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Most of you emerged from a sunpool near a small village at the foothills of the Black Peaks within a few days of each other. You did the odd jobs around town Sunchasers often are hired to do. But you soon hear would that a Matha guild is hireing Sunchasers to guard a new mine they are setting up in the mountains. Goblin raids are likely…

TGU: (so, technically you don’t have the loot you just rolled for yet, but you can get it after this adventure cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emtongue.png))

Malaina is flying on Vari to the meeting place where they are hiring Isabis is at the guild hall, showing her resume to the hiring agent

She and Vari see the spot, a few simple shacks have been set up and there are men with picks and shovels moving about.

Jamshid par-Bahadur walks down the main street to the guild hall, his dusty robes flapping in the stiff breeze

Isabis: “No, for the dozenth time, I was not injured. I just took some time off to care for my family! Why is that so hard to believe??”

Vari easily lands close by, lowering down and folding his wings to his side to let Mala slide off the saddle

TGU: ((scratch that, Mala and Vari are also landing near the guild hall, not the mine itself yet))

Thurirl is at the guild hall, but is trying to get in unnoticed. So far, so good.

You whisper to TGU: Maybe because of her scholar’s pallor, after spending a year at the riddlemasters’ college nursing her sick mother cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emtongue.png

Jamshid par-Bahadur adjusts the shield slung over his left shoulder as he enters the hall by the front door Malaina pats Vari’s side and tells him to behave as she walks to the guild hall and enters

Jamshid par-Bahadur: “Good evening” slight bow “Rumor has it you are looking for mine guards?”

Isabis wears leather armor, a handclaw, a quiver with unstrung bowstaff underneath, and a pack with a whip tied to it’s side. She looks surprisingly pale, but seems vigorous. And annoyed, just at the moment. Malaina goes inside and looks for the person to talk to about being hired. She wears leather armor, has a halberd strapped to her back, a hidden punch dagger (I am gonna say after that fight, she retrieved the one she threw) and three Chakrams strapped to her belt. Guild Officer Harlos shakes Jamshid’s hand, “Yes, a bit of short notice actually. The guild master wanted the mining operations started immediately. Since we don’t have the guards trained for that yet, we’re hiring Sunchasers like yourselves.”

Guild Officer Harlos: “And you look the type, though this lady says she’s capable of it too, but I’m not sure.”

Guild Officer Harlos gesters towards Isabis

Jamshid par-Bahadur: “I thank you”

Guild Officer Harlos: “I don’t mean to offend, it’s just, well, you hardly look sun touched.”

Malaina heads on over Thurirl is in the corner, watching the conversations. He wears padded armor and a soft cloak, carrying a sword, dagger and bow and arrows. He notices an old friend and sneaks up behind her.

Thurirl: “Hello, Malaina.”

Malaina barely caught a glimps of him sitting 20ft away before she realized he was at her back.

Malaina yelps a bit in surprise and whirls around, “Thuriril!!! What have I told you about sneaking up on me!!!”

Vari sticks his head in, after hearing Malaina’s yelp

Thurirl: “That you found it annoying and frightening and I should never do it in front of your mother?”

Isabis glars at Harlos “No so much sun in mines, anyhow, now is there?” Vari looks for what spooked Mala, trying to squeeze his way in Guild Officer Harlos considers this. “Fair enough, you have a point.”

Thurirl: “Ah. Vari. Still following Malaina around wherever she goes?”

Isabis notices the large head in the doorway

Guild Officer Harlos: “Oh, sorry, I didn’t notice you come in.”

Vari makes a warbling noise, looking annoyed

Isabis: (Speaking Vidoss) “Greetings to you, noble drake. May the sun ever shine from your scales.”

Vari: ((Only speaks Melios and Vidoss))

Vari: ((Speaks Vidoss)) "You should make this place bigger!!

