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  • Seiankornai pronounces proudly “Welcome to our home!”
    Malaina: “Yea, there are plenty of rooms to choose if you want to stay for a bit. Also, mind your feet, there are pixies moving about.”
  • Eadelene walks in and looks around, duly impressed.
    Eadelene: “Wow, quite a place you have here…”
    There is a ferociously good smell coming from the direction of the kitchen.
    Eadelene: “Mmmmmm…. and the smell of some very good cooking, too. Suddenly I’m hungry…”
    Seiankornai: “Took it from a pack of goblins who were staying here. Should be much fewer raids on the local villages now.”
  • Malaina heads straight for her room, avoiding the kitchen
    Dragonhawk: “Better yet, unless they can undo whatever crazy enchantments they put on the sunpool, we have a free pass to their back doors in other places. We probably need a /little/ more preparation before we go through again, though.”
    Unknown command: “in Isabis”. Try /help for a list of commands.
    Dragonhawk: (… ack. Wrong nick)
    You have disconnected.
    Eadelene has connected.
    Seiankornai has connected.
    Malaina has connected.
    Host has connected.
    Jessaila has connected.
    Isabis: “…or an army.”
    Eadelene: “Enchantment on a sunpool?”
    Isabis: “Yeah, at times other than noon, it activates by password.”
    Eadelene: “Not sure I’ve heard of such a thing before. Granted… I haven’t actually made use of a sunpool before.”
  • Jessaila comes out of the kitchen wearing a makeshift apron. “I thought I heard voices. Hello there.”
    Eadelene: “Hello. You must be the person they said they left behind to make moruberry pies.”
    Isabis: “Oh, I’ve heard of it before, it’s just not usually /done/ is all. There are other ways – there’s a group of sunchsers wandering around who can reliably go to any pool they’ve been to before, just for example.”
  • Isabis takes a deep sniff at the kitchen-scented air
  • Jessaila wipes her hands on the apron. “Yes. I’m Jessaila. Welcome to the place we haven’t named yet.”
    Eadelene: “Heh. Well, it’s quite a place. Might deserve some time and thought to name.”
    Isabis: “Delve of the Indecisive!”
    Eadelene: “Pfft.” Addie rolls her eyes goodnaturedly.
    Isabis: “Dark-Dwarf Ruin!”
    Jessaila: “Fortress of Gatherbooks.”
  • Vari sniffs at the entrance of the kitchen, wagging the tip of his tail
    Jessaila: “Hey Vari!”
    Isabis: “Ooh, I like that one. I don’t know if the others could be convinced, though.”
  • Eadelene giggles. “Goodness, you people need some help with this whole naming business.”
    Jessaila: “I made something just for you, Vari – no, Seian, you’re not allowed even a taste! I only had enough for one meatpie.”
  • Vari dances a bit in place, looking quite happy
    Jessaila: “I made something else for you, anyway.”
    Seiankornai: “What? awww.”
    Eadelene: “Aaah, well. I’m not here for that, though. I’m here to help with moonstone! …And hopefully with eating that moruberry pie I smell.”
    Seiankornai: “Oh, ok, I guess that’ll be fine.”
    Eadelene: ((Moonshell))
    Eadelene: ((Addie remembers, if her player doesn’t. :-p ))
  • Jessaila goes back into the kitchen and brings Vari out a hot meat pie.
    Isabis: “I bet you’ll stay around a little while longer for the library, too. Who knows what other secrets are in there!”
  • Vari licks at his snout, salivating a little
    Eadelene: “Well, you know I certainly won’t turn down a good library tour. Goodness, you really have gotten yourself a place, here.”
    Isabis: “I know you always liked your scholarship a little more practicality-oriented than, say, my father but…well, we found the first part of the Moonshell recipe in there…”
  • Jessaila goes back into the kitchen, and brings out one Moruberry pie and one specially-flavored… what is it? for Seian.
    Eadelene: “Oh, I won’t turn down a good book, certainly. Or any number of them, really. Just as long as they don’t keep me away from my tools for too long.”
  • Vari eats at his pie
    Isabis: “Mmm, mm, mm. Let’s talk while we eat!”
  • Seiankornai examines what Jessaila brought him
  • Eadelene chats aimiably right up until you leave the natural cave-works and enter the dwarven-crafted halls.
