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When last we saw our party, they were routing a clumsy ambush by some plains goblins.
It is Jamshid’s Turn

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur needs to review his last action (to see which weapon he currently has readied)
    Seiankornai: ((he probably threw a javelin))
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((yeah but I had a handle action left, just don’t remember whether I drew a sword or second javelin))
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((log isn’t up … does anyone remember or should I retroactively declare what it should have been?))
    Dragonhawk: ((http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/sunchasers-dh/wikis/log-26))
    Dragonhawk: ((probably you need to refresh your page, I just put it up before the game started when I went to review my own last actions and realized I’d forgotten it))
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((thanks, found it, “Jamshid par-Bahadur draws another javelin”))
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur hurls his second javelin at Goblin 3 (Attack 13 for 9 lethal, ap2, massive, orcish, bleed)
    Dragonhawk: miss
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur draws his saber and steps up to Goblin 4, contemptously slashing at Goblin 3 (Attack 22 for 8 lethal, ap2, bleed)
    Dragonhawk: ((that is more than 5’, I don’t think you can attack this turn))
    Dragonhawk: ((oh, wait, contempt. I remember what that is now))
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur (yep)
  • Dragonhawk 3 saves for « 1d20+2 = 15 + 2 = 17 » vs 14
    Thurirl: ((I don’t think we’re fighting clones of the DM =P))
    Thurirl: ((but I could see the appeal in that))
    Dragonhawk: (…right. I meant “Goblin 3”))
    Ambusher: ((forgot how the macro was formatted))
  • Arxhar fires his longbow at goblin 12 (Attack 6 for 5 damage, then unleashes a storm of scorching rays (targeting 12 then 13 then 11 …. Attack 24 for 3 fire, ap-lots, Attack 35 for 3, and Attack 37 for 4. ((done)))
    Arxhar: ((those fire attacks were ap5, had to look it up))
  • Ambusher 12 saves for « 1d20+2 = 19 + 2 = 21 » vs 11
  • Ambusher 13 saves for « 1d20+2 = 8 + 2 = 10 » vs 11
  • Ambusher 11 saves for « 1d20+2 = 13 + 2 = 15 » vs 12
    Arxhar: ((using an action die on that last natural 20))
    Ambusher: ((for an auto-fail?))
    Arxhar: ((yes))
    Axhar burns down the enemy. These particular specimens seem more shocky than dead, but they certainly aren’t going to be shooting anything at anyone in the next few hours
    Jessaila has received initiative.
  • Jessaila moves along the outside of the fight to outflank the… flank.
    Ambusher: ((double move then?))
    Jessaila: ((50ft is my standard move, IIRC.))
    Grok: ((yep))
    Ambusher: ((OK, I just didn’t recall where you started))
  • Jessaila strikes with her blade. (Touche!)
  • Jessaila strikes with elfin speed and her fencing sabre. « 1d20+6 = 6 + 6 = 12 » tohit, « 1d10 = 8 » for damage.
    For the log purposes, I direct everyone’s attention to “Grok’s Big Bag of Useful Stuff” http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/sunchasers-dh/wikis/party-loot
    Ambusher: miss
    Seiankornai has received initiative.
  • Seiankornai takes a step close to the goblins and bites at them
  • Seiankornai bites goblin 5, hit « 1d20+10 = 8 + 10 = 18 » for « 1d10+8 = 9 + 8 = 17 »
    bites goblin 6, hit « 1d20+10 = 16 + 10 = 26 » for « 1d10+8 = 5 + 8 = 13 »
  • Ambusher 5 dies (that save is not even close to possible, it put his damage over 30)
  • Ambusher 6 saves for « 1d20+2 = 9 + 2 = 11 » vs 16
  • Seiankornai thinks it is a good day to be a hunting drake, and let’s out a roar
    Grok has received initiative.
  • Grok throws a rock at Goblin 10
    Grok: Grok throws a rock at the foe! « 1d20+11 = 5 + 11 = 16 » to hit, for « 1d12+8 = 3 + 8 = 11 » damage, and smaller opponents must make a Fortitude save DC equal to damage suffered, or become sprawled.
