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Malaina has connected.
Malaina: someones gonna have to move those babies with Vari
TGU: there, you have token ownership now
Isabis: I think we’re really done with that map, aren’t we?
TGU: true
Malaina: thank you!
Malaina: Can Mala carry one?
TGU: ((Mala is not as reassuring the small, terrified drakelings as Vari is ))
TGU: ((she’d have to make an impress check or something))
Malaina: ((Awww, she misses carrying a drake though!))
Malaina: « 1d20+10 = 4 + 10 = 14 » Impress
Isabis: ((wait for the rest of the players before we start playing?))
Isabis: ((pretty please?))
Malaina: ((kk, sorry!))
TGU: ((fine))
Jessaila has connected.
Isabis: feel free to add your token here when it’s ready
Grok has connected.
TGU: (greetings)
Grok: (yo)
Isabis: ((salutations))
Isabis: ((Brock meed Dave, Dave “Jessaila” is Brock))
You whisper to Grok: Grok
Grok: ((sup))
TGU: ((you can blame Brock for geting Deb and I together ))
Malaina: ((Hehehe, bad Brock!))
Grok: ((not sure there is anything to blame. seems to work out well))
You whisper to Grok: If you care to come on IRC we’re running an OOC chat at irc.nightstar.net channel #tgusgames
Grok: ((for someone who i’ve never met, that is.))
Isabis: ((What do you mean, bad?!?))
Jessaila: ((I thought it was jolly nice.))
Malaina: ((Hehehehehe, I am teasing!))
Isabis: (( ))
Grok: ((the dude says jolly. I like him))
Malaina: (())
Grok: ((still waiting on Thuril and Jam))
Grok: ((btw, Brott, what languages does Jessaila speak?))

  • Jessaila HAS A TOKEN!
    Isabis: ((Jamshid will be late. Thurirl will be less late. They are at least accounted for.))
  • Jessaila speaks Kamil and that other one that I’ll have to go look up.
  • Jessaila actually has his interests messed up a wee bit and so doesn’t precisely know at this exact moment.
    TGU: ((we’ll just assume those two are being quiet, or Jamshid translating for Grok))
    Jamshid par-Bahadur has connected.
    TGU: ((greetings))
    Isabis: ((welcome))
    Isabis: Ok, while we’re waiting on Bandit, and since we have reason to expect him soon, a note on bookkeeping
    Dragonhawk: Everyone needs to have two numbers for money.
    Dragonhawk: Right now, the “Stash” is equal to whatever you had left from starting money after paying for starting gear.
    Dragonhawk: You all have coin in hand equal to your starting panache income, plus 48silver.
    Dragonhawk: except for Seiankornai and Jessaila, who weren’t there to get the 48s
    Dragonhawk: does everyone’s sheet match that?
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: It does now
    Malaina: mine does
    Grok: ((that answers how we were to treat the left over starting money, thanks))
    Dragonhawk: I suspected there might be a bit of fog on this issue
    Grok: ((will we be required to have our stash in a bank?))
    Dragonhawk: I already went over it with Bandit, so this covers everyone else.
  • Jessaila is foggy on this issue, but is looking.
    Dragonhawk: Yes, the stash is in… well, either a bank, or a safe deposit box, or an appropriate hole in the ground; but unless it’s in a bank of some kind, you can’t access it without going to the hole in the ground, not always convenient.
    Dragonhawk: You can learn about banks here:
    Dragonhawk: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/sunchasers-dh/wikis/world-details
  • Grok find safe hole in ground
  • Jessaila buys elven bling.
  • Jessaila shall be serious now.
    Dragonhawk: OK, second item. Everyone meet Jessaila, full-blood elf, played by Brock.
    Malaina: Hi Jessaila!
    Grok: ((welcome to the party))
    Jessaila: Felicitations!
    Dragonhawk: Jessaila, feel free to PM Seiankornai about travel arrangements for visiting “those sunchasers who rescued the drake babies.”
    Dragonhawk: Third item: This constitutes your railroad warning. Between when I take over as GM and when I declare “this is the scene with the grave-bane” this is officially a railrod plot.
    Dragonhawk: I promise to stop that once the threat of temporal anomolies is over
    Grok: ((so technically, we don’t have the loot from that fight yet))
    TGU: ((not yet))
    Dragonhawk: ((correct, and I did not include it in the silver totals I gave above))
    Dragonhawk: OK, This is a new session. Everyone reset your action dice. Malaina, add an extra action die for being Right On Time.
    Dragonhawk: I now return you to GM:TGU for the completion of the mines and drakes adventure.
    Malaina: ((What, I get 4 now?))
    Grok: ((yep))
    TGU: ((you got a bonus one))
    Malaina: ((Sweet!))
    Dragonhawk: ((this session. You can also gain action dice as we go along in many ways, including awesome roleplay))
    Dragonhawk: ((you gain them, you spend them. It’s like currency.))
    Malaina: ((Awesome!! Well, Bandit hasn’t answered me back yet, so I am assuming he is still coming, can we just assume he is super quiet?))
    Dragonhawk: ((at the beginning of next session, it all resets to 3 again.))
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: Clarification on treasure since I expect we will be going there next
    Dragonhawk: ((and yes, TGU is typing))
    Dragonhawk: ((OK?))
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: Do we get the gear the goblins were using, or is this one of those annoying settings where anythint not on the treasure table is automatically unuseable and unsalable?
    You quickly make your escape from the goblin’s sanctuary/storeroom, having blocked the way to the main living chambers with plenty of crates and goods and Setting them on fire! The goblins will not be coming out that way for a long time yet. The drakelings cling in terror to Vari’s back, but are otherwise safe and unharmed.
