Eadelene Craeftbehrt



Mage 8, Keeper 2, Wizard Specialty

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Outfit, Leatherwork, Metalwork

Picture credits: Eagle Talons, Eagle Beak, Cuirass, Battle Skirt , Boots, Mantle/Hood, Dress, Belt and Pouch, Katana, Katana Sheath, Design on Katana Sheath, Knife Handle, Knife Blade, Knife Sheath

Attributes Score Mod Temp Score Temp Mod
Str 10 0
Dex 14 2
Con 10 0
Int 18 4
Wis 14 2
Cha 16 3
Skills Total Ranks Attribute Misc. Threat
Acrobatics (Dex) 12 10 2 20
Athletics (Dex) 0 U 0 20
Blend (Cha) 3 U 3 20
Bluff (Cha) 4 1 3 20
Crafting(Int) 22 18 4 20
Disguise (Cha) 3 U 3 20
Haggle (Wis) 10 8 2 20
Impress (Cha) 12 9 3 20
Intimidate (Wis) 3 1 2 20
Investigate (Wis) 11 9 2 20
Medicine (Int) 17 13 4 20
Notice (Wis) 10 8 2 20
Prestidigitation (Dex) 8 6 2 20
Resolve (Con) 13 13 0 20
Ride (Dex) 10 8 2 20
Search (Int) 13 9 4 20
Sense Motive (Wis) 12 10 2 20
Sneak (Dex) 12 10 2 20
Survival (Wis) 8 6 2 20
Tactics (Int) 8 4 4 20
Spellcasting (Int) 17 13 4 20

Combat Statistics:

Vitality: 60
Wounds: 7
Defense: Total 19, Flat ft. 17 = 10 + 6 class + 2 dex +1 size
Initiative: 7 = 5 class + 2 dex


Type Total BAB Mod Misc
Unarmed 5 5 0 Con
Melee 5 5 0 Str
Ranged 7 5 2 Dex

Proficiencies: Trained Blunt; Edged Forte; Hurled Forte; Bows Forte


Weapon Attack Damage Threat Qualities
Katana 6 1d10+1 Lethal 19 Cavalry, Poisonous, Superior Materials Upgrade
Long Knife 6 1d6+3 Lethal 19 Finesse, Poisonous, Superior Materials Upgrade
Short Bow 8 Arrow 19 Cavalry
Staff Sling 8 1d6 Subdual 19 Load 1
Sling 8 1d4 Subdual 20 Load 1


Type Damage AP
Standard 1d6 Lethal 2
Bird 1d6 Subdual 0


Save Total Base Mod Misc
Fort 2 2
Ref 4 2
Will 11 9

Armor (And Prize):
Magic-binding, Level 10:
Greater Essence, Mage Class Enhancement
Lesser Charm, Spell Point Bonus (+2)

Type DR DP ACP Speed Disguise Resistances Const
Hardened Leather (Mod) 4 -1 -1 -5 -4 Fire 5 Soft 4
Light Fittings –
Head, Shoulders, Forearms
1 0 -1 0 -4 +1
Pech Craftsmanship
0 1 0 0 4
Superior Materials Upgrade +1 Save
Discrete Customization 4
Reinforced Customization Edged 2
Lightweight Customization 5
Magical Effect (From Pouch) 2
Totals 5 0 0 0 0 Fire 5,
Edged 2

Total Lifestyle: 12
Panache: 5; Prudence: 7
Income: 50s; Saved/Earned: 50%
Appearance Bonus: 2
Coin in Hand:
Stake: 185s
Reputation and Renown
Repuation: 1
Renown: 1
Renown Type: Scholarly
Titles: Honored Alumnus
Armor (See Above)
Utility Belt, with sheaths for the Katana and Long Knife and a removable pouch.
^Magic-binding on Katana Sheath, Level 10:
Greater Charm, Storage: allows the pouch to hold up to 10 objects of any size, and their weight does not count toward encumbrance
Lesser Charm, Spell Effect: “Haste” applied, activated by “Handle Item” action
Lesser Essence, ACP Negation: Applied to remove armor ACP
Other Gear:
“Durable” Cook’s and Pharmacist’s Kits
“Durable, Masterwork” Tailor’s, Doctors, Mage’s, Smith’s, and Stonecutter’s Kits
Backpack, Panpipes, Mirror, Grooming Case, Silk Rope, Common Ink, Sheaf of Paper, Whistle, Tent, Blanket/Bedrolll, Tinderbox