  • Ambusher s think it’s a bad day to be goblin hunters, and take 1 stress damage as they realize they are now outnumbered
    Grok: and follows it up with another rock
    Grok: Grok throws a rock at the foe! « 1d20+11 = 12 + 11 = 23 » to hit, for « 1d12+8 = 8 + 8 = 16 » damage, and smaller opponents must make a Fortitude save DC equal to damage suffered, or become sprawled.
    Grok: opps, make that a javelin and Chakaram
    Ambusher: ((do you need to reroll that second damgae? The first one was a miss))
    Grok: « 1d8+8 = 2 + 8 = 10 » damage
  • Ambusher 10 saves for « 1d20+5 = 13 + 5 = 18 » vs 14
    Grok: ((done))
  • Ambusher 10 howls in frustration: “Stupid ogre! Stupid Drake! Stupid Humans! STUPID RIVER BANE!! ARRRRRGH!”
    Seiankornai: ((River bane?))
  • Thurirl notes the movement of his targets and adjusts his aim.
  • Ambusher 10 attacks Seian with a boar spear, hitting « 1d20+13 = 4 + 13 = 17 » for possible damage « 1d8+4 = 1 + 4 = 5 »
    Unresolved value “DC”.
  • Ambusher 13 saves for « 1d20+2 = 8 + 2 = 10 » vs 12 (including stress damage)
    Ambusher: (ambusher 10 AD « 1d6 = 1 » )
  • Seiankornai is hit
  • Ambusher 12 saves for « 1d20+2 = 19 + 2 = 21 » vs 12
  • Ambusher 3 saves for « 1d20+2 = 16 + 2 = 18 » vs 14
  • Ambusher 4 saves for « 1d20+2 = 8 + 2 = 10 » vs 10
    One of the goblins flees into the woods
  • Ambusher attacks 3 with a little hatchet…it’d almost be cute if they weren’t so homicidal. Hits « 1d20+7 = 3 + 7 = 10 » for possible damage « 1d6+1 = 1 + 1 = 2 »
    Ambusher: ((er, attacks Jamshid))
  • Ambusher 4 attacks Jamshid with a little hatchet…it’d almost be cute if they weren’t so homicidal. Hits « 1d20+7 = 11 + 7 = 18 » for possible damage « 1d6+1 = 3 + 1 = 4 »
  • Ambusher 12 attacks Jessaila with a little hatchet…it’d almost be cute if they weren’t so homicidal. Hits « 1d20+7 = 4 + 7 = 11 » for possible damage « 1d6+1 = 5 + 1 = 6 »
    Ambusher: ((well, 10 and 11 aren’t going to do any good. Does and 18 hit, Jamshid?))
    Grok: ((nope))
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur easily parries the blow with his shield
    Thurirl has received initiative.
  • Ambusher 4 attacks Jamshid again with a little hatchet…it’d almost be cute if they weren’t so homicidal. Hits « 1d20+7 = 19 + 7 = 26 » for possible damage « 1d6+1 = 2 + 1 = 3 »
  • Thurirl considers these idiots to be too stupid to live… these are Drakes, not River Kings… he draws his bow to release the tiny brains of their burdens…
  • Thurirl lines up and shoots an arrow at his foe!
    Attacks « 1d20+6 = 9 + 6 = 15 » for « 1d6 = 4 » damage, AP 4.
    Thurirl: ((aiming at the big one near Seian))
    Ambusher: miss
  • Thurirl clearly needs more practice. He draws and fires again…
  • Thurirl lines up and shoots an arrow at his foe!
    Attacks « 1d20+6 = 14 + 6 = 20 » for « 1d6 = 1 » damage, AP 4.
  • Ambusher 10 is hit, but ignores the little arrow in favor of keeping his eyes on the big drake in front of him
  • Ambusher 10 saves for « 1d20+5 = 4 + 5 = 9 » vs 15
  • Ambusher 10 … and then keels over from blood loss anyway. Go figure.
    Seiankornai: ((snerk))
  • Thurirl nods with satisfaction. Another student properly taught!