Thurirl turns to the Guild Officer. “That was my intention, actually. I am perhaps not so skilled in guarding, but I can indeed surprise those who attempt a raid.” Isabis looks startled

Malaina: “Vari, back outside, I do not want you bringing another place down!”

Jamshid par-Bahadur looks the others up and down without betraying any expression. He is a dark-haired man of medium height wearing a loose caftan over a finely tooled boiled leather cuirass and greaves. A long curved sword hangs from one side of his belt, and a thin elven-made poinard from the other. On his back are a large shield, three javelins, and a pack from which hang two sets of bolas. Vari pouts at being shooed out, though a Drake pouting is…not normal, but he pulls his head back outside

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((scratch the greaves, you wouldn’t be able to see them even if I had them, which I don’t yet cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emfrown.png))

Grok: *No sooner does the drake clear the door than an ogre walks in!

Guild Officer Harlos: “Yes, please. We generally don’t have many drakes interested in this place, so haven’t enlarged it.”

Guild Officer Harlos ’s eyes grow wide

Guild Officer Harlos: “MONSTER!”

Grok: (speaking Woanish) “The mighty Grok has come to guard the mines of the puny… what are you yelling about?”

Thurirl looks up at the ogre, still as a stone. No one sees him procure his knife, just in case. Jamshid par-Bahadur doesn’t seem to move apart from his right hand dropping to his dagger hilt — but he suddenly takes on the aspect of a coiled spring ready to leap into action. Malaina archs his eyebrow, not sensing a threat

Isabis: “Do you speak Melios?”

Guild Officer Harlos: (does anyone know Woanish?)

Isabis waits a beat, and recieves no response

Thurirl: ((Not me.))

Isabis tries Vidoss next, followed by Gamok.

Malaina: ((Nope, sorry, only Melios, Vidoss and Gamok))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((haven’t selected Interests yet … how many do we have at 5th level?))

Guild Officer Harlos: ((4 of your choice, at least, plus your native language and study in native culture))

Grok: “Fools! Speak Woanish like the great people!”

A few tense moments go by before a pech guildmember walks in. He is quite shocked, but is able to translate for the ogre.

Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((In that case I would know Woanish if that’s the language of the desert ogres))

Grok: ((it is.))

Guild Officer Harlos: ((my Drake will also know Woanish, but he’s not here yet))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: In Woanish “What brings you here ogre? What is your clan? Who are your enemies?”

Thurirl puts his knife away without making much sound or movement. Guild Officer Harlos stays still, trying not to be noticed. He’s not doing as good a job as Thurirl

Grok: “Grok the mighty comes to guard the mines of the puny humans! Enemies? The black knights.”

Jamshid par-Bahadur: Melios “He claims that he is here to take the mine guard position, and that he is an enemy of the Crone. He will not say what his clan is.”

Jamshid par-Bahadur: Woanish “What reason have you to help these humans? Are you here to spy out their strength?”

Guild Officer Harlos: “Oh… um, this is a bit unusual… though I don’t really want to risk offending an ogre. mutters At least not in my own guild hall”

Grok: “Hah! What strength? I am the mighty Grok! I will do great things, and then the little people will know I am mighty!”

Thurirl is a stone, he is a tree, he is a… wait, where’d he go? Grok laughs good-humoredly Malaina looks annoyed Thurirl disappeared on her…again Thurirl taps her shoulder.

At least he didn’t leave her with the check this time.

Thurirl: ((I swear, it was just that one time…))

Isabis mutters “Laughing has to be better than bellowing. What’s with that hat?” Malaina squeaks, but doesn’t yelp, not wanting to have Vari tear the roof off to get inside, “Thurirl!!! Cut that out!” Grok is wearing an odd hat

Jamshid par-Bahadur: Sense Motive (Including bonus for Studycp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emgasp.pnggres) 17

Thurirl: “It never ceases to amuse me how easily people lose track of one Saurian.”

