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When last we saw our heroes, everyone without scales had just gotten themselves hired by a “short” ogre for the job of commerce raiding.
Takeru is disconnected.
You were sent off to the river delta to do it – annoying, but it does open up some options in the whole “street cred” realm.
For example, Jamshid knows a fair number of the caravan master who frequent the area – including one Hasam, who is actualy coming down the road.
Dragonhawk: ((the party spent an action die each for this small miracle))

  • Jessaila seems to fall all too naturally into the gaunt elf bandit mentality when others might be watching, though it clearly bothers her in private.
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur suggests to his fellow-bandits that they head in that direction (while himself wondering how he can arrange a meeting with Hassam without being noticed by the witnesses-elect)
  • Seiankornai has been carrying Thurirl while he and Vari have been tailing the others. He’s done his best to keep Vari calm about the whole being seperated from Malaina thing.
    You whisper to Jamshid par-Bahadur: Well, not all swamp water is good for horses or camels, but there’s a good spring nearby where most of the desert caravans stop to top off their waterskins. It’s a pretty safe bet Hassam will do likewise.
  • Jessaila agrees to Jamshid’s suggestion.
    The scaly party currently has a fine excuse for hanging around on a beach, insomuch as the “bandit” party has just disembarked from their smelly employer-provided transport.
    Isabis: “Can we find somewhere to take a bath?”
  • Seiankornai , Vari and Thurirl enjoy a nice hog roast on the beach
    Jessaila: “Seconded!”

Isabis: “Because that boat /stank/ and I want the stink off of me.”

  • Vari enjoys the hog, but is still pouting
  • Grok goes and joins them
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: (((afk)))

Malaina: “Yes please!! I hate it when I can smell myself!”

Isabis: “Grok, wait! You’ll blow our… …argh. Too late. Well, at least I won’t have to worry about him spying on the bathing area I guess.”

Jessaila: “Ugh. You just sent my brain rolling into the gutter…”

Malaina: “You mean it wasn’t already there?”

  • Malaina chuckles and nudges Jess
    Jessaila: “Not ALWAYS!”
  • Malaina laughs
    Isabis: “Yeesh. All right, all right. How about here?”
  • Isabis indicates a tide pool.
  • Jessaila checks to make sure it’s empty of sea life.
    Jessaila: « 1d20+10 = 16 + 10 = 26 » Notice

Malaina: “Anything in there that might nibble on us?”

Well, like all tide pools, it is in fact FULL of sea life, some of it edible. None looks dangerous.
Isabis: ((you can have smoked crabs and/or a clam bake, since you noticed the food stuffs, to console you for missing the hog roast))

Malaina: ((Is Grok still around?)) Jessaila: “Hey, these clams are actually the tasty kind.”
  • Jessaila tosses a number of them out while bathing.
  • Malaina strips herself naked and jumps into the water
  • Isabis nets a few medium-sized crabs in her cloak
    Isabis: “Pinch me will you? Ow. You’re so going to be stew.”
  • Malaina takes out her bathing kit
  • Malaina takes her hair down
    Isabis: “Hmm, salt water and lots of sun…I guess I’m going to bleach my hair, whether I really wanted to or not.”

Malaina: “I hear sand is good for scrubing dead skin off.”

Jessaila: “Really?”

Malaina: “Mmmhmm, like its supposed to make your skin look more healthy.”

Jessaila: “I never saw sand growing up.”

Malaina: “Eh, I heard it from some old bitties I was bodyguarding along a road in the Black Peaks. I guess they travelled about, kept saying how I would look so much nicer if I got a good scrub to my skin.”

Thurirl has connected.
Jessaila: ((Welcome.))

Seiankornai: ((greetings))

Jessaila: ((I think we’re all nekkid.))

Thurirl: ((buh?))

Isabis: (( 9.9 ))

Malaina: ((LOL))

Seiankornai: ((you’re with the drakes, though, a few miles away and having a hog roast))

Jessaila: ((HAHAHAH.))

Thurirl: ((I don’t think Thurirl has any strong desire to see the women naked =P))

  • Malaina wiggles her toes in the sand as she washes her hair
    Seiankornai: ((maybe if one of them was a Saurian, though they don’t all use clothes anyway))
  • Isabis finishes cleaning up and gets a fire going
  • Malaina gets herself cleaned up, dried and dressed
  • Isabis bakes clams and boils crab meat and generally makes sea creatures into meat
    Malaina: “Mmmm, those smell tasty!”

