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Isabis Begin Supplementary Log
Isabis finds Eadelene in the main room the evening before departure, apparently considering the wall frescoes…or possibly staring tiredly off into space…closing up the shop has been a lot of work, so it’s hard be to completely sure…?
Isabis “Hey Addy, you awake?”
Eadelene “Mmmm-hmmm?” It’s kinda hard to tell whether that’s a yes, or a startle response…
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Eadelene “Oh. Yeah. Facinating walls and exhaustion make for an interesting frame of mind. But I think awake could still be applied…”
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Eadelene stretches and stands, trying to move to get the blood flowing again.
Eadelene “So, have we finally found time for that tour you promised?”
Eadelene "Granted, it’s mostly my fault we’ve been so busy, but still…
Jessaila is sharpening her sabre in the general area.
Isabis “Yeah, I figure we should at /least/ give you the general tour before we go haring off on wild adventures.”
Isabis “I mean, once we get back, you’ll probably be up to your eyebrows in Moonshell stuff, and you’ll want to already know your way around, you know?”
Eadelene “Quite! Also, if I died on this mad expedition without having seen more of this place, I just might have to come back and haunt you!” Addie laughs, though she adds a muttered, “Ma would be giving me an earful right now if she knew what we were doing, Moonshell or no…”
Eadelene “Worth it, though. I mean… Moonshell!”
Eadelene “So, where do we start?”
Jessaila finishes sharpening the back blade of her saber and sheaths it. “You doing a tour?”
Eadelene “Yep! Isabis promised, and this is pretty much our last chance before we leave.”
Isabis “That’s the plan. I figure we’ll start with the workshops, do a real quick point-and-label in the living area, and then show off the cool stuff.”
Isabis grins
Isabis “You want to come along and gush over the sanctuary some more with us?”
Jessaila “Sure. I’m still feeling this lovely tingly feeling in the tips of my ears when I think about it…”
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Eadelene “The sanctuary? You mean it’s better than what I’ve seen already?”
Eadelene “This I’ve GOT to see. Let us be off, oh fearless leader!” Addie makes a salute, and stands at mock attention.
Isabis “Oh so /very/ much better…but practical bits first.”
Isabis leads Addie through the western door
Eadelene It’s amazing how much energy the idea of new craftsmanship to drool over can summon up…
Eadelene follows Isabis. You’d never guess from the spring in her step that she’d been near-catatonic earlier…
Isabis “So this wing used to be work areas – not much left of course, but a bunch of them had stone worktables, and of course the kitchen had brick ovens and stone countertops…”
Isabis “We found lots of little bits of moonshell in this one, they must have been shaping it in here.”
Eadelene is already inside, examining the pieces, and the workbenches, and the nooks and crannies…
Isabis gestures into a large workroom with lots of stone tables, including some fallen stone slabs that might have been the table tops over wooden supports that rotted away
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Isabis There are counter-style surfaces along the longer back wall, with gaps that might have hosted equipment once
Jessaila follows along.
Eadelene “Wow, this is what I call a workspace! I mean, it needs fixing up, and tools and stuff… but get it outfitted right? It’ll be better than the labs back at Riddlemasters!”
Isabis *There are also interesting indentations and bolt holes in the floor, and even one piece of badly rusted iron equipment with big gears.
Isabis “Yeah, I’m working on a woodworking shop too.”
Eadelene bounces from one thing to the next, ending with the rusted, gear-filled wonder…
Eadelene ((Can she tell what it would have done?))
Isabis ((something with a high-torque shaft – drill? Lathe? Hard to be sure on a quick examination.))
Eadelene forms some quick theories about what the device might do, but there are too many shiny things to examine to really try and figure it out…
Eadelene Time for that later, right?
Eadelene continues bouncing. Where did she GET all this energy all of a sudden, anyway?
Isabis “They left a saw in the woodshop, but all that’s left of the blades are the patterns of rust in the storage drawers.”
Isabis “Anyway. Work areas here, and the first one on the left in this hallway was the kitchen – but I think you saw that the first day? Anyway, it’s usually findable by scent.”