    Eadelene: Then she stops dead in her tracks in amazement.
    Jessaila: “You’re right, Isabis – these berries do make good pies.”
    Eadelene: “Oh. My. Goodness.”
    Thurirl has connected.
    Eadelene: “This… this is AMAZING!”
  • Jessaila has a pie for Thurirl, too.
  • Isabis grins like a cat in a canary cage, more or less
  • Vari throughly enjoys his pie
    Eadelene: Aaand you have lost Addie. Even the smell of moruberry pie doesn’t call her away from the walls…
    It is a stealthy moruberry pie. Nobody can see it unless they’re trying to sneak a bite.
  • Isabis waves a slice of pie under Addie’s nose
    Isabis: “Addie? Hello? Planning and food? I’ll give you a tour later, I promise.”
  • Vari is a bit sad he pie is now all eaten, but he thanks Jess with a nuzzle to the top of her head and heads off to Malas room
  • Thurirl is curious about the pie. He hasn’t smelled it before.
    Eadelene: ((With one of her studies being Dwarvish Crafting technique, I wonder if she’d actually notice anything about the place that you guys haven’t yet… but that can probably wait.)
    Vari: ((She should have fun on those workshops we found))
  • Seiankornai tastes his own pie
    Seiankornai: “So are you going to tell us more about the place that has the other part of the recipe, Jess?”
  • Eadelene ‘s focus on the surrounding architecture wavers a bit, though for a moment you’re not sure even that will bring her back. Finally, however, with much reluctance, Addie comes to sit down at the table for pie.
    Jessaila: “Well, I’ve been working on remembering everything that I… rather would’ve forgotten about that area.”
    Isabis: *Fortunately, the table is recent-Isabis, not ancient-dwarf make
  • Eadelene is undistracted by the table. And only just distracted enough by the food to be undistracted by the walls, and thus able to pay attention to Jess.
    Eadelene: She does, incidentally, pick up the fact that there’s a less-than-pleasant story behind the place that has the rest of the moonshell recipe. She wonders about this, but of course knows that now is not the time.
  • Thurirl comes in and sees if there’s any pie left for him to try. He’s not used to pastry dishes.
  • Jessaila points to the stealthy pie she made for Thurirl.
  • Jessaila looks around. “Anyway, aside from baking, I’ve started writing down a few notes about what I remember.”
    Isabis: "So, what do we need to prepare for, besides generalities like “as stealthy as possible” and “prepared to run for our lives if necessary?”
  • Jessaila looks at Eadelene. “Did they explain where we believe the rest of the recipe is hidden?”
  • Thurirl isn’t sure how to eat the pie, so he tries to cut into it with a knife.
    Eadelene: “Um, Isabis mentioned gaunt elf territory, but we didn’t really have time for much else.”
  • Isabis is giving an enthusiastic example of how to eat pie at her end of the table
    Eadelene: “Heh, she knew the lost recipe for moonshell would be bait enough to hook me to at least come along for more details, anyway. So not much more was necessary.”
  • Eadelene laughs.
    Thurirl’s pie squelches in a funny way. Jessaila undercooked it, since she figured Thurirl prefers foods closer to raw, anyway.
  • Thurirl is unsure how to proceed, but manages to eat a portion of it. It’s not bad, though a bit doughy.
    Eadelene: Like any good pech, Addie is proving quite competent and enthusiastic in the task of eating pie.
    Isabis: “I’m just glad you’re available. The next best moonshell expert I know of is tied down with a class schedule.”
    Jessaila: “Well, Addy – I’ll quickly explain the story. At one point, I was… somewhat forcefully incorporated in the ranks of the gaunt elf community. While I was there, I saw some materials hidden in a library – which I have reason to believe is undisturbed – that I’m confident is the rest of the recipe for moonshell.”
    Eadelene: ((Incidentally, when we got here, Addie let Litheuent go off hunting for a bit. Hence why Lithe hasn’t been mentioend yet. Couldn’t have anything to do with my forgetting about her… :-p ))
  • Vari peeks his head into the kitchen entrance and asks if he can take some pie back to the room
    Eadelene: “Ha. ‘Moonshell expert.’ You say that as though such a thing exists. I can tell you exactly all the things we don’t know about it. But… the remainder of the recipe, then…”
    Jessaila: “Sure, Vari! Though we’d love if Mala came out to join us, too!”