Isabis: “I think the first set are about done…check the ones wrapped in seaweed over there.”

Jessaila: “I hope sand clams are as tasty as mud clams.”

Isabis: « 1d100 = 85 » max roll = pearl

Isabis: “Huh. The shells are pretty inside.”

  • Malaina chuckes the ones wrapped in seaweed
    Malaina: *checks

It’s not the same as barbecue, but it’s food and it’s ready to eat.

  • Malaina sits down so they can eat
    While they girls are bathing and baking things, Jamshid is quietly off somewhere else.
    Malaina: ((Spying on the girls!))

Isabis: ((no, sneaking off to talk to the caravaneer))

Malaina: ((Hehehehe))

Isabis: ((not joking))

Jamshid convinces one Hassam, caravan owner, that it will benefit his future relations with a certain human desert tribe if he participates in a bit of play-acting. Apparently this tribe is rather influential, since Hassam willingly – mostly willingly – accepts a moderately substantial delay in order to help you with this.

  • Hassam expects this to do good things to his reputation in certain circles who’s opinions he cares about more than the “short” ogres.
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((back))

Hassam: ((Oh, good timing))

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur works out the details with Hassam before heading back
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: (specifically he wants the caravan people to spread rumours about the dastardly attack in places that might get back to agents of their employer)

Jamshid par-Bahadur: (the plan is that the bandits will attack suddenly at night, subdue the guards, and make off with as many valuables as they can carry)

Jamshid par-Bahadur: (the guards are not necessarily in on this, but Jamshid agrees not to injure any of them)

Grok: ((too badly))

Hassam: “I will inform them, with your permission. …They can play ‘asleep on watch’ perhaps, some of them are quite good at it already.”

  • Hassam eyes a certain guard, who slinks guiltily out of sight behind a pack-camel
    Jessaila: “Perhaps we could use this as a demonstration of why due diligence is required on guard duty.”
  • Hassam gives Jamshid the details of his movement plan for the next day, not that it’s anything out of the ordinary for a caravan of that type.
    The next evening sees the ogres, the girls, and Jamshid on a ridge overlooking a caravan camp.
    Grok thinks he’s in charge (‘cause Durt hired him first!) Jamshid thinks he’s in charge (‘cause he made the deal with Hassam) and Jessaila just may think she’s in charge (’cause she was supposed to be the head bandit until Grok got further up in the line and Durt had them both sign)
  • Jessaila is dressed in her Bandit Attire, and thinks she’s in charge.
    The caravan guards are about even split between “paying attention but out of reach of their weapons” and “weapons at hand but apparently asleep”
  • Malaina also in her bandit attire and ready to ‘attack’
  • Jessaila sneakysneaks.
    Grok: w “Uhh, da plan again is no killin?”
  • Isabis carries her whip and sling and a lot of rope instead of her usual bow and handclaws
    Jessaila: W “Absolutely no killing!”

Crun: w “This silly. Why not find real enemy and have real fight? Much better, more fun, more glory.”

Grok: W “Eh. Get them then.” Grok moves/jumps down the slope

  • Malaina has her Bolas at the ready
  • Crun shrugs and follows Grok anyway
  • Jessaila also has her bolas out, but still has her sabre.
  • Grok smashes guards over the head, gently.
  • Isabis slings a bag of flash-bomb filing left over from the gaunt elves into the campfire.
  • Jessaila puts the tip of her saber at a guard’s throat (he’s cute! – but dumb) and tells him to surrender.
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur attempts to hit the first guard that moves with his bolas
  • Crun and Ruk use clubs and focus on breaking legs rather than skulls.
    Two guard go down wrapped in traditional Gronver style bolas; three go down under ogrish pummeling, one gives his sword carefully to Jessaila, and one falls over a crate backwards and hits his head trying to run around in the smoke with his night vision ruined.
    Four more guards are out there.
  • Isabis ties up Jessaila’s surrender
  • Malaina collects her bolas, whispering sorry for making them fall, and goes to see about either taking down more guards or seeing what they can take
  • Grok starts grabbing valuables. Namely, he starts wheeling away a cart
    Guard: w “Hey! Come back with that you sand-blasted ogre!”
  • Jessaila shouts an elven pride slogan (in elvish, naturally) and charges at one of the remaining guards.
  • Crun trips the loud guard
  • Ruk ties up his victim, considerately straightening his broken leg while he’s at it. It’s polite to the friendlies on the other side of the training skirmish, and besides, it’s ironically satisfying to have an excuse to make the ‘enemy’ scream anywah.
    Ruk: ((anyway))
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur hurries over to the noisy guard and pummels him into silence
  • Malaina grabs a goat and runs for it
    The noisy guard is rendered unconscious, another is knocked off his feat by Jessaila’s rush, a third ducks into the lead cart and doesn’t come back out (presumably Hassam told him what’s really up?) and the last is running around going “I can’t see! I can’t see! Where are the bandits?!?”
  • Jessaila grabs a… small valuable-looking crate?
  • Isabis heaves a pair of camel pack-saddle bags up the ridge into their previous hiding place and goes back for another pair
  • Malaina puts the goat onto a crate and takes it as well
    Jessaila: ((That’s bound to be one unhappy goat once we’re done.))