    Dragonhawk: ((you have one piece of “perfect clothing,” which was gear. You can also gather less valuable gear, and even loot the surroundings for “raw materials” if you have time…which we don’t right now, we set the place on fire after the basic looting.))
    Dragonhawk: ((so we need to split up material treasures once we’re safe, or on IRC))
    Malaina: ((Can I roll Impress to see if Mala can coax one of the babies to her so she can hold it? Though I doubt I will get high enough))
    TGU: ((go ahead, Malaina))
    Isabis: ((by “less valuable gear” I mean “whatever the NPCs were actually using” as opposed to gear or trophy treasure rolls))
    Malaina: « 1d20+10 = 7 + 10 = 17 » Impress
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur quickly gathers all the valuables he can before things go up in flames
    The drakelings seem to calm down a bit by Mala’s words, but they do not want to leave Vari. One will let Mala hold him if she stays on Vari’s back, though.
  • Grok takes up rearguard as we return
  • Malaina climbs onto Vari’s back easily and lets the little drakling crawl into her arms
  • Vari rumbles happily as he walks
  • Isabis talks to the drakelings to help them calm down.
  • Isabis gets her ears talked off
  • Malaina hums a lullaby the elders taught her that they claimed the drakes taught them
    You could probably hear the shouts of goblins, if it wasn’t for the roar of the flames. You quickly depart. The drakelings are happier to be held in comfort.
  • Isabis carries the third drakeling in it’s makeshift shroud
    It takes about 20 minutes of going through the caverns till you finally reach the lair of the drake mother.
  • Vari roars for the Drake mother to let her know they were truimphant
    She was lying on the cave’s floor, being anxious, but when she hears Vari’s raor she gives a roar of joy and relief back.
  • Vari quickly makes his way over to her so mother and daughter can be reunited
    Drake Mother: " Ixenalti! You find her! …And another! Thanks you all."
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((what language is the drake speaking?))
    Malaina: ((Vidoss))
    Drake Mother: ((a mixture of Vidoss and Melios, depending on what’s needed))
    Vari: Vari: (V) She is unharmed, though a bit shaken and scared, but she was brave!
    Ixenalti: “MOTHER!”
  • Ixenalti jumps out of Mala’s arms and flutters over to her mother. She is quicky coiled in a loving tail.
  • Isabis clears her throat.
  • Malaina chuckles and smiles happily
    Isabis: “Do you ah…happen to know who this is?”
  • Isabis reveals the face of the last drakeling
  • Vari rumbles in sadness
    Isabis: “I’d like to at least see him to his family. For a proper funeral.”
    The old drake sadly sniffs at the body.
    Drake Mother: sigh “Yes, I think that is the son of a distant cousin of mine.”
    Malaina: “Is this cousin close by?”
    Isabis: “I’m so sorry. He was already slain when we arrived.”
    Drake Mother: “A few miles further up the mountain.”
  • Drake Mother nods, “I understand.”
    Malaina: “Vari should be able to find her.”
    Isabis: “I’ll come along with you and Vari then.”
    Malaina: “But we should still try to find the mother of this little male.”
  • Malaina gestures to the drakling still clinging to Vari
    Trekizinivehafora: “I’m female!”
    Malaina: ((Sorry, you called it a him!))
  • Trekizinivehafora sticks her tongue out at Malaina
    Isabis: ((the dead one was a him))
    Seiankornai: ((the dead one is a him))
  • Malaina chuckles, “My apoligies, and what a pretty female you are.”
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur keeps lookout for enemies while the incomprehensible (to him) conversation continues….
  • Trekizinivehafora beams at Malaina
    Trekizinivehafora: “My mother lives by a big rock spike on the mountain.”
  • Grok joins Jamshid outside
    Malaina: “That should be easy enough to find and I am sure she will be so very happy to have you back home with her.”
    Isabis: (Melios) “I think we’ve learned where the other two little ones belong.”
    Drake Mother: “Oh, my name is Thindlisia. I will be sure to tell others what you have done for us this day.”
  • Vari goes to see if he can push some rocks into the entrance the goblins used
    The rocks closer to the cave are pretty solidly in place. But quite a ways further down there may be a week spot. Though it’d be better for the miners to deal with it, since they have the proper tools.
  • Isabis wedges boards from the broken door into it for immediate stopgap
    Thurirl has connected.
    Thindlisia: “I will take the dead one to his mother. It would probably be better.”
    Isabis: “If you don’t think we’d be welcome…”
  • Malaina can only imagine how angry and saddened the mother will be
    Thindlisia: “She does not have the best of tempers, even for a drake.”
  • Isabis recites a short funeral verse over the baby and sets him down somewhere
    Malaina: “It’s probably best for you to tell her what happened and give her the body….”
    Thindlisia: “Yes, I wil be sure to tell her that.”
  • Malaina puts a hand over the ‘eye’ pendant on her neck and says a silent prayer
    Thindlisia: “Thank you again… here, take this.”
  • Thindlisia takes a small scoop of silver coins from her small hoard, and gives them to you
    TGU: ((she gives you about 25 silver each))
    TGU: ((poke))
    Malaina: ((Woohoo!))
  • Thurirl bows in thanks for the silver.
    Isabis: “Thank you. I’m so glad we could help.”
  • Isabis pats Ixenalti
    Thindlisia: “As am I, so very glad. Now you go take that other young one to her mother.”
    Malaina: “Thank you very much for your reward which I know you had to work hard to gather for yourself. I hope you and your daughter say safe and she grows big and strong, like you.”
