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As our party leaves the sunpool they just came from, they notice they are on the outskirts of the forest. Behind them, the sunpool dries up.

  • Isabis looks at the disappearing sunpool
    Seiankornai: “Oh, that is interesting… Hmm, I hope there’s some good hunting around here.”

The party finds themselves surrounded on three sides by high cliff walls, and ahead of them is the forest. They must decide what to do next.
Isabis: “That’s unusual. Uh…I hope we’re somewhere it’s not too hard to walk to civilization.”

Malaina: “Should we fly up and see what there is to see?”

  • Seiankornai looks around to see if there’s any immediate threat.
    DM: roll a notice check

Isabis: “May as well. The other option is climbing a tree, and letting the drakes do the looking around is probably safer.”

  • Malaina climbs onto Vari’s saddle quickly
    Seiankornai: (( Notice « 1d20+7 = 19 + 7 = 26 » ))
    Seiankornai: “Just some small wildlife around as far as I can tell. So yes, I shall go see what’s atop those cliffs.”
  • Seiankornai leaps into the air for a better look at the scenery
  • Vari flies off after Seian
  • Jessaila glances around at the forest. “Doesn’t entirely look familiar to me.”
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: Notice 25

Seiankornai, Vari, and Malania take to the air. They find the other side of the high rock walls ends in the sea. They also discover that most of this land seems to be surronded by cliff walls and then the water on the other side, with the forest in the interior

  • Seiankornai sets down on the cliff wallto see if it’s a sheer drop under the water or if it’s a more gentle slop (( ie is it like |\ or || ?))
  • Vari also lands close to Seian to observe and so Mala can talk to the other Drake
  • Isabis looks around the cliffs, etc. for any sign that sapients have been there before (notice « 1d20+12 = 16 + 12 = 28 » and morover search « 1d20+13 = 6 + 13 = 19 » )
    Malaina: “This definetely doesn’t look familair to me at all. I wonder where the Sunpool put us?”
  • Seiankornai shouts down to the others “We seem to be in a valley in the sea!”
    Jessaila: “A valley in the SEA?”

DM: Seiankorai finds the rocks gently slope down to the water

Jessaila: “How does that work?”

Isabis: “Like an island with a canyon in it?”

Seiankornai: “Well, you could have a normal island, then you set a kingdom of kingdom of dwarves to dig it out without letting in the sea.”

Jessaila: “But wouldn’t the water table rise to fill this in as a lake?”

DM whispers: from your current position, you see no sign of intelligent life, excluding your other party members besides the ogres."

  • Malaina has Vari fly off so he can either see more or go back down to the others
    Isabis: “If there were dwarves, they hid it pretty well.”

Seiankornai: “I only said ‘could’, I did not mean that there were or are dwarves here.”

Isabis: “And what I’m saying is, did you see any sign of civilization, or do we have to camp and hope the pool reforms overnight?”

Thurirl: “A curious place. I wonder if some diety had a hand in its creation, thereby giving it such curious properties.”

  • Seiankornai flies back down to the others, “I wouldn’t be at all surprised.”
  • Vari flies off from the others to see if there is anything besides forest and cliffs that they can find
  • Jessaila is oddly uncomfortable with being below sea-level.
    Thurirl: “Let us hope that is the case. I am not sure I trust any mortal hands to construct a barrier strong enough to keep out the sea.”

Seiankornai: “So, shall we follow Mala and Vari inward?”

Jessaila: “Inward and upward, preferably.”

Thurirl: “Besides, it would be a fascinating proof that some entity outside our perception exists.”

Seiankornai: “…”

Isabis: “…what, you’re in doubt?”

Seiankornai: “What do you think that flame divination was?”

  • Isabis starts walking in the forestward direction
    Seiankornai: ((do not offend the drake priest, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup ))

The sky soarers find that as they travel farther south over the forest, the place on which the are located is infact a small island. It is completely surrounded by the cliff walls, and off to the east, there seems to be cleft cut into a larger section of the rock wall

  • Seiankornai is currently walking with the others
    Seiankornai: “I suppose we could be in the crater of a volcano.”

The area seems to be about 2 miles in diameter, as the drake flies

  • Malaina directs Vari to the cleft she see’s, wanting to check it out before reporting back to the others
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: “What is a volcano?”
  • Thurirl walks behind the others. “I will not deny the veracity such divination offers to the possibility of such deities existing. However, even if they exist, I will withhold judgment until I meet with one.”
    Isabis: “It’s a wound in the earth, that sometimes spews flaming stone.”

Jessaila: “A volcano is an exploding mountain.”

Seiankornai: “You do not know? We have several in our lands. And I wouldn’t say it’s a wound.”

Isabis: “That too.”

Thurirl: “Both are correct, to an extent. I believe some of the dwarves that have traveled have knowledge of them.”

Thurirl: “I have yet to encounter one personally.”

Grok: “So if water comes in, I need to hold breath really long time?”