Malaina: ((But a very happy drake or two!))

The caravan driviers peek of their tents at you all, having been more thoroughly informed than the guards on the exact nature of this ‘exercise.’

  • Malaina blows one of the drivers a kiss as she runs past
    CamelDriver1: “Hey, be careful with that crate! That wool will be ruined if it gets salt water in it!”

CamelDriver2: “Argh! That’s my clothes!”

  • Jessaila ‘accidentally’ drops that, then.
  • Jessaila runs back for more.
    CamelDriver3: “Haha, the master told you to keep your personals in the tents tonight! I mean, woe is us, we are ruined, these terrible bandits will destroy us! Hehehe.”
  • Isabis keeps unloading camels – she doesn’t want to haul the smelly beasts along
  • Jessaila resists the urge to roll on the ground laughing.
  • Malaina sniggers as she takes a saddle bag that looks like it has something in it
    CamelDriver1: “Don’t forget the crates over there, they’ve got the caravan emblem on them and everything.”

CamelDriver2: “AAAAH! Not that one! My little red scroll!”

Malaina: “Oh, thanks!”

  • Malaina goes and takes those
  • Jessaila grabs one of those, too.
    CamelDriver2: “Aw, man, I’ll never remember that girl’s name without it…”
  • CamelDriver3 laughs himself silly
    CamelDriver3: “These bandits – hahaha – hit us so hard, some of us couldn’t even enjoy our stopover in the town – heheheheeee!”
  • Ruk breaks a saddle frame and uses is to splint another “enemy” leg
  • Malaina mumbles to Jess, “Me thinks someone isn’t taking this seriously.”
    CamelDriver4: “Aaaaaaraah! Ough, don’t ogres believe in givin’ a patient a medicinal…is that party of my pack saddle? AAARGH!”

Isabis: “Really Malaina – he’s clearly hysterical.”

Isabis: “What can you expect?”

  • Isabis hauls up the last pair of pack saddles
    Malaina: “Of course!”

Malaina: “We don’t need to take everything, do we?”

Guard: “I’ll show you seriously you, you, OUCH.”

  • Guard is reminded that you can’t chase ‘bandits’ on a broken leg
    Malaina: “Hey now, no need to be rude!”

You make off with a small flat-bed cart, most of the animal packs (less animals) and assorted odds and ends. It’s not /everything/ in the literal sense, but it’s at least 80% of the actual trade goods.
The ogres make short work of hauling the lot to a suitable distant ‘hideout’

  • Isabis makes out an inventory, and carefully marks everything but a couple of crates “fenced – gaunt”
    Isabis: ((make that a couple of crates and one goat ))

Thurirl: ((really playing up the role I see XD))

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur sends Arxhar back to heal the wounded guard and make sure Hassam remembers to spread rumours in town before heading back to the hideout to recover his goods
  • Arxhar travels invisible
    Hassam: “Thank you mister par-Bahadur. We will not forget. Indeed, some of the guards are angry enough to put on a /most/ convincing act.”
  • Hassam seals his note with wax and sends it back with Axhar
  • Malaina reading the red scroll
    Malaina learns the names and addresses of some few dozen young women living on Hassam’s usual trade route
    Malaina: “My goodness!”

The only further notations seem to be hair color and dress size
Jessaila: “What do you have there, Mala?”

  • Malaina goes over to Jess and shows her what she is reading
    It is perhaps notable that the saddlebag containing said scroll also contained a number of dresses.
    Jessaila: “What in the world is this?”

Malaina: “Girls names! I think some would call him a…play boy?”

Malaina: “And he has dresses in there!”

Isabis: “Huh. I’ve heard of the ‘little red scroll’ but I never actually saw a literal one before.”

Jessaila: “I suppose that’s… WHY IS MY SISTER’S NAME ON HERE?!”

