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When last we saw our heroes, they were convincing a pack of wild Kodo lizards that the pilgrimage party is Not Food

Dragonhawk: Those with the grey status marks are retreating as soon as they have the move to do so.
Dragonhawk: They are defeated for mechanical purposes.
Jamshid par-Bahadur has received initiative.
Grok has received initiative.
Grok is standing at the base of his sleeping tree, with a torn bag of monster bait at his feet.
Dragonhawk: ((you’re up))

  • Grok squashes some more kodo (12)
    Grok: Grok smashes the foe down with brute strength! « 1d20+13 = 1 + 13 = 14 » for « 1d4+10 = 3 + 10 = 13 » damage
    Seiankornai: ((or not?))
    Grok: stupid slippery bait
    Dragonhawk: heh
    Grok: and again
    Grok: Grok smashes the foe down with brute strength! « 1d20+13 = 16 + 13 = 29 » for « 1d4+10 = 1 + 10 = 11 » damage
  • Kodo 31 activates the failure to grab the bait bag while Grok is off-balance
    Seiankornai: ((Kobos: “We’ve got it! Retreat!”))
  • Kodo saves for « 1d20+7 = 1 + 7 = 8 » vs 15
  • Kodo 12 is stunned
    Grok: ((done))
  • Kodo pack members scatter hissing in all directions away from the party. With two dead, 6 independently convinced this was a bad idea, and two fighting over the bait, the remaining two don’t have to think very hard to decide to follow the lead of the pack.
    Seiankornai: ((run for 4x speed?))
    Splash Splash splash It seems that kodos swim well. 10 wakes trail off into the silty water; louder hissing marks the direction of the two that are fighting over the meat.
    Kodo: ((most of them are rather injured; this is more a “limp away” than a “run away” type retreat))
    Dragonhawk: Does anybody want to pursue?
  • Malaina quickly finishes off his snack and lays back down
    Malaina: ((Sorry, thought i clicked Vari))
    Dragonhawk: ((heh, I figured))
  • Vari is quickly finishing his snack and lays back down, still quite tired, but now full
  • Malaina puts her Halbred up, not seeing a reason to pursue
    Seiankornai: “Well, that was rude of them. How long till dawn?”
    HazelighterCaptain: “10 minutes ago, lazybones. Now that we’re all up and about, it’s time to get going.”
  • Seiankornai may be a bit sleepy
  • Vari licks some blood from his snout
    Seiankornai: “I’m not nocternal like these lizards seem to partially be.”
  • Jessaila cleans her bite wound.
  • Malaina heads over to her, “You ok?”
    HazelighterCaptain: “Eh. Kodos aren’t strictly nocturnal, but they are strictly opportunistic. Whatever was in that bag smelled like breakfast to them, I guess.”
    Seiankornai: “Was Grok’s monster bait.”
    Isabis: “Wait. Are you saying Grok’s monster bait is gone?”
  • Isabis grins
    Malaina: “Yea, one of them grabbed it and two of them started fighting over it when they ran off.”
  • Grok Grok is currently moping around camp
    Jessaila: “Yeah, I think I’m okay. Stings a bit.”
  • Seiankornai goes over to the kodo Grok killed, and finding it not squished horribly, decides to not waste the meat (nor let Grok have more bait) and swallows it whole
    Jessaila: ((They poisonous or something?))
    Malaina: “Make sure it doesn’t get infected.”
    Isabis: “Yay! Monsters found, hunting over!”
    Jessaila: “Yeah, working on that.”
    Seiankornai: ((if they’re like komodo dragons, very infectious, yes))
    Isabis: (( They’re not that much like komodos. They’re basically just the swamp’s answer to pack wolves.))
    Isabis: ((now if you want infectious monsters, keep hiking, you’ll find them. Muhahaha.))
    Seiankornai: ((uh oh))
    Dragonhawk: someone make a navigation check. You can use the gear bonus for a compass if you like.
    Malaina: ((What is Navigation?))
  • Jessaila finishes cleaning her injury and then tries casting a heal spell on herself.
  • Jessaila makes with the magic. « 1d20+13 = 10 + 13 = 23 »
    Dragonhawk: ((success and no funy bonus effects))
  • Jessaila casts Cure Wounds I to heal herself.
    Jessaila: “Aaaah.”