Eadelene "Heh. Awww. But goodness, how old *is
this place? Have you guys figured that out yet? I mean, if even the metal has all gone to bits…"
Isabis “Well, older than most of the elf ruins – or at least, longer abandoned.”
Isabis "Which really does beg the question, “Why did they leave, if it was before the Smiting of the Anvil?”
Isabis “But that one we haven’t got a clue on yet. Might be something in the library, though, if the leaders kept a journal and left it in there.”
Eadelene “Heh. You mean there’s a library, and you two haven’t read straight through it yet?”
Isabis “We haven’t even /begun/ to catalog what we have there yet. The moonshell tablet was actually one of the first, most obvious things that presented itself once we got in.”
Jessaila “So many books – so little time.”
Isabis “And after all, we’ve spent…well, less than a week here, really.”
Isabis “I’m going to set up the next room for a modern collection, I think. I got to copy /so/ many books and scrolls from the Dawnbringers’ library! Plus my school-days collection, which my parents wouldn’t mind me getting out of their house.”
Isabis “…and if we’re /really really/ lucky and play our cards right, I’m hoping Jillintkivan will let me do some copying in his library now that I’ve got it set up for him. There’s some /awesome/ stuff there too.”
Eadelene “Heh. Just like I remember from school. Still, you must be slowing down, Isabis. Less than a week? I think back then you would’ve been through the library in, like, a day!”
Isabis “Well I’ve been busy helping /someone/ mothball her business”
Isabis “Besides, this is mostly in ancient Kamil, so it’s a /smidge/ harder to read than the average textbook.”
Eadelene “Heh. Well, y’know. Not my fault you didn’t give me sufficient ‘go out of business’ warning.”
Eadelene “Hmmm. Well, I’ll be interested to spend some time with you two reading through some of those things. Not too much, though. Making stuff first! And Moonshell stuff! Who’d ever have imagined?!”
Jessaila “Who’d have imagined? My ex… captor.”
Eadelene “…Aaah.” This sobers Addie down.
Jessaila shrugs. “He’s dead now.”
Isabis “I suppose it was all part of the ‘destiny’ of the gaunt to revitalize the lost civilation of the Anvil, huh?”
Eadelene Strangely, this does nothing to renew Addie’s pep…
Jessaila smiles at Addy. “Sometimes, you don’t get a choice about whether or not you participate in an ’adventure.”
Eadelene “Hmmm…”
Eadelene would never have thought anything could dampen her excitement over Moonshell, but…
Isabis “Sanitary in there – well constructed, but hey, it’s dwarves so no shock right? – living quarters all down that hall…”
Eadelene returns her attention to architecture and craftsmanship…
Eadelene “Okay, so kitchen, living quarters, workshops… what comes next? And hey, do you guys have any idea what this place was?”
Jessaila “Well…”
Isabis “It seems to have been a fully functioning delve – I mean, all those warrior chiefs on the walls, library, school, sanctuary…”
Eadelene “Aaaah. Yeah, I guess that would make sense.”
Isabis “Nightscale tells us the living quarters go pretty deep, and there’s another set of big work areas, and some other stuff accessed by tunnels too small for her to get into properly.”
Isabis “It’s flooded below the third level though.”
Eadelene “Oooh, small tunnels? Really?!” Isabis might remember, among Addie’s other quirks, that she was known back at Riddlemasters for coining the term ‘claustrophilia’…
Eadelene Aaand it appears that her energy has returned. Her dampened mood lasted, what, two minutes? That might just be a personal record… for length…
Isabis "Small /water filled/ tunnels, yes. "
Eadelene “Hmph.” Addie crosses her arms and looks away in disappointment. Her eyes fall on a door. “Ooooh, what’s in there?” She bounds away. ((You decide where she’s headed.))
Isabis “…heh, you’ll love the lower living quarters. They’re your size and everything. Low ceilings, narrow corners.”
Isabis Addie finds the back corridor from the living spaces back into the workrooms wing
Isabis “I don’t know, we haven’t looked behind that one yet…hallway it seems?”
Eadelene “Wait? The living quarters are connected to the workroom wing? I LOVE THIS PLACE!”
Isabis “Heh, suure…where’s the back route to the education wing, though?”
