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Host has connected. Dragonhawk has connected. Takeru has connected.
Dragonhawk:At least that proves outside connections are working
Dragonhawk:brbJessaila has connected. Malaina has connected.
Seiankornai:((we still havea few days to wait IC before the next interesting thing happens, correct?))
Seiankornai:((if so we might as well do a bit of RP during that time while we wait for the others))
Takeru:((Suddenly a time rift and a group of people with odd compasses made up of an old man, a black-furred catgirl, a hunter drake and her female ward, a stunty big game hunter, and an even stuntier cowboy appear!))
Takeru:((hilarity ensues))* Isabis is copying out transcriptions of ancient texts as fast as she can
Seiankornai:((heh))* Jessaila helps Isabis with this task.
Seiankornai:((for Brcok and DH, Tak is refering to the Serpent’s Skull game, which Mooch and I are in))
Malaina:((XD))* Seiankornai requested some thick paper and a jar of ink, and when it arrived, commence with making claw sketches, very similar to those made with a fine tipped pen
Seiankornai:“Please don’t move so much, Jess.”
Jessaila:“Hum? Oh, okay.”
Seiankornai:“Yes, if you and Isabis can stay in that position for another ten minutes, please, then I think I’ll have you down enough.”
Isabis:((shouldn’t be much of a problem, seeing as she’s spending most of her day reading))
Seiankornai:((why do you think Seian is drawing those two and not Grok? ))
Isabis:hehe* Jessaila freezes and studies the original elvish work she’s been readin.g
Seiankornai:“Vari, would you like to try this?”* Isabis is too busy managing her copying spell to pay attention to Seian. Her pen moves across the pages of the blank journal she is copying to with incredible speed as she reads. * Vari lifts his head up, shakes his head and lays it back down
Seiankornai:“You could draw Mala.”
Vari:“Why, I can see her right here.”
Seiankornai:“Well… that is true yes, but drawings have a certain niceness about them.”
Vari:“Maybe another time.”Grok has connected.
Seiankornai:“For instance, see how I captured the likeness of Isabis’ eyes, and the flow of Jessaila’s hair?”
Grok:((Hey all, sorry for the lateness, had church meeting tonight.))* Vari has his head laid back down, so isn’t paying anymore attention to him
Isabis:((it’s going around.))
Seiankornai:((Seian is drawing Isabis and JEssaila at their copying work; he is not going to attempt to draw Grok, nor be successful in teaching him how to ))
Isabis:((Bandit has a thing too, and isn’t here yet. Haven’t heard from Isaac either.))
Isabis:“…and done! Only one more. I wonder if I’ll have time to finish it?”
Seiankornai:((though I suppose with Grok here we may as well continue on with the plot))
Grok:((we still doing research?))
Seiankornai:((we’re done with that I think))
Jessaila:((Nope, all done.))Isabis has used up most of the supply of blank books she ordered by Grok’s pole-order system, and shipped most of the copies to her research locker at the Riddlemaster’s college; now she is getting in “just one or two more” before the Dawnbringer scholar comes to introduce the last phase of the …Path of Wisdom. You are expecting the scholar soon, but it’s cloudy, so the sun-clock isn’t very clear to read. * Jessaila is also working on that “one last book!”
Seiankornai:((hey Grok, a riddle, “what time is it?”))
Grok:((Grok looks up through the canopy, and sees the sun. “Grok thinks it’s time to eat.”))
Isabis:((Heh, I called that one))
Seiankornai:((and Seian actually agrees with him! amazing!))
Seiankornai:“They should be coming any time now, so you’d probably only get part way through.”* Isabis considers the options yet before her, and starts on one anyway.
Isabis:“This is an anthology, so I have a chance of not getting stopped in the middle of a particular pieces.”
Jessaila:“It just means the chances are you’ll be closer to the end when they come for us.”
Isabis:“Ah, but if I’m really close, they may let me finish you see.”* MasterScholar comes in about 20 minutes later
Jessaila:“Pst! Better hurry, Isabis!”
MasterScholar:“All right, students, it’s time to instruct you on your next task.”* MasterScholar eyes Isabis’s copying.
Isabis:“Just five more pages – not two minutes, I promise.”* Seiankornai nudges Grok and whispers “cause a small a very, very small distraction.” >.> .