Origin, Class, and Specialty:
Pech Origin Benefit: Hearty Appetite
Keeper Class: Man of Reason; Trade Secrets
Mage Class : Arcane Adept; Subtle and Quick to Anger; Arcane Might; Circle of Power 1, 2, 3, (& 4 w/Armor’s Class Enhancement); Spell Secrets – 1 (& 1 w/Armor’s Class Enhancement);
Wizard Specialty: Spell Library; Encouragement; Broad Learning; Practiced Spellcasting; Thrifty
Spellcasting: Spell Power; Double Cast; Hidden Spells
Gear: Crafting Basics – Stonecutting; Charm Binding Basics; Charm Binding Mastery; Essence Binding Basics
Terrain: Animal Partner
Skill Focuses:
Crafting: Cooking (Food); Stonecutting (Stone Objects); Pharmacy (Medical Supplies and Poisons); Tailoring (Cloth and Leather Objects); Metalworking (Metal objects)
Riding: Riding Mounts; Flying Mounts; Water Vehicles
Interests and Studies:
Languages: Woanish, Melios, Kamilil, Gamok, Vidoss
Studies: Pech Culture; Playing Panpipes; Dwarvish Crafting Technique; Elven Crafting Technique; Magic-applied Elven Crafting (esp. Ancient); Eagles, Greater and Lesser: Traits, Character, and Habits

Spells Known: 43
Saving Throw: 17
Level 0 – Polar Ray I; Touch of Light; Magic Vestment I; Feather Fall; Create Water; Dancing Lights; Water Walk; Read Magic; Whispers
Level 1 – Magic Weapon 1; Magic Missile; Shield; Cure Wounds I; Disguise Self; Pass Without Trace; Mage Scribe I; Magic Aura I; Scry I
Level 2 – Cause Wounds II; Calm Emotions; Hold Animal; Mage Armor; Resist Energy; Arcane Lock; Wit I; Knock
Level 3 – Conjure Elemental II; Animate Dead II; Haste; Invisibility; Glyph of Protection; Shape Stone; Scry II
Prayer – Treat as Level 2 due to Spell Trick; Arcane Might +2 Bonus
Level 4 – Brawn II; Cure Wounds IV; Detect Lies; Mage Scribe II
Level 5 – Wall of Counter Magic
Brawn I, Mass – Treat as Level 4 due to (Armor) Spell Trick; Arcane Might +2 Bonus
Heal – Arcane Might +2 Bonus
Level 6 – Lift Curse II; Find the Path


Years ago, in one of the remoter regions of the Brenne-Stones, a travelling crafter by the name of Cuthraed (“Noble Council”) arrived in the tiny village of Bremelfeld (“Bramble Field”), intending to stay for a brief period before moving on. Instead he met Friedeswide (“Strong Peace”), a lifelong resident of the village. The two fell in love and married, and settled there together. They gained considerable regard in the community for their respective skills and services, and over time came to be known by the surname “Craeftbehrt” (Bright Craft). Some years later they had a daughter – their only child – and named her Eadelene (ey-ah’-de-leen; “Blessed Light”), or Addie or Len for short.

Eadelene gained her first fascinations and dreams in life from watching her parents. Cuthraed was a master artisan, thoroughly familiar with several crafts, but particularly trained and talented in stone-sculpting. Friedeswide was well-versed in medicine, though her formal training was limited, and much of her knowledge came in the form of home remedies and folk-knowledge. Still, she served as the local doctor for the small town and surrounding country region in which they lived, and she had gained a considerable reputation for her skill.

From her youngest years of toddling after their footsteps, Eadelene loved following both her parents around, “helping” however she could, and absorbing much of their knowledge in each of their respective disciplines. She grew especially interested in her father’s craft-work, possibly because he could could more easily and often accommodate a young child in his workshop than her mother could in sickrooms across the countryside.

All other things being equal, Eadelene would probably have gone on to apprentice with one or both of her parents and pursued a quiet life of crafting and healing, perhaps briefly leaving her hometown to broaden her knowledge and experience, but almost certainly quickly returning to it.

There was, however, that one “other, unequal thing”… and this was her lock of white hair. Discernible even from birth, Eadelene’s parents regarded the aptitude for magic it signified to be a valuable gift, and they were determined to see her develop it to its fullest potential. Neither being magic-gifted themselves, they encouraged her through her youth to learn what she could from the gifted within their community. However, once she grew old enough to live away from home, they chose to send her away for formal schooling at the Riddlemasters’ College.

Though both her parents supported the plan, it was most strongly advocated by her father, who remembered with fondness the travels of his younger years while training in his craft. He placed great value on the breadth of knowledge he gained from interacting with different masters in different places, and from seeing and studying the ancient remnants scattered throughout the land. He wanted his daughter to benefit from a similar variety of experience before she settled down to pursue a more rooted life and application of her gifts.