Isabis “Speaking of which…on to the /really/ exciting parts!”
Eadelene “Heh. You want me to believe it gets better, you have to prove it!”
Eadelene is, once again, bounding around from one thing to the next.
Jessaila “Don’t worry, we can.”
Isabis leads the way across the ‘feast hall’ to the east wing
Isabis “Get ready for this…”
Eadelene “Heh. You really think this will beat what I’ve seen of this place already? Still a skeptic!” Addie is totally teasing, of course.
Isabis leads Addie through a narrower hallway divided by a large pillar carven from top to bottom, attempting to ignore said pillar…
Eadelene , however, doesn’t know there’s anything to ignore, and is of course examining every facet of everything she passes…
Isabis “Addieeeee! Don’t stop to be distracted by the entryway!”
Isabis *The pillar is only /covered/ with fancy ancient Kamillil script, atistically surrounding symbols holy and/or heraldic
Eadelene is totally distracted…
Eadelene “This! This is amazing…” Yeaaaaah. You might’ve lost her…
Jessaila smiles.
Isabis “Eadelen! Come /on/ already! This is only the vestibule!!”
Eadelene mutters, “Wow… this script… kinda like… well… and oooooh, look here!” She’s stuck examining every inch of that pillar… that her three-foot height will reach.
Isabis “…are you planning on sleeping tonight at /all/ Addie?”
Eadelene And she looks completely put out that there’s so much out of reach over her head…
Jessaila picks up Addy. “Cooler stuff this way, less cool stuff if you stay here…”
Eadelene “Sleep? What is this insignificant thing of which you speak?”
Eadelene “Eeeeep! Hey!”
Jessaila “You’ll thank me for it later.”
Eadelene “Put me down! Or wait, no! Just keep me over here! I can see that part I missed! Noooo!”
Jessaila “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you shouting in my ear. Superior elven selective hearing, and all.”
Isabis leads the way into the sanctuary…
Isabis *It’s a huge room, and every inch of it is covered with stonecraft
Jessaila puts Addy back down.
Eadelene falls quiet. Looking at her, you might think her brain is broken.
Isabis *There are richly carved alters in each corner surrounded by symbols and story-friezes for each of the major “good” pantheons of the known world
Eadelene Jess might have to keep a hand on her shoulder once she puts her down, just to keep her from falling over.
Isabis *In the center, the floor slopes down beneath rows of pews, leaving space for the center pillars to rise taller
Jessaila keeps a hand on Addy’s shoulder.
Jessaila “Yes, it is that awesome.”
Eadelene blinks. Well, at least you know she can still move…
Eadelene “Isabis, you have made a strategic error. Because I think I’m not leaving here. EVER…”
Isabis "Hehehe. You want to join the roster for planned study retirements?
Eadelene “After showing me this, you think you could chase me away?”
Isabis “Heh. Depends on how bad you want to go back to the Brennestones, I guess.”
Eadelene finally regains use of her legs, and wanders over to the nearest carving available. She mutters to herself, “Look at the carving on this! And that style! Definitely dwarven, and yet… different! How is it different? I can’t put my finger on it…”
Jessaila “Elven-dwarven.”
Eadelene “…I can always tell Ma to hold her grudge against you, not me. All your fault…”
Eadelene doesn’t take her eyes away from scouring the walls as she speaks…
Eadelene “Elven-dwarven, hmmm. Yes, that’s part of it, certainly…. Is it all? I’m… not sure. Maaaaybe…”
Eadelene continues examining walls, working her way – SLOWLY – around the room. And constantly losing patience with how much good stuff is TOO FAR OVER HER HEAD TO SEE CLOSELY. Grrrah, this was all carved by DWARVES! You’d think they’d show some solidarity for the vertically challenged…
Isabis *The art is themed around the groups of spirits you recognize: in one corner and on the walls nearest, the Eyes of Heaven, clear from the star/sun/moon themes, although something else is added in ā€“ winds? Opposite them is what might be the Insia. Opposite the door are, plain to any interpreter, the dragon kings. A center plinth and the walls nearest the door celebrate (apparently) the Faces…
Isabis …of Creation.