Jamshid thinks Grok is being honest

Jamshid par-Bahadur gives a short nod to the ogre Malaina shoves him

Jamshid par-Bahadur: Woanish “I will vouch for you ogre. Know however that I have slain three dozens of your people, and I will end you without hesitation if you betray this trust.”

Guild Officer Harlos: (him being Thurirl?)

Grok frowns at Jamshid but nods anyway

Malaina: ((Yes))

Thurirl is shoved a step to the side. He gives a small smirk.

Jamshid par-Bahadur: Melios “I believe he is speaking the truth and wishes to help. I will take him under my honor and vouch for his honesty.”

Jamshid par-Bahadur: Impress: 29

Grok mutters about the puny language not fitting in his mouth

Guild Officer Harlos: “Ah, um, very well. The ogre may assist you in guarding the mines.”

Malaina heads over to the Guild Officer Grok makes his mark where the Guild Officer points

Thurirl: “Until the ogre proves evil, I see no reason not to let him go along. It is quite reasonable some of them would wish to hurt and not harm those smaller than them.”

Guild Officer Harlos: (do you want to activate that threat, Jamshid?)

Jamshid par-Bahadur: (no, I’ll let it stand as is)

Guild Officer Harlos: (k)

Isabis draws her bowstave to fidget with while she waits her turn to sign the contract Vari peeking in through the windows

Malaina is disconnected.

Malaina has connected.

Malaina: ((Back))

Guild Officer Harlos: “Well, I think all of you together ought to be enough for a few days guarding. A couple weeks at most, before we get some professional guards available. The here’s a map to the mine’s location, it’s a half days journey on foot.”

Guild Officer Harlos writes a letter, “This will inform the mine master that you are there for guard work.” Thurirl signs the contract as well, though he seems to fade into the group afterward. Malaina signs the contract Jamshid par-Bahadur negotiaties for a better salary ((Haggle 13))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: (spending 1 action die for +1)

Guild Officer Harlos: ((tsk, should’ve spent the action die on that impress roll cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emtongue.pngcp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emwink.png))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: Impress 22 to determine starting disposition

Vari grumbles cause he is stuck outside

Malaina is disconnected.

Isabis helps jamshid (haggle « 1d20+4 = 5 + 4 = 9 » assisting)

Malaina has connected.

Isabis is no help cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emtongue.png

Guild Officer Harlos: ((resolve check « 1d20+3 = 8 + 3 = 11 » to withstand the impress))

Guild Officer Harlos: ((haggle check « 1d20+3 = 20 + 3 = 23 »))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: (so +5 to his starting disposition)

Guild Officer Harlos: ((so 18 vs 23))

Isabis: ((Loot update: we each recieve 48 sp in coins, 17 sp in raw materials, and there is 1 sp worth of raw materials left over.))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: (19 if he started at neutral)

Guild Officer Harlos: ((right))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: (lost by 4 then)

Guild Officer Harlos: ((so, technically he’s the buyer, so the he negotiates your price down, Jamshid))

Guild Officer Harlos: ((hehe, whoops))

Thurirl: ((ouch))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: (can I retry with a succesful Persuade attempt?)

Guild Officer Harlos: ((nope))

Thurirl: ((can we maybe not try to wheedle more money out of the nice man who gave us a job?))

Guild Officer Harlos: ((you already went through negotiations))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: “Our salary should be higher with an ogre along to chase the goblins away…” “what do you mean the ogre will frighten the mine workers??” … “compensation for loss of worker morale?”

Jamshid par-Bahadur: (drat) (carrying on)

Guild Officer Harlos: “They may be better protected, but they’ll certainly be concerned about an ogre nearby.”

Thurirl: “Let it go. Be grateful he’s still paying us.”

Jamshid par-Bahadur: “Fair enough. Perhaps we can discuss this again at another time.”

Jamshid par-Bahadur bows and leaves with the others

Guild Officer Harlos: “Perhaps.”