MasterScholar:"Acceptable. Now you have shown yourselves capable to deal with puzzles and dangers, and your knowledge is sound and broad enough to support good decision making, "
Seiankornai:To Grok “Oh, nevermind.”* Grok looks around, and then nudges into a bookshelf
MasterScholar:“Yipe!”* MasterScholar dodges Seiankornai’s favorite falling bookshelf * MasterScholar sighs
Seiankornai:“Oops. Hmm, This one does seem very wobbly.”
MasterScholar:“I’m going to make them hire some dwarves to set that shelf into the floor so it can’t do that anymore.”
Jessaila:Um, might be a good idea.* Isabis looks at the books her book goes with, and sets it bemusedly on the pile on the floor with the others.
MasterScholar:“As I was saying. The final stage of the Path of Wisdom tests your ability to apply wisdom to dealing with other people. On the other side of this door…”
Grok:“Opps.”* MasterScholar points * Seiankornai helps pick up the books and hand them to those putting them on the shelves
MasterScholar:“…is a courtroom.”You whisper to Grok: Skype? * MasterScholar ((gets on skype)) * Jessaila has a look at the door.
Seiankornai:“A courtroom?”
Grok:((I won’t be able to talk for a bit.))
MasterScholar:"Avva calls upon his followers to settle our differences among ourselves, and not take suit against one another under the authority of earthbound law. Accordingly, those who wish to follow this dictate seek “temple arbitration” as an alternative to official lawsuit; we use the courtroom one day a week.* Grok wanders into the next room, wondering what a courtroom is.
Seiankornai:“Oh, no trial by combat?”* Jessaila nods, knowing this information from her youth.
MasterScholar:“The court is overseen by three judges, and a jury for particularly serious cases. This library and courtyard serve as a jury room at need.”* MasterScholar just shakes her head at Seinkornai – more of a “what can you do with drakes” than a simple “no” kind of a headshake, really.
MasterScholar:“Today you will sit as jury, although the cases are not that serious. You will share your opinions with the judges, who will then recommend you to pass – or to fail – the final trial based on their evaluation of your wisdom in these cases.”
Jessaila:“Ooh boy.”
MasterScholar:“If you require information on the temple or civil laws relating to any given case, please consult this shelf,” pointing, “or this one.”* MasterScholar bows and departs, leaving you to the mercies of the judges. You suspect the temple of a painful sense of irony on this one. * Grok looks for a Grok sized seat * Seiankornai sits besides Grok The courtroom has a cramped jury box, hard wooden folding chairs (some large enough for ogres but none suited to drakes), a witness box large enough for large witnesses, and a longish desk with three variably elderly Dawnbringers behind it * Judge3 is more middle aged, thank you very much There are a few people in the benches already, some apparently just here to watch, a few looking nervous enough to be waiting on their own cases * Jessaila is nearly as old as judge three, then.You whisper to Grok: who good, or bad, is Grok’s Sense Motive? A hazelighter with a look of longsuffering on his face is killing time in the witness area behind the jury box. A nervous Vessa prowls up and down the far aise. Grok whispers: bad. 1, due to wisdom mod, untrained
Grok:(What if the judges are wrong?))
Judge3:((convince them, and they’ll be terribly impressed with you.))
Seiankornai:((then we try toconvince tehm))
Jessaila:((Then we need to convince them.))
Grok:((Jamshid has a pretty good impress))
Seiankornai:((but Jamshid isn’t here, and Mala could use some spotlight time))
Judge3:((…fail to convince them, and not only will justice not be served, they won’t put in a good work for you either.))After spending most of a week locked up with a dangerously bored ogre and two raging bibliophiles (not to mention the sullen apprentice and a master scholar that goes “hmm” more than anyone should) most of you are thorougly ready to get OUT of here. The judges can’t call for order soon enough!
Seiankornai:((Jamshid can roll Aid checks ))* Seiankornai looks around the place You have disconnected. Dragonhawk has connected. Host has connected. Malaina has connected. Takeru has connected. Grok has connected.
Grok:and back
Dragonhawk:“Please come to order! This is Temple Courts, Morusday hearings. All parties presenting cases here agree to binding arbitration according to city code Sectoin 3, paragraph 18, religious arbitration by the Temple under
Dragonhawk:”…Avva. All parties have heard the full text of the law, and by entering the court agree to all provisions therof. The court will now hear the case of Avelard vs. Branswicker.“Two farmers come through the gate and take their places by the benches. * LeadJudge looks at the documents before him Jessaila has connected.
