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Host has connected.
Malaina has connected.
Seiankornai has connected.
Thurirl has connected.
Seiankornai: ok, so yeah, the 25 vitality and 21 wounds then

Seiankornai: ((the part you quoted before has both the standard NPC part, the “5=12+2”, and the special NPC part, the “25/21”, Vari is special so he uses the latter one)

Malaina: ok?

Jessaila has connected.
Seiankornai: hmmm, ok, so one part of Vari’s sheet says Health I, while another says Health IV

Dragonhawk: hello

Malaina: I don’t know, i just usually copy paste whenever i make changes to him

  • Seiankornai shrugs
    Seiankornai: we can deal with it later I suppose

Malaina: sure

When last we saw our heroes, they were sleeping off the effects of too long in deep caverns with no sense of time, not to mention a couple of love-taps from life-draining undead.
In true sunchaser form, you have camped next to a lake which you know to contain an acid-spitting “giant drake” (who insists she is a dragon in flagrant disregard for the religious significance of the word to this world)

  • Thurirl is happy to be in the sunshine again. It was too cold in that fortress. Dwarves and their stone dwellings.
  • Jessaila has keen elven senses. « 1d20+12 = 6 + 12 = 18 » Notice
    Jessaila: ((Oops, sorry))
  • Malaina stretchs by the lake, her hair actually down for a change
    Malaina: “Can’t wait to get back to civilization. Going through old dungeons is fun, but I like being out in the sun much more.”

Jessaila notices that the two prisoners you released from the orc levels are doing a lousy job of trying to sneak through the brush north of your camp.

  • Jessaila waves to the prisoners. “Hey, how are you guys doing?”
  • Malaina goes to check up on Nightscale
    DwarfGuy1: “AAAH! ORC PATROL!!!!”

DwarfGuy2: “It’s the sunchasers! We’re saved!”

  • Thurirl is up in a moment at the mention of an orc patrol, then realizes they might have meant us.
  • Nightscale is curled up around he hoard-box in the shallows
  • Seiankornai hasn’t brought up the drake/dragon issue since Mala just went straight to calling Nightscale a dragon. However, he will be interested to find out why she does, and what her home world is like.
    Nightscale: ZZzzzzzz – snort “Whu? Did someone say orcs for breakfast?”
Malaina: “No orcs around right now, but I will let you know if they come close. How are you feeling?”
  • Vari is stretched out close to the water, dozing in the sunlight, wings spread out
    Nightscale: “Warmer. It’s nice up here when nobody tries to shoot at me.”
Malaina: “Well, we won’t let anyone shoot at you or do anything to you.”

Seiankornai: “So what are those dwarves doing?”

Jessaila: “Indeed.”

DwarfGuy: 1 “Oh please please please, noble might sunchasers, we’ve had the most horrible day!”

  • Thurirl settles down to arranging his gear for the day, and seeing to his pack.
    DwarfGuy: 2 “We got lost, chased, and lost some more.”
  • Jessaila glances at the Dwarves and adopts a pose of languid repose. “Oh really?”
    Seiankornai: “Where’s Jamshid and Grok?”
  • Thurirl pauses a moment when he realizes where he hid his merchant get-up… oh dear…
    Jamshid and Grok woke up at the shouting and are getting their weapons out
    Seiankornai: (oh, I thhought they were escorting the dwarves)

DwarfGuy: 1 “We’re going to starve!! Or be shish-kebabed by those muddy-looking Vessa!”

Jessaila: “And yet you seem to have found us alright. And you’re not too muddy, either.”

DwarfGuy: 2 “We were’nt looking for you, though, we’re trying to find the road to the harbor again.”

  • Malaina sits on the shore, taking out something from her bag and working on her hair
    DwarfGuy: 1 “I thought you were the orc patrol!”
  • Jessaila is totally chilling on a big rock.
    Seiankornai: “…Really, since when do orcs have anything even resembling a drake among their ranks?”

Jessaila: “Do any of us look like orcs?”

DwarfGuy: 2 “Please, we’re not woodsmen, or even sailors. Help us get off this island, we beg of you.”

DwarfGuy: 1 “…you /moved/. I’m a little jumpy, OK?”

Jessaila: “Yeah, sure. We can do that.”

DwarfGuy: 2 (dryly) “He also mistook a narrow rock, a row of trees, and a small waterfall for the orc patrol. He’s not just scared, he’s scared stupid.”

DwarfGuy: 1 “Hey!”

Thurirl: “They are not combatants. It is easy to excuse and forgive their nervousness during these unfamiliar circumstances.”

Seiankornai: “That I can beleive.”

Malaina: “So, when do we head back?”

Seiankornai: “Probably any time now.”

Jessaila and Jamshid and Thurirl (at least) have probably all figured out by now that you are on the far side of the mountain from the front entrance with all of the arrow slits – and the road to the harbor.
Malaina: “Well, I’m riding back with my Vari’s, two people are welcome to ride the second, and I suppose Seian can fly everyone else back himself.”

