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In a small town in the six lakes region, there are two items of interest: a particularly random sunpool, and a particularly famous tavern. The tavern is called “The Sideways Sun” and it is famous in part for all the famous sunchasers who have been there.
Malaina: ((Well, don’t worry about trying to understand Grok))
Seiankornai: ((Shesa’s party probably came out of a sunpool near this town a few days ago, and have been doing the odd jobs here and there that people give Sunchasers, but nothing really interesting, and are probably planning on heading out soon))
Shesa: ((would make sense))
The Darkness Piercers didn’t come in through the sunpool, but the town is more-or-less on the way from the ruined academy they recently departed to the Riddlemaster’s College where they are going, so…why not?
Shesa: ((give descriptions now or later?))
Shesa, you are in the tavern. Else is just entering now.
Seiankornai: ((would this be the same inn we stopped by on the way here?))
Dragonhawk: ((go ahead and tell us what we see))
Seiankornai: ((nvm, DM corrected me :P ))
Thurirl: ((my guy looks like a tree =P until you take time to actually notice him))
Seiankornai: ((then he’s a lizard))
Seiankornai: ((I look like a lizard regardless of how much time you spend looking at me))
The inn you stayed at before was in the mountains. The similarities are the presence of drake-sized rooms and amenities. The differences include people who are excited and not nervous at having sunchasers show up suddenly.
Dragonhawk: ((Thurirl, in this place he wouldn’t look like a tree. It’s inside, after all. …he looks like a barstool.))
Seiankornai: ((snerk))
Malaina: ((LOL))
Grok: ((watch what you say. I may try to sit on him then))

  • Shesa is sitting at one of the tables, enjoying some tea. She is fair-skinned and dark-haired, fit and lithe, as are most young Ahset women who actually grew up on one of the Dwarven island-homes. She is wearing gleaming silver form-fitting scale armor and has a the long hilt of an unusual sword sticking up over her shoulder.
    Thurirl: ((I assure you I can move before any ogre mistakes me for a barstool))
  • Isabis pushes open the door and enters, and immediately claims a table sized for a party of drakes.
    Malaina: ((The doors are big enough for a drake to go through, right?))
    Isabis: ((yes, easily))
  • Malaina wanders in after Isabis, Vari trundling behind her like a puppy dog
  • Seiankornai is lightly dozing by the roaring fireplace, his tail flicking in and out of it to adjust the burning logs on occasion. He had such a marvelous breakfast of a whole roasted pig and a small barrel of ale.
  • Isabis is a human, obviously Matha in race, really fairly average looking – though the table makes her look small.
  • Isabis shrugs off her pack and almost immediately has a book out.
  • Malaina is also human, average height, long black hair and red eyes
  • Vari makes his way over to Seian to bother him
  • Seiankornai flicks an ear, and opens his eye to look at the younger drake. “Yes?”
  • Jessaila is a tall and young-looking female elf with a rapier and main gauche, with reddish hair.
  • Vari blinks at Seian and then bops at his head
    Grok whispers: They hear a loud commotion outside the tavern. Grok comes in with his cannon clanking against his rocks
  • Thurirl is a non-descript Saurian who tends to blend into the background without trying. He joins Isabis at the table with a light breakfast (mostly meat), making very little sound.
    Isabis: “Ooh, Jessaila, look at this…what the…”
  • Malaina sits down with a sigh, calling for Vari to not be a pest
    There is a loud commotion outside, then a large ogre enters the tavern bearing a small siege weapon.
  • Jessaila looks over at what Isabis is showing.
  • Malaina rubs at her face
  • Isabis looks at the door
  • Seiankornai is a large drake, red in color with blueish patterns. He’s wearing drakecloak as well as various decorative spinechain. He is started by Vari’s bopping him and sits up, “What was that for?”
  • Shesa leans back with a smile and watches the party of obvious sunchasers or ruin delvers that are entering the inn, briefly saluting them with her teacup.
  • Grok is a rather large and ugly ogre, bearing multiple scars on his face, and currently has his large tongue smacking around his lips
    Jessaila: ((Shesa = Whom?))
  • Malaina calls over to Seian “He is bored and when he gets bored, he starts to mess with anyone.”
  • Thurirl nods at Shesa and ignores the ogre, preferring to enjoy his meal.
  • Vari huffs, not like being refered to like a kid, though he is pretty much a kid
    Seiankornai: ((Shesa is Scyld’s cahracter in the other game))
    Isabis: “Where’s that translator they advertise? Hey, barkeep, send the Woanish translator over here. I want to here what that noise was about without bored drakes getting creative with the translation.”
    A nervous looking pech comes over to the table
    Seiankornai: “Hey now, I hardly ever get creative with the translation in such a way that the meaning changes.”
    Isabis: “No, but you egg him on.”
    Grok: W “You the cook?” Grok asks the pech.
    Seiankornai: W “He won’t eat you, don’t worry. He’s a civilizaed ogre, one of a kind.”
    Translator: (w) “No, honored sunchaser, I am the translator. I help those who do not understand the Woanish langage to comprehend whatever story you may wish to tell.”
  • Thurirl ignores the brutish tongue being bandied about, watching the others with a bit of detached amusement.
