The faithful drake companion to Malaina



Vraiuvant (Large Beast Flyer/Walker — 90 XP)
Threat Level: 10
Str 17, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 10
SZ L (2×3, Reach 2)
Spd 40 ft. flight, 30 ft. ground

Init I; Atk VII; Def VIII; Resilience II; Health V; Comp II; Skills: Intimidate V, Survival III

Qualities: battering, cold-blooded, diurnal, dread, fast healing, favoured foes (Folk), fearsome, feat (Native Ferocity), frenzy I, menacing threat, veteran I.

Attacks/Weapons: Bite III, Claw III, Fire Breath (damage II: beam 20ft. range; damage type: fire)

Vitality: 250
Wounds: 24

Hardened Leather: 4 DR, -1 DP, -1 ACP, +5 Speed, 24lbs, Resistances: 5 Fire/2 Edge, Upgrades: Lightweight, Reinforced

Strength: 17/ +3
Dexterity: 12/ +1
Constentution: 16/ +3
Intelligence: 10/ +0
Wisdom: 12/ +1
Charisma: 10/ +0

Fort: +7 = 3(Con) +4(TL)
Will: +5 = 1(Wis) +4(TL)
Reflex: +5 = 1(Dex) +4(TL)

BAB: Melee = +16
Ranged = +14
Defense: 24
Natural Armor: +4
DR: 8 = 4(Natural Armor) + 4(Hardened Leather Armor)

Bite Attack (Grade III): +14, 2d10 +3 Damage, AP 2 [17-20 Threat (increase to 15-20 for Favored Foe)]
Claw Attack (Grade III): +14, 2d8 +3Damage, AP 2 [19-20 Threat (Increase to 17-20 for Favored Foe)]
Fire Breath Attack (damage II: beam 20ft. range; damage type: fire): +12, 5d6 [20 Threat (increase to 18-20 for Favored Foe)]

Intimidate: V ( +15)
Survival: III ( +11)
(Other skills are +2 + approriate ability mod)

Menacing Threat ( +2 XP): The NPC may Threaten up to 3 opponents at once. He only rolls once for the action while each opponent rolls to resist separately.

Fast Healing ( +1 XP): The NPC heals damage at twice the standard rate.

Favored Foes ( +1 per Type): The NPC’s threat range increases by 2 when attacking and making Notice, Sense Motive, and Survival checks targeting standard characters of 1 Type (see page 226). Foes: Goblins

Wing Buffet: 1 Full Action • Attack Action • Requires Winged Flight Speed
The character flaps his wings vigorously, creating a momentary gale. Each smaller target within a cone facing in a direction of the character’s choice and with a length equal to the character’s winged flight speed (40ft) makes a Reflex save (DC 17 Reflex Save). This DC increases by 4 per Size category of difference. With success, the target is pushed 1 square away from the character. With failure, the target is pushed 1d4 squares away and becomes sprawled.

NATIVE FEROCITY (From Feat Quality)
You use your natural weapons to deadly effect.
Prerequisites: At least 1 natural attack (see page 235)
Benefit: Each of your natural attacks improves by 1 grade (i.e. Gore III becomes Gore IV). You may also activate critical hits with natural attacks for 1 less action die (minimum 0) a
number of times per combat equal to your starting action dice.

Fearsome (+2 XP): Up to 3 times per scene, as a half action, the NPC can invoke fear in all opponents who can see or hear him. Each target suffers 1d6 stress damage and must make a Will save (DC 20) or become frightened.

Frenzy I (+4 XP): The NPC may frenzy once per combat, gaining a number of additional half actions in one round equal to the number of opponents he faces (maximum equal to the
total extraordinary and natural attacks he has + 2). These half actions may only be used to attack and may be used to make multiple extraordinary attacks in the same round. Unless the NPC has only 1 attack, each attack must use a different weapon, extraordinary attack, or natural attack than the last.

Veteran (+2 XP per grade): The NPC’s Threat Level increases by 1 per grade (maximum Threat Level 20).

Battering (+2 XP): Each time the NPC hits with an unarmed or melee attack, the target also suffers 2 subdual damage.

Dread (+2 XP): Each time an opponent attacks the NPC and misses, the opponent suffers 2 stress damage.

Languages: Vidoss and Melios

Gear in Saddlebags:
- Blanket/Bedroll (For Mala): Cold Resistance 4, 3lbs
- Silk Rope: 50 ft. long; max load 750 lbs.; escape DC 25, 5lbs
- 2 Comfort Foods: +1 gear bonus to Will saves (8 hours), 10lbs
- Music Box: Plays 1 song, 1lbs


Vraiuvant (Large Beast Flyer/Walker — 90 XP): TL: 10
Melee: 16=133(str) Fort: 7=43(con)
Health: 12=73(con)2(size) ~ 250/24 Ranged: +14=131(dex) Ref: 5=41(dex)
Def: 24=10+14+1(dex)-1(size) Comp: 4 Will: +5=41(wis)
Size: Large (2×3); Reach: 2; Speed: 40 ft. flight, 30 ft. ground;
Skills: Intimidate V (Wis) 16 = 151; Survival III (Wis) 12 = 111
Qualities: battering, cold-blooded, diurnal, dread, fast healing, favoured foes (Folk), fearsome, feat (Native Ferocity), frenzy I, menacing threat, veteran I.
Attacks: Bite III [2d10/17-20], Claw III [2d8/19-20], Fire Breath [5d6/20] (damage II: beam 20ft. range; damage type: fire)


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