Thurirl: “I must retrieve my… additional equipment on the other side of the island…”

  • Thurirl realizes he probably can’t go back as his merchant alter ego. He’s going to have to request a quick drop-off sometime after they return the civilians.
    Seiankornai: “And any other supplies we left there.”

Thurirl: “Indeed. We do not wish to leave anything the orcs may use should more of them choose to reside upon this island.”

Jessaila: “Meanwhile, I’m going to take a nap in the sun.”

Malaina: “Yea, we probably should rest before we head out.”

Isabis: “What, now? We just got up.”

Jessaila: “Up to the surface, yeah…”

Malaina: “I feel like I need a new tan.”

Seiankornai: “…We got up here yesterday. I though elves didn’t need that much sleep.”

Jessaila: ((Eh?))

Malaina: “Well, Jess is special.”

Jessaila: ((Okay, I thought we just got topside, here…))

Isabis: ((I thought we left off last week with everyone asleep, so I figured we were waking up after said rest.))

Jessaila: ((In any case, I was attempting to set up the dream sequence that makes us all rush off, yes?))

Isabis: ((Oh, do that the next night – it was dawn, not night, when you came out of the mountain))

Jessaila: ((Okay))

Jessaila: ((Then scratch the nap-need.))

Malaina: “Well, why don’t I take Thurirl to where he stashed his stuff and we can decide then when to leave? Because we do still need to drop the drawfs off, see the king and then get Nightscale to some place safe.”

Seiankornai: “That works. I’ll help get the dwarves accustomed to riding drake-back.”

  • Malaina nods and goes to hop onto the second Vari’s back, leaving the dozing one to keep Nightscale company
  • Seiankornai turns to the dwarves, “…Now, time for some practice.”
    Let the record show that you exited the mountain at dawn, slept with minimal watches for 8 hours, and it is now around 2pm
  • Thurirl goes with Malaina, riding on Vari’s back, looking a bit anxious, or at least enough for her to tell.
  • Malaina steers her drake to the place they came in at, and lands, letting Thurirl hop off so he can find his stuff
    Dwarf 1 is still burbling on in panicky mein about wild animals, but if there are any of the things he thinks there are, they seem to be afraid of the scent of drake, because nothing disturbed your watchers
  • Jessaila finds some tasty vegetables in the bushes and makes veggie-kabobs for the dwarves.
  • Thurirl gets down and heads off to where he buried his outfit, hoping there weren’t more patrols. He should have hidden it well enough…
    Jessaila: “Sorry there’s no meat, but you have to deal with these things in the wilderness.”

Isabis: "It seems a bit over-hunted around here. The foreigners and Nightscale between them must put quite a strain on the island’s resources.

  • Thurirl comes back with a bundle under his arm, climbing back onto Vari with little trouble.
  • Malaina nods and Vari takes off, heading straight back to the others
  • Isabis gets out the map(s) and discusses things with the others, then suggests to the group:
    Isabis: “Let’s try and fly to this peninsula tonight. Then we can detatch, say, Jamshid and Grok to escort these fellows home. Grok can keep them out of trouble with things that don’t negotiate, and Jamshid can take care of anyone that does.”

Isabis: “The rest of us and work our way south tot he delta and pick up a boat upriver.”

  • Jessaila nods.
    Isabis: (of us can work our way)

Seiankornai: “Ok, that works.”

  • Vari arrives with his passengers soon and lands on the shore, laying down so the two can get off
    Isabis: ((you can see this on the map, nearly due south but a little east of the island))
  • Thurirl gets off and works to secure his bundle with the rest of his gear, resisting the urge to glance at the dwarves.
    Seiankornai: “Well, those two dwarves are unlikely to fall off now, one needing longer to calm his nerves about it more than the other.”
  • Isabis gets Malaina and Thurirl (and Vari) in on the idea too
    Malaina: “Sounds like a plan to me.”

Isabis: “Nightscale seems to be more comfortable in the water, but if we stay by the coast and then stick to the river, I think she’ll be fine?”

Thurirl: “Excellent. That shall allow us to complete our goal with only minimal hinderence. I applaud your efficiency.”

Nightscale: “Just so I have a good wet place to sleep.”

Jessaila: “If not, I can use magic to make a place wet enough for you.”

Everyone who gets a vote being in agreement, you take off. Nightscale even obliges you by carrying your gear so that Grok is only as heavy as two other passengers, instead of four.

  • Malaina is glad to be flying in the open air again
    Seiankornai: “Flllllllyyyiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!”
  • Seiankornai seems to be enjoying it too
  • Thurirl feels a bit better about being on a dragon this time. Seian’s method was interesting, yet the Vessa can’t help but think about being dropped in midair…
    Seiankornai: ((pity the dwarves on Seian’s back, then ))

Evening sees you back on land. The desert-dwellers, only too happy to have solid ground under them, proceed to march the dwarves off for “just a couple hours travel before the sun gets all the way down”
Jessaila: ((By the way, where on the map do the Gaunts live?))