  • Jessaila provides Vari with pie anyway.
    Vari: “Ummm…she doesn’t really want to.” he says, looking a bit nervous, but takes the pie with thanks and turns to head off
    Seiankornai: “Why not? Did she say?”
  • Jessaila mutters quietly. “I’m getting really worried about her…”
  • Isabis sighs
  • Eadelene glances around at the others, noting the concern.
    Eadelene: “Um… is something wrong? Or should I just not ask?”
    Isabis: “I think she’s not speaking to Jessaila at the moment…but also, she’s been acting a little weird in general. Moody and impatient and so on, and in one case frighteningly reckless.”
    Thurirl: “I am unsure. Malaina has seemed… unusual, as of late. I do not recall her acting this way at any point in our relations together.”
    Eadelene: “Aaaah, hmm…” Addie is beginning to wonder about the wisdom of heading into gaunt elf territory under such conditions, but decides to refrain from such a comment just at the moment…
    Jessaila: “In any case, I’ll return to my story.”
    Eadelene: “Please do.”
    Jessaila: “Three years ago, I managed to depart Gaunt Elven territory… in a bit of a hurry, and under bad circumstances… but I know a few ways back in.”
  • Seiankornai licks his muzzle of hte pie leftovers while listening
    Jessaila: “Obviously, we’ll need to be very careful going in. Gaunt elves… really don’t like non-elven visitors. And they probably won’t like ME, either.”
    Eadelene: “Hmmm. So if it were at all possible to enter without them knowing, that would be preferrable. Like that’s going to happen…”
    Eadelene: "Hmph, I know I’ve heard of this crazy-hard “make everyone invisible” spell. Sure wish I knew it…"
    Eadelene: “Probably couldn’t cast it anyway, though. I’m decent, but certainly not that good…”
    Seiankornai: “Hmm, a night flight insertion?”
    Eadelene: “Night flight – fairly good idea, actually.”
    Isabis: “Thurirl as our scout and point man goes almost without saying – nobody sneaks better than him.”
    Eadelene: “And if we do have to spend any time on the ground to speak of, I do know a spell to keep people from tracking us.”
    Thurirl: “I am flattered by your compliment.”
    Eadelene: “Lithe won’t be any good on the ground, though.”
    Jessaila: “That might work. Though we’d need to be really careful. Some of the guards are paranoid of being attacked by the Wind Knights.”
    Eadelene: “So they keep watch for air-entry by night as well as by day. Hm.”
    Isabis: “Maybe flight over the general area, and walk in from outside of town? How big a town is it?”
    Jessaila: “The High Tombs? About two thousand – it’s the biggest Gaunt Elven community there is, or at least the biggest I’ve heard of.”
    Jessaila: “Has a low defensive wall, and two gates.”
    Thurirl: “High Tombs? Why would anyone live within a cemetary?”
    Jessaila: “It’s what everyone calls the area.”
    Jessaila: ((We never did name that area anything else, did we?))
    Isabis: “Oh – I didn’t know they called their big town that too.”
    Isabis: ((not that I recall))
    Jessaila: “There’s an elven name… but it’s a stupid name.”
    Isabis: “What, ‘city of the best people’ or something?”
    Jessaila: “Translated, ‘Foundation Stone of Our Greater New Destiny’.”
    Seiankornai: "Is the ‘greater’ word they use the “always in a positive sense” one or in the “more” sense one?"
    Seiankornai: “Cause I could believe the latter.”
    Eadelene: “Hmm. Well, when when I’m starting a project, I like to take stock of my tools. So… ‘sneaking in’ tools. You’ve all mentioned your resident Stealth expert.”
    Malaina: « 1d20+9+2 = 16 + 9 + 2 = 27 »
  • Jessaila agrees with Seian and notes that the plumbing in the town of Foundation Stone of Our Greater New Destiny is sadly lacking.
    Isabis: “Wonder what their Lesser new destiny is? Anyway. Yeah, you remember how I introduced Thurirl. Nobody can see him when he doesn’t want to be seen, except certain crazy-seeming priests apparently.”
    Eadelene: "I have some spells that would help. Namely, the one that prevents tracking, and an invisibility spell. The latter, though, is a Third Circle spell… and I can only get it to last 8 minutes. And… some of the larger of you, I couldn’t make it work on.
