effective against something like a ghost, because it is undead, but isn’t hurt by normal weapons
Malaina whispers: i didn’t include my Int bonus until someone told me, so I guess it’s another +2?
You whisper to Malaina: You think that weapon-magic of the sort that makes a weapons “sharper” is usually a force ffect, and would hurt most incorporeal undead.
You whisper to Malaina: You’re not so sure about magic weapons that do things to the user rather than the victim, but perhaps that’s a bit academic.
Malaina whispers: so her magic weapon is of the sharper quality?
You whisper to Malaina: You figure non-force based magic will have an effect too, maybe not as strong as on a material creature but still better than a mundane weapon
You whisper to Malaina: Um…well, what IS her magic weapon, besides ‘a sword’?
Malaina whispers: Rostislasi (Long Sword): +11 Attack, 1d12 +2 +2 dmg, 20 Threat (18-20 for Favored Foes), 4lbs, Qualities: Calvary, Bleed, AP 1, Magic Weapon, damage resistance 4 vs ranged attacks
You whisper to Malaina: If I’m understanding rightly that the magic is one of the +2 bonuses to the damage, then yes.
Malaina whispers: ok, i guess Mala will try to attack next round
Dragonhawk: Thurirl: no, applying your previously rolled damage now

Seiankornai has received initiative.

  • Seiankornai observes how well Thurirl’s spell worked on the ghost
    Arundil’s form wavers and “tears” around the rays of maigc, and he howls even louder than he’s been; the “holes” flow back together but leave him sort of thinned-looking
    Thurirl: ((Bustin’ makes me feel good! dances))
  • Seiankornai decides that seems to be working so casts his own as well.
    Scorching ray autohits (Path spell) for « 3d4 = 7 », « 3d4 = 8 », and « 3d4 = 9 » fire damage
    Dragonhawk: (noted)
  • Seiankornai can’t do much more than that
    Isabis has received initiative.
  • Isabis casts her last spell for a while… magic missiles « 1d20+14 = 14 + 14 = 28 » for damage « 3d6 = 5 »
  • Isabis tries to distract the enemy from Jessaila by taunting it « 1d20+13 = 4 + 13 = 17 » vs Aurndil’s sense motive of « 1d20+3 = 1 + 3 = 4 »
    Jessaila: ((Low… but still high enough. ))
Isabis: “Leave her alone, you spawn of a mole and treeroot! Your skeletons are all broken anyway and soon you will be too!”

Arundil turns towards Isabis and flies howling to the attack!
Dragonhawk: Arundil attacks for « 1d20+8 = 5 + 8 = 13 »

Dragonhawk: ((miss))

Dragonhawk: Skeleton Archer 788 shoots at Grok, hitting « 1d20+12 = 1 + 12 = 13 » for possible « 1d6 = 5 » then gives up archery and and just whacks his head with the bowstave, hitting « 1d20+13 = 13 + 13 = 26 » for possible « 1d6 = 3 »

Grok has received initiative.

  • Grok smashes last skeleton
    Grok: Grok smashes the foe down with brute strength! « 1d20+13 = 3 + 13 = 16 » for « 1d4+10 = 3 + 10 = 13 » damage

Dragonhawk: miss

Grok: Grok smashes the foe down with brute strength! « 1d20+13 = 17 + 13 = 30 » for « 1d4+10 = 3 + 10 = 13 » damage

Grok: ((Done))

Dragonhawk: Skeleton saves for « 1d20+7 = 15 + 7 = 22 » vs 23

Thurirl: ((Almost perfect… but not quite. =P))

Thurirl has received initiative.
Grok smashes the last skeleton in his chosen battlefield
Grok: ((and now Grok looks for a new battlefield))

Grok: ((more doors to open!))

Thurirl: ((We could do without a new war front, thank you.))

Grok: ((you can. Grok still has a lot of fight in him.))

  • Thurirl sizes up the ghost, wondering how much magic he dares to use… yet, he has no weapons that will work…
    Grok: ((actually, looks like the northern door is full of skeletons, you can just see their outline))
Thurirl: ((if Scorching Rays uses 2 SP each time, then I should be down to about 7 right now… assuming I had a full 13 at the start of this battle))

Dragonhawk: ((metagaming, Grok?))

Dragonhawk: ((Thurirl, you did have full points at the start of the scene, which was when the door opened into this area, so yes.))