    Thurirl: ((I believe I am out of moves, unless the fates or GM favor me…))
    Ambusher: ((no, two attacks is a full round))
    Malaina has received initiative.
    Malaina: « 1d20+9 = 12 + 9 = 21 » Katana; Cavalry, Keen 4, Grip, Bleed @ Goblin 4
    river king init « 1d20+6 = 16 + 6 = 22 »
    Ambusher: hit
    Ambusher: ((feel free to roll damage simultaneously with the attack))
    Malaina: « 1d10+2 = 2 + 2 = 4 » Katana Damage
    Malaina: « 1d20+9 = 20 + 9 = 29 » Katana; Cavalry, Keen 4, Grip, Bleed @ Goblin 4
    Malaina: ((Using an action die for that crit))
  • Ambusher 4 saves for « 1d20+2 = 12 + 2 = 14 » vs 12
  • Ambusher 4 dies of a critical strike
    Isabis has received initiative.
    Vari: « 1d20+4 = 14 + 4 = 18 » Bite Attack @ Goblin 3
    Dragonhawk: hit
    Vari: « 1d10+2 = 6 + 2 = 8 » Bite Damage
    Vari: « 1d20+4 = 5 + 4 = 9 » Bite Attack « 1d10+2 = 3 + 2 = 5 » Bite Damage
    Malaina: ((done))
  • Dragonhawk 3 saves for « 1d20+2 = 12 + 2 = 14 » vs 18
    Vari bites a goblin head off
  • Vari chews thoughtfully
  • Isabis looks around for a river king « 1d20+11 = 20 + 11 = 31 » vs « 1d20+15 = 18 + 15 = 33 »
  • Isabis shoots her foe, hitting « 1d20+6 = 9 + 6 = 15 »
    Isabis: (@ goblin 12)
    Dragonhawk: miss.
    Jamshid par-Bahadur has received initiative.
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur leaps over the corpse of Goblin 3 to attack Goblin 12 with his scimitar (Attack 27 for 10 ap2, bleed)
    LastAmbusher: “I surrender! Just let me go before it shows up after all!”
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: “Before what shows up?”
  • LastAmbusher 12 saves for « 1d20+2 = 13 + 2 = 15 » vs 14
  • Malaina sees no reason to believe anything a goblin says, just wants to kill it
  • LastAmbusher gasps “The River Bane! We set this ambush for a river bane, not you! It could still come and eat me, please!”
    LastAmbusher: ((Action over. Jessaila’s turn.))
    Jessaila has received initiative.
    Malaina: “I say we tie him up and leave him here so he can be eaten”
  • Malaina sheaths her katana
    Thurirl: “It did seem odd that they would confuse drakes with river kings. Even goblins are not known to be that ignorant.”
    Seiankornai has received initiative.
    Seiankornai: “They didn’t confuse me with a river king, they mentioned drakes and river bane.”
    Seiankornai has received initiative.
    Something suddenly launches from the water and attacks Grok!
    Grok: ((Bring it!))
  • RiverKing attacks Grok, hitting « 1d20+8 = 13 + 8 = 21 »
    Grok: ((wimp.))
    RiverKing: …for damage « 1d10+3 = 8 + 3 = 11 »
    Seiankornai: “See? There it is.”
    Malaina: “Huh, I see…”
    Thurirl: “I believe you are correct, Seian! A little assistence, if you can manage?”
  • RiverKing clambors the rest of the way up onto the deck, roaring
  • Vari roars, taking into the air
    Grok: ((can I get a more precise description?))
  • Seiankornai breaths some fire at it (splitting the fulll action over my two turns)
    Captain: “Augh! Don’t breath fire at my ship!!!”
    Grok has received initiative.
  • Grok looks at the creature that just tried to attack him
    Grok sees a reptile as big as he is (it has no wings, the token is imperfect that way)
  • Grok jumps onto it and hits it repeatedly with his fists
    Grok: Grok smashes the foe down with brute strength! « 1d20+11 = 3 + 11 = 14 » for « 1d4+8 = 2 + 8 = 10 » damage
    Grok: Grok smashes the foe down with brute strength! « 1d20+11 = 5 + 11 = 16 » for « 1d4+8 = 1 + 8 = 9 » damage
    Grok has received initiative.
