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When last we saw our heroes, you had spent a pretty late night hunting for information on the infamous Glass Serpent, denizen of the underdark, and it’s preferred prey.

The master of the library gives you two more questions, but then proceeds to shoo you to bed less than an hour later.
Master: ((Here are the investigate modifiers: . The library has “hundreds” of books, but they are well organized; roll at 4d6 hours base and DC21. Religious questions get 1/4 base time/-10 DC.))
Master: “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” (DC+4, time x2)
Jessaila: “What, you’re kidding, right…”
Seiankornai: “Wha???”
Master: “Not at all. Feel free to look it up. Also, Where do Pech come from?” (DC -4, tx2)

  • Seiankornai translates for Grok
  • Thurirl is confused as to why the question is phrased as a rhyme.
    Jessaila: “Over what time period are the woodchucks chucking?”
    Grok: After that question is trsnslated, Grok asks, “Can we squish her now?”
    Seiankornai: W “No.”
    Master: “You may answer per time period if you prefer, miss.”
    Master: W “If you squish me, you lose the game, sir.”
    Grok: W “Grok have to think then.”
  • Master shoos you all out of the library less than an hour after giving out the new questions by the simple expedient of blowing out all the lanterns.
  • Grok then lights a torch.
    Master: “Goodnight, students. No more research until Avva’s light touches the first division.” ((that’s temple-speak for dawn)
  • Seiankornai shakes his head at Grok
  • Thurirl snuffs out Grok’s torch without being seen.
  • Isabis unrolls a bedroll, sniffing it to be sure it was cleaned since the last group of test-takers
  • Grok looks around for magic that blew out his torch.
  • Seiankornai thinks about the first riddle that night ((knowledge check « 1d20+7 = 1 + 7 = 8 » 1 for Riddles interest))
    Grok: W “Magic library…” Grok says in awe.
    Jessaila: « 1d20
    9 = 10 + 9 = 19 » Investigate over « 2d6 = 8 » hours.
  • Seiankornai does his best to help « 1d10+2 = 1 + 2 = 3 »
  • Thurirl considers if he’s heard the answer to the first riddle. « 1d20+7 = 13 + 7 = 20 » Knowledge.
    When morning comes, the master scholar takes some time to talk to the rest of you (one at a time) about how to keep Grok from taking the library apart
  • Master comes over to Grok
    Thurirl: Action Die: « 1d6 = 3 »
    Master: W “I’ve decided to give you a head start of this riddle question: Glittering points That downward thrust, Sparkling spearsThat never rust; what are we?”
  • Seiankornai tries helping Thurirl « 1d20+2 = 3 + 2 = 5 »
    You whisper to Jessaila: one moment
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: W “Stalactites”
  • Grok is currently examining his enviorment, and seeing if there is a way to climb the walls.
    Jessaila: ((Um, icicles.))
  • Grok pulls out thinking cap.
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((those too ))
  • Master raises an eye at Jamshid “Are you answering, oh evesdropper?”
    Master: ((remember, you only get two wrong answers))
    Thurirl: “I would think that the glittering and sparkling aspects would point more toward icicles.”
  • Seiankornai is a dragon in a library, he doesn’t do so well
    Jessaila finds this ancient Kamil text: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/sunchasers-dh/wikis/found-documents
    Grok: W "hmm, Grok know of chieftain, had pointy spears on ceiling, made outta dwarf metal, never rusted. Maybe them?
  • Master wanders away while you debate.
  • Jessaila stares at the book and scoots to a back corner, feeling that this is Much More Important than actually succeeding at this test…
  • Isabis helps Thurirl find info on Woodchucks, not exactly a common swamp species: « 1d20+13 = 19 + 13 = 32 »
  • Isabis snerks and hands him a book
    You whisper to Thurirl: “A woodchuck would chuck as much as it could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.”
    Isabis: “Rediculous nursery rhyme.”
  • Thurirl opens up the book and looks for the answer… which apparently is in the “Trivia, Jokes, and Miscellaneous” section.
    Isabis: ((mhmm))
    Thurirl: ((ahemd Ridiculous))
    Isabis: ((that too ))
  • Thurirl raises an eye ridge at the answer in the book.