  • Thurirl defaults to more magic fire. If it worked the first time…
  • Thurirl fires off three rays of intense heat, burning into his targets with the fury of his magic!
    (Casting Check: « 1d20+14 = 16 + 14 = 30 » Damage: Ray 1: « 4d4 = 10 » Ray 2: « 4d4 = 10 » Ray 3: « 4d4 = 8 »; AP 5)
    Thurirl: ((Jess, duck! =P))
  • Jessaila duck dodgers.
    Thurirl: ((but in which century?))

The spell fortunately hits what it’s aiming at; from the light you’d swear it was going right through but the wall on the far side is not burned and the allip responds a lot more strongly than it did to weapons going through it.
Malaina has received initiative.
Jessaila: ((24.5th.))

Malaina: ((Time to make a fool of myself!))

Malaina: « 1d20+11 = 11 + 11 = 22 » Calvary, Bleed, AP 1, Magic Weapon, 20 Threat (18-20 for Favored Foes), DR 4 vs Ranged Attacks, Bury the Blade (Sword Attack Trick): If you hit by 4 or more, your attack gains keen 10

Dragonhawk: ((roll damage))

Malaina: « 1d12+2+2 = 9 + 2 + 2 = 13 » Rostislasi Damage (GM roll for Bleed) Malaina: ((No bleed, that is just automatic when I roll))

Grok: ((meta gaming to fight more foes! Not avoid them))

Like Jessaila’s weapon, it passes through with no feeling of resistance; but like the spells, it forces the ghosts’s form to divide and regenerate around it.
Malaina: ((And I’m done!))

Jessaila has received initiative.

  • Jessaila moves to one side and casts a polar ray at the allip, just trying to keep the pressure on.
  • Jessaila makes with the magic. « 1d20+13 = 18 + 13 = 31 »
    Jessaila: « 1d6 = 3 » Cold damage

Dragonhawk: ((done?))

Jessaila: ((Pretty much.))

Seiankornai has received initiative.

  • Seiankornai figures he can’t do anything else so might as well try this. His teeth begin to glow then ignite, and liquid fire drips from his mouth and his claws enkindle.
    Bite hits « 1d20+12 = 6 + 12 = 18 » for « 1d10+8 = 2 + 8 = 10 » / 2 FIRE damage, AP 1, Threat 15-20
    Claw hits « 1d20+12 = 18 + 12 = 30 » for « 1d8+8 = 8 + 8 = 16 » / 2 fire damage, AP 1, Threat 17-20
    Seiankornai: ((using damage conversion to fire, granted from both Elemental Heritate and Path of Fire))
Seiankornai: ((so does 1/2 damage, but it’s fire)) Seiankornai: ((and if the first hit seemed to do something that second hit will surely be activated as a crit))

Dragonhawk: ((Ok I’ll grant that as a magical effect.))

Seiankornai: ((*Heritage)) Seiankornai: ((so 5 and 8 damage))

Seinakornai’s racial magic doesn’t awe Arundil like it does (for example) Isabis, but like Malaina’s sword, it seems to effect the him even though the flashing fangs and claws don’t enounter any physical resistance.
Moeover, Arundil howls, wordlessly now and even louder as his form finally fails to regenrate and he disintigrated into a haze of sparkling fog and finally disappears.
Isabis: “Rest in peace, you poor lunatic.”

Seiankornai: Huff “Finally.”
  • Malaina lets out a breath as she sheaths her sword
    Dragonhawk: ((hooray for crit damage ))

Malaina: ((Yay! Good job!))

  • Jessaila sighs and slumps against the wall.
    Malaina: “I wonder if we should find some place to rest.”
Seiankornai: “Yes.”

Dragonhawk: “Yes.”


Dragonhawk: (( ^ Isabis ))

Grok: W “Find scroll yet?”

Malaina: ((Thank you Grok for saying something about the sword, I was able to roll a Knowledge check to see if her weapon would be effective))

Grok: W “Why? Scroll found?”

Isabis: “We’re tired from fighting stuff, we’ll search for the scroll after we rest.” Seiankornai: W “Too tired, need to rest, bad ghost took a lot of effort, even Grok couldn’t have done much against it.”

Grok: W "Grok not tired. You go rest, Grok find scroll.

Grok: W “Um, what scroll look like again?”