LeadJudge:”Let the record show that Farmer Belgrin Avelard is suing Farmer Jonas Branswicker for 1200s, that being a three-fold penalty as prescribed in the book of Avva for the alleged crime of theft of swamp-potatoes belonging to Mr. Avelard."
LeadJudge:“Mr. Avelard, please stand and make your accusation.”* Seiankornai blinks
Avelard:“Ahem. Let it please the court, I raise swamp-potatoes in the usual way. I plant the potatoes in my territory, leaving space around the edges for some drift. I leave as much space as the next potato raiser, just like everyone else I do.”* Jessaila tries to find the truth and motives of the issue. « 1d20
3 = 5 + 3 = 8 » (Sense Motive) * Avelard glares as Branswicker
Avelard:“That thief harvested half of my southmost field, he did, and sold the produce as his own! I demand payment for my potatoes, which I grew.”* Isabis considers motives « 1d20+13 = 8 + 13 = 21 »
Malaina 1:« 1d20+9 = 20 + 9 = 29 » Sense Motive* Malaina blinks * Seiankornai is kinda lost in the potato raising stuff * Malaina folds one leg over the other, leans her elbow on her knee, puts her chin in her hand and keeps on listening
Seiankornai:((going to action die it, maybe ask a pointed question in character?))
LeadJudge:“Very well, the court will hear the statement of Farmer Branswicker.”
Branswicker:“Your honor, I farm riverweed. Riverweed’s like any other plant, it needs light to grow. Avelard here let his durn potatoes drift over my north field, near half the field covered with a think mat that lets not a bit of light through. I say, those potatoes were growing on my land. I told Avelard to get his swamp-potato mat off my field a month before harvest time, and he wouldn’t do a thing about it. Well if he left them to grow on my land, then I’m within my rights to harvest ‘em. Wasn’t anything to harvest below after a whole month, I’ll tell you that! My land, my workers, my harvest. I didn’t steal a thing, and I ain’t paying a thing.”* Branswicker sits down and folds his arms, looking truculent. ((sp?))
Jessaila:((Spelled right.))* Jessaila asks if there are any land (swamp) survey maps that would denote property lines.
LeadJudge:“Ah. I have here an exhibit submitted by the defendant; a map showing boundaries and four witnesses who saw the boundary ropes he tied off at the time of his request to Mr. Avelard to remove his crops.”* LeadJudge passes you a map and the statements. * Seiankornai thinks this would be the perfect sort of thing for trail by combat. He is wise enough not to mention it aloud.
LeadJudge:“I note that the witnesses are Mr. Branswicker’s farm hands.”
Grok:Grok, when he finally catches up with everything, asks to see the field* Jessaila reviews the map and the statements, then passes them around.
PechTranslator:“The honorable jurist, er, Grok, wishes to see the field.”
Seiankornai:((Grok wants to get out of the building too, doesn’t he))
Seiankornai:“Sounds more like a shallow lake, though I guess that’s what swamps are.”
LeadJudge:“Ah, lets not delay for site visits unless necessary. Start by asking questions about whatever you want to know, please.”* Avelard stands up and waves his hand like a kid at school
LeadJudge:“You wish to add to your statement?”
Avelard:“Yessir. Listen, swamp potatoes drift, everyone knows this. They don’t root to the bottom, they float and soak in the water. Every potato farmer will tell you, you plant the mat and take care of it, it’s yours and it stays yours, even if the drift is worse than usual. My south-east field drifted too, and I didn’t have trouble with my south-east neighbor. My north-east field got a third drifted over by my north-east neighbor, and you don’t see me poaching his potatoes!”
Branswicker:“That’s because they grow the miserable things too! Their fields drifted the same amount as yours, and you all just ignored the boundary markers and harvested whatever you claimed. Well riverweed doesn’t drift, and I warned you!”* Jessaila looks blank. The judges whisper to each other.
Branswicker:“Do the jurors have any further questions?”
Grok:Grok inquires about the truth of the nature of swamp potatoes and their driftingThe hazelighter in the witness area clears his throat prominently
Judge:“Yes, hazelighter, ah… ah? Do you have relevant witness?”
Grok:((Also, somone might want to consult precedent in previous cases involving such crops.))