    Thurirl: “Humans have such strange customs.”
    Isabis: “Everyone has strange customs.”
  • Jessaila looks around to see if she’s being watched.
    Thurirl: “True. Even those of my own people often times confuse and bewilder me.”
    Dragonhawk: ((Jessaila is observed on 1 « 1d3 = 2 »))
    Jessaila is currently out of the spotlight, on account of everyone either arguing with Grok or reading a nursery rhyme about animals throwing wood around.
    Grok: W “Grok see many shiny things. Maybe need to try to rust them.”
  • Jessaila quickly casts Mage Scribe I and transcribes the text to one of her own papers.
    Dragonhawk: ((Hah! one action bonus reputation point to Jessaila for excelling IC choice ))
  • Jessaila then looks to see if Isabis is close.
    Master: ((thurirl, roll time please))
  • Isabis is at the snack table getting a latish lunch.
    Thurirl: Time: « 2d6 = 4 »
  • Jessaila heads over to Isabis. “I found something that you need to see. I’m not sure it’s the answer we’re looking for, but it’s… um. You need to see. Quietly.”
  • Master helps Grok find out what things do and do not rust
    Isabis: “Oh? I’ll bite…”
  • Jessaila drags Isabis back to a private corner and shows her the document.
  • Isabis bites a piece of waybread by way of illustrating the metaphor, then brushes away the crumbs and comes over to look
    Malaina: ((Finally back))
    Grok: W “Metal rusts…. Not metal. Hmm, Dragon’s teeth sharp. shiny too. Where book on dragon teeth?”
    Isabis: “Wow, this Kamil is old even by…ah…ooh. Wow.”
    Master: “Hmmm…this book might say something about dragon teeth,” pulls out ‘A Study of Deities, Lesser and Greater’ *
    Jessaila: "YesIknowisn’titawesomeIhadnoidea *squeak of glee
    Isabis: “Wow.” reads it over again “…wow.”
    Seiankornai: “Dragon’s or Drake’s teeth would fit that riddle, except we have some that thrust upward too.”
    Isabis: “/Why doesn’t everyone know this/? …If it’s true, I suppose. I’ve never heard anything to contradict it, though…”
    Jessaila: “You see what I mean? This is SO not the sort of thing I think we can get away with answering, though!”
  • Thurirl is still in favor of icicles.
    Grok: ((Mommy pechs?))
    Seiankornai: ((but where did the first mommy pech come from?))
  • Isabis leans back to peer at the Master around the end of the bookcase
    Malaina: ((What is the question?))
    Isabis: “I wonder…”
  • Thurirl considers where pechs come from, which shouldn’t be too hard to remember. « 1d20+7 = 16 + 7 = 23 » Knowledge
    Isabis: ((sense motive check to determine if you can get away with either of those answers to the Pech question))
    Jessaila: “You think she…?”
    Seiankornai: ((Mala: “Where do Pechs come from?” and “Glittering points That downward thrust, Sparkling spearsThat never rust; what are we?”))
    Jessaila: « 1d20+3 = 17 + 3 = 20 » Sense motive
    You think this was supposed to be a trick question of the “nobody knows that” variety
  • Jessaila glances back to Isabis. “You think we could get the credit for showing our research even if she thinks our answer’s wrong?”
  • Master suppresses a sort of smirk at the two ladies trying to find out where Pechs come from…
    isabis: “If we show her the source, she has to allow the answer, right?”
  • Seiankornai overhears, “If it’s sourced here and serious, probably.”
    Jessaila: “For the record, I magically copied this document… you know, just in case.”
    isabis: “Sensible. When we have some free time, I’d like to make a second copy. You can’t have too many copies of an important document.”
    Jessaila: “Right. In the meantime, I’ll argue it with the Master.”
  • isabis mutters “Just look at what we’re doing in the first place, here.”
  • Jessaila stands. “Master? I wish to answer the question.”
    isabis: "I"ll come back you up if I can."
  • Master looks surprised. “Oh? That was quick. What is your answer?”
    Jessaila: “Pechs were created by the Deacon of the Earth to be a humble race, always to be reminded of their role in shaping creation, made from earth and clay and seeds; and they received their Breath from the High God Creator.”