  • Translator glances sideways at a round platform in the middle of the tavern, painted with the words “Bragging Right” in every major language used by sunchasers
  • Vari looks for something else to catch his attention, which might break under his care
  • Seiankornai stretches and sits up properly
    Grok: W “Tell the story of the mighty hero Grok, and how ha saved the other sunchasers from being destoryed by other ogres.”
    Translator: (of course, the pun only makes sense in Melios…“rights” and “correctly” don’t sound the same in other tongues)
  • Malaina barely keeps an eye on her drake, debating what to eat
  • Translator ‘s eyes widen, and he gestures to the platform
    Malaina: “Oh goodness, is Grok going to tell a story?”
    Grok: W “You tell it. I wanna hear it.”
    Isabis: “Ask him what happened outside just now!”
    Seiankornai: "Only the one that he’s kept telling me on the way here. Why do you think I charged on ahead of you all? Besides being hungry."
  • Translator does his best to translate everything said
  • Jessaila glances at Isabis. “Am I guessing that pedestal has some sort of truth-telling widget on it?”
  • Translator indicates to Grok that he does not yet know that story
  • Thurirl is not sure what’s going on, but the ogre is involved… this will either be cringe-worthy or most amusing.
    Malaina: “Seian, can you make Vari stop trying to poke his head into the kitchen?”
  • Vari is currently trying to make his way into the kitchen, with little success
    Grok: W “How you not know story? It legendary.”
    Janus has connected.
  • Isabis laughs as the translator nervously translates Grok’s comment to him instead of responding
  • Shesa leans forward, looking interested in the goings on.
    Grok whispers: I’m planning to have a bard type character recount the deeds of Mighty Grok. Is it ok if I introduce him here, and then bring him along when I get the feat?"
  • Seiankornai takes a look, and chuckles as the cook keeps pushing out Yari’s inquisitive head. “Hehehe, you shouldn’t do that, Vari, human cooks are very particular about who they allow in their kitchens. Come and sit by me, the fire is nice and warm.”
    Seiankornai: ((hello Janus))
    You whisper to Grok: Ok, sure. This will be a contact I take it?
    Janus: ((hello))
  • Vari is finally pushed out and pouts as best as a drake can and makes his way over to Seian, flopping down with a huff and groaning out he is bored and hungry
    Grok whispers: a personal leutinent character more like.
  • Waiter approaches Vari with a small (for a drake) bowl, and sets it before him with the comment “Cook’s complliments young sir.”
    Shesa: ((/me just copy-pasted the log to Janus))
  • Vari lifts his head up, looking surprised and says in broken Melios ‘Thank….yous….’
    Seiankornai: “Hunger we can fix soon enough, faster now that you’re not bothering the cook. Boredom however, may or may not be solved by our ogre friend here.”
  • Thurirl doesn’t think that’s an appropriate way to discourage young drakes from poking their heads into kitchens.
    You whisper to Malaina: It’s a stew…full of drakish hot peppers AND something Vari hasn’t eaten before, which is cold-spicy-burny the way peppers are hot-spicy-burny. That’s some spicy stew! Hard to say if this is meant as a sop to Vari’s pride or a minor revenge.
  • Janus is a handsome Janno Human wearing well-stitched and embroidered clothes, a dark teal colored sleeveless leather jacket and leather leggings, and a finely-embroidered dark gray cloak over his body. He comes striding into the inn room from outside, tossing a sack of silver coins in his hand up and down. “Shesa! I told you I’d be able to find someone to stitch up my cloak here! Even managed to-”
  • Janus looks around the crowded bar. “Oh hello.”
  • Malaina looks to see if she can order some food for herself
    You whisper to Grok: Fine by me.
  • Jessaila regards the newcomer with curiosity.
  • Vari sniffs at the bowl, licking at the contents
  • Thurirl looks up at Janus, wondering if this newcomer will prove entertaining.
    Grok whispers: Can you give this the event text when a good moment comes up? "A young man, dressed completely in various shades of yellow and orange, with a double flute on his back and a scroll in his hands, comes into the tavern. He sees Grok, and approaches him
    The translator keeps a good solid double-arm’s reach from Grok
  • Janus tosses the bag of silver up and catches it again, smiling. “Round of drinks on me!”
    Malaina: “Drinks won’t do me any good.”
  • Janus moves over to where Shesa is sitting and has a seat near her, kicking his feet up and tossing the bag of silver onto the table with a smirk. “I found someone who was willing to buy a piece of that art we found in the Hag’s Lair, AND embroider my cloak, Shesa. I knew we’d find someone this pool that was worth the trip.”
    Grok: W “What food inn serve?” Grok asks the translator.
    Seiankornai: “Hehehe, a round of drinks you say? I guess you’ve never seen a drake drink, much less an ogre.”
  • Thurirl remains still, hoping no one passes him what Janus considers “drink”.
  • Vari finishs off the bowl of food, finding it was quite delicious and wants some more
    Janus: “Well it’s on me. What good is silver if you don’t spend it having a good time, eh? Just came off a succesful sunchase, need to kick back!”
  • Shesa grins and nods at Janus. “Yeah. And it looks like we’ll be getting a story, too, other than just ours.”
  • Malaina goes to the bar to see if she can ask the barkeep about getting something to eat
    Seiankornai: “Oh? We’re on our way back to the Peaks now ourselves, leaving a task behind us.”