Seiankornai: “They are a mere reminder of the fires used to forge this world long, long ago. It is said that they are the everlasting breath of the High Dragon King.”

Seiankornai: “Or grow gills and fins.”

Isabis: “Hmm. I suppose they don’t teach swimming in the desert, do they?”

As you journey through the forest, you notice to the east the same cleft in the rock. In that cleft there seems to be an archway, and a stone structure on the other side of the archway.
Isabis: “Oh, now /that/ looks like it could be dwarven make.”

Jamshid par-Bahadur: stiffly “No …. we do not”

Seiankornai: “It’s why he dosn’t like boats.”

Thurirl: “Fascinating. It does seem to be made by hand. We should investigate this phenomenon.”

Seiankornai: “Indeed, it looks like Vari and Mala are already getting a good look at it, though.”

  • Jessaila started moving into “stalker-hunter” mode to catch game, but stops when the structure is pointed out.
    Isabis: “Don’t worry. The simplest survival float there is amounts to just standing still in the water. You can do it for hours with no training at all, and it’ll keep your head at water level.”
  • Vari circling high above
    Isabis: “Or air level, depending on how you look at it.”
  • Thurirl begins to head toward the east to see the archway.
  • Isabis watches for a trail or road or something leading to said archway
    The stone archway seems to be as if it was just crafted yesterday, with no sign of wear
    DM whispers: you recognize the stonework as ancient elvish stonework
  • Jessaila evaluates to see if it’s one of the old elven structures that’ve survived so long.
    Thurirl: “Fascinating. This structure appears to be resistent to the elements. Either that or it was made quite recently.”
  • Seiankornai peers beyond the archway to see what’s in it
    Isabis: “No, I’m pretty sure this is old elvish work.”
  • Thurirl puts a hand to the archway to feel the texture.
    Isabis: “It’s got the same fancy capstone work as the ruin at Hevreina.”
  • Seiankornai sticks his head beyond it.
    Seiankornai: ((daring, I know ))

Jessaila: “With old stuff that lasts this long, and no visible wear… sometimes all that stuff the gaunt elves spout off about a great ancient elven civilization…”

  • Jessaila shakes her head.
    The stone structure is about 30 yards past the archway. You see five steps leading up into the entryway of what looks to be a temple
  • Isabis sketches the arch in her journal as she walks."
    Isabis: “Well, there really was a great civilization, it’s just that Avva blasted it off the face of the world for some reason.”

As Grok attempts to cross through the archway, he suddenly stops just before it, in literal midstep
Grok: "Ow. Bumped me nose

  • Isabis glances back at Grok.
    Jessaila: “What?”

Isabis: “What did he just say?”

  • Seiankornai turns his head, still past the archway, “You can’t get through?”
  • Grok presses hand against open air, and it stops.
    Jessaila: “He just smashed into an invisible barrier, sounds like.”

Isabis: “Huh. Must be magical?”

Grok: "What stopping me? I feel something, but don’t see anything

Jessaila: “Is anyone else having problems?”

Seiankornai: ((/me looks for a couple of three headed vultures on either side of the archway))

  • Isabis casts detect magic
    Sure enough, the other ogres seem to encounter the same problem
    Grok whispers: you detect very strong warding magic around the archway.
    Jessaila: “Maybe it’s a magical barrier against ogres…”
  • Thurirl attempts to pass his hand through the archway.
    Isabis: “Oh. Yeah, that’s a strong ward.”

Thurirl’s hand goes right through
Thurirl: “Fascinating. Whoever built this does not wish ogres to venture further.”

Seiankornai: “Seems to be against ogres, yep.”

Grok: “Fly me above stupid stone thing.”

Thurirl: “If we wish for our large companions to follow us, we will have to undo the enchantment, or commit the archway to destruction. Otherwise, we shall have to leave them behind.”

Seiankornai: “Possibly others, too, but not drakes, saurians, humans, or elves it would seem.”

  • Seiankornai calls up to Vari to come down (if he isn’t already)
    Jessaila: “Could we even destroy the archway?”
  • Isabis tries to figure it out from (knowledge check vs DC 15 will identify, for example, any associated alignment) « 1d20+11 = 19 + 11 = 30 »
    Seiankornai: “I do not think that would be wise.”

Jessaila: “And I’d presume the ward is spherical, not just circular.”

Jessaila: "Most wards I’ve seen tend to be comprehensive enough that ‘flying over it’ isn’t really plausible.

You whisper to Grok: I’m also interested in knowing if it’s bound to the arch directly, or if the arch is just a convient marker for those without magic-sight
Grok whispers: there is no alignment restriction in place. Instead, the warding seems to protect against certain races, most notably ogres, orcs, and goblins. The arch is the source of this magic field.
Thurirl: “I concur. So, unless we are able and willing to destroy or dispel the obstacle, our ogre friends must remain here.”

Isabis: “Looks like it should reject ogres, orcs, and goblins all three.”

Seiankornai: “Vari, let’s see if we can both carry Grok over.”