Jessaila: ((Ok))

Malaina: “Let’s find some place to camp before it gets too cold for the drakes to really move.”

Nightscale somehow manages to retain posession of Grok’s Big Bag of Loot.
Jessaila: ((Heh heh heh…))

Malaina: ((XD))

  • Nightscale Does not Know how such an accident Could have occured, nope nope nope
  • Nightscale looks “innocent”
    Seiankornai: “Perhaps by a stream, if there’s one nearby.”

Malaina: “Good idea.”

Seiankornai: ((hey, if Grok didn’t care to take it with him, he must not want it, right?))

Malaina: ((True!))

Nightscale: ((hehehe))

  • Seiankornai flies up high and high, now without passengers to look for a suitable candidate before the light is all gone
    Nightscale: ((Grok did remember to take his /own/ stuff, of course, including the bag of holding/throwing))

Seiankornai: ((and his cannon))

Nightscale: ((admit it, you’re going to miss the cannon ))

Malaina: ((It did have it’s uses))

Seiankornai: ((IC probably not so much, OOC yes))

Thurirl: ((Well, yes. And Grok put it to so many uses.))

Jessaila: ((I miss the cannon like I miss a hole in the head…))

Thurirl: ((Grok can fix that! =D))

Isabis: “I can’t decide if I’m glad we don’t have the hand-held artillery piece with us anymore, or if I’m sorry to let it out of my sight…my cousins will probably blame me for whatever he does with it.”

Jessaila: “Did we ever meet these cousins?”

Seiankornai: “Jamshid said he’d take responsibility for him, and he can actually talk to Grok.”

Isabis: “Er…I’m not sure, did you? The, ah, prince and princess of Caskannoth?”

Malaina: “So it’s not a total lost cause.”

Jessaila: “What, seriously, Isabis?”

Isabis: “…my uncle is King of the Matha. Yes.”

Jessaila: “You’re… ah. I guess I do remember hearing that…”

Isabis: “That’s why they sold Grok a cannon in the first place. Somebody think I authorized it. And I’m a well known sunchaser and member of The Family, so…”

Malaina: ((Is it dark now?))

Thurirl: “Ah, the delicate and complicated realm of family politics and bureaucracy.”

Thurirl: “I am not certain I would wish that upon my fiercest enemy.”

Seian has found you a spot where a small freshwater stream flows into the sea; you settle down around the campfire for more veggie kabobs, a fish or two, and dungeon-lag recovery.

  • Thurirl is happy to have fresh fish again.
    Isabis: “The best part is, my cousin acts like he’s something just because his father is the king, but our crown isn’t inherted that way. He drives me nuts.”

Thurirl: ((His player, on the other hand, is trying not to hurl from the smell. =P))

  • Malaina is stays strangely quiet, leaning against one of the sleeping Vari’s belly as she trims the ends of her hair
  • Seiankornai catches several fish, eating ten all by himself… but Nightscale probably caught more.
  • Isabis pokes at the fire
    Isabis: “Could’ve been worse I guess. My father nearly WAS the king, and then I’d have been stuck in the CASTLE for all those years instead of the Academy.”

Jessaila: “Academy beats quite a few things, I suppose.”

Isabis: “Oh, yes.”

Isabis: “…castle beats a few things, too, I admit. But still.”

Thurirl: “Many who envy royalty and nobility often do not ruminate upon the responsibilities, only the benefits.”

Thurirl: “At least among the dwarves, nobility can be earned, if one is clever or wise enough to collect a small fortune through business or trade, or a personal craft.”

Thurirl: “Or at least, that is my impression… I tend to forget their traditions at times.”

Thurirl: “I do believe my alter ego may have a small Lordship somewhere in Dwarven territory… I need to carry a map of it on my person.”

  • Isabis snerks
    Isabis: “You /think/ he does? My word.”
  • Seiankornai raises an eyeridge, “You’re going to have to tell us more about yourself, sometime.”
    Isabis: “And your other ‘self’ too.”

Jessaila: “Indeed.”

Isabis: “But for tonight, I’m going to sleep.”

  • Isabis shouts down to the ocean, “Goodnight Nightscale!”
  • Isabis pulls a blanket over her head and goes to sleep.
    Thurirl: “Agreed. Unless the Crone enters the world tonight, we have ample time to discuss my life among the dwarves.”

Jessaila: “Don’t jinx it.”

Isabis: “Nah, need ’nother year or two.”

  • Malaina goes to sleep without saying anything to anyone
  • Seiankornai settles down next to (as in touching) the camp fire
    Log Saved
    Seiankornai: ((ah, stopping for the night?))

Tune in next week for Scary Dreams and the Run South
Isabis: we now return you to your level-up discussions already in progress

Thurirl: ((yeah, some of us need to level up yet… and by “some of us”, I mean me, at least =P))

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