Isabis: “…want to go back and kill that one?”

Malaina: “What, really?!”

Jessaila: “No! NEUTERING!”
  • Malaina shall help
  • Jessaila frowns mightily.
    Malaina: “I shall use the sharp end of my sword instead of the flat side.”

Isabis: “Ah. Aheh…might be best to complete our actual mission first. Jamshid might not appreciate us messsing up his contacts. … …we could mail the scroll to your sister, though. Might inspire her to rethink the relationship.”

Jessaila: “…though there are many people called Candelaria. Er. Three in the village I grew up in, actually.”

Malaina: “So…it might not be your sister?”

Malaina: “I thought all your siblings were married with kids?”

Isabis: “Mail it to the village anyway, SOMEONE named Candelaria in that village needs to know she’s a list entry, not a special treat he waits the whole trip for, or whatever line he feeds them.”

Jessaila: “They are, yes. And I guess there’s a one in three chance that it is actually my sister. See, no last name, just the village.”

Seiankornai: ((it could be all three!))

Malaina: ((LOL))

Isabis: “Anyway. These crates here are all nicely identifiable and not too expensive if we have to reimburse Hassam for them. What do you say we bring them for our evidence, and claim to have fenced the rest already?”

Malaina: “I don’t think your sister would go so far to sleep with another man, she’s your sister so that makes her smart.”

Malaina: “Sure thing.”

Jessaila: “I jolly well hope so.”

Malaina: “Have some faith.”

Jessaila: “…actually.” Jessaila: “Um. Looking at this. He’s listing the dress size.”
  • Malaina looks over her shoulder
  • Jessaila points to the entry. “Yeah, that’s not my sister, unless she lost a lot more weight after she had her baby.”
    Malaina: “See, there you go!”

Isabis: ((moving along?))

Jessaila: ((Moving along.))

The drakes help you move things once you and the caravan are well out of sight of each other, and soon the ‘bandits’ are embarked on another smelly ship (oh joy) with their selected crates.
Seiankornai: “So how’d it go?”

Seiankornai: “No one too injured, I hope.”

  • Malaina brings over the goat
    Isabis: “Couple of broken bones, I think, but Axhar went back to make sure they got healed up.”

Isabis: “…and Ruk apparently knows first aid.”

Seiankornai: “… I wouldn’t have exected an ogre to know that, or care.”

Malaina: “I got a goat!”

Ruk: “Why you say my name?”

Seiankornai: “Hess, Vari found a family of hogs,so we’ve already eaten, but I expect he’ll not say ‘no’ to more.”

  • Vari quickly makes his way over to Mala, almost trampling over a few folks to check her over
  • Thurirl nods to the others as he follows the ‘bandits’ back to camp.
    Thurirl: “I trust you endeavors were successful. Excellent. Now we can begin the next phase when you are prepared.”

Seiankornai: “Ugh, another long flight over the sea. At least Var iand I have a couple days to rest.”

  • Malaina scritchs between Vari’s scales where he finds it hard to scratch
    Isabis: “Maybe you could deliver the main cargo back to the caravan before you fly over again?”

Seiankornai: “Yeah, we can do that. How many of them are in on it?”

Isabis: “All of them by now, I think.”

Grok: ((hey all, it’s getting late, so I’m going to call it a night. Don’t forget the exp for beating up the guards.))

Isabis: ((we’re closing up anyway, really. Tune in next week for “job acquisition through beating up the previous job holders” ))

Thurirl: ((yay! violence!))

Isabis: “You need to keep it out of sight of the two cities that are within a day’s camel-ride, though, that’s where they’re suppposed to be spreading rumors about our horrible banditry.”

You all board the designated return transport. It stinks of it’s cargo, which is: Pickles, pickled turnips, pickled beets, pickles pig’s feet…

  • Seiankornai and Vari sneak most of the caravan supplies back to the caravan, though he grumbles a little when he has to pay a bit of silver for the missing boxes and goat.
    Thurirl: “I look forward to the success of our mission. Trade is vital to all people and races, not only the ones with great financial investments at stake.”

Hassam: “Now, now, sir drake, all is as agreed. I charge no more than true worth.”

Malaina is disconnected.
The drakes take turns carrying Thurirl; they are a great deal faster than the pickle transport, so you see Tahr Muan at around the same time. You check in to two separate inns – the bandits putting up with rather lower quality than usual for the sake of their cover – and try to get a good night’s sleep before your meeting with Durt and his soon-to-be-ousted bodyguards tomorrow.
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