    Ixenalti: “THANK YOU!”
  • Vari gives his thanks and nuzzles the little one before turning and heading out of the cave, drakling and rider in tow
    Find the other’s mother isn’t too hard, since the little one knows the way. She is likewise happy for the return of her baby drake, though is poorer, and can’t afford to give you a reward, though she wants to. She promises to spread word about you as far as she can though (2 Rep reward for each of you)
    Vari: ((Woohoo!))
    Grok: ((modified by legend?))
    Now you are free to head back to the mining camp
    Seiankornai: ((no, that’s the end of adventure rep reward; this was an instant reward for completing a goal))
  • Isabis returns to dissecting scaly goblin corpses on the field of battle
    The mine crew are quite happy to see you return, and even happier to hear you were successful.
  • Vari eats any goblin corpses that Isabis didn’t get to
  • Grok relates tales of their adventures to the miners, even if they don’t understand
  • Isabis lets him have most of hers when she’s done making notes
    The miners smile and nod at Grok
  • Malaina chuckles at her drake
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur gives the report in a language the miners can understand
  • Isabis piles goblin weapons by the mine office
    Various drakes come by over the next week and a half, thanking you for what you did.
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur , once the report is concluded, will search through the weapons and examine their construction
  • Vari has convos with the various drakes
    The goblin weapons are of a decent construction. This must have been a group with ties to a better off tribe.
  • Grok wanders down into the mines
    You whisper to Grok: Are you able to come on IRC? We can do the loot picks there and not clutter up the log if you can.
    The late afternoon of the day before the full moon, your last day at this job, another drake comes, bearing a bag of mail, and an elf lady on his back.
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur makes sure the miners know about the weak spots that need to be plugged
  • Foreman recieves and signs for the mail bag
  • Jessaila nods a greeting.
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur bows graciously
    Seiankornai: “Hello, are you the one’s who rescued the young drakelings?”
  • Foreman sorts the mailbag
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: “Good evening”
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: “At your service madam -
    Grok whispers: I don’t have IRC
  • Isabis starts a campfire; the days are getting shorter, and it’ll be a dark night
    Seiankornai: “Oh, allow me, miss.”
  • Jessaila hops off.
  • Seiankornai shoots a bit of flame at Isabis’ firepit
    Jessaila: “Thank you very much for the ride.”
    You whisper to Grok: There’s a web portal for nightstar if you’re willing; else we’ll just do it here.
  • Vari looks over to the other drake curiously
    You whisper to Grok: It’s at http://deepthought.nightstar.net/flash/
  • Foreman bellows “MAIL CALL!”
  • Foreman hands out letters to various miners
  • Jessaila glances around at the party.
  • Thurirl stands with the others, though he’s still enough to be mistaken for a tree.
  • Malaina goes over to Vari and pats at one of his legs
  • Seiankornai gives a friendly nod Vari’s way
    Seiankornai: “And you are welcome, little lady.”
  • Jessaila is mid-height elf with leather armor and a fencing sword.
  • Vari nods his greeting as well
    Isabis: “Hello. Nice to meet you. Heh, we’ve been meeting a lot of drakes since we rescued the little ones.”
    Isabis: “I’m Isabis Estolin.”
  • Jessaila seems to be a tad bit shy. “Hello.”
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: “Jamshid par-Bahadur”
    Seiankornai: “And I am Seiankornai deev’Ornhysvear.”
  • Foreman mutters to himself “Bill, bill, order, bill, order, order, bill…”
    Malaina: “Malaina and this is Vraiuvant”
    Seiankornai: “Hehe, likely any of the young drakesses would be pleased to have such a fine, brave drake.”
    The miners clear out, mostly heading to the barracks to stew dinner.
  • Jessaila nods. “I’m Jessaila.”
  • Thurirl does not introduce himself.
    Foreman: “Are you here on mine business, miss? Or are you meetin’ the celebrities, like alla the others?”
    Seiankornai: “Hmm, there is an ogre here. Woanish And how do you come to be here, my fine fellow?”
    Jessaila: “Oh, I’m…” small voice “…just meeting the celebrities, sir.”
  • Malaina gives Thurirl a dirty look for being rude
  • Foreman chuckles
    Foreman: “Fine wit’ me. Just makin’ sure I’m not needed.”
  • Foreman goes off to catch the last few miners who missed their mail
  • Thurirl looks at Malaina in puzzlement. He does not know why she gave him that look.
    Malaina: “Introduce yourself!”
    Jessaila: “Oh, you must be Thurirl. I’ve heard about you all, of course.”
  • Thurirl blinks. “I… was merely practicing my art.”
  • Malaina frowns at him
    Malaina: “There is a time for practicing and a time for being a gentleman.”
    You whisper to Seiankornai: Grok says he is down in the mine
    Seiankornai whispers: ah
  • Foreman comes back looking for someone
    Grok: ((Grok is currently in the mine tunnels. Seiankornai is attempting to talk to a mirage))
  • Jessaila glances at the food on the fire.
    Seiankornai: ((ok, didn’t know that))
  • Foreman shouts into the mineshaft. “MAIL CALL! ALSO DINNER! EVERYONE OUT!”
  • Foreman mutters about people who won’t stop working
  • Grok wishes he knew what those loud humans were saying
    The miners Grok is telling his story to gester to him it’s time to go out and eat
    Grok: After three attempts, Grok understands that they are talking about food, and rushes outside
    Thurirl: “I was under the impression that a gentleman was one who had a coat of arms and some land. And besides, the point is moot. She recognized me, if only by process of elimination.”