  • Master blinks
    Master: “What??”
    Master: “I mean, ah. that is an interesting answer but I’ve never heard of such a thing…”
    Jessaila: “I cite this volume as my source material.”
    Seiankornai: “Deacon of the Earth?”
  • Master takes the volume and reads where Jessaila points, then examines the cover and title page, then re-reads the relevant page again.
    Jessaila: “This answer appears to presume a cosmology not adhered to by the religious orthodoxy, but in my research there appears to be no other alternative explanations.”
    Master: “Well, ah, hmm. Certainly this purports to be a factual accounting… elvish religious texts, admittedly fragmentary, but this passage has no significant lacuna in any location critical to the question… I… hmm. Yes. It’s an allowable answer.”
  • Master reads something at the bottom of the page a third time. “Anyway, they knew about humans, and they got our origins right.”
  • Master sighs
  • Jessaila takes the book back and bows. “Thank you, Master. I appreciate your understanding.”
    Seiankornai: “Iiiinteresting, what of drakes or the Dragon Kings?”
    Master: “I wish if we were going to discover the forgotten origins of vaorus species they’d include the name of the world or plane we hailed from before the time of the Crone. Ah, well.”
    Jessaila: “May I ask whether or not you intended this question as a practical joke, Master?”
  • Master gets out a notebook and commences copying out the passage for herself.
    Master: "Joke? No, no, sometimes the correct answer to a question is “we don’t know” and no one is wise who cannot muster the humility to give it when required."
  • Thurirl tries to look over Jessaila’s shoulder. He perked up at the name “High God” and is curious… it sounds familiar…
  • Jessaila shares the text with the others.
  • Master murmurs “It’s a lot more fun to be the only one who has a real answer though – just wait until I haul this out at the Conversations, heh heh”
    Jessaila’s reserach finishes at the end of a long day. Are Grok and the riddle investigators ready to give their answer? « 4d6 = 17 »
    Jessaila: “If that is the case, Master, I presume that acknowledging you do not know something, but wish to learn and test even the seemingly unorthodox, is a part of the Path of Wisdom?”
    Master: “Mmm, up to a point. An unseemly preference for the unorthodox simply because of its unorthodoxy is unwise in another fashion.”
    Master: “Only consider the matter of the Dwarf Douct and his Rapid Tunneling Machine. Unwise hardly covers the subject.”
    Grok: W “Jamshid guessed right, Grok say icicles.”
    Jessaila: “I’m unfamiliar with that example, I’m afraid, Master.”
    You have never heard of the dwarf Douct or his machine….
    Master: "Your next question is, ‘What became of the dwarf Douct’s Rapid Tunneling Machine.’ "
    Jessaila: “Oh.”
    Thurirl: “I do not know if I have heard anything more than rumors about that. The dwarfs are not very forthcoming about their follies…”
  • Master goes over to hear Grok’s answer and confirms that it is correct.
    Thurirl: “Still… I know I have heard something…”
  • Thurirl thinks a bit on disastrous dwarven engineering, and the unfortunate reputations that go with it. « 1d20+7 = 9 + 7 = 16 » Knowledge
    You are into day three now, and researching the Dwarf Douct. Douct turns out to be an annoyingly common dwarvish name. Drat.
    Grok: W “Grok thought it kept going down, until it hit the Crone herself.”
  • Jessaila checks something out. « 1d20+9 = 5 + 9 = 14 » Investigate
  • Thurirl wishes he had eavesdropped a bit more last time he visited the dwarven lands.
    Isabis: “I suppose it’s possible…”
    Jessaila: « 2d6 = 12 » Time period
  • Jessaila spends all bloody day researching and finds… nothing.
  • Isabis checks out the possibility that a Douct is credited with tunneling to the crone.
    Isabis: « 2d6 = 7 » « 1d20+13 = 19 + 13 = 32 » assist the Douct Research
  • Seiankornai also attempts to assist again « 1d20+2 = 9 + 2 = 11 »
    Seiankornai knocks over a bookshelf. AGAIN.
    Jessaila: “AAAHHH!”
