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Seiankornai: (so, you about ready, GM?)

Dragonhawk: …

Dragonhawk: suuuuure I am

Dragonhawk: me and my missing notes are ALL ready to improvise :P

Thurirl: heh

Jessaila: I used to do that every time I GMed.

Jessaila: It worked great until my players started asking me about NPCs, and I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA who they were talking about.

Thurirl: oops XD

Thurirl: gonna have to eat supper here quick

Jessaila: And they’d describe the session where we met said NPC and I had ABSOLUTELY NO MEMORY of said session occurring.

Seiankornai: ((maybe this would help? https://www.dropbox.com/s/0365k0micpdyjq3/UNE%20(Universal%20NPC%20Emulator).pdf

Dragonhawk: Yeah, you can prepare notes or take notes as we go along, but there have to be notes, or else the players end up knowing about “plot hooks” the GM doesn’t

Dragonhawk: well, mostly I think you’re headed for the holding now?

Jessaila: I believe that’s correct.

Seiankornai: ((I think so, we gave the dwarves what we had and told them of things))

  • Jessaila was quite interested in the number of stonecarvings and writings on the wall in that big auditorium.
  • Jessaila is also interested in seeing about that private moonpool network to the goblin cities.
  • Seiankornai wants to deal with those goblins, that many are definitely a threat to someone. Plus, nifty place to explore? possible treasure to hoard? Should be fun!
    Seiankornai: (oh, and it’s not too far from where we think the dragon queen is, so a good place to start an expedition)

After talking to the dwarves and getting paid for a little historic weaponry retrieval, you set out to return to Goblins’ Doom Pass to make good your claim of holding

  • Jessaila whistles as she walks.
  • Malaina scratchs at the back of her neck
    Seiankornai: “How are you doing, Vari?”

Vari: “Fine, I suppose.”

An attempt to travel by sunpool backfires, producing an “interesting” (read, dirty swamp-mucking) trip that isn’t much shorter, time-wise, than just taking a boat would have been.
Seiankornai: “I CAUGHT A GATOR! Can I take it along as a pet and guard monster for the lair?”

Jessaila: “NO!”

  • Seiankornai holds the wriggling juvenile gator in his foreclaws
    Malaina: “I agree, no Seian!”

Dragonhawk: ((what about a Kodo? They’re almost as good as dogs, right?))

Isabis: “I don’t know, you have to admit that finding an aligator in the mountains would probably scare people off pretty well…”

Seiankornai: “Awww, but he’d be perfect in the moat we’d make.”

Isabis: “Nightscale might think it’s cute.”

Seiankornai: ((it’s probably the equivelent cuteness for drakes as a lion or wolf cub would be for us))

Seiankornai: “He is cute, yes.”

Jessaila: “…it’s a baby alligator.”

  • Seiankornai reluctantly let’s him go though, and continues on with the journey
    Seiankornai: “And baby alligators are cute.”

Jessaila: “…maybe to a drake!”

Isabis: “Baby drakes are cute too. They say the most adorable things!”

Seiankornai: ((I can just hear Vari shout “I DID NOT!”))

  • Isabis mimics a little drake voice
    Isabis: “What’s that stuff growing out of your head? It’s so funny when it blows around in the wind! Is that your wings? Will they grow big when you’re older?”
  • Malaina archs an eyebrow as she walks beside Vari
    Seiankornai: ((moving on?))

By evening, you’ve (gotten sick of the swamp, decided to fly instead, and) arrived at your holding again.
Jessaila: “You know, for growing up in the swamp, I am sometimes amazed at how fast I get sick of it.”

Seiankornai: “I find the place fascinating, if a bit damp.”

Isabis: “I find the place fascinating, but I still get sick of it pretty fast.”

Isabis: “It’s more fun to study unique insect specimens when they’re already too dead to sting me.”

Jessaila: “Sister, ‘stinging’ is some of the milder stuff they can do to you.”

Isabis: “See previous statement, with additional emphasis.”

Isabis: “I get it that they’re a critical part of the ecology and stuff, I’m just saying, I prefer to study bugs without being their food.”

  • Seiankornai looks over the place, any sign of goblins?
    It smells like goblin down the tunnel that has the sunpool, but the scent is old, if not quite as old as yours. You can also smell Nightscale, so apparently she made it back in good shape.
  • Malaina makes her way in, yawning and ready to get some sleep in after that journey
  • Seiankornai roars out for Nightscale
  • Jessaila makes a COMPLETE circuit of the cave, both looking for Nightscale and looking for things out of the ordinary.
  • Jessaila searches. « 1d20+11 = 11 + 11 = 22 » (Search)
    Nightscale: (yelling) “Wha- Halt who goes there? This is the lair of – oh, Seiankornai, is that you?”