    Seiankornai: ((navigation check?))
    Jessaila: ((Knowledge check with survival synergy.))
    Seiankornai: ((ah))
    Dragonhawk: ((yes, knowledge check with survival synergy and a 2 from the availability of a compass & sextant))
    Jessaila: « 1d20
    8+2 = 2 + 8 + 2 = 12 » Navigation
    Seiankornai: Navigation « 1d20+7+2 = 9 + 7 + 2 = 18 »
    Jessaila, having been given charge of the map, tries to navigate but gets a bit turned around in the twisting channels and narrow branching pathways for the swamp.
    Malaina: ((I have a +12 in Survival, but I don’t think that would help))
    Jessaila: ((It will.))
    Seinakornai has to fly up above the canopy to straighten them out, but fortunately between them they get everyone back on a heading for the distination.
    Dragonhawk: ((They should’ve had you make the first check ))
    Dragonhawk: ((You = Malaina.))
    Seiankornai: ((heh, we know that for the future, now))
    Malaina: ((^^))
    Jessaila: ((It’s a knowledge check with survival synergy, as I said – you add your studies and the Survival skills.))
    Malaina: ((Ohhh, ok, well, next time then))
    You end up camping a little to the northwest of the planned path. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for some reason it makes the hazelighters nervous.
  • Seiankornai notes their nervousness, and asks the leader about it. “Afraid of more kodos? Or worse things?”
  • Malaina feels a bit nervous since they seem nervous
    The captain takes you aside while the dawnbringers are telling campfire stories to explain.
    Seiankornai: ((time for spooky camp fire story? ))
  • Jessaila listens.
    HazelighterCaptain: “Listen, this isn’t the safest route. It’s not just the usual swamp menaces – hungry carnivores and so forth. The rapids in the hidden river attracts things. Sometimes they’re wild and beautiful, but this being black erron homelands and too close by half a world to that tree of theirs, we see a lot more of disturbing and unnatural. Being further north like this doesn’t help.”
    Seiankornai: “Oh… do they burn well?”
    HazelighterCaptain: “Depends on the flavor of the day. Things around here do tend to the water-logged.”
    Thurirl has connected.
    Jessaila: ((Hey there!))
    Seiankornai: (greetings))
    Thurirl: ((sorry; family’s visiting))
    Seiankornai: ((ah, we recalled correctly then))
    HazelighterCaptain: “If you have particular weapons or whatever that are specially useful against magic or undead creatures, I’d keep them at hand. We see spontaneous zombies here sometimes – and sometimes non-spontaneous ones, if you take my meaning.”
    Seiankornai: ((completely off topic of everything: http://fatpita.net/?i=6621))
    HazelighterCaptain: ((welcome. I’m glad you made it))
    Malaina: ((Awww, that is sweet!))
    Seiankornai: (( _ ))
    Seiankornai: “Hmm, active necromancers in this area? Didn’t that other sunchaser group we ran into deal harshly with one of them?”
    HazelighterCaptain: ((they told us all about it at the inn, IIRC))
    HazelighterCaptain: “I hadn’t heard, but if so then good for them.”
  • Jessaila listens and nods.
    HazelighterCaptain: “Anyway. There haven’t been any particular reports of trouble on this route lately, but most of you not being locals and all, I figured I’d better warn you what kind of place it is. Just stsay alert, OK?”
    Seiankornai: “Good thing you have a couple of drakes with you.” Seian says, smugly
  • Jessaila nods. “Right, then.”
    Grok: W “Just tell them Grok here. No one fight us then.”
  • HazelighterCaptain shakes his head at the super-confidence going around. He would probably say “over confidence” but that is hardly proven yet, after all.
    Thurirl: W “I’m afraid zombies are not ones for listening to tall… er, great tales. Of heroism. They far prefer the habit of cannibalism.”
    Grok: W “What zombie?”
    Seiankornai: W “You don’t know what a zombie is?”
  • Jessaila glances at the Hazelighter Captain and lowers her voice. “He was this confident when we got chased by one of the Ninety-Nine. No self-preservation instinct in ogres, I’m afraid.”
    Grok: W “No. Grok not heard of it.”