    Grok: Subdual damage
    Grok: W “Surrender! Grok is your new master!”
  • RiverKing saves for « 1d20+10 = 2 + 10 = 12 » vs 16
  • Seiankornai would say it’s an animal and dooesn’t understand Grok, but he’s currently breathing in to make his gout of flame
    RiverKing: ((ARe you KIDDING ME?!? ))
  • Dragonhawk murders the RNG
    Grok: ((no, why?))
    Grok knocks out the river king with a lucky second blow. Nobody but that bought-off bard will believe this one!
  • Seiankornai has the sense of mind to redirect his breath since it’s knocked out, and he hears the protest of the captain
  • Grok gets out rope to tie up his new pet.
    End Init
  • Seiankornai fire goes 40ft up into the air. Someone probably saw that
    Seiankornai: W “Oh, that’s even better, Grok. Perhaps it’d like a goblin.”
    Grok: W “Go gather goblin corpses. Need to keep Tiny fed.”
    Jessaila: “You’ll need to slit it’s throat before it wakes up.”
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur releanses the gobli
  • Seiankornai nods and drags the goblins onto the ship.
    Thurirl: “………the universe is mocking me somehow.”
  • Grok strokes his tied up pet.
    Captain: “Wait, wait, wait. You can’t keep that thing aboard!”
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: “You can go free now, tell others what you saw here”
  • Malaina goes back over to Vari and hops onto the saddle, letting him take back off into the air
  • LastGoblin nods and says “yes” many times and runs away
    Grok whispers: Grok sees if he recognizes this type of creature, and the proper care for it. Survival? Some type of knowledge roll?
    Seiankornai: “Hmm, I think some of those goblins are still alive. Let’s force them to make a raft for Tiny, so the captain stops complaining.”
    Jessaila: “A… what.”
    Seiankornai: “We can break some of these trees down, Grok.”
  • Malaina rubs at her choker to reassure herself and feels something a bit odd
    You whisper to Grok: Um. Knowledge based on survival I imagine. -1 because you’re a deset dweller, unless you have an interest relating to teh swamp
  • Captain is all but literally tearing out his hair
    Grok: Grok sees if he recognizes this creature « 1d20+7 = 9 + 7 = 16 »
    Captain: "That’s a bloody River King! We’re going to Vessa territory! If it doesn’t eat us all in the dark watches, the Vessa princes will have our throats cut for “imprisoning” it!"
    Grok: ((the Captain, and maybe the DM…))
    Even Grok recognizes a River King when he stops to think about it; he learned about them when he was studying water monsters with that frazzled academic at the Riddlemasters’ college.
    Seiankornai: “Oh? Would they?”
    Jessaila: “Yeah, they would.”
    Seiankornai: “What if a drake, instead of an ogre, was keeping it?”
    Thurirl: “He is right. My people are not tolerant of showing such ‘disrespect’ for these creatures. If they see this, we will incur their wrath.”
    They are territorial, generally then mark out a stretch of river and defend it to the death.
  • Thurirl doesn’t say that his presence may incur wrath anyway…
  • Seiankornai tells Grok that we can’t take it to where we’re going, but that it is likely to stay in this strethc of river, so we can get it on our way back.
    The Vessa treat them with “reverent respect” varying from the acknowledging them as superior hunters to worshipping them outright as icons of one some deity, depending on tribe and beliefs of course.
  • Seiankornai sounds disappointed when he says it
    Seiankornai: W “But I think I could find a good cave by some river somewhere in the mountains, and make it a nice home and we can keep Tiny there!”
    Grok: ((are River Kings air breathers, or just water breathers?))
    Seiankornai: ((air breathers or amphibious I think))
    Captain: ((air, but can hold their breaths for hours at a stretch))
  • Thurirl is trying very hard not to hit the ogre and drake upside the head. Keeping a River King as a pet? If word ever got out…
  • Jessaila is secretly plotting to slit its throat the first chance she can get away with it.