Eadelene is intrigued by some of the more unfamiliar iconography, though otherwise she’s mostly focused on the craftsmanship and styling.
Isabis *The ceiling also bears artwork, blessedly /designed/ to be viewed from below; from each corner, various figures surrounded by symbols of their source-group rise in worship towards the center. The Faces of Creation come from the door corner; the center of the ceiling is something different.
Eadelene notices the ceiling… and dignity is no object when it comes to art! She flops down on her back to survey as much of the whole at once as she can.
Isabis “The language is weird too. I mean, there’s no arguing it’s a dwarf delve – not with all those carvings in the main hall – but the language is a dialect of Kamillil all over the place, no Gamok anywhere.”
Eadelene Intrigued, Addie tries reading some of the script, and also examines the center of the ceiling more closely…
Isabis *The center of the ceiling is the highest part, and contains the worst design flaw in the sanctuary art – the script around the central motifs, while the same size as that nearer the walls, is too small to read at that height
Eadelene fixates on the inconceivable anomaly. “What?! Perfect! Everything else is perfect! What were they thinking?!” She mutters in near inaudible and incoherent outrage…
Isabis *The motif seems to be a very bright something – star? sun? flame? – to which all the other figures are moving, or being drawn up? There is a serious lack of clear images in that section, lots of sylized symbology
Eadelene “It… it almost reminds me… but what does it SAY?!” Addie continues to mumble like a madwoman…
Isabis “Thinking about what? Putting every house of spirits that isn’t outright evil in one sanctuary? I’ve been wondering a lot about that myself…”
Isabis “I mean, Faces of Creation priests don’t usually get along that well with Avvists, you know?”
Eadelene "Ladder! I need a ladder! Oh, what was that, Isabis? Yeah, it *is
pretty weird…"
Isabis “And the dragon kings tend to look down on and /be/ looked down on by everyone else…wait, ladder? Why?”
Eadelene “Because there’s WRITING up there! And it’s TOO SMALL TO READ!” Addie bursts out in all the outrage of scandalized artistic sensibilities.
Isabis finally looks straight up
Isabis “Oh. Huh…same size as the rest, just placed higher. Maybe they carved it in the workrooms and didn’t realize it would be illegible until it was put up?”
Isabis “Thing is…we don’t have any ladders. Ladders aren’t usually made of stone, and they don’t fit in backpacks, you know?”
Eadelene “They… WHAT? Isabis, every square inch of this place was planned to perfection! The KNEW where they were putting this!”
Eadelene “What were they thinking?!”
Eadelene “Gah, wish I knew a levitate spell!”
Jessaila “I know one.”
Eadelene Addie is back to muttering agian.
Jessaila “Here.”
Jessaila casts levitate on Addy.
Eadelene “REALLY?”
Isabis “Oh, good call. Tell me what it says, I’ll write it down for us.”
Eadelene “Eeeee! Yes! A little higher, I can almost make it out!”
Eadelene Addie would have glomped Jess at the mention of the levitate spell, but she cast it too quickly. And anyway, important stuff – LIKE MYSTERIOUS CARVED SCRIPTS – first!
Eadelene As she goes higher, Jess and Isabis probably can’t hear her so much – she’s muttering too low. But the more she looks, she mutters, "Yes! Yes, it does…! But, can it really be…?
Eadelene "
Isabis Around the star/sun/flame are four legends, corresponding to the four houses of spirits:
Eadelene She falls silent, however, once she gets high enough to read.
Jessaila puts a hand to her head. “Oooh…”
Jessaila “That’s the sign I need food and sleep… when doing magic starts giving me a headache…”
Isabis * Closest to the Faces of Creation, it reads “Creator of All” – Closest to the Eyes of Heaven, it reads “Ruler Above the Heavens” – closest to the Dragon Kings, it reads “The Consuming Fire” – closest to the Insia, it reads “Holiest of Holies”
Jessaila “Excuse me. I need to grab some food before my headache becomes a migraine.”
Jessaila exeunt stage left.
Eadelene didn’t know Jess left. If you all thought her brain was broken before…
Isabis *
End Supplemental Log**

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