The 99 Knights

“The Crone’s reach in the sunlit world may only be a fraction
of what it was beyond the moon-pools, but her 99 Knights still
do her bidding here. These robed and armored warriors are
encountered singly or in small groups, cutting across the land
like a bitter scythe. They are equipped with high-quality weapons
of ancient manufacture, using them to butcher all who stand in
their way, without mercy…”

The 99 keep their secrets, speaking so little most believe they are mute and shrouding their forms with dark cloaks. Still, it is possible to distinguish between them, especially for those who take the time to study what is known of them.

Crunch: If you have a study in the 99 Knights, then you know the information on this page without having to roll for it. Otherwise, you require a knowledge check meeting DC 15 to identify a given knight or the insignia of a known unit, and exceeding 20 for information beyond identity.

  • 1. Chrohan, humanoid. The leader of the 99, rarely seen. Wields a magic sword said to be given to him by the crone herself.
  • 2-9 The other members of the Dark Circle (all surviving), the crone’s general staff. Their insignia is a wounded and bleeding moon, with a numeral in crone-script (1 fro Chrohan, 2-9 for the others).
  • 10-19 Crohan’s Reach (all surviving). Never sent on raiding parties, they sometimes go rampaging just for fun it seems. Insignia is a black hand, fingers bent as though to grasp.
  • 20-29 Castlebanes (all surviving). All of these are “large” humanoids. Insignia is a crumbling grey tower. Known for leading large units of lesser soldiers on tactical missions.
  • 28 Gogganak, giantoid. Member of Castelbane unit. A few years ago, he led a major “recruiting” expedition, making him one of the most famous individual knights of our time.
  • 30-39 Fellmeet (5 of 10 surviving, including Svad). This unit is mixed large humanoids and non-humanoids. Insignia is a bloody claw. Frequently sent with raiding parties to help terrorize the victims.
  • 37 Svad, ogreoid. Member of Fellmeet unit. Svad is into crushing things, and apparently hates horses with especial passion. Unlike most of the 99, who’s names are known primarily from the shouts of their live underlings, Svad is named for the syllable he sometimes whispers in battle. Ironically, this makes him the most talkative known knight of the crone.
  • 40-49 Bonebreak (5 of 10 surviving). This unit favors bashing weapons. Insignia is a broken femur.
  • 50-59 Bleedblack (5 of 10 surviving). These swordsmen are known for creeping up on good knights in small, evenly matched groups. Merciless they may be, but the apparently like a good fight. Insignia is three shiny black droplets.
  • 60-69 Burnmark (9 of 10 surviving). Their insignia is a column of smoke, and so is the mark of their presence.
  • 70-79 Shattermark (5 of 10 surviving). This unit is perhaps the least cohesive one observed; scholars and generals often debate whether they are properly a unit at all. They share an insignia that looks like a pane of glass breaking.
  • 80-89 Lowblow (7 of 10 surviving). This unit is all small humanoids. Their insignia is a fist below a bar and circle that many believe represents a belt with round buckle. If Bleedblack is known for a surprising semblance of honor, Lowblow is known for the opposite. This may explain why members of these two units are almost never seen together.
  • 90-99 Crushfoot (8 of 10 surviving). This unit is named for it’s insignia, which is clearly a booted foot crushing something – what is debated, and may in fact be different from knight to knight and even at different times. These knights are among the most commonly seen, generally operating in pairs. Good knights, soldiers, and sunchasers share the jargon “a pair of black feet” in reference to this.

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The 99 Knights

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