Eadelene enjoyed her studies in the use of magic, but she never lost her interest in the knowledge and crafts she learned first from her parents. Through the course of her schooling, Eadelene devoted considerable time to pursuing ways of combining her love of crafting with her gift for magic, studying the use of charms and essences and researching more ancient magic-binding techniques whenever she could. This latter pursuit even led her into a bit of research into moonshell particularly, though mostly what she learned of it was how little it was understood.

Eadelene’s fascination with magic-binding became both a specialty and a matter of some reputation, as students leaving on ruin-delves learned they could go to her for quality gear at fair (and often as not, fairly discounted) prices. For Eadelene’s part, though this activity grew to occupy a considerable portion of her schedule, it was an opportunity to apply part of her passion, and it also conveniently helped to pay the bills. Eadelene met Isabis in a charm-binding class during these years, and remembers her with regard as a fellow serious-minded student.

At last Eadelene finished her studies at the Riddlemaster’s College, but inclined to it though she was, she did not return home. Her parents had encouraged her to follow in her father’s footsteps, traveling to broaden her knowledge and experience of her crafts – both by encountering varied techniques, and by gaining practical experience as she used them to support herself. For the last four years she has carried on this pursuit, settling for a while in one small town or another, setting up shop with whichever and however many of her particular talents she can, and then after a time moving on. In her spare and low-business times during this period, she has also made a project of crafting several articles of gear for herself, investing effort in both their utility and their artistry, since she intended them to serve as showcases of her craftsmanship as well as tools for her own use. To this end, she crafted the katana and long knife she carries, as well as their sheaths and the armor, utility belt, and pouch she wears. In the case of her armor and her katana sheath, she also bent her magic-binding skills upon them, fashioning them into instances of her work in charms and essences as well as of her craftsmanship and artistry.

Chattery-Addie’s Account of Finding An Evening Meditation:

Well, I actually found it back before I went to Riddlemasters. ‘Course, back then I liked best to be following my Da around his shop, mostly. Or working with Ma on something. But they knew I’d need to be better-prepared than that, so they made me spend a couple days each week with the archivist in our region’s library and hall of records. Kinda impressive we even had one, really, our village is so remote. And sure, it’s small, but it’s got some things that go – well, just way back. Even a few things that were just downright old when people first came and settled the area generations ago. So usually the archivist had things for me to study and the like, but he always left me some time to just poke through things and read what I wanted – watched like a hawk over my shoulder to make sure I didn’t damage anything, a’ course. But still pretty much gave me free reign.

So one day I ran across one of those old, old things, stashed away in a dusty back corner. Had the title “Evening Meditations,” and was… well, a collection of meditations, prayers, that sort of thing. Mostly short little poems. Now, Da and Ma – they never were all that religious. Would go to temple every now and again, but it was never a big thing for them. I was pretty much the same way – if anything, even more so. It just… never clicked with me. So I almost put it away. But I was in a phase where I was interested in traditional poetry, and in any case it was a fancy old scroll – had some of the finest calligraphy I’ve seen, even to this day. So, y’know, I decided to read through it.

The bit I just sang – it was the last of the collection, closed it out. And I can’t say I took much notice of it at first. I did think it seemed a little odd, a little off. I mean, Moru as the source of love’s shining? Okay, fine… but could you come up with a more awkward way of wording it? And Avva having a warming fire in a hearthside in the highest sky… makes sense… some… kinda. Wasn’t sure why he’d need to be warmed by a fire, and the part about longing for it was a little weird. So like I said, a little oddly off. Still, I mostly just shrugged at it.

It stuck in my head so strangely, though. So much that I had to go back the next day to look it up again. Even asked the archivist about it. He looked it over, and I think he saw… hmm, well. Either nothing out of line, or a barrel of last-season’s apples he wanted no part of opening. One way or the other, it came to the same thing: he said if I didn’t understand it, the priest was the one ought to explain it. Well, by that time I was curiouser than a basket of month-old kittens, so I decided I’d go ahead and do it. I went and got the priest, and brought him to the library to show him the scroll. He just confirmed the same line of interpretation I used at first, and told me that where the wording seemed odd, it was only a difference between language now and language way back when. Y’know, different word order, slightly different meanings for words. It all seemed plausible. Not quite right, somehow, but I couldn’t find a flaw in it. And after all, I wasn’t much more than a kid at that point. What did I know?