  • Eadelene raises an eyebrow at the mention of ‘crazy-seeming priests’… but not too high, because that’s point #4 or #5 (at least) on her running list of “Yeah, that has a backstory…”
    Isabis: "Any ways in and out besides the gates – waterways, service entrances? Or even (ugh) the bards’
    Thurirl: “I am not especially large, and I am skilled at stealth. Any enhancements you can make to my skills would be most useful.”
    Isabis: “bards’ standby, large sewerways?”
  • Thurirl doesn’t seem too perturbed by the mention of sewers; just an extra dirty, smelly swamp to him.
    Jessaila: “Well, that’s how I got out of town.”
    Isabis: “…ugh. Good thing my boots and pants are waterproof already, I guess.”
    Thurirl: “I take it your captors feared soiling their fashionable hunting and fighting outfits by pursuing you?”
    Jessaila: “I don’t think they knew the route I used, actually.”
    Eadelene: “If we’re going in that way, I might need to send Lithe to find a hiding place somewhere. She really wasn’t made for walking around… and definitely not for sewers…”
  • Seiankornai laughs
    Seiankornai: (@Thurirl)
    Isabis: “You laugh now, but you don’t even wear boots.”
  • Malaina makes her way in, empty plate with crumbs in hand, heading toward the washing area of the kitchen, “If we are going to try and sneak in, we will want to go in through the eastern border. Not as many patrols as the west.”
    Jessaila: “Logair opened out one of the old drainage tunnels and connected it to the basement of his home. It’s not the sort of mucky tunnel.”
  • Thurirl is quite confused about all this talk about boots. He never had much use for footwear himself.
    Jessaila: “Hey Mala!”
  • Seiankornai blinks at Mala, “Really? I didn’t know you’d know that. Also greetings.”
    Malaina: “Just something I recalled.”
  • Seiankornai is also distracted by Mala from making a witty retort to Isabis
    Isabis: “Oh, that’s a good idea. Over the mountains – they won’t be expecting wind knights from the desert side!”
  • Malaina washs her plate and fork off
    Jessaila: “Yes, it is a good idea.”
    Jessaila: “I didn’t think of that – though I don’t know that much about the patrols, aside from the ones I had to evade…”
    Seiankornai: “Plus it’s closer to us right now.”
    Isabis: “Hmm. Rougher territory – hot even for flying – but it’s also a shorter detour around the salt weep.”
    Eadelene: “Well, we could still fly at night.”
    Eadelene: "Would help with the heat and perhaps make us a little less visible when we approach.
    Seiankornai: “Eh, night is cold.”
    Jessaila: “I have a spell for the heat.”
    Malaina: “Vari doesn’t do very well in the cold.”
    Eadelene: “Aaah. Well, there is that.”
    Seiankornai: “Could fly in the just pre-dawn morning, and the evening, and rest in the middle of the day and the deep of night.”
    Malaina: “That would probably be best for you two.”
    Eadelene: “Save us some in visilbility, some in heat. Probably make us dead tired, though, changing sleep schedules around like that.”
    Eadelene: “Still, some good advantages.”
    Seiankornai: “Eh, after the longer travel south we can rest for a day to recover our sleep, if needed.”
  • Malaina nods, “I think we need stealh more then speed, so no need to rush the flyers.”
    Isabis: “Yeah, especially when they’re carrying the rest of us.”
    Eadelene: “Oh, by the way – if I pack my things right, Lithe should be able to carry someone else besides me.”
    Jessaila: “Definitely no need to rush, though.”
    Eadelene: “So if the flyers need a break or something, that’s an option.”
    Isabis: “…I need to get myself a flying mount, we’ve got one more walker than flier now that Vari’s one person again…”
    Eadelene: “…” Addie adds another to her list of “backstories not for right now…”
  • Isabis notices this time
    Isabis: “Vari got doubled up for a few months on account of wild magic. He fought with himself like a kid brother.”
    Eadelene: It’s a good thing Addie’s a fairly focused person, or between the idea of the recipe for moonshell, walls and the unknown interpersonal dynamics, her mind would be pretty much blown. ;-)
    Malaina: “It was pretty entertaining for the rest of them, super stressful for me.”