  • Foreman dodges the one-ogre stampede, and hands the relieved miners their mail
  • Malaina rolls her eyes, “You still have much to learn Thurirl…”
    Thurirl: “Always.”
    Seiankornai: “One can be gentlymanly without being a gentleman.”
    Malaina: “Thurirl….sometimes, but not at the approriate times.”
    Seiankornai: “But that is one thing I’ll never be.”
    Isabis: “Well, sir and miss, would you care to join us for stew and staring at the campfire?”
  • Grok gets his food from the line, and sits down under tree to devour
    Seiankornai: “Indeed.”
  • Seiankornai now says his greeting to Grok
  • Vari asks Mala if he needs him, if not, he will go off to find enough food to satisfy him
    The camp cook calls the rest of you to get food
    Thurirl: “I fail to see how a coat of arms and land would impress good manners upon a person. But such things are beyond my knowledge.”
  • Jessaila views the group’s cooking food with a careful eye, and then randomly goes over and starts poking at it with the landle.
    Jessaila: “May I put some pimenton on for spice? It will liven things up.”
  • Thurirl is not that picky with his food, getting a small portion to eat while he sits under a tree, hardly moving while he eats."
    Isabis: “Permit me to assure you that that is Not how it works, Thurirl. It’s just that the /other/ people with the coats of arms and the land try to insist on standards, so most people who have them make a point of learning the good manners etc.”
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: “that’s because you have it backwards Thurirl … those with land and arms decide which manners are ‘good’ you see….”
    The cook doesn’ t care what you put in your own bowl.
    Grok: “Me Grok. Me strongest there is”
  • Isabis gets food and sits near the fire
    Foreman: “All right you lot; here’s the mailbag for the sunchaser-forwarding rate stamps.”
    Seiankornai: W “Ah? Stronger than the gods?”
    Seiankornai: W “Or just strongest ogre?”
  • Jessaila gets a bowl of stew, pulls out a small and mostly-empty bottle of spices, and makes it smell lovely.
    Seiankornai: W “Which are pretty strong, I’ll admit.”
  • Foreman distributes mail. Isabis has a letter from her father, with a riddlemaster’s post stamp. Jamshid’s brother sent him a bit of scroll, nothing big enough to require handles. The seal is fancy. Grok has a flat letter with a return address in the Brennestones (Woanish in the Pech script, naturally).
  • Vari flies off after getting permission
    Grok: W “What gods? No one stronger than Grok”
  • Foreman looks for Thurirl
  • Malaina goes over to get some food, ignoring the feeling of envy and sadness bubbling up within her when the Foreman gives out mail
    Thurirl: “Strange. One would think then that the strongest and wealthiest of gentlemen would behave how ever they please. Who will force them to ‘behave’ if the majority wish to be evil?”
  • Foreman mutters “Crazy invisible lizard”
    Seiankornai: W “I’m pretty sure the one they call The Crone is stronger than ogres. It’s been told she is able to pick them up with one hand and throw them at her enemies.”
    Foreman: * Thurirl has a small bundle of bank rolls (statements) with no less than 8 forwarding tags attached – the oldest is postmarked 6 months ago! The foreman can’t find Thurirl, so he just yells his name and sets them down on a rock.
  • Thurirl hears his title being called, stands up and promptly retrieves his mail.
    Grok: W “I just picked up my enemy and threw him into wall today.”
  • Isabis reads her letter with interest
    Grok: W “He wasn’t a good club”
  • Malaina sits away from the group once she gets her food, to eat alone
  • Thurirl takes his mail back to his spot and continues eating his meal as he opens and reads his letters.
    Foreman: “Right. So. Last day for you lot, the regular guards ’ve been sighted down the valley a step.”
    Foreman: “That’s two weeks, like we agreed. Here’s your pay: 150 silver, as agreed.”
  • Foreman gives 150s in a small pouch to Malaina
  • Foreman gives 150s in a small pouch to Jamshid
  • Foreman reexamines his ledger
  • Malaina takes the pouch of silver and nods her head, “Thank you, it was a good job, even if the blasted goblins gave us trouble…”
    Foreman: "Wait. That one ain’t yours.
  • Foreman holds out his hand to Jamshid, frowning at the ledger.
  • Grok licks his plate clean with a large, pink tongue, and heads back to the cook and says “máis.”
  • Malaina tilts her head a bit, eating her own stew slowly
  • Thurirl eyes the Foreman a little, wondering what’s going on.
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur takes the pouch of coins, weighing it in one hand
    Foreman: “C’mon, hand it back an’ take your own now.”
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur returns it
  • Foreman holds up a different bag
    Foreman: “Here y’go.”
  • Seiankornai addresses the cook in MElios, “He wants more food to fill his expanded gullet.”
  • Foreman hands over… 75 silver
  • Foreman gives 150s in a small pouch to Isabis
  • Foreman gives 150s in a small pouch to Grok
    Seiankornai: ((remember, Jamshid critical failed his haggle check early on))
    Foreman: “THURI- oh, there you are.”
  • Foreman gives 150s in a small pouch to Thurirl
    Malaina: ((Does Vari get paid?))
    Seiankornai: ((hmm, not sure))
  • Thurirl smirks and takes his pouch with a nod of his head.
    Foreman: (( I don’t think Vari technically has his own wealth, being a “mount” and all. If he gets money, it has to go straight to his hoard, and is not usable unless you have a Very Good Plot Reason and the GM of the adventure in question approves it))
    Grok: ((So I can’t get a horse and get it to get paid. Darn))
    Thurirl: ((I remember that critical failed haggle check. It’s now my Quit message on IRC. XD))
    Foreman: “Mr Vari, you never signed articles, but I’m right grateful for your help. This is a gift from the miners, for your hoard like.”