  • Thurirl goes to help investigate the matter of the dwarven tunneling machine. « 1d20+8 = 19 + 8 = 27 » Investigate.
    Seiankornai: “Sorry!”
    Seiankornai: « 1d6 = 4 »
    Jessaila: « 1d6 = 6 » AD
    Apprentice: “Mr. Seiankornai, I know you’re not doing it on purpose, and I appreciate that you’re not really damaging the books, but /please/ be more careful? I’m getting tired of picking up the pre-Moonpool religion section.”
  • Jessaila helps pick up the books.
    It takes most of the day, and everyone’s help, but you finally discover that the particular Douct (Douct Wombadish the 13th of the name) invented what later generations dubbed “and extremely efficient device for flooding sub-oceanic delves.”
    The device was finally lost in the third such flood it caused, to no one’s distress.
  • Thurirl remembers now, though he notes to himself that the accounts sometimes vary depending on who’s telling it and how much drinking has occurred.
    Apprentice: ((except the inventor, but by that point the wouldn’t have minded losing him either))
  • Seiankornai wonders when this happened
  • Jessaila will allow Thurirl or Isabis to present this answer.
    Thurirl: “Douct the Wombadish, 13th of that name, invented a device meant to dig tunnels more efficiently. Instead, it flooded them with ocean waters quite well, and its third use was its last, being lost to the incoming surge of seawater. Douct himself survived, though there is no indication he was ever allowed near the inventor’s labratories ever again.”
    Master: “Indeed. Your answer is correct. As a side note, I observe that he unintentionally surpressed a movement towards inceased innovation in dwarvish technolody which took over 100 years to return, and then in much weaker form.”
  • Master consults the moon-dial
    Seiankornai: “Tsk, dwarves.”
    Master: “Mistress Moru says time for bed. See you in the morning, students.”
  • Master departs
    Jessaila: “Master, one question before you leave.”
  • Master pauses at the door
  • Thurirl doesn’t mind this lifestyle so much. It is a welcome change from dodging traps and getting hit by apprentices. Still, the ground isn’t doing that much for his back after that fall…
    Jessaila: “Um, is there a place where we can bathe privately, or does the Path of Knowledge involve the smell of increasingly rank elf?”
  • Master chuckles
    Master: “When the Hazelighter initiates come through here, we send them in single-gender groups and they are expected to make whatever arrangements for privacy they would – or would not – on the trail. After all, escorting pligrimages through the swamp is one of their primary duties.”
  • Master shrugs
    Master: “You travel the wilds as well. What do you do then?”
    Jessaila: “You’ve seen the effects of my spell for that purpose.”
    Master: “Well, cast in the courtyard then, and all will be well. The vines will doubtless be better for a good watering.”
    Jessaila: “But I suppose that answers my question.”
    Thurirl: “As there are no decent accomodations for swimming, I shall endeavor to avoid any further exertion. However, I will take the offer of a quick drench spell, provided I’m allowed to disrobe first…”
  • Jessaila agrees to provide the drench spell.
  • Isabis undergoes a voluntary drenching as well
    The master scholar returns the morning of the 4th day with more boring trail-style food and two more improbable questions:
  • Seiankornai does not have sweat glands, so is not stinky
    The master scholar returns the morning of the 4th day with more boring trail-style food and two more improbable questions:
    What is the Crone’s native world or plane? (10, tx4)
    Who were the last kings of the Dwarves and the Drakes to take their thrones in the same year? (no mods)
    Seiankornai: ((knowledge check for a clue to the second question « 1d20
    7 = 12 + 7 = 19 » ))
    Seiankornai: ((+1 for drake interesting))
  • Jessaila suggests that she and Isabis investigate the second question while the others research the first.
  • Grok is currently researching whether the walls in the sleeping area are climbable or not.
    You whisper to Jessaila: If you’re feeling paranoid after that trick question, you can also peform preemptive sense motive checks
    Jessaila: « 1d20+3 = 10 + 3 = 13 » Sense Motive
    Grok can climb the walls and stick his head through the vine trellis forming the imitation of a ceiling
  • Thurirl asks for another picture book (or twenty) to keep the ogre entertained.