    Eadelene: “Aaaah. Heh. Yes, I can imagine.”
    Isabis: “He just reintegrated less than two weeks ago.”
    Jessaila: “It was sad to be back down to just one Vari. But now we’re used to spoiling two… and so…”
    Seiankornai: “It may have been stressful for you, Mala, but I’m sure there were parts that you enjoyed about that, too.”
    Malaina: “Well yea, I was always twice as warm at night. Plus having two drakes in a fight did work in our favor sometimes.”
    Jessaila: “It did indeed.”
    Isabis: “We got Nightscale in exhange. Except she thinks she’s a dragon, and doesn’t like being dry, and what with one thing and the other she’s hard to take out in public.”
    Isabis: “I really don’t think she’s that much older than Vari, though, and that’s saying something.”
    Jessaila: “Has Addy met Nightscale yet?”
    Seiankornai: “Nope.”
    Isabis: “Probably not, she’s puddling around in the flooded zone today.”
    Eadelene: “…Okay, I’m officially declaring that I’m not gallivanting off into gaunt elf territory with all you people until I’ve had at least a couple days to get to know you. Because I can tell already there’s an awfully lot I don’t know.”
  • Malaina folds her arms and archs an eyebrow
    Eadelene: “You go into a scenario that might be life-or-death, you want to understand your comrades a little. That’s all I’m saying.”
    Eadelene: “It’s not a bad thing.” Addie shrugs.
    Thurirl: “Mmm… when we are done with this venture, I must ask Nightscale about retrieving something underwater…”
  • Malaina shrugs as if to say ‘fine’
    Isabis: “Hmm. As sunchasers, most of us are fairly used to throwing in with whomever Avva puts in our path and on our side, but I guess you have a point.”
    Eadelene: “…For that matter, I think it’s becoming clear that things here are going to take quite a bit longer than I should leave the shop just locked up for. I was planning on clearing out stock and moving on within the next couple months, anyway. I’ll probably need to ask you to wait a couple days for me to kinda close up business.”
    Jessaila: “Are you going to need any help?”
    Isabis: “I guess we could come help. You can get to know us while we work.”
    Isabis: ((and the guy who wants to buy the stuffed lizard head can try again XP ))
    Eadelene: “Heh. I know a little of that – I’ve been moving from town-to-town for a while, and before Lithe came along, I’d sign on with a caravan, just so I wouldn’t have to travel alone. But I guess I have kinda been more a loner since I found her, though.”
    Seiankornai: “Fair enough, what you don’t clear out you can bring here.”
    Eadelene: “Yeah, you guys could probably help some. Though mostly it’ll be a matter of trying to clear out stock, settle accounts, end out my lease… those kinds of things.”
    Thurirl: “We are not proceding with the operation quite yet?”
    Malaina: “Not yet Thurirl, but there isn’t any hurry right now.”
    Isabis: “It’ll give the rest of us time to check our gear too, I guess.”
    Malaina: “The more we can plan, the better our chances of sneaking in and out without getting caught.”
  • Eadelene perks at the idea of checking gear… then remembers that she has book-keeping to do… :-p
    Thurirl: “Excellent! I must discuss something with our resident underwater dragon.”
  • Thurirl disappears toward the waterlogged tunnels.
    Jessaila: “Where’d he go? Oh bother…”
    Eadelene: “Heh. I’ll definitely second that idea,” Addie comments to Mala’s point.
    Isabis: “…huh. What /is/ his obsession with the flooded part?”
    Seiankornai: “Most swamp like, I guess.”
  • Malaina pushs off from the counter and heads out the kitchen
    Seiankornai: “Like his home.”
    Seiankornai: ((so shall we time skip to after that and more detailed planning or even travelling?))
    Malaina: ((Sounds like a good idea))
    Jessaila: ((Sure?))
    Eadelene: Yeah, time-skip is fine. Over the next couple days, Addie works out accounts with her landlord and creditors and manages to sell her stock on sale so as to cover her bills with a little left over.
    Those who wish join Addy on her trip back to town, where she is able to successfully close out her shop and business.
    Eadelene: And she also gets to know a bit about you all, so she doesn’t accidentally hit too many hot-button issues she is unaware of.