  • Translator reels off the menu. There are stews, meaty and vegetarian; roasts of pork and beef, pot pies, various regional and racial dishes. It’s pretty eclectic, really, but it’s all hearty fare – more what you’d find in a farmhouse or campsite and less what you’d find in a castle or nobleman’s estate.
  • Jessaila orders a bacon pie.
  • Malaina looks to the others to see if she can just make a big order for them all
  • Isabis gets a large mug of small beer and a layered bacon/pastry/cheese dish.
  • Grok orders a goat dish and ale, lots of ale.
  • Jessaila is an elf, not an herbivore.
  • Thurirl already has a bit of beef prepared “hometown” style…
    Isabis: “I guess Grok doesn’ t feel like telling stories.”
  • Malaina puts in the order, chuckling
    A young man, dressed completely in various shades of yellow and orange, with a double flute on his back and a scroll in his hands, comes into the tavern. He sees Grok, and approaches him
  • Janus notices Jessaila and smirks to himself, speaking out in her natural tongue of Kamali. “So what brings a beautiful swordswoman as yourself out here? Chasing the sun as well?”
    Seiankornai: “So, I guess I’ll be hearing Grok’s tale twice today in the same sitting.”
  • Jessaila glances back at Janus. “Yes.”
  • Jessaila says nothing else.
  • Tobec the young man, speaks to Grok in perfect Woanish “Master Grok, was it 10 ogres or 12 that you personally smote?”
  • Malaina goes and sits down next to Jess
    Isabis: ((snerk))
    Jessaila: “Hey Mala. Getting something to eat?”
    Malaina: “Yea, a meat pie, some eggs and ale.”
  • Grok ’s large brow wrinkles in difficult cognition. After a minute of thought, he grunts out “Lots.”
    Jessaila: “Sounds good.”
  • Isabis is sitting on the other side of Jessaila at the drake-sized table that the drakes are ignoring
  • Vari makes his way over and sits himself as close to Mala as he can, laying his head on the drake sized table
  • Shesa laughs. K “He’s just trying to get rid of the memory of his last attempt at flirting. He’s really not too bad when he’s not being tricked by someone with magical disguise.”
    Seiankornai: “Oh? What sort of something?”
  • Seiankornai observes Janus’ reaction to this
  • Janus sputters out some of his ale and gives Shesa a glare.
  • Thurirl doesn’t show it, but he’s listening very hard to Shesa right now.
  • Malaina laughs a bit at that display
    You whisper to Malaina: Vari is probably in a mood for LOTS of something to drink after that spicy soup. the “cold” stuff is what drakes do for “crazy spice levels” instead of hot peppers
    You whisper to Malaina: …and that guy offered everyone a free drink, after all
    Janus: “It was an ambush. I had no way of knowing she was in a different magical form.”
    Janus: “and it’s not like « i = Invalid expression: i. »anyone« /i = Invalid expression: /i. » tried to warn me.”
    Janus: ((woops, wrong tag))
    Janus: “And it’s not like anyone tried to warn me.”
  • Seiankornai pokes his snout by Shesa, “Blinded by a pretty face, is he?”
    Isabis: “Well, did anyone else have a way of knowing she was in a magical form?”
  • Vari starts to look uncomfortable
  • Shesa shrugs. “I thought it was just magical compulsion making an unwitting spy. Didn’t realize they could change shape.”
  • Malaina looks with concern at her drake, tuning everyone else out, “Vari, are you ok?”
  • Jessaila snorts.
  • Thurirl smiles and chews on a lovely piece of meat.
    Malaina: “Jess, something is wrong with Vari!”
  • Seiankornai looks up with concern
  • Vari looks like he is about to upchuck what he ate, if a drake can look sick
  • Seiankornai gets his empty ale barrel for Vari
    Isabis: “What’s wrong, Vari? You look like you ate a pound of frost-root.”
  • Thurirl pauses with a look of concern on his face.
  • Jessaila jumps up.
    Jessaila: “Vari, let’s go outside.”
  • Vari quickly scrambles and stomps outside, Mala running behind him yelling his name
    Jessaila: “If you’re going to be sick, let’s do it outside.”
  • Shesa watches Vari also. “Is this common? I’ve not actually known many Drakes, and those few I’ve met weren’t dealing with me, but the expedition leaders.”
  • Jessaila helps Vari outside.
    Isabis: “Not very, in my experience.”
    Seiankornai: “Not that common, really. Sure, sometimes drakes can get sick, but hardly ever from something we ate.”
  • Malaina whisper Dragonhawk Can you do what you do with the black text to the effect you can hear Vari throwing up outside?
    Seiankornai: ((whoops))
    Grok: ((hmm, what is that Grok hears?
    Those inside the tavern hear the sound of a drake getting unusually sick.
    Isabis: “What DID he eat?”
    Isabis: “It wasn’t really a pound of frost-root was it??”
  • Jessaila is patting Vari on the back and keeping her boots clear of the… yes.
  • Malaina now all mother hen on Vari
    Seiankornai: “I should hope it wasn’t something like that.”
    Thurirl: “I observed earlier that the chef was not acting in a way that would discourage young drakes from investigating his kitchen. However, by all appearances, I was incorrect on that point.”
  • Janus just quietly enjoys his ale and tries to forget
  • Malaina rushs in, wanting a big barrel of water
  • Isabis eyes Janus
    Seiankornai: WGROK! Vari needs water.”