Hazelighter:“Lucidian, sir. Yes. I was called for the next case, I think, but I’m familiar with swamp potatoes, and it is fact that the mats drift different amounts, and that farmers commonly leave a certain amount of clearance for drift but then expect each other to take it in stride if the drift is worse than usual. Of course, it obviously does work better if all the neighbors are actually growing potatoes, and if none of the mats hits shallow water and starts bunching up.”* Hazelighter shrugs * Jessaila asks for permission to find past court records from previous cases.
Hazelighter:“My uncle is always fretting about mat drift, but I’ve never been involved in settling any of the disputes before.”
Judge2:“That will be acceptable. The court will consider the case and return after the recess.* Judge2 consults the other judges * Malaina raises her hand to ask a question
LeadJudge:”Yes, jurist?"
Malaina:“I do have a question for Mr. Avelard.”
Malaina:“So do you freely admit that your potatoes drift into your neighbor’s field?”
Avelard:“Well….yeah. Everyone in the area had unusually high drift this year. My fields weren’t any different.”
Malaina:“So this is not so much a question of what did happen as what should have happened?”
Malaina:“Which the lawbooks should be able to answer themselves.”
Avelard:“They were my potatoes! He had no right stealing them!”
Branswicker:“They were on my land! I have every right to harvest anything growing on my land, floating, submerged, or otherwise!”
LeadJudge:“Order please!”
Grok:((One barbeque chicken pizza, please.))* Jessaila returns with the law books.
Judge3:“I remind the jury that this is the temple court, not the civil court. We are concerned with that which is right in the eyes of Avva, not merely on the technicalities of civil law. All parties present have agrreed to this approach.”
LeadJudge:“This court will recess for the period of one hour to consult precedant and consider your claims.”
Grok:((I’m suggesting the King David approach. Cut the potatoes in half, and then give each half.))
Seiankornai:((don’t think it’ll work quite so well here))* Jessaila checks something out. « 1d20+9 = 12 + 9 = 21 » Investigate The Lead Judge rings a bell to signify the formal beginning of the recess; the judges come and shoo you all into the library to consult.
Jessaila:((Investigate to find similar cases.))
Lawbook:‘Swamp-potato drift causes innumerable disputes. At issue is the conflict between the rights of a grower to the produce he has nurtured and the rights of a territory-owner to the produce of his territory.’* Lawbook describes several common example cases; mostly they involve mats drifting into the banks and bunching up, so that Farmer X ends up with his own produce and 1/4 of Farmer Y’s also in his boundaries
Lawbook:‘Temple law has tended to emphasize the former, and to call upon all farmers to treat each other as they would want to be treated by their own downstream neighbors. This typically leads to giving the planter claim upon his mat, regardless of the location it occupies at harvest time.’
Lawbook:‘It is to be noted that civil law typically comes down on the other side, however, insisting that farmers should anchor their mats to prevent such disputes. This is diffidult and expensive, and most farmers prefer the live-and-let-drift approach."
Seiankornai:"So were all of Branswicker’s riverweeds ruined by the potatos?“* Jessaila shares this information with the others.
Judge2:”Well, if I read the map right, it was more like 1/3 of that particular field – if you can call it a field when it’s underwater."
Seiankornai:“Oh, well, do they both or witnesses agree that at least some of the riverweed was ruined because of the potatos?”
LeadJudge:“The difficult thing is that while Branswick still has most of the potatoes, he made a killing on swamp-potato filter masks. Avelard doesn’t usually bother with the things, but he’s mad that Branswick made so much money on ‘his’ plants, and he wants it for himself.”
Judge2:"I don’t think anyone can dispute that Branswicker’s harvest was reduced. Calling it “most of” his harvest ruined is putting it too strongly though.
Seiankornai:“Well, a significant portion at least. Do you have any precedent on what happens when one farmer’s animal gets into another’s field and ruins the crop?”
Seiankornai:some of the crop
Judge2:“Ah. Yes, in fact we do. The owner of the animal is liable for the cost of the ruined crops.”
LeadJudge:“But the animal goes back to its owner.”
Jessaila:“That seems to be a viable precedent here, too.”
LeadJudge:“Ah, but you can’t give back filter masks. They’re cut and fitted to their owners, you see?”
Seiankornai:“Well, the potato farmer wasn’t going to keep the potatos for much longer either.”