    Malaina: ((Is cow a Very Good Plot reason?))
  • Foreman gives Vari a little bronze statue of a cow
    Malaina: ((Vari is out hunting, all negotiations go through Mala))
  • Grok After messily finishing his stew, Grok opens his letter and reads it.
    Foreman: ((So Grok CAN read, then?))
    Grok: ((Actually, no he can’t.))
  • Malaina chuckles as she accepts the statue in Vari’s stead, “I am sure he will be thrilled to see it, thank you very much.”
  • Grok stares at funny symbols
    You whisper to Grok: It’s from your Pech friend, [redacted]
    Seiankornai: “I think your over strong, under bright ogre friend could use a bit of help.”
  • Vari comes back after having found a wild mountain goat
    You whisper to Grok: You recognize his signature, since he writes to you regularly in spite of the need to find people to read the letters to you.
  • Vari stares at the cow and tries to bite at it
    Jessaila: “Oh, what language is it?”
    Malaina: “Vari! No, you can’t eat it!”
  • Seiankornai can tell because Grok is turning it all around
    Foreman: “…that ain’t the right way to treat a hoard. Not that it’s my place to say.”
  • Vari makes a face cause it didn’t taste good, but pulls it close cause it is his now
  • Thurirl reviews his bank statements, making sure no one else is reading them, checking the amounts with careful precision.
  • Vari gives his thanks for the shiny cow
    You whisper to Thurirl: Everything adds up
  • Grok pulls out a small red fez, and places it on his head. It looks ridiculous, but Grok then hands it over to Seiankornai and says “Podes ler?”
    Seiankornai: ((Thurirl: oh, now that’s curious ))
  • Thurirl looks pleased. Which is to say that he looks pleased if you know how to read his face. To everyone else, he just looks the same as always.
  • Thurirl puts the statements away where he can keep them for disposal or further review, away from prying eyes.
    Over the course of the last week, you have all had a chance to go into the village. If you found the need to purchase common goods with your coin from the drakes, then you may do (have done) so.
  • Seiankornai responds in the affirmative to Grok, and assists him with reading the letter.
    The village, however does not have uncommon goods available
    Foreman: ((If you’re not sure, ask))
  • Jessaila pays for her dinner.
    Seiankornai: ((cows are common goods ))
    Malaina: ((How much??))
    Grok: ((should we assume complete healing then?))
  • Jessaila glances around at the group. “So if you don’t mind me asking, what are you all aiming to do next?”
    Thurirl: ((I’m pretty sure we’ve had time to get patched up))
    Isabis: ((yes, reset you vitality))
    Grok: ((bull is 200s, probably something around that))
    Isabis: “Ah, well, I was just going to say somethign about that. I have recieved a request.”
  • Isabis waves her letter.
    Seiankornai: “Yes, I’m curious about that too.”
  • Malaina looks over to Isabis
    Isabis: “My father informs me that he has a friend living a shortish distance north of here. He says she needs someone to retrieve something of hers from a ruin, and asks me to help her if I’ve found a reliable group of companions.”
    Isabis: “Would, ah, you all be interested in a spot of ruin-raiding?”
  • Jessaila feels her ears twitch.
    Jessaila: “Ruins?”
    Malaina: “Sure, why not.”
    Isabis: “Apparently the friend is an elf, and a few generations ago these ruins were her family’s keep.”
  • Thurirl watches the others, his meal finished and his interest peaked.
    Isabis: “She thinks she knows where an heirloom the scholars are interested in would be found.”
    Jessaila: “I would be willing to join you, if you would accept my company.”
  • Isabis blinks. “Ah, certainly. If you have some experience in this sort of thing.”
    Seiankornai: “As would I, actually. I didn’t really coem to ‘meet the celebrities’, but rather to see if you would be willing to have me join you. I figured a group of sunchasers willing to risk their lives for young drakes would be the best of any.”
  • Isabis nods
    Jessaila: “Ah, Seiankornai says it very well.”
    Isabis: “What about the rest of you?”
    Vari: “It will be good to have another drake around.”
    Thurirl: “I will come along, though you may not notice it at times.”
  • Isabis has to laugh at that
  • Malaina shakes her head, but smiles a bit
    Isabis: “I swear, I will learn to spot you.”
    Seiankornai: “Hess, just as long as our enemies notice it at the wrong times.”
    Thurirl: “You are welcome to try. Perhaps a bit of scrutiny will help me improve my skills.”
    Thurirl: “Of course, I should not neglect my skills in misdirection either. We will see if you can spot the difference between myself and an illusion.”
  • Grok shrugges his massive shoulders after the task is explained to him.
  • Seiankornai tries to sneak up on Thurirl, « 1d20+10-4 = 8 + 10 – 4 = 14 » sneak
    Isabis: ((roll notice, Thurirl))
    Isabis: “Thank you, then. It will be a pleasure to continue working with you.”
    Thurirl: Notice: « 1d20+7 = 12 + 7 = 19 »
    Seiankornai: ((drat))
  • Thurirl looks up and smiles.
    Thurirl: “A touch too noisy. Perhaps you will succeed next time.”
  • Malaina chuckles as she sits down and leans on Vari
    Seiankornai: “Hmm, tsk, this works better on deer when you’re flying.”
    The next morning you pack up and hike south a stretch to a handy sunpool Isabis’s father told her about. You just make it by noon the 2nd day, and wade into the mists.