Seiankornai: W “Not going to tell you, so you can’t find it without us, so you’ll just have to rest too.” Thurirl: “A most frustrating and formidable foe. I shall have to devote a portion of my time to researching effective countermeasures against such unnatural creature.” Isabis: “…so, um, where do you want to sleep…here it the open hallway, or in one of the skeletons’ rooms, or what?” Seiankornai: W “But you can try to solve the puzzle of this well, it might lead to a secret tunnel.” Thurirl: ((maybe a little research into magical equivilents of proton packs… =P)) Seiankornai: ((Bluff « 1d20+2 = 8 + 2 = 10 » ))
  • Seiankornai is not a very good liar
  • Isabis looks down the well
  • Jessaila is muttering in Kamil about her head.
    Isabis: “Seian, you didn’t just tell him to go swimming did you? This must lead to some kind of aquifer, he could get sucked into that river tunnel or something.”

Malaina: “Why not one of the skeleton rooms? That way nothing can really sneak up on us?”

  • Isabis goes over to Jessaila, and casts “Touch of Light”…it would cure a headache, but does nothing for the feeling of her thoughs not-quite lining up like they’re supposed to.
    Grok: « 1d20+1 = 12 + 1 = 13 » Sense motive

Jessaila: “Ugh. That thing took a lot out of me.”

  • Grok looks in well.
  • Malaina goes over to Jess, “You going to be ok?”
    Grok: W Grok no see puzzle.
Seiankornai: ((AD « 1d6 = 2 » ))

Jessaila: “Thanks Isabis.”

Jessaila: “I think so, Mala. It’s just… uh…”

Seiankornai: W “It’s not in the well, it’s some of the stones, they need to be pressed in a certain order I think.”

Room 45 was a barracks, and has bunks…not to nice-smelling, but more like they’ve mildewed than like somthing died on them. Room 44 is full of broken stuff; you stash the remains of the skeletons in there for now.

  • Grok waits for the rest of the party to get clear before opening any more doors
    Jessaila: “My head feels like it’s a pie that was made without sugar. Something’s feeling funny.”

Malaina: “Maybe you can sleep off whatever that ghost did to you.”

Isabis: “Let’s use the barracks. It looks like it’s been sorta cleaned up compared to the rest of this place, and the door’s solid.”

Malaina: “Yea, lets get you laid down Jess.”

  • Jessaila still has the mental fortitude to clean up her sword and sheath it.
  • Malaina helps Jess over to the barracks to see if she can find her a relatively clean bunk
    Jessaila: “I need to figure out something better to use against skeletons.”
  • Isabis strips off the mildewed mattress and puts her own bedroll on the bunk instead
    Isabis: “zzzz….zzzz….”
Malaina: “So do I, perhaps when we get back to the city, I can find some kind of hammer for myself.”
  • Isabis (( regenerates spell points! ))
    Jessaila: “My boomerang is gone, my sword isn’t working well, and I don’t have enough of a grasp of magic to last out the fight… so much for elven supremacy…”
  • Malaina sets up her own bedroll for Jess and will go sleep with one of the Varis"
  • Seiankornai looks around, did any of the skeletons have hammers or the like?
    The kittens follow you into the barracks and contest posession of the bunks with you; Isabis ends up encumbered with her usual feline admirer
  • Vari 1 curls around Mala
    The mother cat does not reappear at this time from the room into which she disappeared during the fight
  • Vari 2 curls around the other Vari, pretty much keeping Mala from view…and glowing like the moon!
  • Seiankornai expects them both to be glowing like the moon by rest’s end
  • Seiankornai curls down in the doorway after everyone gets in
  • Grok waits for everyone to get inside barracks, then closes that door, and opens the one to the south
    Isabis: (move your tokens please everyone)
Vari 2: ((Already did, Mala and the Varis are curled up in the big room))

Grok: ((BTW, I recognize the party is pretty beat up. Unfortunately, Grok is not, and he thinks he can take the whole duengon solo, so…))

Thurirl: ((oooh, wait… cats and dogs living together… don’t want to create mass hysteria))

Grok: ((kinda hoping the skeletons are linked to the ghost, actually))

  • Thurirl does his best to make the wolves understand they are not to attack the kittens, nor are they food. Besides, it’s time to rest anyway.
    The wolves seem kind of confused, but since the cats like the top bunks and the dogs like to go under the bunks, things seem relatively solid for now.
    Modifying the fog-of-war manually without a server running affects only the global exposed area (i.e. the entire map), even
    if one or more tokens are selected. If you want your changes to apply to individual tokens, start a MapTool server with
    Individual Fog enabled (you can leave the Alias field empty to make an anonymous server, if you wish).

