Subplot Claims

In order to help the GM plan, players who intend to take advantage of the option to “Guest-GM” an adventure or two should “claim” a plot-hook. For example, if you want your module to involve ruin-delving, then claim “ancient ruin exploration;” if you want to have us fighting the evil root walkers in the Deep Green then you might claim “root-walker/saurian conflict” or “root-walker religion” as your theme.

  • Dragonhawk: Main Plot, most of the 99 knights, the Crone. Matha kings.
  • TGU: starting module, ???

I’ve worked out an overall outline for the campaign – subject, of course, to IC decision making etc. If things stay more or less within expected boundaries, however, there are 6 more places where guest GM plots can fit into the overall timeline. I will be tacking in-game time!

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Subplot Claims

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