Malaina 1:« 1d20+9 = 15 + 9 = 24 » Sense Motive
Jessaila tries to find the truth and motives of the issue. « 1d20+3 = 18 + 3 = 21 » (Sense Motive)
Judge3:“Hah. The potatoes he CAN give back.”
Judge1:“Or sell them, and split the total.”
Seiankornai:“How much would Avelard gotten for those potatos if he sold them like he usually does and not as the masks? And how much would Branswicker for his ruined riverweed?”
Judge1:“Ah. You misunderstand – masks are sold in addition to fruit, not instead of it. Or, they can be.”* Malaina looks from one judge to another to another
Judge3:“Riverweed isn’t as valuable as filters, but more than potatoes per pound.
Grok:((Guess who’s area schools have just called off the next two days of schools))
Seiankornai:”Well, if Avelard was just going to sell the potatos and not them as masks, then does it really matter what the person who bought the potato does with it?"
Judge3:“Then you have to take into account the fact that Branswicker /did/ harvest those potatoes at his own expense, and hire the mask-crafter too.”
Grok:((Yep. all up and down Michigan, it seems.))
Seiankornai:((we had a little bit of snow yesterday; went to the grocery store to stock up on supplies in case there was more… hasn’t been so far))
Grok:((students love it, but with it this wide spread, it’s got to be more than just an idle phone call))
Grok:((It ain’t snow, unfortunately))
Seiankornai:((oh? what?))
Grok:((threats on schools, like last Friday))
Judge3:((Oh. That stinks no matter who you are.))
Jessaila:“Well, based on my understanding of the precedents, it seems most fitting to me that Avelard should pay Branswicker for his ruined riverweed plus the cost of harvesting; but Branswicker should pay Avelard for the crop he harvested.”
Judge3:“That sounds right to me.”
Seiankornai:“But who gets the benefit of the masks?”
Judge2:“Hmm. I don’t konw…if it was just the potatoes, I’d say that was fair, but is it fair to make him give back his profit from the filter mask business? When the filters were indeed on his property, and everyone knew they’d been there for months…”
LeadJudge:“Its easier if they just split the total proceeds. Although I can’t deny that easier isn’t always the same as fairer.”
Jessaila:“Well, what if they shared the proceeds of the masks in addition to the above?”
Judge2:“I don’t know…it’s legal, but it hardly seems fair to let Avelard profit from his laziness like that.”
Malaina agrees with that much
Jessaila:“And it hardly seems fair that Branswicker should profit by harvesting what he didn’t plant. Is there not a saying in the books of wisdom about that?”Thurirl has connected.
Seiankornai:“I think we should value the potatos as only how Avelard would have sold them, and that legally he paid them to an amount equal to what Branswicker lost. What Branswicker does with them afterward, either selling them as is or doing what he did and made masks of them first, is his business.”
Judge3:“I agree. Come on, you old paint, that’s perfectly fair.”
LeadJudge:“Harumph. They didn’t make you a judge to call names, sonny boy. …. yes, all right.”
Judge2:“Eh. Not my first impulse, but I guess they can’t argue it unfair. Did they agree to an accountant to do valuations?”
LeadJudge:“I think so. Where’d I leave the case request…?
Seiankornai:”So…. I’ve no idea if any paying needs to be done one way or another, not having an idea exactly how much they sold for or how many pounds of each there were.“The judges go back to their bench to look at documentation
Isabis:”They agreed with Sein and Jessaila – that’s got to be a good sign.“* Malaina nods The judges write down their official decision while you putter around the library. When the hour is up, the lead judge rings his bell again. * Thurirl wakes up from day-dreaming. * Seiankornai explains to Grok that this jury duty thing is like puzzle or riddle solving
LeadJudge:”It is the finding of this court that theft did not take place, and the threefold penalty is not owed. However, given the ambiguity of the ownership of the swamp-potato mat, we require that Farmer Avelard pay Farmer Branswicker for the cost of lost riverweed and for swamp-potato harvesting – "
Avelard:"WHAT?!? But he – "
LeadJudge:“ORDER! And that Farmer Branswick path farmer Avelard the cost of the swamp-potatoes in his posession at going market rates for raw whole plants.”
LeadJudge:“You have agreed to valuations according to civil records for the preceeding month. This judgement will be passed to the city burser to be valued and carried out. Case Closed.”Both parties look annoyed but not murderous – that’s practically the definition of a good compromise, not so?