  • Waiter calmly provides the water barrel
  • Grok grabs the barrel, runs out to vari, and starts pouring
    Thurirl: “…do you think he’ll realize she may have meant water to drink?”
    Malaina: ((Pouring where?))
    Isabis: “Hmm. Well, whatever it was, it’s all out now.”
  • Shesa snickers. “I wonder if that’ll help anyway.”
    Grok: ((into open mouth))
  • Vari gulping down the water greedily
    Isabis: “So who was it that was disguising themselves as brainwashed spies now? And why were you flirting with someone you thought was a spy anyhow?”
  • Jessaila makes sure that Vari seems to be doing okay and that Mala doesn’t need help.
  • Vari wipes off his snout
    Malaina: “Thank you Jess, go on and enjoy your food, I don’t think I can eat right now.”
  • Isabis is wondering if this means Janus thinks that Jessaia is a spy too.
  • Shesa glances at Janus. “He still hasn’t told us the whole story, but it was apparently rather traumatizing so I’d guess it was one of the Hags.”
    Isabis: “…the Hags? Where was this?”
    Seiankornai: “Oh, a hag? They’re ugly by human standards, right?”
    Janus: “I’ll tell the story. You weren’t there for the bits at the end.”
  • Janus takes a moment to compose himself, since any story worth telling is worth telling RIGHT
  • Vari makes his way back in, looking grumpy and sits back down at the table, glaring at any waiter that comes nearby
    Thurirl: “It is my understanding that hags are substandard in attractiveness in regard to human affections. Apparently, so much so they are known to describe their most vicious and unappetizing women by that term.”
  • Jessaila comes back in and finds her meal delivered.
  • Malaina also sits down and rubs at Vari’s neck
  • Shesa shrugs. “I will admit I didn’t warn you that I thought she was one of the brainwashed spies before we even met Lord Samulbrar, so it is partly my fault, but it’s still amusing.”
  • Janus takes his feet off the table while looking at Shesa sideways. “Thanks…for that…”
    Janus: “Anyway, it started with us being hired by Janno Nobles to look into rumors of a Vampire haunting the settlement Moranay.”
  • Jessaila sits down and listens in.
  • Isabis closes her book and listens as well
    Janus: “The Lord Samulbrar, known as the Man Forever due to his lack of aging from his days as a Sunchaser, was suspected of being a Vampire. The townsfolk were furious and ready to swarm his manor when we arrived and began our investigation.”
  • Thurirl listens in, though he appears to be paying more attention to his meat. There is one among the cooks who knows his Saurian dishes, if only because they often involve warm, raw meat.
  • Malaina reluctantly eats her food
    Janus: "We questioned the Lord and his servants, discovering holes in the case for him being the vampire. We searched the burned manor of his old enemies, and discovered undead creatures there that we quickly put to rest with skill of arms.
  • Shesa goes back to drinking her tea, tho orders some bread and honey next time the waiter comes near.
  • Janus is suddenly balancing a dagger on his finger, having drawn it mid-sentance without any real notice
  • Thurirl is somewhat impressed with Janus’ subtlety of knife play.
    Janus: “We found what, at first glanced, damned the Lord to being the vampire. A ruin with two coffins and a book containing what appeared to be his handwriting. My good friend Terwyn used his keen eye for details to decipher that the writing was likely forged, compared to a sample I managed to steal right out from under the Lord’s guards in his library in broad daylight. Amazing what disguising yourself as the help can do.”
  • Isabis chuckles at that one
  • Jessaila resists the urge to say in a motherly tone “Put that knife away before you put your eye out!”
  • Thurirl actually starts taking notes, though being as subtle about it as he can.
    Janus: “Our investigation continued, with each new clue throwing the Lord’s status as vampire further and further into doubt. A woman brainwashed into believing she saw the lord, stories of two vampires when only the Lord would have been available, and finally a hidden ruin magically disguised to be hidden under a lake.”
  • Malaina leans against Vari, continuing to rub at his neck and find that one scale that he likes to have scratched, listening in
  • Janus sheaths the dagger
  • Jessaila clearly is breathing easier now.
  • Malaina chuckles at Jess
    Janus: “Inside the ruin we found the true culprits of the crime, a trio of Hags. They had been building a force of spawn for many years in an attempt to seek revenge upon the lord, and the fight that ensued was incredible!”
  • Janus hops up onto the table, unflicking a weaponized folding razor and making exxagerated motions with it. “We were outnumbered six to one, and they all carried heavy arms and had thick steel armor!”
  • Thurirl looks up and begins to wonder if he should continue taking notes… or just save time and effort by ignoring Janus…
  • Shesa nods, enjoying the retelling of the story as much as the taste of the honey-drenched bread.
  • Malaina steals some of Thurirl’s meat
    Janus: “The spawn threw themselves into a rage, and one by one Shesa and I made them fall. She played the distraction, and I got in close and slit throats, cut hamstrings, stabbed spines, cutting their numbers down with ease! Her heavy sword and my swift daggers, along with some help of Terwyn’s lucky coin, let us tackle FIFTEEN heavily armed hagspawn.”
  • Jessaila pulls her plate and spiced rum off the table so she doesn’t end up with footfood.