  • Thurirl considers how to relate this idea in Woanish… such a strange and untenable language…
    HazelighterCaptain: (quietly to Jessaila) “Considering that bloodthirsty bands of desert ogres marauding the countryside for no reason is one of the primary dangers we pilgrimage guards are sent to counter, I’m less surprised than I might be.”
    Seiankornai: W “It’s when some evil spirit uses your dead body like a puppet.”
  • Malaina shakes her head and sighs, but decides to do her best to be on guard, knowing over-confidence can be the downfall of anyone
    Grok: w “Dat …. bad. How get rid of spirit?”
    Jessaila: (quietly to Captain) “We try to moderate him and keep him out of too much danger. And he hasn’t gotten any of us killed yet. I thought that perhaps when your friends managed to knock him out in the arena he’d get a bit more circumspect… alas.”
    Seiankornai: w “Destroy the body. Fire works well.”
    Grok: W But what about person’s body. Wrong to hurt dead body."
    HazelighterCaptain: (quietly to Jessaila “Well, Ogres are like alchemists that way. They have this theory of how the world is. If an experiment doesn’t line up with the theory, that proves there is something wrong with the experiment, so you change it and try again, yes?”
    Seiankornai: W “They dead, and not using it anymore. Besides, then you couldn’t eat anything.”
    Isabis: (to Malaina) “Do I want to know what they’re talking about?”
  • Jessaila snorts in amused laughter.
    Thurirl: W “Also good to find those who make zombies. Kill them, no more zombies.”
  • Isabis nods at Grok and Seian
    Grok: W “Grok not eat other Ogres.”
    Jessaila: “In any case, thank you for the warning.”
    Seiankornai: W “True. But still, if we see a zombie ogre, the only way to stop it is to destroy the body.”
    HazelighterCaptain: “No thanks necessary. It’s just common courtesy. …Besides, it’s my skin on the line too if we get ambushed by something unnatural.”
    Seiankornai: W “Or else they’ll try to eat you brain, not to mention your other flesh.”
    Seiankornai: W “Best not to have any more monster bait, or you might attract zombie ogres, then you’d have to smash them.”
    Grok: “NO! Must be other way!”
    HazelighterCaptain: ((you can heal them to death ))
    Seiankornai: W “Well…. some servants of the Eyes of Heaven have ways… sorta, though I think the body will still be harmed actually, turned to dust.”
    Seiankornai: W “And don’t le the zombie bite you, or you might become a zombie later.”
    Seiankornai: W “Yeah, definitely should avoid using monster bait.”
    Grok: W “Dust better. Dust comes naturally. How long not use monster bait?”
    Seiankornai: W “While we’re in the swamp here. After we get back to town, maybe sometime after that you can resuming baiting the monsters.”
    You camp for the night, much the same as the previous night except without the visit from baited monsters. Grok and Seian find a juvenile river king not too far from camp while out checking for trouble, but it’s not close enough to threaten your pilgrims.
    In the morning, you update your navigation plans
  • Seiankornai goes to the Hazelighter Captain and informs him that we shouldn’t have a problem with Grok trying to lure more monster here now
    HazelighterCaptain: (( Grok has no bait, and the juvenile looks small in his shadow. It shows proper respect for a larger predator by swimming away when he approaches. ))
    Seiankornai: ((it’s easier to get Grok to behave by giving him a reason to want to behave ))
    HazelighterCaptain: (( True for everyone, if you think about it.))
    Seiankornai: ((Seian may have enjoyed getting Grok to that mode of thinking a bit too much))
    Dragonhawk: Nav check please
    Seiankornai: ((Mala, all you))
    Dragonhawk: last time was vs. 15, this time is vs 18 because of your previous failure
    Jessaila: ((Have a go at it, please – I didn’t do so well last time.))
  • Grok waves to River King. W “Say hi to mama!”
    Malaina: « 1d20+12+8 = 10 + 12 + 8 = 30 » Survival
    Dragonhawk: ((hehe))
    Seiankornai: ((woohoo!))
    Thurirl: ((nice))
    Malaina makes a point of helping with the navigation today, and gets you back on track.
    Malaina: ((Yay for the first time!))
    The day is, in a word, tedious. You have to port the canoes what seems like every 20 minutes. The dawnbringers, being pilgrims, insist on stopping every hour for rituals to Avva, and you’d think it was the end of the world if you don’t have land available every hour on the hour.