  • Seiankornai grabs onto on of Grok’s arms
    Isabis: “Maybe others too, I’m not sure.”

Could not execute the command: “im Ruk”, exception = null
As you attempt to fly the ogre over, you find that you both pass over the arch fine. The same cannot be said of Grok, who stops midair, and takes « 2d6 = 5 » falling damage
Jessaila: “Ouch.”

Isabis: Ruk says: “Not paid enough to go into place with big magic that not like ogre. I stay here, guard door.”

Jessaila: “That looks like it hurt…”

Seiankornai: “Oops, sorry Grok.”

  • Vari isn’t sorry
  • Grok grows very angry with this arch. He pulls out his pick, and attacks the arch, to absolutely no effect.
  • Thurirl examines the archway and finds no mark.
  • Grok , angry at his impotence, strikes with renewed fury, with the same result.
    Thurirl: “Fascinating. I wish I knew how this archway was constructed. It would prove valuable to keeping unwanted foes from private quarters.”

Isabis: “I can draw the aura for you if you want, but it’s awfully high-energy. It would take a really powerful mage, ore more than one. Or more than one really powerful mage, possibly.”

Jessaila: “I wonder if it’s been pillaged yet.”

Jessaila: “If not, think of what we might find!”

  • Seiankornai flies back down to the others, “Hmm, that didn’t work. But as we flew over I did notice some writing over teh archway, I think it may be elvish. Care for a look, Jessaila?”
    Isabis: “We’ll have to figure out how to navigate here without the sunpool, I’m sure someone will want to come back here and study it. One could get a Maester’s thesis out of unraveling the secrets of an old and powerful enchantment like this one.”

Jessaila: “I’d love to see the writing.”

  • Seiankornai picks Jess up to give her a good view
    Thurirl: “Provided the cliffs continue to hold, Isabis. We shall have to hope that less-than-honorable sorts do not find this place and choose to destroy its secrets.”

Seiankornai: “Hmm, I wonder if there’s a similar barrier keeping out hte sea itself.”

  • Jessaila shouts down to the rest of the party. “It says ‘Temple of the Explorer.’ Sound familiar to anyone?”
  • Isabis thinks about that
  • Thurirl is not sure he recalls that name or not.
    Seiankornai: “Not I.”

You whisper to Grok: Would I a study in the ancient elvish civilization help me recognize that?
Malaina: “Nope”

Grok whispers: only in vague rumors connected to the establishment of the sunpools.
Isabis: knowledge check: « 1d20+11 = 10 + 11 = 21 »

Grok whispers: besides the connection of the sunpools, you don’t remember anything else. This is a very obscure bit of history.
Jamshid par-Bahadur: “No, although the name disturbs me”

Malaina: “It does?”

Isabis: “It sounds vaguely familiar…there is an ‘explorer’ connected with certain sets of legends about how the sunpools got started, but I don’t recall any details.”

Jessaila: “Any reason why?”

Thurirl: “Is anyone here aware of a deity with such titles that might include ‘Explorer’ among them?”

Jamshid par-Bahadur: “It feels like a trap for some reason”

Malaina: “But why would a trap keep out ogres?”

Isabis: “Would that reason be related to the disappearing sunpool? Because I’ll confess, that’s distrubing me quite a bit more than this ward.”

Seiankornai: “I do not think it’s a trap, more a very secluded holy place.”

  • Seiankornai brings Jess back down
    Jessaila: “Thanks, Seian.”
  • Malaina ready to go in
    Jessaila: “Well, I want to go in, guys.”
  • Isabis finishes her sketch of the arch
    Isabis: “Yes, we may as well.”

Seiankornai: “Will you be ok here, Grok, while we go in? Maybe you can look around for a place to camp and possibly something to eat.”

Isabis: “…Someone tell Grok he needs to guard us from the great mage that formed this powerful spell.”

Most of you enter the temple area, except frustrated ogres on the outside.
Grok: “Hope I meet mage dat make dis spell. Me squish him good, right boys?”

Seiankornai: “Hess” W “And Isabis says you can be the mighty one to guard the entrance to this place from the less-than-Grok-mighty mage who made the spell that keeps ogres out.”

Isabis: Ruk: “Yeah, you squish him good.”

Thurirl: “Is it wise to leave only ogres at the gate?”

  • Thurirl stays put on this side.
    Seiankornai: “What harm an they do? They can’t get in, and out there is just wilderness.”

Isabis: Ruk (muttering to himself): “Just don’t make me help, I not paid enough to attack great mage.”

Jessaila: “I think they can take care of themselves.”

Malaina: “Besides, if something happens, I think we will probably hear it.”

Thurirl: “If this is indeed a trap, it is only logical that I remain behind in case of help. I can ‘educate’ the mages while the ogres keep them occupied.”

Seiankornai: “If something doesn’t happen we’ll probably still hear it.”

Inside the temple you discover a curious diagram on the wall with many strange symbols, and an empty area that seems to have contained water in the past. Also, on the wall is the same elevn script.
Isabis: “Yeah, and if the mercenaries are good at one thing, it’s protecting their own hides. They’ll be fine.”