  • Barkeep mutters loudly enough for people close to hear but quitely enough that Janus can’t. “Build them a stage, they said. It’ll keep them off the tables, they said. Hah. Still on the tables half the time.”
    Shesa: ((heh))
    Seiankornai: ((snerk))
  • Vari snorts a small plume of flame at Janus, still grumpy and he is too close
  • Thurirl frowns at Malaina.
  • Seiankornai listens to Janus intently
  • Janus doesn’t mind the fire since he’s wearing thick leather armor, and continues
    Barkeep: “Nice special effects, Vari, but don’t set the fellow on fire.”
    Thurirl is disconnected.
    Thurirl is disconnected.
    Janus: “The hag even tried using her mental domination upon us, but we fought on. Eventually we cut them all down, making the hags and their ettin werebats flee. We found one of the Lord’s men held captive by them, transformed into the form of a robin by their magic.”
    Malaina: “Please, don’t tempt him”
    Barkeep: "Did you say “Ettin were-bats?”
  • Malaina gets up from the table, deciding the story isn’t really that entertaining anymore and goes to the barkeep to get some more ale
    Thurirl has connected.
    Barkeep: “As in giant two headed BATS?”
    Barkeep: ((wb))
    Janus: “Yes I did! Ettin were-bats! That’s a bit later in the story, but we fought them too!”
  • Janus hops off the table with a laugh. "We cut down the spawn and found the Lord’s adopted son turned into the form of a Robin, likely so the Hags could insinuate him along with the Lord as the “Vampires.”
  • Jessaila finishes her bacon pie and gives the dish to the barkeeper. “Might I have a refill of spiced rum, please?”
  • Thurirl makes notes on how one might subdue a flying enemy with two heads. It involves something rather elaborate designed to toss very large nets at them…
  • Malaina goes back to the table and nudges Thurirl “You know I only mess you because you like me!”
    Thurirl: “Human affection has the strangest nuances.”
  • Malaina grins at him and chuckles
    Malaina: “Ahh, but you should be used to mine!”
    Barkeep: “Huh. I’m glad we didn’t run into those. Although…50-ish gaunt and cronist mercenaries, or 15 werebats? Hmm. Maybe I should wish we had.”
    Janus: “We rallied the people, telling them of the true threat to the land, and showing how the Hags were behind everything. Unfortunately, the Hags had already infiltrated the village, and one of them ambushed me that night, hoping to slay me while the Ettins assaulted the lord’s manor.”
    Jessaila: “Could be worse, Thurirl.”
    Janus: « d20+10 = 17 + 10 = 27 » Bluff
    Janus: ((everyone can roll sense motive on that, I think))
    Barkeep: « 1d20+11 = 8 + 11 = 19 » sense motive
    Seiankornai: « 1d20+5 = 1 + 5 = 6 » sense motive
    Jessaila: “When Ardun was romancing me, his way of showing affection was to put dead animals on my doorstep.”
    Thurirl: “Females of any species are known to be mysterious and confounding to any male. Logically speaking, I doubt I will ever get used to it.”
    Isabis: « 1d20+11 = 16 + 11 = 27 » sense motive
  • Thurirl smiles. “Though… I think I will try.”
    Malaina: « 1d20+6 = 17 + 6 = 23 »
  • Barkeep senses that another sunchaser is bragging his head off.
  • Malaina sips at her drink
    Jessaila: « 1d20+2 = 19 + 2 = 21 » Yeah, don’t know why I’m bothering.
    Seiankornai: ((oooh, Isabis beats Janus, since she has a +11 and he has a +10))
  • Isabis gives Janus an odd look
    Thurirl: « 1d20+9 = 16 + 9 = 25 »
    Shesa: ((not gonna help, I’ve only got +5 to it. tho I already know he isn’t really telling the truth))
    Isabis: “What, ambushed just you in a dark alley?”
    Shesa: ((well, the full truth))
    Janus: “She tried attacking me while I was sleeping”
    Isabis: “Sleeping…which whom? Is this the part where you kiss the enemy?”
    Janus: “The fight was quick, I had no armor but I reached for my sap, knocking her unconscious. The other two hags paralyzed me, however, and left.”
  • Shesa nods.
  • Thurirl looks amused at Janus’ attempts to gloss over an embarassing moment in his career.
  • Seiankornai doesn’t quite catch it
    Thurirl: ((um, retcon maybe))
  • Isabis does look amused at Janus’ attempts to gloss over an embarassing moment in his career.
  • Jessaila returns to her chair with a full pint of spiced rum.
    Isabis: “I guess that hag knew how to construct a diversion for a flirt.”
  • Thurirl notes that Isabis has caught what he has missed.
  • Seiankornai addresses Shesa, so what did the hags have to do with that lord?"
  • Janus gives Isabis a bit of a glare and then recomposes himself, continuing with his story and not denying or confirming anything. “ANYWAY, the Hags seeked Revenge on the lord for destroying their coven in his sunchasing days.”
    Shesa: “And for rescuing the boy who he adopted as his son.”
    Janus: “They had sent their remaining minions, the ettins, to assault his manor while they fled from their failed ambush.”
    Janus: “We had to quickly grab what we could, only able to grab our most vital weapons and barely put our armor on in time while rushing to the defense of the Lord.”
    Thurirl: “Sought.”
    Janus: “The ettins were terrible beasts, strong and powerful, with two great heads and two greater swords.”