I kinda spent the rest of the week going back and forth between puzzling over it, kicking it out of my mind, then finding myself wondering why I couldn’t get it out of my head again. Then, very end of that week… one night I had a dream. I fell asleep wondering about the poem again, and in the dream… there’s no other way to say it but that I could see the poem. I mean, I could see images of what it was actually saying: Avva, standing in shining flame, INSIDE a hearthside… Moru shining – no, reflecting a light so much more brilliant, I couldn’t even see where it was coming from. And… there was more. I mean, those first pictures… they were solid; I could almost have touched them. But this part – they could have faded to nothing next to it, yet it wasn’t anything I could properly see or hear or… it’s just so hard to put into words. It was… like warmth, but not, like light, but not, like a feeling, but… more. You know the line about our love leaping upward, searching for the source of its shining? I knew it was that. There was the light too bright to see, and that was the source of Moru’s shining. At the same time, in the same way, that same thing – or no, not “thing,” either, because though I couldn’t say how, I was also sure this Source was not “someTHING,” but “SomeONE” – so, that same Someone was also the source of… whatever I was experiencing. Love’s shining, if you want to call it that, though… next to the reality, it falls kinda flat. It was… exhilarating, humbling, overwhelming… strangely terrifying. I’m pretty sure that’s what woke me up, and I know it’s what haunted me afterward. I didn’t long for any hearthside… but I longed for that. For Him.

Anyway, after I had the dream, I went back to the priest. He tried going back over what he’d already told me, as if I didn’t understand it the first time. So I told him about the dream. That’s when he got frustrated, and asked why I was letting some dusty poem with archaic language plague me so, and what kind of parents let such an impressionable, excitable child spend so much time alone reading things that were over her head, and of course I’d have bad dreams if I kept getting into the storage cabinet after my Ma’s medicinal wine, and did she know what I’d been up to? Now, I’m usually pretty even-tempered. But that? That made me HOT. I went off on him. Gave him right earful. …Said some things I probably shouldn’ta. Then he called my parents in, and accused me and them both of all kinds of things. Now, my Ma wasn’t going to stand for that – went off on him herself, and gave him back as much as he dealt out with some to spare, too. Then she took me home and went off on me – what was I thinking, and disrespect to elders and village leaders, and how could they trust me to go off to school on my own if this was how I was going to behave – all that sort of thing. Can’t say I blamed her, even then. Once I cooled down a bit and started thinking… I could remember that feeling and that Someone from my dream. Next to that, when I thought of how I reacted and what I said… I felt oddly ashamed. Even more than from hearing Ma mad at me and seein Da so disappointed… and that’s saying something. Once things simmered down, I showed them the poem and told them more about my dream. They weren’t offended like the priest, though not so interested as I would’ve liked, either. Still, after the way I’d behaved myself… well, I let the matter go.

I made out a copy of the poem that I could keep. Didn’t need it long – I had it memorized pretty quick. You’d think after a while I’d just forget about it. After all, what did I have? Six lines of poetry and a dream. But… there was more to it all than that. That feeling from my dream… it struck somewhere deep, somewhere I didn’t even know existed, that nothing else had ever touched. Temple, crafting, my best times with my parents – nothing. I made a tune for the poem, and took to singing it to myself each night before I slept. I think even now I always half-hope I’ll have that dream again… though I never have. Anyway, eventually I got to where I’d find myself singing it absent-mindedly through the day. So even to this day, I still haven’t gotten it out of my head. And… I don’t want to. Ever. Somewhere out there… I know there is a source for Moru’s shining and for our highest love, a hearth where Avva lives – a hearth belonging to Someone Else. The Highest. I still long for that, for Him. Perhaps now more than at first. I think I always will.

An Animate Dead Anecdote
“Hmph, that. Hate the thought of even knowing it most of the time, but it did save my life once. …In point of fact, on the occasion that I ‘learned’ it. Hard to call it ‘learning’ – it was one of those “just came to me” things. See, I was on one of the few ruin-delve trips I’ve done. The whole group of us were being beaten down by this horrible giant ruin-haunt, and it had snagged me. And I’m left just… well, of course fighting like mad to get away, and terrified to death, and willing with every fiber of my being for ANYTHING that might help me to help. And then suddenly some of the bones of the thing’s long-ago kills start snapping together and standing upright – two sets of them, no less. Of course, at that point, I’m just about ready to give it up in disgust and call it a life, because REALLY…?! And then the next thing I know, one of them is hammering away at the hunk of haunt that’s holding me, and the other is pulling me free. And then it’s setting me back on my feet as gently as you might set fine china on a table. …SO CREEPY, let me tell you! But… I can’t say I wasn’t grateful. Ever since then, I know how to do it, yeah. Don’t much like to, of course, but… well, I can’t say it’s never been useful.”

Eadelene Craeftbehrt

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