  • Malaina stays home that day to help the pixies and keep fixing up her room
  • Seiankornai doesn’t really have any hot button issues to press (the closest is a sad button issue of his deceased mate, but he’d have brought that up himself if during a “tell me about yourself” conversation)
  • Thurirl tags along, though only after making sure Nightscale is okay with looking for anything unusual in the flooded tunnels.
    Jessaila: ((Oh, she’s deceased? I thought she was just living elsewhere…))
  • Seiankornai acts as friendly transport drake for people and stuff
    Thurirl: ((One up on me… didn’t know he had one.))
    Seiankornai: ((no, she and their wyrmlings were killed by goblins))
  • Eadelene at one point or another offers Thurirl a ride on Lithe. Perhaps to comic results. ;-)
    Eadelene: She also has great fun catching up with Isabis. And pouring over what we do have of the recipe for Moonshell. And exploring the Dwarven Sanctuary of Awesomeness. ;-)
    Isabis: *The pixies are actually doing pretty well…apparently Rainriver has a little magic that makes things grow faster, and they they’re putting in a double-hedge of moruberry bushes outside (‘cause they’re dense and sturdy little tree-things) and thornbushes inside (to disuade the goats).
  • Eadelene will also quite enjoy making the pixies’ acquaintance at some point, when she gets the chance.
    Eadelene: Probably in an off-moment coming or going.
  • Isabis Helps Eadlene with her bookkeeping
  • Eadelene is grateful for the help. Least fun part about being in business.
    Eadelene: :-p
  • Isabis Also does get around to giving Addie that tour she promised
    Eadelene: And Addie is well and properly floored by Everything.
  • Thurirl declines any rides on the bird. He also seems to be scarce from any place the bird is seen.
    Seiankornai: ((perhaps Eadelene and Mala get to know each other when they visit the pixies?))
    Eadelene: ((Yeah, that might be a good time. Addie would be enthusiastic about the idea of pixies. ;-) ))
    Malaina: ((That sounds like a good idea))
  • Jessaila makes one last moruberry pie (a small one) which she gives to the pixies.
    Isabis: Pixies: “Sugartart!!!” “Sugar!” “Big people sugar!”
    Thurirl: ((Civilization 101: Whatever your relations with your neighbors, a small gift will keep the peace a little longer.))
    Eadelene: Somewhere in there, Addie finds time to make sure the weapons of everyone who will allow her to see them are in proper repair. (No in-game effect – just an in-character thing. She’d be used to serving that roll for any group she’s a part of when she is a part of one…"
    Isabis: Rainriver: “Thank you, lady – hey! No cutting the sugartart until I’m done! – Mother was right, I should never have hatched two princesses at once… ahem. We thank you for your gift to our people.”
    Seiankornai: ((hatched?))
    Jessaila: “You are most welcome. I hope you enjoy it.”
    Seiankornai: ((pixies lay eggs?))
    Isabis: ((why not?))
    Eadelene: ((They are based on bees…))
    Seiankornai: ((ah, didn’t know/recall they were like bees))
    Isabis: ((Loosely based, but yeah.))
    Eadelene: ((Yeah, not strictly. But still. Anyway.))
    Eadelene: As the time grows closer to leave, Addie comments to herself (and, incidentally, to anyone else who happens to be around), “So… busy. Even with the tour, I still haven’t properly studied this place. Aaah, well, I suppose there’s always afterward…”
    Isabis: “Jessaila and I are planning our retirements around it.”
    Isabis: “The downside of being human is, mine will be shorter. The upside is, I get first dibs.”
    Eadelene: “Heh.”
    Eadelene: “I can see why you’d build a retirement around this place. Now that you’ve made the mistake of showing it to me, you’re going to have to be ready for me to invade.”
  • Eadelene jokes.
  • Seiankornai lazies out on the sunny rocks (possibly with Vari?), awaiting the time for departure in a nice comfortable place while the others finish their packing
  • Seiankornai wants to be well rested for the flight
    Seiankornai: (as do his passengers, I’m sure ;) )
  • Vari eats on goat since they seem to be in ample supply here
    Seiankornai: “I like this place, it has good hunting ground and excellent prey. Easy to flyby and snatch a goat, don’t you agree, Vari?”