  • Isabis reads the wall
    The charge as been made that the sunpools have robbed the surface people of many of the best traits developed by the explorers. To decide this matter, a challenge has been put forth to every generation of sunchasers, to prove that they carry on the noble and necessary traits of the explorer. Ten challenges await you here. If you complete seven of them, you will have proven that the sunchasers have been shown worthy, and the sunpools will continue to exist. If you fail to complete at least seven challenges, then the sunpools will close for this generation. If you complete more than seven, then you will be subltly rewarded, depending on how many more than seven you complete. Touch whichever challenge you wish to embark on, brave sunchasers.
  • Thurirl is more worried about the rest of the party, and decides to remain with the ogres.
  • Isabis translates for the non-Kamil-readers
  • Malaina looks a bit worried
    DM: Feel free to switch to the temple symbols map.

Seiankornai: “Oh… oh my.”

Isabis: “…Thurirl? Are you suuuure you don’t want to come help us, oh, learn to spot traps? Please?”

Jessaila: “Oh my, indeed.”

  • Malaina goes to get Thurirl
    Thurirl: “Is there trouble?”
  • Jessaila goes back and askes Thurirl to come PLEEEASE.
    Malaina: "You better come in with us, it’s pretty important

Isabis: “Maybe? There’s some kind of…um…thing….small, very small thing written in old Kamil.”

Thurirl: “The situation is that dire?”

  • Isabis doesn’t want to yell “challenge” for the ogres to hear
    Grok: “Ok, now we construct ballista to break down stupid arch.”
  • Jessaila comes back in time to hear that.
    Jessaila: “Small thing?”
  • Thurirl does not trust Isabis’ wording… but the look on her face keeps him quiet.
    Isabis: “But! Interesting. And there might be tricky bits? We could use youre help.”

Grok: “Ruk, you knock down trees.”

Thurirl: “…does it require subtlety?”

Malaina: “It requires thinking.”

  • Isabis tries to figure out how to convet “riddle and challenge” without using either of those Grok-igniting key words
    Jessaila: “Probably.”

Grok: “Thuril, you gather ammo for ballista.”

  • Thurirl reminds them, quietly, that Grok solved the last riddle…
    Malaina: “Yea, but we can’t get him in here.”
  • Thurirl looks at Grok curiously, not knowing Woanish yet.
  • Seiankornai is still inside
  • Thurirl shrugs and walks inside.
    Thurirl: “I hope this is not a trap. What is the situation?”

Seiankornai: “Ah, the continued existance of sunpools during our generation.”

  • Isabis reads him her translation of the inscription to catch him up.
    Jessaila: “Technically speaking… what if we refuse the challenge? Is it going to magically tell if we refuse the challenge?”

Jessaila: “Not that I think we ought to, of course.”

Isabis: “Maybe by drying up all the sunpools. Not something I’d like to risk.”

Seiankornai: "I agree with Isabis

Isabis: “I mean, can you imagine me stuck in the academy for the rest of my days? Ick.”

Malaina: “Especially since we don’t know where we are. Vari can only fly for so long.”

Isabis: “I want to save that for, you know, my old age.”

Thurirl: “I find it likely that the Sunpools have already dried up. It seems we have little choice if we wish to return home.”

Grok: "So the hand symbol should be able to be moved by all. You can use that to select your challenge

Isabis: “…maybe the compass one first? I do have my navigation tools in my pack, after all, so it shouldn’t be too difficult unless it’s magical too.”

Jessaila: “I’m not opposed to choosing the compass symbol.”

Seiankornai: “I suppose. One is as good as any as we’ll be doing all of them no doubt.”

  • Seiankornai looks at the other symbols
    Isabis: “Plus, it’s space 1 on the sundial, so to speak.”
  • Isabis puts her hand on the compass, unless Malaina beats her to it
    The empty pool fills up, and resembles a sunpool, inviting you to step inside
    Seiankornai: “Ok, in we go.”
  • Seiankornai steps in
    Jessaila: “Ah well, good friends, once more into the breach… pool… thing.”

Isabis: “I’ve never been so nervous about wading a sunpool…oh well, here we go.”

Thurirl: “Fascinating. I would like to stay and investigate this place after we are through. It could prove enlightening.”

  • Malaina goes in, Vari following close behind
  • Thurirl follows the others, silent and unassuming as ever.
  • Jessaila keeps a hand on her saber as she heads in.
    Isabis: “You and me both! Maybe I’ll keep the secret and use it for /my/ dissertation.”

You find yourself on a small sailing ship. You seem to be the only ones aboard this ship, and the wheel rotates freely.
Isabis: “…uh. Anyone here know how to sail?”

Thurirl: “Ah. This appears to be a challenge in navigation.”

Jessaila: “Smaller boats, yes.”

  • Jessaila heads quickly back towards the wheel and takes it in hand.
    The ship is a one sailed ship, with a door to belowdeck under the wheel.
    Seiankornai: “I nominate… Jamshid!”