  • Vari walks with Mala on his back
    When you reach dry ground again, you are standing in a small pond across a road from a garden with a low wall. You see an elf working in the garden.
    Isabis: “We should be right on top of the homestead.”
  • Isabis turns around
    Isabis: “Ah. And we are.”
    Seiankornai: “Well, there is a home.”
  • Jessaila is following.
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur adjusts the jeweled dagger in his belt
  • Elf looks up, squints at you, and then grins hugely.
    Elf: “Sunchasers! My favorite kind of people!”
  • Malaina hops down from the saddle, one of the saddle bags having a slight bulge from the bronze cow inside of it
  • Jessaila gives a ritual elven greeting.
  • Elf grins even wider and responds in kind, then switches back to Melios to talk to the group.
  • Thurirl stays still and observes the elf and the surroundings.
    Norn: “Well met, my friends. I am Norn VenVellesin.”
  • Seiankornai translates for Grok
  • Malaina heads over to stand by Isabis, Vari hanging back a bit
    Isabis: “I am Isabis Estolin. My father wrote me that you needed some willing ruin-raiders?”
  • Grok nods to Norn
    Norn: “Indeed, indeed. You must come in and tell me about yourselves, and I will tell you about my family heirlooms, eh?”
  • Norn gestures you towards her house.
  • Vari makes a sound that means he wants to go in
    Norn: “Would you care for some tangeraid?”
    Seiankornai: “If that is what you offer.”
    Jessaila: “Yes please, madam.”
  • Malaina politely declines
  • Norn heads into her house, and opens a large window. The unusual shutter folds down into a counter, on which she places two drakish drinking bowls.
  • Vari heads on over to the counter, curious
  • Norn pours citrus juice for all of you – smaller people get cups. Larger people get to use the window-counter as a dining table.
    Seiankornai: “Ah, a very thoughtful and considerate hostess. Thank you.”
    Norn: “Not at all, not at all.”
  • Vari speaks in somewhat broken Melios, “Thanks….yous…”
  • Norn absent-mindedly hands a cup to Malaina, then remembers and shrugs. “Ah, just set it aside if you don’t want it dear. Er, miss.”
  • Jessaila thanks Lady Norn in excellent, though not perfect Kamil.
    Malaina: “Malaina. Thank you, I shall try it soon.”
  • Thurirl lingers outside, not feeling that thirsty right now.
    Norn: (Vidoss) “You are entirely welcome sir. I am sorry my living room is insufficient to your size.”
    Seiankornai: “Most are it seems.”
  • Grok quaffs his drink
  • Vari nods his head in understanding
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: “Ah, a fine table you keep here”
  • Malaina decides to try the drink
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ’Where does the fruit come from?"
    Th blend « 1d20+3 = 3 + 3 = 6 » vs Norn notice « 1d20+10 = 15 + 10 = 25 »
  • Vari happily enjoys his drink
    Norn: “Oh, I grow it myself. You can see the trees from this window…”
  • Norn points outside towards the far side of the garden.
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur gets up and admires the view from the window
    Jessaila: “It is very good. I’ve never drank it this fresh before.”
  • Norn leans out the window and addresses Thurirl
  • Thurirl moves a little to look where Norn is pointing.
    Norn: “Aren’t you coming in to hear about my music box?”
    Thurirl: “Hmm. Perhaps I should refrain from practicing my art upon my allies for the time being. I have yet to master disappearing fully from their view.”
  • Norn snorts and withdraws her head
  • Thurirl walks inside, declining the drink, standing up in one of the corners… like a tree. Of rock.
    Norn: “So. My music box.”
  • Malaina sips her drink as she listens
    Seiankornai: “Yes, it is very bad form to practice the art of hiding when one wants to give you a job not involving that at the present time.”
    Norn: “That Dissertand at the Riddlemasters’ college wants to hear the tune from my great-grandmother’s music box. My fault for mentioning it, I suppose.”
  • Thurirl nods as he considers Seiankornai’s words.
    Norn: “Last I remember, it was on the mantle in the old keep. Thing is, we haven’t live in the old keep since my grandmother’s day. It’s a bit overdue for maintenance, eh?”
    Norn: “Plus, there’s wolves in the area, and they keep thinking it’s a good place for denning.”
    Norn: “So. I need a sturdy group of sunchasers to go retrieve it for me and the honored Dissertand.”
  • Jessaila nods.
  • Malaina agrees
    Seiankornai: “How sturdy are the ruins?”
    Norn: “Er…out of repair, as I said.”
    Norn: “I believe the old wall requires shovels to locate any more. The lowest floors of the towers are still standing, more or less, though.”
    Norn: “I can pay you 40 s each, and you can keep whatever the wolves may have collected this year. If you find any other family heirlooms, though, I’ll be wanting them.”
    Thurirl: ((the ruins aren’t sturdy =P that’s why she needs us; we’re plenty sturdy))
    Seiankornai: “Hmm, how much does wolf meat go for around here?”
    You whisper to Jamshid par-Bahadur: Are you bringing along your genie, btw?
    Malaina: “That is if Vari doesn’t get to them first”
  • Vari pouts a bit
  • Thurirl feels a bit bad for the wolves.
    Norn: “I’m sure I don’t know.”
    Isabis: “Less than beef or venison, that’s for sure. It’s tough.”
    Malaina is disconnected.
    Seiankornai: “Oh, I wouldn’t deprive him of his rightful kill. But there may be an excess that we can turn to silver, or gold.”
    Isabis: “Do we have to kill the wolves to earn our silver, or just get the music box to you?”
    Malaina has connected.