  • Grok does so
    Climbing /out/, he has been warned, would constitute leaving and thus failing the challenge.
  • Grok sniffs the fresh air of the city
    Seiankornai: “GROK! NO!”
    You whisper to Grok: You can see the market place; lots of people milling around making noises you don’t understand, and the mixed smells of 5 or 6 different ethnic cooking.
  • Grok then climbs down, and goes and gets the banner poles from the one challenge.
    Thurirl: W “Grok? Will you be joining us today?”
    Seiankornai: ""If you climb out, we lose, we lose alll the riddles."
    Grok: W "Grok know that. Grok got better idea.
  • Jessaila checks something out. « 1d20+9 = 19 + 9 = 28 » Investigate
    Jessaila: ((For the second question.))
  • Grok finds this out, and is frustrated. He instead puts it back, and then goes and attempts to grab up some of the wood poles from the 1st pit.
    Jessaila: « 2d6 = 8 » time for research.
  • Isabis helps Jessals « 1d20+13 = 20 + 13 = 33 »
    Thurirl: ((Knowledge check for second question: « 1d20+7 = 12 + 7 = 19 » Do I know this answer?))
    Player “You” is not connected.
    You whisper to Jessaila: Sense motive result: You found the Master…well, distracted by Grok’s climbing stunt, mainly. Unhelpful.
    Isabis: ((Thurirl does not know the Crone’s home plane))
  • Thurirl helps Jessaila too: « 1d20+8 = 6 + 8 = 14 » Investigate.
    Malaina is disconnected.
    Grok: Grok keeps working until he has a few poles free.
    Jessaila: « 1d6 = 5 » AD for Jessaila’s research
  • Seiankornai assists Thurirl in finding the answer for the second question « 1d20+2+1 = 19 + 2 + 1 = 22 »
    Seiankornai: « 4d6 = 13 » second question time
    You whisper to Jessaila: You eventually find conclusive scholarly opinion that the answer is unknowable…drat and bother, this was another trick question. Oh, well, you can actually site sources for your “We don’t know” answer…"
    Grok: After Grok has a few poles free, he works on tying them together with his rope.
    Grok: After carrying them into the sleeping area, that is.
    You whisper to Seiankornai: It was Yowtverich-kornar WerNoachvi and Tholonol Zanor ehSaromlimul, 478 years prior to the opening of the moon pool.
    You whisper to Thurirl: It was Yowtverich-kornar WerNoachvi and Tholonol Zanor ehSaromlimul, 478 years prior to the opening of the moon pool.
    Seiankornai whispers: whisper it to Thurirl? he did the primary research, I only helped
    Master: “Forgive my curiosity, Mr. Grok, but…what ARE you doing with those?”
  • Grok pulls out his chalk, and says “Please write ‘1st person deliever good pech cooked food with meat to this place gets 50s.’”
  • Grok indicates one of the bedrolls.
  • Seiankornai snickers
  • Thurirl approaches the Master and speaks. “478 years prior to the opening of the moon pool, King Yowtverich-kornar WerNoachvi and King Tholonol Zanor ehSaromlimul ascended to their respective thrones in the same year.”
    Jessaila: “Master, I have the answer to your first question. No scholarly information about the Crone’s native world or plane is known at the present time, per the writings of Beechlum the Wise and Forfstall the Large Nosed.”
    Grok: After that is done, he lashes it to his makeshift flagpole, and sticks it through the opening in the sky.
  • Master leaves the Ogre to his odd fishing activities and confirms Jessaila’s answer
    Grok: If the master doesn’t write out what he asked, he has Seiankornai
    Grok: write it.
  • Master refuses to chalt the sleeping bag, but gets a slate for the purpose
  • Master confirms Thurirl’s answer as well, making absolutely no attempt to pronounce the names herself.
  • Seiankornai gives Grok an odd look, “You could just ask the Master to send a message out to the nearest Pech restaurant.”
  • Thurirl does not blame her. His tongue can handle Drake names well enough, but Dwarven names are a little… tricky.
  • Grok runs the slate up the flagpole, and waits for results.
  • Jessaila asks for the next questions.