    Thurirl: “The proper wording is ‘sought revenge’. Please do keep your tenses straight.”
  • Seiankornai baps Thurirl with his tail
    Janus: “There weren’t as many enemies, but the fighting was just as intense. If it wasn’t for my armor, why, some of those massive sword swings might have actually hurt!”
  • Thurirl looks surprised. He was only looking out for the grammar of the language. What is so wrong with that?
    Seiankornai: “IT is rude to interrupt a story telling like that.”
  • Translator conveyt the missed word into the other languages as best he can, his ears turning red with the embarassed conviction that the Woanish speakers will think it’s his own mistake.
  • Shesa laughs. “At least I found that fighting a two-headed enemy is more like fighting two separate enemies that can’t work together, than like fighting one better-than-average enemy.”
  • Janus suddenly turns invisible right in front of everyone else, and after a few moments, re-appears in a completely different chair holding a mug of ale.
    Janus: “They didn’t even see me coming. By the time they knew we were there, one was as good as dead.”
    Janus: “The other was made quick work of after a failed attempt to hurl a javelin at us made it tumble from the manor walls.”
  • Thurirl is beginning to wonder if it would be worth talking to this man on matters of subtlety. He does not seem to let it pervade all parts of his life.
  • Jessaila is beginning to wonder if it’s safe to take a bath in this inn with Janus around.
  • Seiankornai is enjoying the story
    Janus: “Funny thing about Ettins, they can die twice.”
    Janus: “But only twice.”
  • Janus smirks and takes a drink from the mug.
    Shesa: “So, you have a story too, tho the ogre did not tell it. Are we to not hear it after all?”
    Jessaila: “Eh, not much to tell.”
    Tobec: At the mention of this, the bizarrely clad lad mounts up to the platform.
    Jessaila: “Went into gaunt elf lands. Fought some of them. Got chased by one of the Knights. Survived. Got here.”
  • Malaina looks over at the platform
  • Jessaila shrugs.
    Shesa: “Oh, Janus will be very interested in the story, then.”
    Seiankornai: “oooh, we might as well let Grok tell our story, since he wants to tell it so bad. But we’ll add corrections along the way.”
    Tobec: “Come come now. As Sir Grok tells me, it was more than that.”
    Janus: “One of the knights?”
    Thurirl: “‘Sir’ Grok?”
    Janus: “One of THE Knights? The ninety-nine?”
    Isabis: " ‘Sir’ Grok is it now?"
  • Malaina shudders “Yea…he actually came into the cave I was in…”
    Jessaila: “Yes, one of the Ninety-Nine.”
    Thurirl: “i was unaware he found royalty he could convince to knight him.”
    Janus: “oh I must hear this story. It’s my goal to hunt down as many of the ninety-nine as I can.”
    Isabis: “He was chasing the gaunt who were chasing us, see. Then he decided their treasure was worthless, so he didn’t steal it from us.”
    Tobec: “It started in search of a riddle. Grok the mighty is not only mighty in battle, but mighty of the mind also.”
    Malaina: “I think we are lucky he didn’t actually attack any of us.”
    Isabis: “Hmm. In search of a riddle…that’s not too far off, really.”
    Tobec: “Grok led his brave party in search of something. Grok is a little unclear what that something was, but he assures me under his leadership, his party found it.”
    Jessaila: “Trouble.”
  • Isabis smothers a laugh
  • Thurirl begins to take more notes… this time of the inconsistencies in Grok’s tale. It may prove to be a stunning reveal-all best seller. Someday.
  • Malaina rolls her eyes
    Tobec: "But the party faced a terrible, riddle, the likes of which have not been heard before. Lightning crashed and thunder roared as they struggled against this complex, twisted riddle.?
  • Isabis shouts “It was a cook book and some garden stakes!”
    Jessaila: “There was thunder, actually.”
    Malaina: “You mean in that tower all of you were in?”
    Jessaila: “Yes.”
    Malaina: “Didn’t you say Grok kept making that thing ring?”
    Seiankornai: “Yes, ow.”
    Jessaila: “Grok and I both, yes.”
    Tobec: “Grok let his party members try their best, letting them develop their talents, but when it appeared that doom was upon them, Grok used his wisdom to solve the riddle, and save the party from certain death.”
    Seiankornai: “He also was the one who solved it, ironically enough.”
    Isabis: “He wasn’t the only one ringing the bell, and he did come up with the answer in the end.”
    Isabis: “And he did find part of the cookbook.”
    Tobec: “Afterwards, the party left the tower, and found more of the betrayer race and followers of the crone. Empowered by a spell cast by his companions, Grok brought death from above on both sides alike.”
    Thurirl: “…I must insist you all are examined when we return to the academy. The idea of an ogre solving a riddle violates many decent laws of nature. Save, perhaps, those of irony.”
    Jessaila: “And resulted in us getting chased by both sides.”
    Isabis: “No, really Thurirl, that part’s actually true.”
    Tobec: “However, concern for keeping his comrades alive brought Grok back to his party, and they went to a cave to rest. There they were set on by the rest of the betrayer race. Grok fought with power, and inspired by his example, his companions managed not to die.”
    Tobec: “However, an even greater foe interrupted this battle.”