  • Vari nods his head, quite full from his meal and now just lounging in the sunlight
    Eadelene: ((So, anything else that needs to happen before departure? I think I’ve covered everything I needed…))
    Seiankornai: ((I’m good))
    Isabis: ((I’m good))
    Vari: ((Vari is making sure he has enough fuel and rest, and Mala is making sure her weapons are ready, so I am good))
  • Isabis checks off her departure checklist…“Water. Food. Extra boots. Waterproof bag for old boots in case the sewerway is bad.”
  • Eadelene calls to Isabis, “Ohh, food? Make sure we have « lists various ingredients = Invalid expression: lists various ingredients. ». I can make you guys some good meals!”
  • Malaina checks she has all weapons up to par and the things she will need for this journey
  • Jessaila also has all the food, water, weapons and wear that she needs.
  • Eadelene always keeps her gear in good trim. It is checked regularly.
  • Thurirl shows up, looking well rested and prepared as always. His gear is probably ready, even if it’s not showing.
  • Isabis shakes her head at the bird as Addy saddles her up
  • Eadelene notices. “What?”
    Isabis: “How did you end up keeping a bird bigger than yourself anyway?”
  • Eadelene laughs. “Well, I could hardly ride her if she wasn’t bigger than me… like there’s much of anything that isn’t really.”
    Eadelene: “But that’s not how.”
    Eadelene: “Well, let’s see, the short version… I’ve told you guys how I move around from one village to the next from time to time. And I’d always sign on with a trader’s caravan or something to do so.”
    Malaina is disconnected.
    Eadelene: “I’d done that; we were heading over the mountains, and when we got to this one pass, we were hit by a goblin raid.”
    Eadelene: “Well, long story short, we got the better of them and started chasing them off. And then we found that they weren’t really even there to ambush us. Seems they were in the area for a different ambush – one that went rather better for them – and then noticed us and took the attack of opportunity.”
    Eadelene: “Their intended ambush was on Lithe. Seems – according to one of the goblins we caught – that she’d just moved into the territory, and they were worried about her hunting them.”
    Eadelene: “So they set up an ambush and baited it with live deer and waited for her to come hunting. She did.”
    Isabis: “At that size, I can hardly blame them. Ironic, a little.”
    Eadelene: “They’d quite nearly killed her when they saw our caravan coming along and thought, hey, they’d make a raid and then come back and finish the job after, if she hadn’t died already.”
    Eadelene: “Well, we got to where they’d attacked her. She was still alive, though pretty far gone. The caravan leader wanted to just kill her to put her out of her suffering.”
    Eadelene: “I… I just couldn’t bear that for some reason. Even injured like that, she was just so majestic and… well.” Addie shrugs. “I told them not to do it – that I’d stay and try to get her healthy again.”
    Eadelene: “They thought I was crazy. Swore up and down she’d eat me as soon as she was able to move. But… I dunno, somehow I just felt it was something I had to do.”
    Eadelene: “So they helped me get her moved to a more sheltered spot, and I made camp with her, and between the medical knowledge my mom taught me and the healing spells I knew, I got her better, little by little.”
    Eadelene: “Fortunately she was better enough to help me fight off the goblins once they found us and worked up the gumption to attack again…”
    Eadelene: “But yeah, after all that, once she was better, I decided it was time to head back to town. Fortunately the nearest one was only a day’s hike or so, even for me.”
    Eadelene: “I tried to shoo her off, but she wouldn’t leave.”
    Eadelene: “And we’ve been together ever since.”
    Isabis: “Hahahaha! She followed you home? Really?”
    Isabis: “At least you didn’t have to ask your mom if you could keep her!”
    Eadelene: “Heh. Dunno, Mom probably wouldn’t have had too much of a problem with it.”
    Eadelene: “But yeah – I did a fair bit of research on eagles after that. Her type are really only common a great deal further north. Don’t know what she was doing down here. But… yeah, that’s our story, anyway.”
    Isabis: “Ah well. You seem to have har well trained now.”
    Isabis: “Anyway, time to get moving. You carrying me this time, Seian?”
    Eadelene: “Yeah. Probably only worked so well because she was willing, but… we understand each other pretty well, by now.”
  • Isabis mounts whichever drake’s turn it is for the second passenger
  • Eadelene mounts Lithe.
    We shall rejoin our heroic expedition next week.
    End Log
    Game Saved

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