    Around market closing time, no less than three food vendors appear; each bearing a fancy dinner. They seem to have estimated the amount of food based on the usual size of a Hazelighter trial group, thus ten servings each.
    Grok: so barely enough for Grok. Sorry all.
    They are arguing with each other over who was “first” even as the Apprentice shows them in.
  • Jessaila decides she’ll approach the second group and buy some of their food.
    FirstPech: “I was first as anyone could see, just because you stood closer to the door doesn’t mean you were /at/ the door first!”
  • Grok pays them off according to who was 1st by what the apprentice says.
    SecondPech: “I was so first, I just had to go back for dishes!”
    Grok: ((that’s one of the things I like about Grok. He gets results. Helpful results, not so much, but results.))
    Apprentice: “He was first; he only left because I sent him for dishes.”
  • Jessaila goes to the third pech, since he’s not arguing so much.
  • Grok pays him off
  • Thurirl considers buying something small and flavorful. Filling as Hazelighter food is, they do not seem to understand or possess the knowledge of spices.
  • SwanNationJanno bows to Jessaila
    Grok: ((unfortunately, Grok needs to get up early tomorrow, so he needs to head off to bed. Night all))
    SwanNationJanno: “I was late, my cook was a little slow with the sauce.”
    Thurirl: ((Wait, what? Is that the Pech version of Engrish?))
  • SwanNationJanno is a tall quarter-elf with wings.
    Thurirl: ((g’night, Grok))
    SwanNationJanno: ((goodnight))
    Grok: ((night.))
    Grok is disconnected.
    Jessaila: “As I can see. It looks delicious.”
  • Thurirl considers what is being offered then makes a purchase of something meaty, with a sweet and spicy sauce.
    SwanNationJanno: “I’m just glad someone still wants it! You can have it for 25s – I won’t say no to a good deal, but that’s a pricy meal.”
    Jessaila: “My large companion appears poised to eat one of your competitor’s works due to the timeliness of delivery, but I would be willing to eat something myself.”
  • Seiankornai selects a nearly full meat item from the menu
  • Jessaila will buy the meal and share with Isabis, Thurirl, and Malaina.
    Jessaila: ((And Jamshid, I suppose.))
    Grok hogs the first meal all to himself, but that leaves another 10-human-sized meal for the drakes to split, and the smaller folk split the costs and benefits of the third. Everybody wins!
  • Isabis even sneaks a treat to the scholar’s apprentice
    Master: “Hmm. I suppose the next question can wait for tomorrow then… clever, I must admit.”
    Seiankornai: ((actually, the drakes probably steal a bit from the humanoids’ meal, since they’re only 5 of them and it’s a 10 man feast))
    Seiankornai: (6 rather)
  • Master leaves, shaking her head in bemusement.
    Isabis: “Back off, Seian! You have your own whole meal and only one person to share it with! My leftovers! Off, off!”
  • Isabis swats Seain in the nose with a roll of notepaper.
  • Seiankornai sitcks his tongue out at Isabis
  • Isabis swats Seain int he toungh with a roll of notepaper
  • Seiankornai isn’t trying to steal Isabis’ meal, he’s trying to take one of hte extra meals
    Jessaila: “We paid for those!”
  • Isabis paid good money for her share and wants some to eat tomorrow instead of more trail cardboar…er, crackers.
  • Seiankornai humphs, still a bit hungry
    Isabis: “You can always hang out an offer of your own tomorrow if you’re that hungry.”
    Isabis: “Hey, Jessaila, let’s go see how many of those ancient Kamil transcriptions we can copy before we fall asleep.”
  • Seiankornai settles down to sleep for the day
  • Jessaila is entirely able to do some copycasting.
  • Isabis takes all the butcher paper from the food wrappings and goes to cast “mage scribe”
    Jessaila: ((It’s 1,300 words – Jessaila can copy 1,000 words per minute.))
  • Isabis writes a request for blank journals on the slate for tomorrow
    Isabis: ((oh, I’m sure we’ve got that document. Now we’re copying that epic Jessaila’d never seen a complete copy of, and things like that.))
    Jessaila: ((Ah, right.))
  • Jessaila makes with the magic.