Thurirl: “I fear I have yet to set sail in a large ship. This should prove educational.”

  • Isabis digs in her pack, and brings out compass and sextant
    The weather is currently calm with wind blowing from the west.
  • Malaina stands back and lets those who know what they are doing, do it
  • Jessaila hitches a rope from each side of the wheel to hold it in place.
  • Seiankornai grabs the wheel to keep it steady
  • Thurirl volunteers to do any work that needs being done, though he may not be the best one for the job.
    Seiankornai: “Just tell me where to go and I’ll go!”

Isabis: “Where are we /supposed/ to go? Does anyone see any land we can steer for?”

Jessaila: “Might I suggest we name a nominal commander so that we have a clear chain of command?”

Isabis: “You.”

Jessaila: “Me?”

A scan of the horizon reveals no land in sight.

  • Jessaila was not anticipating that.
    Isabis: “You know what to do with a boat, you give the commands.”
  • Malaina nods
    Seiankornai: “I would normally nominate myself as commander, however I know I’d know nothing of what I’m doing, so I won.t”
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur finds a relatively safe spot near the mast and holds on for dear life
    It’s a fairly calm day
    Thurirl: “Perhaps one of us should take the crows nest? We might learn more if we have one of us keeping watch above.”

Jessaila: “I’ve not commanded a boat on the open seas, but I know riverine craft. I suppose I could do it.”

Malaina: “How about you Thurirl, you always seem to spot things before they know they have been spotted?”

  • Isabis busies herself making a “knowledge check to navigate” « 1d20+11+2 = 7 + 11 + 2 = 20 »
    Jessaila: “I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that, if we spot land, that might account for the test.”

You can navigate in any direction. But what direction do you wish to navigate?"

  • Isabis tells Jessaila things like which direction the boat is currently headed, and an estimate of lattitude and so forth
    Malaina: “Well, which way is the wind blowing us?”

Jessaila: “There’s a west wind.”

Isabis: “So we’re going east…that’s away from land if we’re on the Ironsea, right?”

Isabis: “Wait. I’ve got it backwards. East is towards land.”

Malaina: “So, is the test for us to find land?”

  • Thurirl climbs to the top of the mast to see if he can spot anything.
    Jessaila: ((I thought going east would lead us to land.))

Isabis: “If we’re on the Ironsea. And if we’re less than halfway across.”

  • Seiankornai has a steady claw on the wheel, “Perhaps Vari could fly up high to see if he can spot anything?”
    Malaina: ((Yea, looking at the map, we would need to be heading east to find land))

Thurirl: « 1d20+9 = 13 + 9 = 22 » to notice land, or anything else.

Isabis: ((yeah, yeah, I misremembered at first))

Jessaila: “Seian, I’ve tied the wheel down so it doesn’t shift too much, and keeps the rudder amidships.”

  • Vari nods his head, crouching down so Mala can hop onto his saddle and takes off, climbing high into the sky
    Jessaila: “If we need to steer, remove both of the ropes.”

Seiankornai: “Eh, fine, then what will I be doing?”

Seiankornai: “Oh, ok.”

Thurirl does not notice land, but he does notice a storm front coming in from the west. Due to his inexperience at sea, he doesn’t know how fast it is moving
Jessaila: “Um, Jamshid, can you go below and search the ship, please?”

  • Isabis gives all the navigational information she can to Jessaila, then helps Jamshid search
    Thurirl: “Captain! I do not wish to alarm you, but there appears to be a storm behind us. I am unsure of its exact speed, but I do believe it is heading in our direction!”

Jessaila: “See if there’s anything below… like food, more gear, etc.”

Jessaila: “A storm? Oh dear…”

Jessaila: “I’m going to come up and have a look.”

  • Jessaila climbs up to join Thurirl.
    Thurirl: “Perhaps this is the time to, as I’ve heard the phrase, ‘batten down the hatches’?”
  • Thurirl points out the storm to her.
    Isabis: "I’m going to find some rope and tie myself to something. Just because I can do the survival float for hours doesn’t mean I want to.

Jessaila: “I see.”

Seiankornai: “Perhaps Jamshid would like to be tied first?”

  • Jessaila tries to evaluate it’s speed.
  • Isabis searches for rope and other gear « 1d20+13 = 4 + 13 = 17 »
    Isabis: ((yech. Well, I should still find the obvious stuff. Jamshid will have to find the less obvious I guess.))

Inside the ship you find sleeping quarters below deck, and a surprising amount of open space as well. There are several weeks worth of food, water, and supplies. In the captain’s quarters you find a map, and instructions to deliever your cargo to an island in the Talu Maun

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur also searches (Notice 23)
    Isabis: “A map! All right, a destination!”

You also find in the corner of the captains quarters another sunpool, only this sunpool is tinted in red.

  • Jessaila returns to the main deck quickly.
    Isabis: “We’re going back to Talu Maun! …oh, drat. We just left there. I guess we can check up on the lawyers, anyway.”