Seiankornai:W “We solved the puzzle, Grok.”The farmers clear out, giving way to the nervous Vessa you noticed before, and a rather smelly-rooted Erron
Grok:W “Oh, who do it? Who guilty?”* Thurirl looks a little concerned for the Vessa.
Seiankornai:W “Both were guilty! Only one was a bit more guilty, so they both paid each other and one was smarter about how he used the pay.”* Seiankornai wonders at this, feels he may be a bit biased in this case * LeadJudge gives everyone time to move around and get settled
LeadJudge:“Please come to order. The court will now hear the case of Waterlilly vs. Vesseshlar.”Half the humans in the room break into a fit of snickering
LeadJudge:“The audience will kindly refrain from laughing at the complainant’s name. Honestly people, we’ve been living with the Erron for hundreds of years, grow some sense already.”The other half of the room tries to smother its own snickering at the first half
LeadJudge:“Let the record show that* Seiankornai snickers a bit at the name, and he has the excuse of not having lived withteh erron for hundreds of years, and of beinga drake
LeadJudge:Farmer Waterlilly is suing Mr. Vesseshlar for 14 geese – he requests live stock, purchased from a vender to be agreed upon in advance, including 2 and only 2 males. Farmer Vesseshlar is counter-suing for the standard temple fine for defamation.”
LeadJudge:“Farmer Waterlilly, please make your statement.”The Erron stands first
Waterlilly:“That dratted Vessa raises Kobos, which are huntin’ animals as everyone know. They eatin’ my geese. I lost 14 geese the last three month. He gotta pay to get my flock back up.”
LeadJudge:“Mr. Vesseshlar, your statement?”* Seiankornai was not expecting that sort of accent from a tree, was thinking it’d be more windy and whooshy, or something
Vesseshlar:“That bedarkened Erron is ruining my good reputation as a Kobo trainer up and down the river! My animals are way too well trained to go eatin’ his geese. He just tryin to make me pay for his own laziness an’ not takin’ care his flock don’ get stole by every river king an alligator an serpent an what happens to swim by! He got no right to blame me, and he gonna ruin my business.”
Waterlilly:“I got proof!”* Waterlilly stands out of turn and waves – some dead meat? – you and the judge * Grok looks at meat and sees if it is any good.
Seiankornai:((is that “at you and the judge”?))* Thurirl tries not to look hungry.
Waterlilly:((er, yes. AT you and the judge))
Vesseshlar:“Well I got witnesses!”
LeadJudge:“Waterlilly, what are you waving around there?”
Seiankornai:((what’s it smell like from here?))
Waterlilly:“It’s half a one a my geese, with bite marks in it.”
Jessaila:“Oh dear. I see where this is going to end up.”It smells like its half rotten too * Jessaila glances at Isabis just a bit.
Lucidian:“That’s my cue, your honors.”* Lucidian stands and comes around to the witness stand
Lucidian:“I Ambrose Lucidian, Hazelighter, hereby testify that I have examined the carcass presented by Farmer Waterlilly. The goose is of the kind raised by him, and was clearly bitten in half by a reptile, either a juvenile river king or a smallish alligator or a rather large kobo. The alligator is less likely from the shape of the bite.”* Lucidian stands down
LeadJudge:“All right. Mr. Vesseshlar, you may call your witness.”Vesseshlar calls three witnesses in turn. All are owners of kodos he has trained. All testify that Vesseshlar habitually trains his kodos not to eat except from the hands of their masters, and also that they have seen Farmer V’s Kodo enclosures and they are escape-proof.
Vesseshlar:“See? My kodos don’ eat no geese, penned or wild, without first they bring them to their master – that’s ME, so I’d know if they were eatin’ the mud-sucker’s geese.”
Weaterlilly:“Don’t call me a mud-sucker, you walkin sack a fertilizer!”
LeadJudge:“ORDER! One more racial slur out of either of you and I’ll throw you to the civies.”* LeadJudge looks like he’s getting a headache
LeadJudge:“Do the jury have any questions?”* Thurirl feels a little irritated at the Erron, but tries to remain impartial.