    The next day sees a curious paper vendor visiting Isabis, who is only too glad to purchase several blank volumes (better copy paper than the food wrappers, by far)
    The master scholar hauls out her last two questions:
    Isabis: “What was the greatest devestation known to be wrought by a single Soregg?” (no mods)
    Master: (arg, name typo)
    Master: “What is south of the Kaid Jungle?” (+4, tx2)
  • Seiankornai tries to help out however will research the first one « 1d20+2 = 1 + 2 = 3 »
  • Seiankornai knocks over a bookshelf again
  • Apprentice gives a resigned sight and commences reshelving the books yet again.
  • Seiankornai hopes one of the fallen over books is relevant at least
    Seian may be correct, but it’ll take so long to relocate it…
  • Thurirl senses he probably does not know enough to answer either question. Jungles are not swamps. Not enough water to go swimming.
    Isabis: “Well, Kaid is southeast of Drake/Matha territory, so…lets try this atlas…” « 1d20+13 = 18 + 13 = 31 »
  • Thurirl decides to assist with the Soregg question: « 1d20+8 = 6 + 8 = 14 » Investigate.
  • Jessaila also starts with the atlases.
  • Jessaila checks something out. « 1d20+9 = 9 + 9 = 18 » Investigate
  • Jessaila aids Isabis.
  • Isabis shows the Atlas to the master scholar (« 2d6 = 9 » hours later) and says “It is in fact the Chinkaid plane.”
    Jessaila: ((Switching to the soregg question and using « 1d6 = 6 » Action Die.))
    Jessaila: « 2d6 = 5 » research time
    You whisper to Jessaila: The greatest known devestation by a single Soregg involved the corruption of a large swath of forest; there is some debate over the question of whether he (it?) had Bloodghost assistance but there is no question that the blight was eventually traced to the act of that individual touching individual trees. It blighted several thousand acres before it was hunted down.
    Jessaila: “Master, the greatest devastation traced to a single Soregg – albeit possibly involving Bloodghost assistance – involved a large tract of forest, covering approximately eight thousand nine hundred acres of trees.”
    Master: “Correct. …that would be ten.”
    Master: “Well. And with two days to spare.”
    Seiankornai: “Yay! What’s next?”
    Jamshid par-Bahadur: ((I’m afraid I’m off to bed next, see all next week))
    Seiankornai: ((goodnight))
    Master: “Well, regrettably, you still have to wait the two days. You are free to use the library and, er, your flag-pole of ordering.”
    Jamshid par-Bahadur is disconnected.
    Master: ((goodnight.))
    Master: “You will hear from the master of your next task when Moru’s face is full.”
  • Jessaila decides to use the opportunity to find and read (and copy) some of the oldest elven texts.
    Master: ((I think we’ll go ahead and end here))
    Thurirl: “A small repose will refresh our bodies and our minds. I assume we cannot leave, so we will have time to ourselves while we wait.”
    Thurirl: “Perhaps we could discuss that fascinating text you discovered?”
  • Jessaila asks the Master if she has any recommendations for reading.
  • Isabis also makes use of her time by copying things into those blank books she purchased
  • Master recommends mostly Avvist religious texts, but gets the clue that Jessaila is more interested in pre-human ones, and helpfully points out all the oldest religious texts.
  • Jessaila squees at the books.
    Jessaila: “This is even better than when I was a prisoner of the Gaunt Elves!”
  • SwanNationJanno delivers food from his pech cook daily, making a dent in your prudence-spending money but improving your morale
  • PaperSalesman makes his monthly commission off of Jessaila and isabis alone
  • Thurirl tries to watch his funds, feeling that this kind of eating out will make him poor if he’s not careful. He begins to try eating the minimum amount to sustain himself. The smell of food does not make it easy.
    PaperSalesman: to an associate in a bar: “I think those two ladies are trying to copy out a library with magic!”
  • Isabis Isabis
    Jessaila: ((She is!))
    Isabis: ((argh. command typo AGAIN))
  • Isabis pole-orders shipping supplies the last day, and packs off a crate of new old books to her researcher’s locker at the riddlemasters.
    Game Saved
    Log Saved

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