Seiankornai: (roaring) “It is me and the others, yes!”

Seiankornai: (roaring) “Have there been any goblins?”

Jessails finds nothing out of the ordinary in the goblins’ former dwelilngs; it looks like a desultory effort was made to get back in past the locked gate but blood was shed and they gave it up.
Nightscale: (yelling) “Yeah, I bit a few hands, but they haven’t been back in a week. It’s gotten boring again.”

  • Malaina goes to see if she can find some place to sleep for the rest of the night
  • Nightscale comes up into the main room, squeezing through short dwarf-high doors with a practiced economy of motion
    The main holding is too big for “a complete circuit” to be completed quickly
  • Jessaila narrows her focus to a working security perimeter for our sleeping area.
    Jessaila does not see any sign of entry beyond the main room and the path to Nightscale’s quarters, though.
  • Seiankornai follows the voice of Nightscale
    Nightscale: (you going to sleep in the explored areas of the holding, then?)

Jessaila: ((Yes))

Seiankornai: ((seems logical))

Malaina: ((We can establish watchs since we still don’t know if any goblins or something menacing can still get in))

It appears that there is only one entrance to the holding above water, so that’s nice and defensible. Nightscale reports a back exit below water, through which a section of the original space has flooded.
Nightscale: "It’s mostly little rooms, decent nesting places I guess.

Seiankornai: “It’s nice and big and roomy in here, good place for us drakes.”

Nightscale: “The big rooms are mostly higher and drier.”

Thurirl: “And for us of a more diminuative nature, many small spaces to slip into.”

Jessaila: “I don’t mind being high and dry.”

Nightscale: “I made a good nest though – I figured you dryskin types wouldn’t care which spot I picked in the flooded part, right?”

Nightscale: “And I checked the lake over the old door to be sure nothing creepy lived in it.”

Jessaila: “So far as I’m concerned, you got here first, and so you can pick the premier spot.”

Thurirl: “I may choose a dwelling close to the water, but I will not object to your own choice.”

  • Isabis bites her tongue on the question of what a black drake-giant finds creepy
    Thurirl: “I believe the phrase is ‘First come, first served’.”

Isabis: “I don’t expect any of us will be wanting flooded bedrooms anyway, so as long as you’re not hoarding long-lost treasures in secret, it’s no problem. We do want to see anything interesting you find down there, though.”

  • Malaina still a bit down after what had happened the other day, so bids everyone a goodnight, going to find an open space to sleep with her only Vari, plus her back is itching her something fierce
    Nightscale: “Nah, nothing down there but rot and carved stone, and the stone isn’t exactly hoardable. I’m not going to take the walls apart, you know?”

Malana and Vari end up claiming an old storeroom, now full of nothing but dust.

  • Jessaila starts looking for a place to call her own.
    Shallow holes in the wall mark out a grid, and runed carvings between the grid lines proclaim spaces for fish, fowl, goat, cheese, eggs, vegetables
    Down a level, you find the larger living quarters of the former leadership. The headroom isn’t exactly luxurious for people your size, but it was for the original ownders, so at least you don’t have to duck.
    It all needs dusting pretty badly, of course – everything in here does.
  • Jessaila just tries not to stir it up.
    Nightscale: ((downstairs path is out the north door))

The main room may have been a feasting hall once – it’s a bit hard to say, as such artifacts as remain appear to be much older than those of Khundrakar.
Isabis has received initiative.
Jessaila: ((Attack the darkness!))

Nightscale: ((…oops? What did I click there?))

  • Seiankornai sleeps soundly in an old workshop (presuming there is one above water :P ;) )
    There are several old workshops above water, recognizable by the heavy stone-topped tables in them
    Nightscale: carved runes-and-picture labels are a theme in this place, so Seian can be confident that he is sleeping in…a doctor’s office? A golem shop??

carved runes-and-picture labels are a theme in this place, so Seian can be confident that he is sleeping in…a doctor’s office? A golem shop??
…well, a workshop anyway. The stone-carver’s place next door is still full of uncomfortable bits of stone, so this one is better for sleeping.
There is plenty of nice clean smooth floor to curl up on between the worktable and the stone bins that line one of the longer walls