    Grok: W “Me carry Tiny with us.”
  • Seiankornai is speaking in woanish, so the other probably don’t know his plans unless Jamshid is translating
    Captain: “NO! No, no no no.”
  • Captain speaks Woanish, because he trades with Pechs
    Thurirl: ((okay, point… but I’m going to learn that language just so you can’t do that with me =P))
    Seiankornai: W “The other really don’t want it with us, Grok. So we’d better leave her for now. Besides, I think she’s going to need to lay eggs soon, she’s very gravid, and you can’t take a mother travelling.”
  • Captain goes pale
    Captain: “Eggs? River King EGGS?”
    Thurirl: “We should leave it on the shore and forget about coming back for it. It has done us no harm that any animal wouldn’t do. It was merely defending its territory, a commendable act for any living being.”
    Grok: W “She hasn’t been trained to obey me yet.”
    Thurirl: “…………..eggs?”
  • Thurirl looks worried now.
  • Captain is speaking woanish too, so the non-W-speakers don’t know what he’s so upset about, beyond the obvious
    Seiankornai: “I’m trying to tell Grok to leave her here for now.”
    Thurirl: ((you ought to say that before I respond =P))
    Thurirl: ((augh, multi-lingual conversations are so confusing!))
    Captain: ((sorry ))
    Grok: ((That’s why some of us only speak one…))
    Jessaila: “Captain, might I suggest leaving the issue of the river king to us and getting the boat off the riverbank?”
  • Vari lands nearby, Mala wanting to see what the hold up is
    Captain: (Melios) “I can’t get in the water! There might be /baby river kings/ in the water!”
    Thurirl: “The river king is female?”
    Captain: (M) “I don’t know how to fight off baby river kings! I’d be eaten to the bone before I got out of the water!”
  • Captain hyperventilates
    Malaina: “Whats….going on?”
    Jessaila: “Well then, do something so we’re not in this area when the Mother wakes up.”
  • Thurirl looks alarmed and keeps his distance from the unconscious beast. He mutters something about “the female of the species”…
    Seiankornai: “Oh, don’t worry about baby river kings, she hasn’t laid yet.”
    Seiankornai: “And beside,s they’re smaller than those goblins.”
  • Jessaila wades in up to her knees, saber still drawn.
  • Captain “… … Alight boys, you heard the lady! Get in there and dig us free before this thing wakes up!”
    Jessaila: “Come on, captain; chop chop, the girl’s not afraid to get wet.”
    The Captain and his small crew get in and start digging sand and dirt
  • Malaina asks Jess what is going on
    Seiankornai: W “Come on Grok, you have to let Tiny go for now. We can come back and find her together sometime, and maybe her young then too.”
    Jessaila: “Apparently, Mala, Grok managed to stun the River King and wants to keep it as his put.”
    Jessaila: ((Pet))
  • Seiankornai starts to drag the river king off the boat
    Malaina: “…..of course….”
    Jessaila: “If you’re from this area like I am, you might know how collossally bad an idea that will be.”
    Thurirl: “Doubly so since we have a pregnant female on our hands. She will fight to protect her young.”
  • Malaina rubs at her face
  • Grok looks sadly at his pet, and studies it, so he will recognize it when he comes back.
    Grok: W “Be a good momma.” Grok says as he frees her and pushes her overboard."
    It has a few scars; you would be able to identify it if you really wanted to.
    Thurirl: “…….someone did cut the ropes, yes?”
  • Grok also throws in a few goblins overboard for food.
  • Seiankornai lays out a few of the goblin corpses in front of her, but only a few; the rest he keeps. “Hey, Vari, I bleieve this one is yours!”
  • Jessaila helps get the boat free.
  • Seiankornai thinks about it a moment, then drags a few back on board
  • RiverQueen revives in the refreshing water. She takes a big breath and a dead goblin for later, and swims away in the deepest part of the channel.
  • Thurirl insists someone make sure the poor thing is untied when she comes to.