  • Malaina waits for this piece of fiction/non-fiction to be over
    Tobec: “Ogres by the score set upon them. Grok took pity on these unfortunate ones, as they were enslaved by the Crone, and he did not slay them all.”
    Thurirl: “I still must insist. Perhaps solving the riddle placed a memory enchantment upon everyone present…”
    Jessaila: “The ogres were quite amusing, too.”
    Isabis: “Isn’t a score 20? I don’t think there were that many.”
    Malaina: “Hey, I wasn’t up there with them, remember.”
    Tobec: “After proving his superiority, Grok fought with a powerful servant of the Crone, and forced him to retreat to avoid destruction by his hand. The minions of the Crone are now beginning to learn to fear the name of Grok, and his massive cannon, as they well should.”
    Jessaila: “He threw rocks at the Knight, who ignored him and walked away.”
    Malaina: “And laughed at him”
    Tobec: “And this is the story of how Master Grok freed some of his people from the Crone, and saved his party from those minions.”
    Grok: W “Good story.”
    Grok: W “Tell again.”
    Isabis: Heh
  • Seiankornai addresses the bard, “HOw much is he paying you?”
  • Thurirl returns to his meal, intending to finish so he may seek his own entertainment.
  • Malaina sips at the rest of her ale
    Tobec: “The people are even now beginning to learn of the name of Grok. I am honored to be able to recount the stories of a hero in the making.”
  • Malaina looks very doubtful
    Isabis: “Well, that may be at least half-true too, but the least you could do is learn the rest of our names!”
  • Seiankornai translates that for Isabis
    Tobec: “And who might you be, miss?”
    Isabis: “Isabis Estolin, niece of the King of the Matha, one of the friends who, as you put it, managed not to die.”
    Tobec: “So how do you feel travelling with one such as Grok?”
  • Malaina isn’t going to answer that question, her answer is full of too many negatives
    Isabis: “Like a fencing blade with a cannon-ball chaned to the pommel, much of the time.”
    Tobec: “And is it true your presence with Grok shows that the King recognizes what an important part Grok is going to play in the future?”
    Seiankornai: “Hesss.”
  • Malaina laughs at that
    Isabis: “I don’t think the king has heard of Grok yet. Feel free to tell him, he could probably use a laugh.”
    Seiankornai: “It is trying at times, being with an ogre, but also amusing.”
    Tobec: “When I am done, all will know the deeds of Grok. And they will remember me as the teller of those deeds.”
    Isabis: “Well, good luck to you then.”
    Malaina: “That is going to be a short career.”
  • Thurirl looks stone-faced, his usual look. He is back to making notes, not paying any real attention to the bard. Now, if he could just make these equations stick… hmm… perhaps he’d better ask someone for help…
  • Isabis tells Jessaila, more quietly, “I think we better start publishing our mission journals early, so there’s some truth out there for the serious folk to find.”
    Isabis: ((2 rep to Grok/Tobec for story telling in a public place))
    Jessaila: “And moderating Grok’s tale, so that when we have something serious to convince people about, people are willing to listen to us, rather than writing us off as those wackos who travel with the ogre.”
  • Isabis nods
  • Janus chuckles
    Janus: “This Knight, do you know where you saw him?”
    Seiankornai: “Near some cave close by to those ruins that we searched.”
    Jessaila: “In your bedroom with a rose in his teeth, waiting for you.”
  • Malaina snickers at Jess
  • Thurirl lets a small smile creep onto his face, but it’s hard to notice.
    Seiankornai: “Hmmmmm, does the Crone have any female knights?”
    Janus: “I’d prefer if that were you, actually.”
  • Janus smirks at Jessaila
  • Malaina chuckles and nudges at Jess
    Tobec: W “Where your bedroom? He not get away this time!”
    Grok: ((sorry, that should be Grok))
    Isabis: ((Grok says that, I assume? Yes, OK.))
  • Seiankornai relays Groks question to Janus
  • Malaina laughs at that
    Seiankornai: “Ever bunked with an ogre?”
    Isabis: “He first showed up at the ruin, an ancient academy of some sort.”
  • Thurirl makes a note. “Find non-lethal way to teach Janus manners. If time allows.”
    Jessaila: “Prefer it all you wish, Master Janus, but the last two males I’ve been close to met bad ends.”
  • Malaina stops laughing and puts her hand on Jess’ shoulder, frowning
    Seiankornai: “One killed the other, and I forget what happened to the latter.”
    Isabis: “She killed him.”
    Jessaila: “I killed him with a nightgown.”
  • Thurirl adds “nightgown” to his new list: Humiliating Means of Assassination.
  • Thurirl is going to need more paper at this rate.
  • Jessaila pats Mala’s hand.
    Isabis: “Aw, I just realized, we didn’t get a chance to detout and look for his collection.”
  • Grok shakes Janus “Where the knight?”
  • Malaina squeezes her shoulder lightly and then refocuses on a slightly snoozing drake next to her
    Jessaila: “We can go back later. It was always pretty well-hidden, and we’ll need Grok to carry some of the stuff.”
    Janus: “I’m the one who was asking where they were. Now please let me go.”
    Janus: « d20+15 = 9 + 15 = 24 » Impress
    Thurirl: “Speaking of the ogre, perhaps we should dislodge him from our fellow guest?”
    Isabis: “That’s one thing that can’t be denied: an ogre in the group is great for carrying things around.”