  • Thurirl is beginning to see this may also be the Test of Patience…
    The hazelighters are unhelpful, referring everything to you as the test taking group.
  • Seiankornai agrees with Thurirl, if he could read minds
  • Malaina suddenly feels the urge to have Vari chase after them, but wonders where that thought came from and shakes it from her head
  • Jessaila tries to work with the pilgrims as much as possible, having much patience and having changed diapers in a previous life. Can’t be worse…
  • Grok has fun lugging canoes around.
  • Grok attempts to carry multiple canoes at once
    You have trouble finding a dry camp the third night, but since you are nearly back on course you can promise the disgruntled pilgrims a known, dry campsite tomorrow.
  • Malaina wonders if they would have found a dry site if they didn’t have to stop so much
    Dawnbringer Accolyte: “…was so funny when the ogre tried to pick up all the canoes! I bet he could’ve gotten them up if the stack hadn’t fallen over on him, though, he really is strong…”
  • Grok looks for opportunities to move the pilgrims along when they stop.
  • Seiankornai carries a canoe on his back fairly easily, using his wings to steady it
    Day four dawns rainy, a chill mist that limits visiblity and soaks into everything with seemingly (but of course not literally at this lattitude) icy fingers.
    Dawnbringer Accolyte: (roll you nav vs. 19)
  • Jessaila offers to cast Endure Elements on those people who want it.
  • Malaina asks to have it cast on Vari
  • Thurirl looks a bit tired from the cold, but otherwise seems okay. Swamp weather. You either get used to it, or you die. Simple as that.
    Malaina: ((Want me to try again?))
    Thurirl: ((I don’t mind))
  • Dawnbringer Accolyte and his fellow dawn bringers really warm up to Jessaila after tha offer – figuratively as well as literally.
    Seiankornai: ((go ahead))
    Malaina: « 1d20+12+8 = 10 + 12 + 8 = 30 » Survival
    Malaina and Vari’s excellent navigation skills have you all back on track the fifth night of the trek (or should it be the slog?) and the Captain is moderately impressed; apparently you are making excellent time.
    Less senior hazelighters are beginning to mutter things about it being “too quiet” though. It’s making everyone else nervouse, but the Captain can’t seem to make them stop.
  • Thurirl makes sure to compliment Malaina on her navigational skills. The less time they spend with this lot, the better.
  • Seiankornai can help alleviate the “too quiet” if they want
  • Malaina thanks Thurirl for the compliment, smiling
  • Thurirl notes the quiet… and feels uneasy.
    Night four sees you at the dry, known campsite just in time for the rain to finally let up. It is followed by a chill wind, and the fire doesn’t want to start with everything soaked through, but the dawnbringers are at least properly grateful for the solid ground.
  • Malaina stays huddled up against Vari’s side, where most of his heat is, but finds it a bit hard to fall asleep
    You whisper to Thurirl: roll me a knowledge check with +2 for your homeland study please. You can use /rollgm if you want.
  • Jessaila hears the quiet comments about “Too quiet” and decides to have a look around for herself.
  • Seiankornai can make fire!!!
    Jessaila: « 1d20+10 = 2 + 10 = 12 » Notice
  • Malaina goes with her so she isn’t alone
    Jessaila: ((Argh!))
    Malaina: « 1d20+13 = 17 + 13 = 30 » Notice
  • Thurirl rolls to you: « 1d20+7+2 = 11 + 7 + 2 = 20 » Knowledge: Homeland => Invalid expression: « 1d20+7+2 = 11 + 7 + 2 = 20 » Knowledge: Homeland.
    Jessaila: ((And it should be +12 anyway.))
  • Seiankornai gathers up several larger logs, gorges them out with his claws to get at drier wood. ANd breaths fire on them (pointing Away from everyone else, the boats, and other brush) « 2d6+4 = 10 + 4 = 14 » fire damage!
    Jessaila notices a poisonous vine (think poison ivy) and warns everyone away from it.
  • Seiankornai sustains it as needed
    Malaina notices that the area really is unusually quiet for a wild territory, but can’t discern the cause.
    Malaina: “Is there any way we can have some kind of watch shifts tonight?”
    Seian has to work at it for a bit, but eventually his fire dries out the wood enough for it to catch properly.