    Thurirl: ((nevermind))
  • Malaina has Vari take off into the air, not liking what she was told, leaving the bodies behind
  • Grok waves sadly as she swims away
  • Jessaila scampers out of the water as the River Queen swims off.
    You whisper to Thurirl: You look, and see that Grok remembered to take off all the ropes when he freed her before sending her over the side
  • Thurirl sighs and shakes his head. Vessa territory is dangerous enough without trying to offend them.
    Thurirl: “I feel the need for meditation. I will be below deck if anyone needs me.”
    The River Kin…er, Queen, has been beaten enough for one day, and does not bother you further. The Captain, fortunately, did not see her go back in and swim off on the other side of the boat.
    A few hours of digging removes enoug of the dirt, sand, gravel, and garbage that the goblins dumped on the sand bar to free the channel to shipping again.
  • Seiankornai helps dig and push the boat out, then resumes his flight keeping pace with it
    The Captain has had enough of river monsters, and refuses to let Grok put out bait any more. This precipitates something of a war of attention, with Grok putting out bait when the captain isn’t looking, and the crew cutting the bait free when Grok isn’t looking.
  • Grok uses goblin as bait also
  • Malaina takes off her choker and looks at it, frowning at what she sees
  • Jessaila suggests that Grok would catch more monsters if he was swimming behind the boat.
    Grok: W “No, Grok scare off monsters if they know one as mighty as he is there. Look what happened to last one.”
  • Isabis looks over at Malaina during a pause in her latest discussion with your charge.
    Grok: W “Maybe they like elves…”
    Isabis: “What’s up Malaina? You’ve been frowning at your necklace half the day.”
  • Grok looks at Jessaila with a surprisingly calculating look.
  • Seiankornai whacks Grok with his tail
  • Malaina puts her choker back on and continues to frown
    Jessaila: W “Some monsters on this stretch of river prefer to attack the greatest and strongest foe they can find.”
  • Vari gets a feeling he should stick near Jess for now and pretty much keeps his wing over her
  • Thurirl is busy thinking down below, wondering what he’ll say if they run into any Vessa. Not much, he decides. He said enough years ago.
    Malaina: “I….don’t know honestly….”
  • Jessaila glances at Mala.
  • Grok considers Jessaila’s words
    Jessaila: “Something wrong, ianessie?”
  • Seiankornai seems a bit surprised, “Since when can you speak Woanish, Jessaila?”
  • Jessaila smiles at Seian. “Guess.”
    Jessaila: “Logair called it immersion learning.”
    Jessaila: “It’s how I learned to speak fluent Kamil.”
    Seiankornai: “Always been able to? Oh, just listening to Grok and me?”
    Isabis: “…please say it’s since you decided to take an interest in Pech cooking. Otherwise we’ll be hearing about it from bards the next time he has money.”
  • Malaina decides to go below deck since everyone is focused on Jess and knowing Vari will be fine in ‘protecting’ her
    Isabis: “Hmm. Whatever she doesn’t know really seems to be eating her.”
  • Jessaila nods back at Isabis.
  • Thurirl hears someone coming down and waits to see who it is.
  • Isabis shakes her head and goes back to discussing the trip with Leogeon
  • Seiankornai bemoans his loss of isolated chats with Grok (ok, technically Jamshid could cchime in, but he’s the quiet sort)
  • Malaina makes her way down and sighs a bit, looking for somewhere to sit down
    Leogeon: “blah blah…visit the hazelighters and see if they still have the manuscript…blah blah”
  • Thurirl waves Malaina over to where he is.
    Jessaila: “Well, Seian, we seem to have gotten into trouble after most of those private chats.”
  • Jessaila winks at Seian.
  • Malaina looks over, grins a bit and goes over to sit down beside him
    Isabis: “blah blah…academic politics….blah blah…regional pride and petty power plays…”
    Jessaila: “Like I said, immersion learning, just like how I learned Kamil.”
    Jessaila: “If I got the accent right, I ate dinner. If I got the accent wrong, I got laughed at, or worse.”
    Thurirl: “Come to meditate as well?”
    Jessaila: “Self-preservation.”