    Norn: “Just get the box and return it to me undamaged. If it doesn’t play, I shall dock your pay!”
    Malaina: ((Back, sorry))
    Seiankornai: “Oh, I wasn’t thinking we’d need to kill the wolves for pay, just if we happen to kill the wolves, could we get paid.”
    Malaina: “True”
    Norn: “Well, I don’t care about that especially. Do what you want with the curs. The keep is mine, not theirs.”
  • Norn chuckles at the absurdity of it all
    Norn: ((you may add your tokens to the map))
    Thurirl: ((um, how?))
    Norn: ((copy and paste from the token holder))
    Malaina: ((Is the map changed?))
    Norn: ((I thought so…maybe I didn’t do it right. You want “ruins of old” There should be a nice square of visibility))
    Malaina: ((Where is my token?))
    Grok: ((try the map called “Token Holder”
    Thurirl: ((it wasn’t set up… you’ll have to copy/paste from the holder))
    Norn: ((OK, everyone pause a moment while I get you on the right destination map))
    Seiankornai: ((then just copy/paste it to the new map))
    Norn: ((did that work?))
    Grok: yep,
    Norn: ((You may update line of sight by right-clicking on your token and choosing "Expose > Visible Area. Please try this now, and confirm it is workind.))
    Seiankornai: ((that might be GM only at the moment, but go ahead and try ))
    Jessaila: ((I do not see “Expose” as a command.))
    Thurirl: ((me neither))
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((yep, it’s GM only still))
    Norn: ((nuts. I’ll fix it for next time then))
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((speaking of settings you might want to change… could you make it so that we can advance the initiative? It might save a lot of clicking on your part))
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: (( and a lot of typing “done”))
    Norn: ((That will come with the macros, I think))
    Norn: ((give it a week or two))
    Seiankornai: ((yeah))
    Norn’s parents didn’t move too far. The keep is only one more day’s hiking. You come up from the south and have a look around.
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur unslings his shield and readies a javelin in his right hand as he steps into the ruins
    Hey, what do you know. Wolves.
    Jessaila: “Hey. Wolves.”
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur motions to the others to keep low and begins stalking the wolves
  • Seiankornai sings some drakish songs giving praises to the dragon kings as they walk their way here
  • Grok pulls out a javelin
  • Seiankornai stops when people point out hte wolves
  • Vari sings with Seian and also stops
  • Malaina unlatchs her Halberd
  • Thurirl pulls out his sword, reluctantly.
  • Seiankornai starts quietly humming a draking hunting song
  • Vari licks his chops
    Wolves: notice « 1d20+1 = 19 + 1 = 20 »
    Malaina: ((ping?))
    Seiankornai: ((pong))
    Jessaila: ((Pong))
    Grok: ((Polo))
    Malaina: ((Thank you!))
    Seiankornai: ))polo?))
    You notice a lot of pointy ears turning your way, and lots of extra barking. The next few minutes should be interesting.
    Game Saved.
    Log saves.
    Dragonhawk: One last thing for the night:
    Dragonhawk: loot picks
    Malaina: ((Oh, do we get any XP?))
    Dragonhawk: ((I’ll announce XP at the end of the adventure))
    Dragonhawk: ((or the end of the scene at least))
    Malaina: ((okie dokie!))
    Dragonhawk: besides the silver you already know about we have the following loot.
    Dragonhawk: 6 axes, 6 battleaxes, 6 leather armour, 6 clothing, 1 staff, 1 knife, 1 mage pouch, 1 mana potion 1 blurring oil, and 4 wilding oils, and 1 set trophy-quality “perfect” goblin clothes
    Dragonhawk: Bandit, you had next pick according to my records.
    Thurirl: The blurring oil for sure.
    Dragonhawk: OK, next is Mooch
    Malaina: Perhaps one of the axes if I can get the stats for it? Or no?
    Dragonhawk: I can stat it.
    Dragonhawk: it’s a standard weapon
    Dragonhawk: take it and I’ll tell you the details next week.
    Malaina: Ok, I’ll take one of the battle axes
    Dragonhawk: Grock
    Grok: Grabing the clothing.
    Dragonhawk: Isabis takes the mana potion
    Dragonhawk: Jamshid
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur takes the blurring oil
    Dragonhawk: it’s taken
    Malaina: Bandit already claimed that
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((sorry, missed that))
  • Jamshid par-Bahadur takes a wilding oil
    Malaina: what is wilding oil?
    Thurirl: Gotta keep my lizard guy even more invisible. =P
    Dragonhawk: Jessaila wasn’t there, no loots for her. Malaina
    Seiankornai: ((let’s you benefit from the Spell Wild Side I, I beleive))
    Malaina: what about Bandit?
    Seiankornai: ((he got the blending oil))
    Malaina: And I picked a battle axe after him
    Seiankornai: ((oh, cycled around again))
    Dragonhawk: going in alphabetical order now
    Thurirl: Blurring, whatever… makes Thurirl seem to blur a little.
    Malaina: so its his turn now
    Dragonhawk: no, it’s malaina’s turn, then his. M before T
    Malaina: ohhh, ok
    Dragonhawk: you two just started because you were left over from last time
    Thurirl: right
    Malaina: I’ll take one of the wilding oils
    Dragonhawk: now Thurirl
    You have disconnected.
    Jamshid par-Bahadur has connected.
    Grok has connected.
    Thurirl has connected.
    Seiankornai has connected.
    Malaina has connected.
    Seiankornai: ((my system, yes))
    Jessaila has connected.