This warning will not appear again for this campaign.
Grok discovers one…but fortunately only one…less well-preserved wight.
Wight: “Not master…”

Thurirl: ((oh for… he can fight it on his own…))
  • Grok moves to attack wight.
    Grok: ((seems like the wight move))
Vari 2: ((badum tish)) Wight: ((Grok can go first))
  • Grok throws two javelins
    Grok: Grok throws a javilin at the enemy! « 1d20+13 = 8 + 13 = 21 » to hit for « 1d10+10 = 2 + 10 = 12 » damage. If the attack check succeeds by 4 or more, an additional adjacent opponent is also hit
Grok: Grok throws a javilin at the enemy! « 1d20+13 = 6 + 13 = 19 » to hit for « 1d10+10 = 2 + 10 = 12 » damage. If the attack check succeeds by 4 or more, an additional adjacent opponent is also hit
  • Seiankornai half opens an eyelid, “…he can fight whatever he’s fighting alone.”
    Grok: ((Done))
  • Malaina is so wrapped up in drakes, she can’t hear anything going on
  • Wight saves for « 1d20+7 = 2 + 7 = 9 » vs 22
    Wight: “Oh, finally…”

The (relieved?) body continues its poorly interrupted journey back to dust
Thurirl: ((wow… XD that thing wasn’t put together well))

Malaina: ((Not at all!))

  • Grok searches room
    Grok finds a lot of the sort of trash that got left by looting parties throughout the delve, here vaguely broken-furniture flavored as in the first room he opened in this area
  • Grok now looks in well for anything interesting in it.
    Grok: ((how long does the party need to rest?))

Grok: W “One more dead!”

Seiankornai: ((arbitrary length)) Thurirl: ((one week of real time? =P))

The well still appears to contain nothing more than dirty water.
Dragonhawk: ((heh, 8 hours sleep for Jessaila and Thurirl to start regenerating from their ability damage))

Grok: ((How much longer are you up for things tonight, Deb?))

Dragonhawk: ((we have up to 20 min more, or until you find something more interesting than a skeleton ))

Grok: ((unless you got a sleep spell, Grok isn’t going to wait nearly that long))

  • Grok opens north door
    Dragonhawk: ((but if people would just as well pause for the week here, that works too))

Modifying the fog-of-war manually without a server running affects only the global exposed area (i.e. the entire map), even
if one or more tokens are selected. If you want your changes to apply to individual tokens, start a MapTool server with
Individual Fog enabled (you can leave the Alias field empty to make an anonymous server, if you wish).

This warning will not appear again for this campaign.
Seiankornai: ((sure))

Grok: lotta dead skeletons here

The north room is empty of undead, although it still contains a pair of dead-dead skeletons ((ignore the mass of dead enemy tokens, I just stuffed them in there because it was empty ))
Malaina: (Okie dokie))

  • Grok searches this room as well
    Thurirl: ((GM’s got to have a Discard Pile…))

This room is equally disapppointing in the loot department. The cronist orcs did loot it when they first took over, after all.

  • Grok is getting bored.
    Grok: ((with doors that is.))

Grok: ((I can stop after this reveal))

Sadly, more doors and another well are all he finds in the hallway.

  • Grok looks in new well!
    Thurirl: ((huh… seems we did find the more structured/designed part of these caverns…))

Unless you count more dwarf skeletons, but again, these aren’t even animated; all the ones that could get up came to help Arundil before.

  • Grok steps on some just to be sure
    At least the water in this one is clear; the bottom is darkly out of sight but it’s probably safe to drink.
    Thurirl: ((but if we find a large room with a dwarven leader’s tomb, a bunch of skeletons and a dusty apocalyptic journal… I may just find the nearest exit))

Grok: ((I’ll try to find that next week, Thurirl))

((Tune in next time to find out what a mad cleric does while waiting to die in a besieged delve, and find out if the scroll is in any of these rooms.))
Game Saved
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Thurirl: good game .

Dragonhawk: ((also? The dwarven leader’s “tomb” such as it is is the desecrated shrine that had the stronger wight, so you’ve already found that ))

Malaina: good game everyone

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