Isabis: “I’m just glad to be out of the academy again. I was begining to be afraid I’d get stuck there somehow.”

TGU: ((for those who are still up for RPing, you can talk while you walk to the mine; those who are going to bed will just be quiet, or talking with others who aren’t here))

Malaina: ((I’m up for rping!))

Jamshid par-Bahadur: (ok, later all))

Grok made his big speech to the Guild officer and now falls back on his trademark “strong silent type” behavior

Jamshid par-Bahadur is disconnected.

Isabis falls in next to Malaina

Jamshid attempts to talk to Grok anyway, being the only one who can

Malaina riding on top of the walking Vari Thurirl defaults to his “just plain silent type” behavior. He never loses track of the party, but can the same be said for them?

Isabis: “So where do you hail from?”

Isabis has not yet taken to keeping track of Thurirl as a hobby. Give it a few days cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emwink.png

Malaina: ((Who?))

Isabis is talking to Malaina, or possibly Vari. It’s hard to tell

Malaina: “Oh, me and Vari are from the Black Peaks.”

Isabis: “Heh, Vari is it? I wouldn’t expect her to be from anywhere else. Er…it is ‘her’ isn’t it? I hate to offend a drake.”

Malaina: “He is a he, and his full name is Vraiuvant, but I call him Vari for short.” pats his spines lightly

Isabis: “Oh, I beg your pardon then Vraiuvant. I must say, you seem awfully…casual together.”

Vari glances down to Isabis before looking forward again

Malaina: “Oh, me and Vari have been together since he was a baby.”

Isabis seems rather bemused

Isabis: “Ah, much is explained. So were you raised by drakes, then? That must have been quite a childhood.”

Thurirl takes up the hobby of watching others while not being noticed much. Malaina slowly frowns and looks down, hands clutching at the saddle, “No….I come from the village of Eurateos…”

Isabis whisper to Thurirl: You notice that Isabis has a habit of nudging her bowstaff every few minutes, as though to be sure it’s still there.

Malaina whispers: That is the town that was slaughtered, probably found that way from people travelling"

Isabis tries to recall ever hearing of Eurateos « 1d20+3+4+2 = 12 + 3 + 4 + 2 = 21 »

Thurirl whispers: You sure you want him to know that? He can be a mischief maker at times.

Isabis: “Oh? Oooh. The goblins… wait, you survived the raid? Not many can say that, that’s for sue.”

Isabis: “Er. I’m sorry if I brought up a painful memory.”

Malaina: “None can say!! Except for me….and Vari…they killed everyone…”

Malaina quickly wipes at her face, not wanting to cry in front of anyone

Thurirl: “Are you all right, Malaina?”

Isabis whisper to Thurirl: It’s pretty obvious, really. She spent over a year making that bow, she’s pretty protective of it cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emtongue.png

Thurirl speaks up before offering a hand to comfort her, not wishing to spook her this time.

Isabis whisper to Thurirl: What you probably don’t know as yet is that it’s a magic item

Malaina: ((She is on Vari, so she is probably above everyone else))

Thurirl whispers: He will, eventually.

TGU: ((quite))

TGU: ((though I expect Thurirl could find his way up there real quick cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emtongue.pngcp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emsmile.png))

Isabis whisper to Thurirl: Well exactly. So no point pretending he won’t cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emwink.png

Thurirl: ((that would be… illogical))

Isabis whisper to Thurirl: I get an opposed check to notice if you try to do anything with it cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emtongue.png

Vari looks quite annoyed with everyone and speaks, “Do not…bring her…pain….” and spreads his wings, taking off into the air Malaina easily hangs on, having pretty much grown up flying on his back

Isabis: “Oh, dear. SORRY!”

Thurirl: “How unnecessary. I was only trying to offer her comfort.”

Thurirl: “That drake has always given me a rather critical eye.”

Isabis: “I imagine /her/ pain was not alone in precipitating that flight.”