    Malaina: “Eh, just to…get away from bad memories.”
    Thurirl: “Mmm. If you have need to talk, I am always free. I believe I owe you that much since we have been friends for so long.”
    Malaina: “Heh, how time seems to fly.”
    Thurirl: “Indeed. Sometimes, I scarcely realize just how much has passed by.”
  • Thurirl looks a bit depressed. “For example… when I last saw home.”
  • Malaina draws her legs up and wraps her arms around them, “….me too…”
  • Grok goes to the back of the boat while it meanders down the river, and is seen staring over the waters.
    Grok: ((But anyways, I have to get to bed for tonight. Grok will probably be mourning the loss of his pet for the rest of the session
    Grok: ((Night all))
    Those on deck may learn Leogeon’s mission by listening in on his conversation; he is searching for an ancient document that was supposedly divided into four sections, with each of the human races gaurding one of the quarters.
    Isabis: ((goodnight))
    Malaina: (Night)
    Grok is disconnected.
  • Jessaila listens to Leogeon, hoping to learn something valuable.
  • Seiankornai is off flying and therefor can’t listen in
    Thurirl: “I confess, I think you may not be the only one in need of talk with an old friend…”
    Jessaila: ((IIRC, Leogeon’s an elf, isn’t he?))
    You whisper to Jamshid par-Bahadur: If you aren’t up for rollplay, you may as well head off too. The only other main-plot items for the night are your arrival at the destination city.
    Isabis: ((half elf technically))
    Malaina: “I guess…..no matter how many of them I kill….it won’t bring my village back….my family….my father….”
    Jessaila: ((Ah.))
  • Jessaila accidentally acquires a small crush on Leogeon, because he’s at least half elf without being a total ****.
    Dragonhawk: ((hehe))
    Seiankornai: (((hehehe))
    Thurirl: “I wish I knew something of your pain. As far as I know, my family still lives. As it is, all I can offer is what condolences I can give. And that you will always have, no matter what.”
  • Leogeon makes an effort to be impressively professional around the Sunchasers, especially the pretty elf and the daughter of a professor. He is too busy trying not to make a fool of himself in front of them to notice that the pretty elf isn’t being /strictly/ professional to him, either.
  • Malaina sniffles a bit and rubs at her eyes, “Thanks Thurirl….heh, you would think after all these years, I would be over it, but I just can’t…..I can’t let it go….not until I find that clan and kill them myself….”
    Jessaila: ((Small crush, not making doe eyes and swoons. ))
    Leogeon: ((obviously, or he would notice. He’s got 3 ranks of scholarly renown, he’s a smart guy.))
    Seiankornai: ((just slight smiles and blushing?))
  • Thurirl puts a hand on Malaina’s shoulder and smiles… for once, in a way that anyone could notice. “I understand. And should we part ways again, I will make certain all that I learn of them will find its way to you, wherever you are. My only request is that you allow myself, and perhaps a few of our friends, to join you on your hunt.”
    Jessaila: ((Something like that, I suppose.))
  • Malaina looks over at him, side of her head leaning on her knees and she smiles back, nodding her head, “The more help I can get, the better, I just ask….leave the leader to me…and Vari….they killed his parents and tried to eat him….I think we both deserve our revenge…”
    Thurirl: “Indeed. Although… if I may be so bold… may I suggest you make it about more than revenge?” ((Continued in Supplement 27 ))
    Malaina: “And what should I make it about?”
    Leogeon: ((Feel free to keep talking))
    The rest of the trip is uneventful, from the point of view of the Sunchasers. The captain sees it as a terrifying journey in which he never knows when That Ogre is going to bring another sea monster down on them, but that’s just him.
    You arrive at Talill in good order and about when expected, and the scholar goes off to his meetings. You have agreed to meet him in a week to manage his escort back upriver.
    You are just turning away and beginning to discuss what you should do for the next week, when someone calls out, “Hey you, Sunchasers! Want to make a little silver? It’ll only take a day or two!”
    Such is the life of those who follow the sun.
    Leogeon: ((anyone not still RPing is hereby free to go.))

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