    Thurirl: “I volunteer for first watch.”
    Malaina: “I’ll take second.”
    Thurirl whispers: I trust my roll went through?
  • Thurirl looks around the area, still and quiet… yet with an air of unease about him.
    Jessaila: “I think we should double the watch tonight.”
    You whisper to Thurirl: Yes, results later
    Jessaila: “Also… I have something that may help.”
    Malaina: “That is probably a good idea, this quiet isn’t natural, not for this type of enviroment.”
    Malaina: “Oh?”
    Jessaila: “I can cast alarm spells.”
    Malaina: “Heh, that should be handy.”
    Seiankornai: “That’s useful. And look, we’ll be wamr afterall!”
  • Thurirl mutters, “And few, if any of us, grew up here…”
    Jessaila: “They won’t last much more than a few hours, and they’ll be short-ranged.”
    Malaina: “It’s honestly better then nothing.”
    You whisper to Thurirl: Actually you Just Made it, the minimum roll required to recognize what you’re going to see.
    Dawnbringer Accolyte: ((casting check))
  • Jessaila has a look to see where the Alarm spells will do the most good.
    Seiankornai: “Perhaps you should set them up now, then go to sleep, then take your turn to watch when they’re about to go out.”
    Thurirl: “Please do cast your spells, Jessaila. I will rest easier with such arcane help in place.”
  • Grok looks for another non erron tree
  • Jessaila decides to cast four spells (20ft penetrating sphere) covering the angles of approach.
    You whisper to Grok: You have lots of options, and you have learned to identify the erron in your party by now, so that’s not really a danger.
    Jessaila: “If you enter these areas without saying the password, the alarm will sound audibly.”
  • Jessaila sets the password as “Fisticuffs”.
    Dawnbringer Accolyte: ((four casting checks then?))
  • Seiankornai informs Grok of hte password
  • Jessaila makes with the magic. « 1d20+13 = 11 + 13 = 24 »
  • Jessaila makes with the magic. « 1d20+13 = 18 + 13 = 31 »
  • Jessaila makes with the magic. « 1d20+13 = 11 + 13 = 24 »
  • Jessaila makes with the magic. « 1d20+13 = 16 + 13 = 29 »
    Malaina: ((Woohoo!))
    Dawnbringer Accolyte: ((Crit threat. « 1d6 = 6 » ))
    Jessaila taps into the roaring invisible river on the second casting, and finds herself oddly energized. Her spell points are refreshed. (makes it a bit hard to sleep though)
    Seiankornai: ((eh, she’s an elf, she doesn’t need much sleep))
  • Seiankornai konks out by the fire
    Dawnbringer Accolyte: ((wrong world ))
  • Vari curls up close to the fire, keeping a wing over Mala to keep her warm with him
  • Malaina gets in enough sleep to take the second watch
  • Jessaila joins the first watch, since she’s suddenly hyperactive.
  • Grok looks for a tree a little bit away from the group
  • Thurirl stays up for the first watch… and seems determined to stay up all night by the time of the second.
  • Malaina tells Thurirl to go to sleep because he will need his wits about him if they run into any trouble during the day
  • Isabis notes Grok’s unusual care in tree selection, and chooses a perch on the far side of the camp from him.
    Thurirl: “I am sorry, Malaina, but I feel I should decline… I know you are correct, and yet…”
  • Seiankornai invites the dawnbringers to use himself as a pillow so they cna sleep close to the fire, and protected by anything that’ll try to get to them
  • Grok snores in the night.
    Malaina: “If there is any trouble, you will be the first one I wake up, ok? This place makes me nervous too, but it won’t do anyone any good if we don’t get any sleep.”
  • Jessaila ponders konking Thurirl on the head to make him sleep.
    Grok: ((oh, oh, let me!))
    Thurirl: “I can’t help it. My mind knows the wisdom of sleep, and yet… something they said has forced me to… I am not sure I possess the words…”
    Malaina: “So just go to bed, even if you sleep lightly, it’s better then no sleep at all and I don’t need another friend hurt because they were too tired to give their all during a fight.” looks over at the still snoozing Vari, remembering how hurt he got
    Jessaila: “She’s right, Thurirl. Don’t argue it.”