    Dragonhawk: as I was saying Thurirl
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: last I saw was “Malaina: I’ll take on eo fthe wilding oils”
    Malaina: Yes
    Dragonhawk: we still have this in the pile:
    Thurirl: Um… what’s left to pick?
    Dragonhawk: 5 axes, 5 battleaxes, 6 leather armour, 6 clothing, 1 staff, 1 knife, 1 mage pouch, and 2 wilding oils
    Thurirl: Is it a good knife?
    Malaina: I thought Grok picked one of the cloths
    Grok: ((trophy level clothing))
    Dragonhawk: he took the “trophy,” these are regular clothes with holes in the back for wings
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((is the leather armour partial or full?))
    Malaina: ohhh, ok
    Seiankornai: ((partial))
    Grok: ((small sized, right?))
    Seiankornai: ((yes))
    Grok: ((are we at the point where we sell the lot and divide the silver?))
    Dragonhawk: ((the round when everyone passes is when that happens))
    Dragonhawk: ((if you pass but others don’t, you get priority next time))
    Thurirl: I’ll take the knife, so long as it’s a good one.
    Grok: ((I’ll pass when my turn comes around.))
    Dragonhawk: ((ritual knife was nothing special. Smallish bladed weapon))
    Thurirl: ((Remind me to wash off the dragon blood when I get the chance. =P))
    Dragonhawk: Grok passed. Jamshid, do you wish to pick?
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: pass
    Dragonhawk: Isabis passes.
    Dragonhawk: Malaina?
    Malaina: Ummmm…the knife if no one wants it? Other then that, pass
    Dragonhawk: Bandit took that.
    Grok: ((taken))
    Seiankornai: ((Thurirl took the knife))
    Malaina: opps, sorry, well, pass, unless there is something special about the staff
    Dragonhawk: nope.
    Malaina: well, pass
    Dragonhawk: Thurirl?
    Thurirl: hmm?
    Dragonhawk: last chance to claim mage pouch or wilding oils, or pass and sell the lot for silver?
    Thurirl: What’s a mage pouch for?
    Malaina: can’t Thurirl use the mage pouch?
    Seiankornai: ((to cast spells, you should have one already))
    Malaina: I’ll take the last wilding oil if no one wants it
    Thurirl: We could split those then, if there are no objections?
    Dragonhawk: OK, Mala and Thurirl take a wilding oil each.
    Grok: ((works for me))
    Malaina: since we have no other casters, I guess the mage pouch is getting sold
    Dragonhawk: they take last picks on the next loot. We’ll sell the rest and split the gold.
    Dragonhawk: yeah, nobody needed it.
    Malaina: you mean silver
    Dragonhawk: …yes, silver
    Dragonhawk: I’ll report that total next week.
    Malaina: ^^
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ok
    Malaina: question
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: FYI if the goblins made their own equipment
    Malaina: the silver the group got from the mama drake and for their guard duty, do we add that to what we have for coin on hand?
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: goblin-crafted armour is cheaper than usual, but goblin-crafted weapons more expensive
    Dragonhawk: noted.
    Malaina: well, I only took one axe
    Dragonhawk: OH. Right.
    Dragonhawk: er. It’s still coin in hand, since you went directly from point A to point B without stopping in a major population center.
  • Dragonhawk forgot about that.
    Malaina: ok, so right now, Mala has 223s on hand right now
    Dragonhawk: oops
    Grok: ((So we can’t even sell it yet, then.))
    Malaina: nope
    Dragonhawk: you might have sold the weapons in town, but the armor you will have stashed somewhere I think
    Dragonhawk: I meant to have a brief downtime to deal with that. My mistake.
    Malaina: so can we assume we haven’t sold any of the taken loot yet?
    Malaina: including the weapons?
    Dragonhawk: Of course, you’re not spending much money out here in the wilderness either.
    Dragonhawk: I promise, you will have sold the loot by the time you can do anything with your cash
    Dragonhawk: or “be selling” anyway
    Grok: Sounds good.
    Malaina: ok, well, just let me know what total each of us get and then how much i need to put into my stake
    Dragonhawk: will do.
    Dragonhawk: for now, everyone’s stake is stil equal to the difference between starting silver and starting equipment cost.
    Dragonhawk: You will visit a city after you retrieve the music box, unless you insist otherwise In Character for some reason.
    Malaina: Fine with me
    Malaina: So close to that katana!
    Malaina: I might even have some left over for a small cow!
    Grok: will we find out contents of letters later?
    You whisper to Malaina: Since we didn’t get to roll anything this session, I hereby grant your bonus HD to next session
    Thurirl: I may need some help in keeping track.
    Dragonhawk: Your personal letters are yours to embellish.
    Malaina whispers: Bonus HD?
    Thurirl: ?
    Grok: ok
    You whisper to Malaina: The one I gave you for being on time. Normally all HD disappear at the end of the session
    Seiankornai: Thurirl: ie, make up what you got
    Malaina whispers: Ohh, so I keep my 4 dice?
    Dragonhawk: Within the parameters of whatever I actually said. So Grok got a letter from a friend; he can’t turn it into a letter from family, but he can make up what the friend said.
    You whisper to Malaina: No, you keep 1 die and get three new ones next session
    Malaina whispers: Oh, thank you!
    Thurirl: um, okay
    Dragonhawk: Speaking of which, Grok gets 1 rep point for public bragging in the form of an Adventure log post.
    Dragonhawk: and that concludes the business portion of this session.
    Dragonhawk: See you all next week.
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: later all
    Seiankornai: goodnight
    Malaina: bye, good game!
    Malaina is disconnected.
    Dragonhawk: goodnight

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