Seiankornai:“How do kodos eat? Do they typically leave halves of their food, or do they tend to swallow their prey whole like most of us reptiles? And how big are the geese compared to a kodo?”* Vesseshlar looks somewhat uncomfortable
Seiankornai:“Could we have a demonstation? And lunch?”Grok:“Make that two lunches”

  • Vari could go for some food himself
    Vesseshlar:“Well…kodo’ll tear a goose in half, mostly. They can eat the small ones whole, but give the mu- er, the goose-lover his due, he grows big fat geese. Kodo’d rather eat somethin’ small enough to swallow whole, though, if they huntin for themselves. Wild ones’ll chase smaller skinnier geese if they can swallow ’em whole instead of havin to tear at ’em.”
  • Vesseshlar brightens a little
    Vesseshlar:“I could bring in one of mine to show you – got a big goose and a little goose?”
    LeadJudge:“Oh please no. We’d lose facility priviledges for sure.”
    Seiankornai:“Well, could we have the demonstration out side somewhere?”
    LeadJudge:“You can have lunch at next recess.”
    Vesseshlar:"Aww… "
  • Jessaila tries to find the truth and motives of the issue. « 1d20+3 = 20 + 3 = 23 » (Sense Motive)
    Malaina 1:« 1d20+9 = 12 + 9 = 21 » Sense Motive
  • Thurirl tries to discern the motives of the two: « 1d20+10 = 9 + 10 = 19 » Sense Motive
  • Seiankornai Aids sense motive « 1d20+4 = 5 + 4 = 9 »
  • Seiankornai is too biased
    Vesseshlar whispers: Vesseshlar and Waterlilly are both as racist as can be. Vesseshlar honestly believes his animals are innocent. Waterlilly…doesn’t really have any proof, and knows it, but he thinks his Vessa neighbor is the most likely to have a motive.
    Judge3:“Mr. Vesseshalr, in the case request documents, Waterlilly asserts that you have been lying about him as well – accusing him of poor flock management? Do you wish to respond to this accusation?”
    Vesseshlar:“It’s not a lie – his cage is plain open on the bottom, anything can get in!”
    Waterlilly:“It is too a lie – the fence stakes go all the way to the bottom, noghing can get in or out!”
    Vesseshlar:“Well then how a kodo supposed to get in, tell me that, huh?”
    Seiankornai:“Or anything else.”
    Waterlilly:“However it get out of your kodo runs, obvously. They all trained an stuff, you keep tellin everyone.”
    Vesseshlar:“Trained to obey an hunt and fetch, not trained to open fence gates!”
    Seiankornai:“Oh, we’ve got some craglizards we’ve been training to do that, they can get into goblin warrens pretty well.”
    Waterlilly:“There you go, they opening the gate. Like, like crag lizards.”
  • Waterlilly has no idea what a crag lizard is like
  • Seiankornai maybe shouldn’t have said that
  • Malaina glares at Seian
  • Vari glares at Seian as well
    Seiankornai:((Seian never claimed to have the best wisdom score of the group ))
    LeadJudge:“No they not! They don’ do that, anyway if the could I’d’ve seen them out by now! I never have a kodo missing. You just lying ‘cause you don’t want to pay for you own losses!”
    LeadJudge:((er. that would be Vesseshlar))
    Thurirl:“Is there any proof that the kodo in question are capable of leaving their enclosure and entering that of the geese?”
    PechTranslator:“PSst! The plural is ‘Kodos,’ sir – neither of these fellows has any kind of grammar in Melios.”
    Waterlilly:“Sure there’s proof – lookit my goose!”
    Seiankornai:“All that’s proof of is that half a goose was bit by some reptile.”
    Vesseshlar:“There’s not proof at all – he just blamin’ my kodo ’cause it easiest!”
    Waterlilly growls something too quiet for the judges to hear, and Vesseshlar hisses back.
    Thurirl:mutters “The two seem eager to start the war all over again. Over geese.”
    LeadJudge:“If there are no further question, the court is prepared to recess for consideration.”
  • LeadJudge mutters, “And some peace and quiet.”
    Seiankornai:“Does the court allow divine intervention as admissable evidence?”
    Seiankornai:((Signs & Portents I, I can get a free hint))
    Judge3:“Yees, but you have to show evidence that divine intervention did actually occur, not just flimflammery.”
    Judge3:((oh, you want to perform your fire-divining trick in the jury courtyard do you?))
    Seiankornai:“The Dragon Kings have power over the shapes of flame, which I don’t beleive anyone else does, besides Avva perhaps, but you would know that better.”
    Judge3:“Er…perhaps we should discuss this during our deliberations.”
    LeadJudge:“All right, this court is now in recess.”

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