Gear and rope is found below deck
Isabis: ((a sunpool…in a bathtub??))

Thurirl: “What are your orders, Captain? Should we try to avoid the storm by sailing south or north?”

Jessaila: “All right. We need to prepare for heavy weather. Um… we need to bring in the sail somewhat, first of all.”

Grok: ((it seems to just occupy a section of the floor. It shifts with the ship as it rolls, but doesn’t spill.

Isabis: ((it’s magic, got it. ))

Jessaila: ((Can we do that? I don’t think we really have a chance at out-running a storm in a sailing vessel.))

based on your new information, you recognize that Talu Maun is to the northwest, about 2 days travel out.
Seiankornai: (( maybe if Vari and I push? ))
Isabis: “Captain, I recommend we go north.”

  • Seiankornai is somewhat saddened his fiery breath is going to be of no use on this challenge
    Jessaila: ((Moment. I’m asking if there’s a legitimate cause to consider we could outmaneuver the storm.))

Grok: ((You certainly could try. Right now, it looks like it the storm will catch up with you early tomorrow morning at your present course.))

Grok: ((The difficulty you have with trying to outrun the storm is you can just see it on the horizon, and you don’t know how large this stormfront is.))

Grok: ((nor how bad of a storm it will be.))

Grok: ((and unfortunately, your current position means you can’t make any harbor in a day’s travel.

Jessaila: ((Okay. Thanks much.))

Jessaila: “Okay. Seian, we’re going to steer northeast.”

Grok: ((you will be able to get more information as the day progresses. However this will be less time to act.))

Seiankornai: “As you wish.”

  • Seiankornai steers to the proper course
    Thurirl: “I will keep watch here, Captain. You should head below to give out orders.”

Seiankornai: ((wait, northeast, not west?))

Jessaila: ((Jessaila already went below.))

You set your course for the northwest.
Jessaila: ((I thought the NE would take us back towards Talu Maun.))

Seiankornai: ((right))

Grok: ((Sorry, my mistake, northeast.))

Seiankornai: ((got mixed up ))

Grok: ((Anything doing anything special, or are you just sailing?

Seiankornai: ((I’m just sailing))

  • Isabis is checking the heading every so often to make sure we’re doing a reasonably good job.
    Jessaila: ((As a side effect, steering NE means that we don’t have to sail against the wind, which is just a pain in a ship without headsails.))
  • Isabis also ties a rope for everyone to the mast, in case we need them later.
  • Thurirl keeps an eye on the weather and for anything else that might make the trip more… interesting.
  • Seiankornai gives the occasional falp of a wing for a slight speed boost
    you sail on without incident through the day. Who is on duty at night?
  • Thurirl doesn’t seem to want to come down from the crow’s nest. For some reason, he seems content up here.
    Jessaila: ((I suggested we have a few folks stand down for the daytime so we have a night crew.))

Seiankornai: ((Jamshid might want to detach from the mast, so he doesn’t have to work at night ))

Grok: ((btw, does anyone have ride, with a water vehicle focus?))

Jessaila: ((Sorry, no.))

Seiankornai: ((I’ve no ride at all))

  • Isabis volunteers to be night crew once Seian has proven his ability to keep the ship moving in the right direction
    Isabis: ((not I))

Malaina: ((Nope, sorry))

  • Jessaila does have people move postings every so often, so everyone gets a feel for each position.
    Grok: ((you can pilot it without the focus in normal conditions, such as right now. You may have to make untrained checks if things get difficult.))

Seiankornai: ((oh dear))

Malaina: ((Yea, I have a +11 in Ride, but I think that is for her mount))

Seiankornai: ((you get a focus for every 4 ranks))

Isabis: ((all we have to do i nt he storm is survive. We can reorient and sail again after that if necessary.))

Grok: ((I’m guessing that Malania would have focus in flying mounts, riding mounts, and then land vehicles.))

Grok: so night is thruril and Isabis?

Seiankornai: (( Day: Seian, Mala, Vari
Night: Isabis
Unknown: Thurirl, Jamshid, Jess ))

  • Thurirl takes the night shift.
    Jessaila: ((Since Jessaila is playing captain, she’ll take two hours up, two hours down through the day and night – at least for this initial period.))
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur will take a night shift provided he can do so while tied to the mast
    Malaina is disconnected.
    Isabis: ((hey, you can be tied to the mast any time ))
  • Seiankornai shakes his head at Jamshid
    The rest of the day and the night pass without interest. The dawn of the next day however, does not much bring improvement over the night, as the sky is dark and grim, and the horizon is dark with the storm clouds heading in. Lightning flashes in the distance, and you estimate that the storm will hit midmorning
    DM: (So how are you preparing yourselves?)
  • Isabis ropes herself to something, in the way of a tether, on the principle of ‘better safe than sorry’
    Seiankornai: “Oh this will be interesting. I’d wish this on a bunch of goblins.”
  • Jessaila starts off the day by figuring out how to reef the sails, and getting the human/oid crewers practiced at it.
  • Isabis reefs and unreefs sails until it gets boring
  • Seiankornai and Vari will use their strenght and wings to help keep the ship steady
    Jessaila: “Maybe we should also rig a sea anchor.”