Vari flying high above, doing lazy circles as he follows

Isabis: “Drakes died in the Eurateos raid too. They didn’t really leave a town behind.”

Isabis sighs

Thurirl: “I know. She told me about it when we met. After she composed herself.”

Isabis: "Accursed goblins. Tell most people something needs to be done, they just whine platitudes at you. ’It’s all sun and moon, who can root out every goblin’s nest in all the black peaks?’ "

Isabis: “They’ll be singing a different tune if the Crone makes her next push and we’ve got a hundred nests of enemies living in our back yards.”

Thurirl: “Which is why I set out from home so long ago. Logically, if the Crone manages to enter this world, we would all suffer the consequences.”

Isabis: “Aye. Being an academy brat, I studied on the matter extensively. Then, being somewhat more practical than most of the other academy brats, I decided to take up a bow and do something about it.”

Vari comes back down to earth, landing behind the group and letting Mala slide off his saddle, pouting and whining Malaina quickly catchs up to the others, looking much better now

Thurirl: “I appreciate your taking responsibility for it. And while some would blame humans for bringing her attention here, I believe she might have come to this world eventually. The time for it has merely been pushed forward.”

Isabis: “I do apologize, Vraiuvant, Malaina. It was terribly insensitive of me.”

Isabis turns back to Thurirl Malaina waves her hand, “No no, don’t be sorry, Vari just doesn’t like it when I cry so he thinks the best way is to fly away fromt he problem.” Isabis nods at Malaina

Malaina: “But yes, I was the only survivor of Eurateos, me and Vari. He was just a baby, hunters from my village found him, no parents anywhere.”

Isabis: “Really? My word. He was spared from the goblins by Avva’s own hand, then.”

Malaina: “Yes, we took him in, and the elders were going ot send scouts out the next day to find any drakes to take him in, but…the goblins attacked.”

Thurirl thinks of a reply to that, then figures it’s best to stay silent. Malaina reachs up and touchs a blue pendant choker on her neck, the jewel looking suspiciously like an eye Isabis eyes Thurirl, trying to think of a diplomatic way to ask if he follows the Eyes of Heaven or not Isabis fails

Thurirl: “I do believe, Malaina, that you are leaving out part of your story.”

Malaina: “Oh really, and what part would that be?”

Thurirl: “The part where you met me, of course.”

Thurirl allows a small smile to show on his face. Isabis snerks Malaina rolls her eyes playfully, “That was not for many many years Thurirl.”

Thurirl: “Ah, of course. You must forgive me. I was never very good with human calendars.”

Malaina smiles and shakes her head, “Anyway, it’s just been me and Vari for all these years, in the Black Peaks.”

Isabis: “Hah. Seasons come at the same rate for all kindreds, surely.”

Thurirl: “I rarely keep track of the seasons, save to know when it is time to visit home and see my family.”

Malaina: “There is only two dates of great importance to me.”

Isabis: “Hmm. Well, since Malaina leaves it untold, you shall make it part of your story. How did you come to be in the black peaks meeting people, Thurirl?”

Thurirl: “I left my home in the swamp a long time ago, only going back roughly once a year to visit family and friends. Sadly, it has become a trifle longer between visits. My studies do take me quite a long ways from home.”

Isabis: “Oh? And what do you study?”

Thurirl: “The practice of not being seen. Or, having been seen, to distract and move away unseen.”

Thurirl: “It is a difficult art to practice, yet I have already proven quite skillful in it. It only requires the patience and subtlety to wait until the right moment has arrived.”

Isabis: “Ah. Practical studies. Heh, it sounds useful, though it’s not at all what I’m used to hearing when I ask after people’s studies.”

Isabis:“Hmm. Alghough now that I think on it, there’s one or two people I know that seem to have a natural gift for what you’re describing.”

Thurirl: “It is rare, I know, but many can learn to make use of it. Whether they are as skilled as me remains to be seen.”