    Thurirl: “I will try. But I make no promises. It’s as if some childhood memory were tickling the back of my consciousness…”
    The hazelighters approve your paranoia, but nothing attacks you that night except further paranoia. The first night, there were so many sounds of rustling and slithering and splashing that you didn’t notice a whole pack of kodos sneaking up on the island; now every fish gives you a start and every bat flapping by has you reaching for your bows
    Thurirl: “As if my whole essence were screaming to stay awake… to be ready to fight… or to flee… I do not know how well I can rest.”
  • Jessaila lays down and waits for either sleep or action.
    Malaina: “If you don’t sleep, I will hit you hard enough too sleep, either go to sleep on your own or I will make you sleep with my fists.”
    At the same time, the very air feels oddly electric. Even the pilgrims are beginning to sense it.
  • Thurirl tries to rest through the night as best he can… but he can’t help but start awake at the slightest unfamiliar sound… so, naturally, fish wake him up, but the ogre’s snoring does not.
  • Thurirl hopes whatever is causing this is worth all the lost sleep. Not to mention the irony.
  • Vari wakes up, wondering why the atmosphere feels so different, taking a quick flight to stretch his wings
  • Seiankornai meanwhile sleeps peacefully, dreaming of hunting prey
  • Grok wakes up. He notices nothing different.
    Isabis: ((nav check))
  • Seiankornai yawns widely in the morning, feeling much refreshed
    Malaina: ((Want me to try again?))
    Isabis: ((may as well))
  • Jessaila will aid Mala.
    Grok: ((you are the best, so please.))
    Malaina: « 1d20+12+8 = 11 + 12 + 8 = 31 » Survival
  • Jessaila finds her way. « 1d20+19 = 1 + 19 = 20 » (8x Interests + 11 Survival)
  • Thurirl gets up, looking a bit unrested… yet he’s ready to move on, alert to the environment.
    Jessaila: ((Argh.))
    Isabis: ((BRB))
    Malaina: ((I don’t think its an auto-fail for skills, right? That is still good if it is vs 19, right?))
    Seiankornai: ((fortuantely we don’t listen to Jessaila now ))
    Jessaila: ((It’s not, I have a feat that ensure’s it’s not.))
    Jessaila: ((I also can add +2 for using the compass.))
  • Malaina happily accepts Jess’ help since she grew up in the swamps and Mala is more a mountain girl
    Seiankornai: ((it’s a critical failure if you don’t beat the DC))
    Malaina: ((Was the DC the same?))
    Seiankornai: ((or one higher, maybe?))
    Jessaila: ((On an “aid other” check?))
    Seiankornai: ((oh, an aid check? then you couldn’t fail))
    Grok: ((Yep, should be ok.))
    Malaina: ((See, Jess is a big help to Mala!))
    Jessaila: ((Right, I was aiding Malaina.))
    Malaina: ((I rolled a 31 and Jess got a 20))
    Seiankornai: ((ok, then the DC is just 15, so even rolling a 1 isn’t a failure))
    Isabis: ((back))
    Malaina: ((wb))
    Jessaila may have been looking at the map upside down, but fortunately Malaina is still on top of it. With good navigation, you are soon seeing signs of previous travellers. You also see rainbow colored trees, giant mosquitos, fish with legs, and assorted other bizarre effects of the magic vortex.
    The good news in all this is you might make your destination today!
  • Malaina wonders if she should say something about the odd sights
    Thurirl: ((the bad news is we may wind up as Darwin’s rejects =P))
  • Grok perks up and looks for a good pet.
    Dragonhawk: Please bring your tokens to “SwampPart1” and place them near the arrow.
    Malaina: ((Still loading for me))
    Seiankornai: ((took awhile to load for me as well, and it’s a LAN connection here))
    Jessaila: ((Waiting for map to open.))
    Takeru has connected.
    Dragonhawk: ((ah, sorry, maybe the map is higher res than it needed to be))
    Jessaila: ((BRB, map isn’t loading.))
    Jessaila is disconnected.
    Jessaila has connected.
    Jessaila: ((Still not loading. Said 7/8 loaded – just changed to 9/10…))
    Dragonhawk: ((no hurry))
    Seiankornai: ((What’s the transfer window say?))