  • Isabis sleeps in the sanctuary, that being where she dropped off over her notebook
    Isabis: (Stone pews are comfortable to sleep on, right? )
  • Jessaila comes to check on Isabis – ends up tossing a blanket over her and grabbing another pew for herself.
    In the sanctuary, the art is themed around what appear to be groups of spirits you recognize: in one corner and on the walls nearest, the Eyes of Heaven, clear from the star/sun/moon themes, although something else is added in – winds? Opposite them is what might be the Insia. Opposite the door are, plain to any interpreter, the dragon kings. A center plinth and the walls nearest the door celebrate (apparently) the Faces of Creation.
  • Seiankornai looks over the sanctuary with interesting the next morning
    The doors are marked in triangle motifs – odd, since there are clearly Four groups once you’re inside
  • Jessaila wakes up with questions to be answered.
    Seiankornai: ((so where on the map might this location be?))
  • Malaina wakes up and decides to explore the cavern more since she has no interest in the sanctuary
    Isabis: ((sancuary is NE of the main “former feasthall” room

Isabis: ((Drakes have a bit of a squeeze getting in, but it’s doable. Nightscale is not interested and goes back to her quarters.))

  • Seiankornai doesn’t really have much skill in investigation, so will leave this to Jess and Isabis and instead goes poking around the rest of the place.
    Isabis: ((Sein, search check. +1 for drakish study))

Malaina: ((Should I do any rolls?))

Seiankornai: search « 1d20+10+1 = 9 + 10 + 1 = 20 »

  • Jessaila checks something out. « 1d20+9 = 1 + 9 = 10 » Investigate
    Seiankornai: ((oh dear))

Isabis: ((Malina, yes, you can roll for yourself and Vari))

  • Jessaila investigates for plumbing.
    Malaina: ((What should I roll?))

Seiankornai: ((search presumably?))

Isabis: ((yes))

Malaina: « 1d20+12 = 4 + 12 = 16 » Search

jessaila finds an interesting wall fresco and becomes distracted trying to parse the ancient Kamilil runes
Malaina finds a workshop she thinks the others might actually want to use, with a few stone tools still in place (dwaves – is there anything they didn’t make out of stone?)
Malaina: ((Should I roll Notice if there is anything in particular that catchs my eye?))

Thurirl: ((Dwarf Craft brand tools – when you want your tools to outlive you.))

Seiankornai finds…huh. A thing. In a place.
Seiankornai tries to open it. It turns out to be remarkably opening-resistant

  • Seiankornai brings it to the others (what’s it look like?) if it’s mobile
  • Malaina goes to see if she and Vari can help, figuring she can tell the others about the room later
  • Jessaila stares at the pretty pretty fresco.
    Seian’s thing is more of an architectural feature. A room? It doesn’t have an ordinary room-like door though.
    Isabis: “Jess, did you find the bathrooms? Jess? Ooh, another one – what does it say?”

Jessaila: “It says… I can’t read it yet.”

Seiankornai: ((silly Isabis, getting distracted until it’ll eventually be too late :P ;) ))

  • Isabis assists Jessaila, and they determine that they have wandered into an old school wing.
    Thurirl: Search: « 1d20+13 = 8 + 13 = 21 »
  • Jessaila eventually determines that Plumbing Needs To Be Found Immediately.
  • Jessaila checks something out. « 1d20+9 = 20 + 9 = 29 » Investigate
    Isabis and Jessaila determine that their wing contains two classrooms, three offices, a storage area, a bathroom (YAY! Whew.) and…a magically sealed door?
    Seiankornai: ((where’s the sealed door?))

Dragonhawk: Jessaila’s sealed door is S. of the sanctuary (pointing) while Seian’s sealed-door-thing is off the current map, being downstairs

  • Jessaila starts poking around at the secret door she found.
    Dragonhawk: ((hmm, do any of us know a Knock spell?))

Dragonhawk: ((…oh, it’s level 2. Can any of us cast it if we even DID know it??))

Jessaila: ((Not in my current repertoire.))

Jessaila: ((I can now cast Level 2.))

Seiankornai: ((Thurirl has level 3))

Thurirl: ((Dunno if I have Knock))

Dragonhawk: ((do you not have your spell list on your character sheet?))

Thurirl: ((I’m not sure I have all my spells on my CS))

Seiankornai: ((you OP sheet is out of date, certainly, should probably have at least 5 more spells than what’s shown there))

Dragonhawk: ((heh, do we need to knock off early and finish leveling our characters?))

Jessaila: ((I have no objections to ending early – I could use the sleep.))

Jessaila: ((…even though I just got another mountain dew.))

Thurirl: ((I may be a little out of it myself, sorry))

Dragonhawk: ((OK, between one thing and the other…ending early. GM finishes complex-task scripts for the locked doors, and we get back to it next week.))

Malaina: ((Well, I don’t need to update my sheet, so I am gonna hop off and go get the kitchen cleaned))

Dragonhawk: ((OK))

Tune in next week to see doors open and hear characters go “oooooh, shiny!”
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