    Grok: W “You not hide one in your bedroom?”
  • Janus doesn’t speak that language
    Seiankornai: “No, Grok, that was just Jessaila making a joke.”
  • Shesa perks up. “Can you tell us more of those ruins? Before I met Janus, I was a Ruin Delver, not a Sunchaser. The expedition I was with had a Mage who normally cast magic to direct the Sunpools where he wanted to send them, but we got ambushed as we were leaving last time and when I entered the Sunpool I reached a different destination than the rest of the expedition.”
  • Grok lets go of Janus, and then turns to glare at Jessaila.
    Shesa is disconnected.
    Malaina: “Uh oh Jess, looks like you made Grok mad.”
    The translator is still repeating everything in fascination. You couldn’t pry him out of this room with a crowbar right now.
    Grok: W “Why elves like untruth?”
  • Jessaila raises an eyebrow at Grok.
    Jessaila: “Pardon?”
    Seiankornai: W “Truth has been very… unpleasant to them in recent times. However, in this case, it was more for just amusement at this fellow’s expense.”
    Grok: w “So he not know where knight is?”
    Seiankornai: W “No, he asked where the knight is.”
  • Grok grumbles at not having another chance at knight
  • Jessaila is still looking at Grok.
  • Grok marches back into the kitchen looking for more food
    Thurirl: “It is ill advised to go about seeking more trouble than one is capable of handling. A Knight of the Crone is not something known for assuming a horizontal position when impacted with a down pillow.”
    Seiankornai: “Indeed. There are many other dangers that are more immediately useful to confront. Such as the goblins infesting the Black Peaks.”
  • Malaina immediately frowns and grips her cup tightly, almost looking like she wants to break it
  • Vari lets out a deep, vicious growl at that
  • Cook feeds Grok some hot-pepper-and-frost-root soup. …The same soup that Vari threw up, although normally it just makes people stick their heads in a water barrel and try to drink the whole thing.
    Seiankornai: “Though I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a knight or two behind them.”
  • Grok downs it, and then asks for seconds.
    Grok: ((asks being more along the lines of “Gimmie more!”
    Janus: “I’m not just a ladies man, I’m an Assassin. If you could point out where the Knight is, I’d be very greatful. Hunting them down is a personal mission of mine.”
  • Cook raises his eyebrows, sets Grok a place at the prep table, and gives him more.
    Thurirl: “I do recall that, yes. I have a somewhat… personal interest in their extermination.”
  • Malaina slams her cup down, stands up and storms out
    Thurirl: “…and I am not alone in that interest.”
  • Vari quickly gets up and rushs after her, almost knocking down a few tables with his tail
  • Thurirl sighs and wonders if it was something he said. Isolation makes for good stealth training. Not so good for social relations.
  • Jessaila frowns.
    Seiankornai: “We can give you the general location, but we didn’t follow him, after it was apparent he had no interest in us.”
    Isabis: “Ahem. Forgive our companion, she feels VERY strongly about the goblins in the Black Peaks.”
    Jessaila: “With good reason.”
    Thurirl: “Indeed.”
    Isabis: “The last place we saw the knight was a few leagues east of where the west run enters the biggest lake along it’s path; he was moving north I think. That was some time ago, though.”
  • Jessaila tries to recall if the Knight had any symbol on his uniform.
    Jessaila: ((I don’t recall if it was mentioned.))
    Isabis: ((it wasn’t actually, one moment))
    Isabis: ((Insignia was a crumbling grey tower. The mercenaries didn’t wear the same one.))
  • Jessaila shares this with Janus.
    Malaina: ((brb))
  • Janus is very thankful for the info
    Malaina: (Back)
    Seiankornai: “So what are your current plans?”
    Thurirl: “I am having difficulty with some of my calculations… does anyone know someone who might help me with large constructs whose purpose is to incapacitate large, flying vermin of the dual-headed persuasion?”
    Seiankornai: “Likely back at the college.”
    Thurirl: “Perhaps. Although I do wonder if some of the dwarves may not possess the skill to actually build them. Even without the fine intelligence of the academy’s students, they may still be able to comprehend anything designed to… inconveinence any race larger than they.”
    Seiankornai: “OH I am sure they could, but we aren’t heading there next.”
    Dragonhawk: “We should be well paid at the College – we found a lot of writing, all things considered.”
    Seiankornai: “And a korret!”
    Thurirl: “Indeed not. I will consult with the scholars for advice on the principle. After which, I will see about consulting the dwarves as to whether it is possible to build.”
    Isabis: “So you want to go north next, do you?”
  • Jessaila has no idea what Thurirl is talking about, but it sounds interesting and potentially amusing.
    Isabis: ((is everyone about done?))
    Thurirl: “My desires in this regard are of no import. I have means of consulting them whether I am physically within their presence or not.”
    Grok: ((except for loot, I am))
    Seiankornai: ((I’m getting pretty tired myself))
    Thurirl: ((I haven’t rolled for loot either; not sure when it’s my turn =P))
    Grok: ((check the chat))
    Grok: ((or, now))
    Seiankornai: ((Guess we’re done here, so save log and shutdown))
    Seiankornai: ((an amusing session indeed))
    Malaina: ((kk))
    Isabis: OK, done here, moving to IRC for paperwork.
    Game Saved
    Log Saved

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