    Dragonhawk: ((I’m pretty tired, so I might just stop when you discover the surprise))
    Jessaila: ((105m/127M))
    Thurirl: ((I had a bit of lag, but now it’s loaded))
    Seiankornai: ((that’s your RAM, not the transfer window (At least I hope not ))
    Jessaila: ((Uhhhh…))
    Seiankornai: ((go to Window→Show Transfer Window))
    Seiankornai: ((it’ll be at the very bottom))
    Jessaila: ((Says “Assets in Transit: None”))
    Seiankornai: ((and still not showing?))
    Jessaila: ((No.))
    Seiankornai: ((try switching maps and back?))
    Jessaila: ((Did that several times already.))
    Seiankornai: ((ah))
    Jessaila: ((Well, let me try logging on again.))
    Jessaila is disconnected.
    Jessaila has connected.
    Grok: that last object is a beast
    Thurirl: ((then maybe the Mighty Grok could tame it for Jess? =P))
    Dragonhawk: ((hehe now THAT would be a useful superpower ))
    Seiankornai: ((is it loaded for everyone else?))
    Dragonhawk: ((I’ll assume that silence means “yes”))
    Jessaila: ((What do you want me to do, guys? It’s still at 10/11 loaded.))
    Seiankornai: ((and the transfer windwo still shows nothing? nto sure))
    Jessaila: ((Still says “None”))
    Jessaila: ((Switching windows doesn’t change a thing.))
    Dragonhawk: ((Lets move on, get this trap sprung, then we’ll stop for the night. I’ll only be half an hour early, and we can try again next week, maybe with me remembering to smallify the map in the mean time. You won’t miss much on the map if we don’t get into combat proper.))
    Jessaila: ((Okay.))
  • Seiankornai looks around
    Dragonhawk: ((notice checks while I type))
    Seiankornai: Notice « 1d20+11 = 7 + 11 = 18 »
    You come within sight of your destination. It looks very much a ruin from above, being mostly underground (as improbable as that should be in a swamp)
    Malaina: « 1d20+13 = 14 + 13 = 27 » Notice
    Thurirl: Notice « 1d20+11 = 16 + 11 = 27 »
    Vari: « 1d20+2+1 = 3 + 2 + 1 = 6 » Notice
    Seiankornai: “Oooh, a wild hog! See it Vari?”
    The path here winds to stay on solid ground; entering from the south, you will want to cross a log bridge, follow the spit of ground north to the hazelighters’ campsite, then the dawnbringers will cross two bridges going east to enter the shrine itself.
  • Jessaila has keen elven senses. « 1d20+12 = 12 + 12 = 24 » Notice
  • Vari doesn’t answer, noticing something has caught Mala’s attention
    Most of you see a…Vessa? Or possibly a particularly life-like scarecrow shaped like a Vessa? The “scales” seem oddly fluttery, and it doesn’t move.
    You whisper to Thurirl: Your blood runs cold – a plague zombie!
    Jessaila: “Wait a minute. Everyone halt.”
  • Seiankornai looks at Jess oddly
  • Malaina puts a hand on the hilt of one of her swords
    You whisper to Thurirl: These monstrosities are caused by one of the diseases that issued from the fruit of the Black Tree. Somehow, despite the best efforts of all the tribes, they never seem to quite die out.
    Grok: « 1d20+8 = 6 + 8 = 14 » notice
    Dragonhawk: ((ify ou want you may make a knowledge check to identify what you are seeing, except Thurirl, who definitely does))
    Jessaila: “I think there’s an ambush here.”
    Dragonhawk: ((Notice checks below 20 are failing here.))
  • Jessaila tries to figure out what the best option here is.
  • Jessaila evaluates the tactical options. « 1d20+10 = 19 + 10 = 29 » Tactics
    Jessaila: ((OH YES!))
    Malaina: ((Yay!!!))
  • Seiankornai points out the family of wild hogs to Grok, taking a moment to realize everyone else seems interested in something else
  • Jessaila tries to see how to outmaneuver the ambush she thinks has formed.
  • Thurirl snarls and draws his sword.
    Seiankornai: “WHA?!?”
    Jessaila: ((See “Outmaneuver” under Tactics on Page 83 please! ))
    Thurirl: “No quarter! These abominations must be purged! To arms! To arms! Cleanse the undead from the waters!”