Malaina has one other study herself

Isabis: “Or not seen, eh?”

Isabis chuckles

Thurirl: “As for how Malaina and I met, my studies brought me to the Black Peaks at one point. I was busy meditating in a tree, focusing on stilling myself, when a commotion aroused my attention.”

Thurirl: “I found myself witnessing a human female in a struggle with some goblins. She seemed to be holding her own, yet one of them managed to get behind her without her noticing.”

Malaina: “Heh, yes, Vari was dealing with a small mob himself, so he wasn’t close enough to help.”

TGU: ((did he eat well that day? cp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emtongue.pngcp://net/rptools/maptool/client/image/smiley/emwink.png))

Thurirl: “I felt compelled to act. The goblins seemed cruel and intent on doing her great harm. So, assuming she was of the kinder sort, though it might have cost me my life, I dropped from the tree and taught the goblin a lesson in true stealth.”

Malaina: ((Oh yes!))

Isabis: “Oh? A /final/ lesson, I take it?”

Thurirl: “He really was quite the amateur. I felt it my duty to… educate him on the finer points.”

Thurirl lets a cold smile play on his lips for a moment. Malaina chuckles

Thurirl: “After that, it was a simple manner for all of us to dispatch the remaining goblins. One of them even tripped on me in his haste.”

Thurirl: “And again, I felt compelled to play the part of the teacher…”

Malaina: “Poor Vari, he wasn’t sure if the newcomer was a snack or an ally.”

Isabis: “Well, you and Vari seem to have survived your lessons, so that’s better than the goblins anyway.”

Isabis grins at them Malaina smiles and nods

Thurirl: “They have proved to be much better pupils for my teachings.”

Thurirl: “Most goblins I meet have proven… not to be.”

Malaina: “Hmph….all goblins should just be left to burn…”

Vari growls in agreement

Isabis: “Except if you /leave/ them, they might crawl out. Better to do them off while you’re watching and can be sure.”

Malaina: “I’d stay to watch them burn.”

Thurirl: “She can leave them to me. No goblin has yet seen me unless I am teaching one of his fellows.”

Malaina has a personal vendetta against them

Isabis: ((done for tonight?))

Malaina: ((I am still up for more rping, unless folks need to go to sleep))

Thurirl: ((I can’t think of much else to say… and feelin’ kinda tired))

Isabis: ((it is kind of late))

Malaina: ((I guess we can stop, how much loot did we get?))

TGU: ((Isabis can answer that))

Isabis: ((48 sp in coins, 17 sp in raw materials. XP to be awarded later))

Malaina: ((48 for each person?))

Isabis: ((yes))

Isabis: ((and were you the one who got the other oil?))

Malaina: ((Nope, all I found were the silver coins, that 240something))

Thurirl: ((I think Isabis and that other guy got the oils, least when we rolled for it))

Isabis: (( I didn’t mean what you found in the search, though. I meant when we divvied up the loot. We divided coin and crafting materials evenly, and rolled for who got to pick from the solid items, remember?))

Malaina: ((Yea, I am just saying, that is all she found))

Isabis: ((Grok got the ear, I got a vial of oil…who got the other oil?))

TakWatcher is disconnected.

Thurirl: ((It was the guy who got our pay cut. =P))

TGU: ((his pay cut, not yours))

Isabis: ((Ah, right. OK, so you two get first pick of indivisble items next time.))

Thurirl: ((not the way I read it =P but hey, if you wanna be lenient, that’s your deal))

Thurirl: ((I had to paste his improve in the D&D quotes thread though XD was too good to pass up))

Isabis: ((LOL))

Thurirl: ((twas such a brilliant bit of improv))

Isabis: ((indeed))

TGU: ((hehehe))

Malaina: Well, I am heading off from here

Malaina is disconnected.

Thurirl: Same. G’night, all. Thanks for a good RP.

Thurirl is disconnected.

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