Isabis: “Do we not have a sea anchor?”

Jessaila: “I’ve not seen one yet. Just a regular anchor.”

Isabis: “How is a sea anchor different? I always thought that term had to do with how you used it, rather than how you made it.”

Seiankornai: “What’s the difference?”

DM: ((The spirit of Grok throws overboard spirit sea monster bait, but it only attracts spirit sea monsters, so none molest the party))

  • Thurirl makes himself useful by helping tie ropes to the mast for everyone, and keeping an eye on the storm.
    Jessaila: “A regular anchor is used to moor you in harbor. It’s the big iron thing.”

Seiankornai: ((/me being the spiritual sort cna at least be aware of it))

Jessaila: “A sea anchor is towed behind the ship to cause us to keep pointed a certain direction in heavy wind and seas.”

Seiankornai: “Oh.”

Isabis: “So…do you know how to rig one?”

Jessaila: “It’ll prevent the ship from steering too far one direction or the other once we’re in the storm.”

Jessaila: “I think so. We might have to improvise one.”

Your search of the inventory of the boat reveals a surprising lack of sea anchors.
Jessaila: “Find me a heavy rope – and an old sail, and some wood pieces.”

Jessaila: “And find a spot on the deck which we can tie it down to. It needs to be a strong point.”

Seiankornai: “The mast?”

Jessaila: “No, that’ll be under strain from the wind.”

Seiankornai: “Too bad Grok isn’t here, he could just sit down.”

DM: ((you could use the regular anchor attachment point))

  • Jessaila makes something like a conical kite that can be towed behind the ship.
    Jessaila makes a rough but ready sea anchor. It attaches to the regular anchor
  • Isabis assists with her woodworking skills
    The wind picks up, and the lightning and thunder come closer. The storm will be on you shortly.
  • Seiankornai just keeps the ship steady, leaving hte job of fine manipulatio to those with fine manipulating hands
    DM: ((in the meantime, the DM needs to know who is doing what and where they are for the storm.))
  • Jessaila inspects the ship one last time before the storm hits, making sure everything’s secured down.
  • Jessaila also ensures all the main hatches are closed and locked down.
    DM: ((Seiankornai on the wheel, got it.

Jessaila: “I’d suggest that if anyone’s still wearing weapons and armor, stow it all below and get into something that can get wet. Because we’re going to get wet.”

  • Isabis is tied to the mast, but on a long tether, and doing whatever the Captain tells her needs done. If nothign else needs done, she’ll try to sleep, or at least rest.
    Seiankornai: “Yay, I’m done!”

DM: ((there is still the crow’s nest, on the main deck, and below deck.

  • Seiankornai enjoys being naked all the time sometimes
  • Thurirl does whatever he is told to do, though he seems to favor keep near the mast and sails.
    DM: ((Eww))

Isabis: ((main deck, so as to stay tied on))

  • Jessaila stays on the main deck near the wheel, now that we’ve little left to do to prepare for the storm.
  • Thurirl gets his stuff below deck, stripping down to just his leggings (and whatever’s underneath).
    DM: Jamshid? You below deck?

Jamshid par-Bahadur: yes

The storm hits, and you are all quickly drenched. Fish occasionally land on deck, and it is very slippery up above. Those below notice a great deal of rocking to and fro, but the vessel is holding together, for now.

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur vomits into his pack
    Jessaila: ((For what it’s worth, I’m hoping the sea anchor will keep us from having too much difficulty with steering during the course of the storm, since we’ll have the sail down for safety.))

Isabis: ((eeeew.))

DM: ((all topside make a notice check, with a -5 mod due to the conditions.))

  • Seiankornai and Vari catch fish every now and then as they fly past
  • Axhar is not amused
    Seiankornai: Notice « 1d20+7-5 = 2 + 7 – 5 = 4 »

DM: Seain notices that it is raining

  • Seiankornai is distracted by fish
    Thurirl: « 1d20+9-5 = 14 + 9 – 5 = 18 » to Notice anything in this storm!

Jessaila: « 1d20+12-5 = 4 + 12 – 5 = 11 » Notice

Isabis: « 1d20+12-5 = 4 + 12 – 5 = 11 » notice?

Thurirl sees a large broken off mast in the water, in the path of the ship.

  • Thurirl tries to shout above the storm!
    Thurirl: “Captain! There’s a large mast in front of us! We must evade!”

DM: You could attempt to ram it if you want to

DM: the waves are giving it some force behind it, and you can attempt to use the rudder to avoid it.

DM: ((the wind is currently going at around 50 knots, so you do have some speed.))

Jessaila: ((Okay, put the rudder over to port – not hard over, though, as that might cause us to go broadside to the sea.))