  • Malaina slowly draws her longsword out
  • Vari growls lowly, already feeling his fire lick at his teeth
  • Thurirl feels his blood pump as he seems to remember an old tribal saying from long ago… and suddenly, he’s back home again, and there is nothing but the swamp and the foul enemy to be killed…
    Malaina: “Thurirl…calm down, rushing in hot headed will get us all killed.”
    You whisper to Thurirl: You’ve heard that the abominations breath out a cloud of foul spores that sickens their victims; the weakest succumb to the disease and join the ranks of the undead.
    Thurirl: “I know. Yet my blood runs hot at the sight… do not breathe near them! Lest you fall and join their ranks.”
    Jessaila: ((Unless the ambushers beat a tactics check of 29, then I just increased their error range by two points.))
  • Grok looks at the strange creature
    Malaina: “Seian, keep Grok where he is, last thing we need is to all go south, we have to pass this test, remember.”
    You whisper to Jessaila: Noted, but they’re not technically trying to ambush you. It requires brains to ambush. They are merely hanging out in the shallow water around this island. Your brilliant tactical evaluation suggests that they are surrounding the site of a prior struggle, which I will point to.
    Dragonhawk: ((got that, Jessaila?))
  • Seiankornai tells Grok to stick with the Dawnbringers and fend off danger
    Jessaila: ((Yes.))
    Dragonhawk: ((wait, can y ou see the map? I can’t point if you’re not seeing it ))
    Jessaila: ((Oh, thought you meant your whisper.))
    Dragonhawk: ((Ah, right. Well, I’ll point it out next time then.))
    Dragonhawk: ((For the record, I was pointing out the island on the far side of the log bridge.))
    Jessaila: ((Hm. Then can I use that Tactics check for Ambush instead of Outmaneuver?))
  • Grok pulls out one of his javelins. W “Clobber now?”
    The not-vessa finally turns to look at you. It doesn’t seem to have proper eyes. It really looks like a cloth draped over a vessa-shaped framework and covered with leaves to serve as scales.
    It can’t be a scarecrow, though. Now it’s moving towards you, and others are starting to rise from the shallow water of the swamp behind it.
  • Thurirl doesn’t seem to like that… thing looking at him. He also seems ready to part its head from its shoulders.
    Seiankornai: W “Ummm, maybe?”
    Dragonhawk: ((anyone for knowledge checks, or shall we call it a night?))
    Thurirl: “I told you… no quarter. Now you shall know what my people fear in the night.”
    Jessaila: « 1d20+8 = 20 + 8 = 28 » Knowledge
    Jessaila: ((How bout that eh wot!))
    Seiankornai: “What are they, Thurirl?”
    You whisper to Jessaila: Known to the erron as Prince Shalbezah’s Justice, these rare undead are more commonly called “Bloodghost Zombies.”
  • Jessaila whispers in a bit of a fright: “Bloodghost Zombies.”
    Jessaila: “Prince Shalbezah’s Justice.”
    Seiankornai: “Oh, will they burn?”
    You whisper to Jessaila: Bloodghost zombies are actually retain no flesh, but bone and hide are filled out with an unnatural fungus that infects weaker victims, dooming them to join the ranks.
    Thurirl: “Yes, all waterlogged undead are quite easy to set on fire. Just touch a torch to them.”
  • Thurirl has trouble keeping the sarcasm out of his voice.
    Malaina: “Thurirl….”
    You whisper to Jessaila: The odd name comes from the claim that Prince Shalbezah’s successful campaign against the black erron, which resulted in few offerings to the black tree that year, caused the ripening of the dire “fruit” that released the disease upon the world. Vessa are still the most common victims, but it will take anyone, you can be sure.
    Thurirl: “…forgive me. These abominations are making it hard to remain… civil.”
    Seiankornai: “Let’s destroy them then!”
    Seiankornai: ((end here?))
    Jessaila: “They’re skeletons. The flesh is made of fungus that will infect you… and make you one of them. Vessa most commonly, but everyone’s vulnerable!”
    Dragonhawk: ((Yes.))
    You’ve never heard of a sunchaser who won’t destroy undead; these are as good as done in. You just have to keep them away from the pilgrims and you’ll be fine, right? Right.
    Thurirl: “I have no intention of joining these filth…”
    Game Saved
    Log Saved
    Dragonhawk: Come back next week, when we will start with Initiative!

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