  • Seiankornai does so
    DM: ((make a Resolve check due to conditions to stay calm, and an untrained ride check (Dex)))

DM: ((helmsman))

Seiankornai: Resolve « 1d20+6 = 10 + 6 = 16 » and Ride « 1d20+2 = 6 + 2 = 8 »

  • Seiankornai spends AD to boost Ride « 1d6 = 1 »
    Jessaila: « 1d20+3 = 5 + 3 = 8 » Assist, ride check

Jessaila: AD to boost ride « 1d6 = 4 »

  • Jessaila sees Seian struggling with the wheel and jumps in to help.
    Seiankornai stays calm in the weather, and the mast only strikes a glacing blow to the ship. The
    mast, however, had a sharp point, and a Jamshid is now getting wet below deck from a small hole in the hull
  • Seiankornai unfortunately doesn’t have icy breath
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur tries to plug the hole with some bedding
  • Jessaila runs below to check the damage.
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: Crafting (tailor) 16

Seiankornai: (( is Jamshid just about panicing now? ))
Jamshid par-Bahadur: (no, he’s been panicking for some time now)

manages to slow the hole to a trickle, but he can’t keep the pressure on it forever.

  • Jessaila inspects the hole.
    Isabis: ((get Vari to lean on it!))

Jessaila: “Okay, who’s the best carpenter?”

Isabis: “I can manage wood…”

Isabis: (( +13 to craft and woodworking focus))

The hole is small, and no immediate danger to the boat. However, it will eventually flood the boat if the water issue isn’t addressed.
Jessaila: “We need to board over this hole!”

DM: -2 to check giving the water spraying in face. You can make a DC 15 resolve check to ignore this penatly

Jessaila: ((If the seas were more calm, I’d just suggest fothering it instead, though, since it’s small.))

  • Isabis screws up her resolve « 1d20+12 = 11 + 12 = 23 » and tries to make Jamshid’s plug a little more permanent (craft:woodworking « 1d20+13 = 5 + 13 = 18 » )
    The leak has been stopped up. There is some water on bottom of the boat, but no real need for concern.
  • Jessaila suggests we try to bucket it out if possible, regardless.
    The E. M. S. Sparrow survivies the rest of the journey despite the relative inexperience of the crew, and you are able to make landfall in Talu Manu. In the captain’s quarters, the sunpool turns green
  • Jessaila wants a nap now.
  • Seiankornai wonders if this is the real Talu Manu or some phantom version of it for the test
    Thurirl: “That proved to be an interesting journey, in more ways than one. Let us hope the next challenge is slightly less eventful.”

Seiankornai: “Or at least better suited to our skills.”

  • Isabis contacts whoever the map claims should be recieving the cargo and naps while she waits for them to arrive
    Jessaila: “I’d have never thought all those days listening to my papa’s stories about sailing the river would come in handy…”

DM: ((So are you stepping back in the sunpool?))

Isabis: “So. That’s navigation…shall we step back into the freaky colored sunpool?”

  • Seiankornai will do so once we’re all ready
    Jessaila: ((Should we rest first?))

Seiankornai: “Yes.”

DM: ((I’d like to get the next challenge choosen, so I know what to be prepared for.

Seiankornai: ((nah, we’re good))

Isabis: ((I figure we rested while the cargo was unloaded))

  • Seiankornai enters the Sunpool
  • Isabis wades in
    you return to the temple, where the compass symbol is now darkened
  • Thurirl follows the others.
    Jessaila: “I propose we select a challenge this time where someone else is in charge.”

Isabis: “So…shall we just proceed around the circle? Maybe skipping the skull?”

Thurirl: “That may prove difficult to choose. We need to consider carefully what symbol may mean.”

Seiankornai: “I vote for the wings.”

  • Jamshid par-Bahadur stumbles out onto dry ground
    Thurirl: “That may prove difficult for the rest of us.”

Isabis: “So Jamdhid…wings? Or shall we try for solid ground this time?”

Jamshid par-Bahadur: “Nothing wrong with wings”

Jamshid par-Bahadur: “No chance of drowning that way”

Thurirl: “Solid ground is preferable in case we encounter a sudden need for combat.”

  • Seiankornai closes his eyes and points at one (« 1d9 = 8 », starting just after the compass clockwise)
    Isabis: “Oh, all right. We’ve been in ruins before, after all.”
  • Thurirl eyes the symbol that looks like ruins.
    Seiankornai: “Hmm, I’d be fine with the explosion, or whereever we choose.”

Seiankornai: “Ruins is fine.”

Jessaila: “We’re in one now.”

  • Thurirl puts his hand on the symbol.
    Again, after touching the symbol, and pool fills. You enter, and discover yourself outside a ruined temple structure. In Jessaila’s hand is a scroll, and behind you, you see a red tinted sunpool. The scroll reads, you have been tasked with exploring the tomb of Takira the III, and with the recovery of his royal sceptor, by the order of King Takira the VIII.
  • Jessaila wonders how this scroll got into her hand.
    End session

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