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The Life and Times of the Piercers of Darkness

Log 1 In which DH tries to play Grok, and we have a flash-forward battle.

Log 1B In which we go back to the beginning.

Log 2 You are hired to guard a new mine. Good thing, because goblins attack!

Log 3 In which you deal with the goblin menace at the mine, and run off to help others.

Log 4 You enter the goblin caves, in search of a stolen drakeling.

Log 5 In which you find the drakelings, and kill some special goblins.

Log 6 In which you get paid, get mail, get new companions, and get out of the mountains.

Log 7 In which you decimate a wolf pack, find a music box, and camp in bandit territory.

Log 8 In which you fight bandits from beginning to end.

Log 9 In which you finish up with the bandits and deliver a music box.

Log 10 In which you decide to travel the hard way, and count your loot.

Log 11 In which you visit the Riddlemasters and hear about a job.

Log 11-S (Supplemental) In which Jessaila and Malaina have a conversation.

Log 12 In which you find the inevitable ambush.

Log 13 In which you defeat the gaunt ambushers, but that dratted spy runs away again.

Log 14 In which you reach the library, and become a split-level party.

Log 15 In which you hear a character say, “Yes, like something large…” OK, not really.

Log 16 In which you finish dealing with something large and read a shipping label.

Log 17 In which you ring a bell.

Log 18 In which you find a new friend in a decanter.

Log 19 In which you learn the definition of “everyone” and live to fight another day.

Log 20 In which half the party sleeps, and the other half converses.

Log 21 In which you fight “everyone.”

Log 22 In which you are still fighting, and that gaunt sneak is trying to steal your book.

Log 23 In which you finally finish the battle.

Log 24 In which you brag your heads off in a tavern.

Log 25 In which you visit the big city again.

Log 26 In which you get paid! (By the Riddlemasters)

Log 27 In which you fight things on the river.

Supplement 27 In which people have some serious conversations.

Log 28 In which you pick swamp-potatoes and rescue a cat from a tree.

Log 29 In which you are rewarded with a pair of old boots. Yay.

Log 30 In which you loot some wreckage, and Grok is terribly disappointing.

Log 31 In which you pwn a pair of water serpents and Grok makes another attempt at keeping a pet.

Log 32 In which you rest for a month, and Thurirl discovers a problem you might look into.

Log 33 In which you get yourself hired by the Ganren League as caravan bodyguards and suddenly…attacked by goblins!

Log 34 In which you battle goblins…and not much else.

Log 35 In which you are still battling goblins, slippery little suckers.

Log 36 In which, yes, you are still fighting goblins…but you win the battle and take a few goblin prisoners!

Log 37 In which you fix a wagon and learn more about the trading guild conspiracy.

Log 38 In which you run into a Spriggin, a Land Shark and…undead goats?!

Log 39 In which the drakes dine on fresh Land Shark and a bit more is learned about the conspiracy.

Log 40 In which Seian uses his fire to peer into the future and attacked by ogres!!

Log 41 In which the battle is won, you haggle with ogres and a little bit more is learned about the conspiracy.

Log 42 In which you take a boring ferry ride and plan to inflitrate the conspiracy.

Log 43 In which you buy disguises and your plan goes into action.

Log 44 In which you are hired and ‘attack’ a travelling caravan…and Jessaila finds a little black book.

Log 45 In which you prove your good ‘villians’, alot of roaring and….attacked by drakes?!

Log 46 In which your staged ‘attack’ goes as planned and you are hired as Durts new bodyguards.

Log 47 In which you tie up a minor villian in red tape and wade into a disappearing sunpool.

Log 48 In which you are shanghaied into saving the sunpool network and sail a boat.

Log 49 In which you save the sunpool network by robbing a tomb and Isabis behaves shockingly.

Log 50 In which you impress a royal court, and someone actually breaks a leg performing.

Log 51 In which you build a bridge, but the drakes are rather bored.

Log 52 In which you you have a battle with vegetables.

Log 53 In which you meet an alien race, willingly drink poisons and Jessaila ends up drunk.

Log 54 In which you race across a country and battle the undead.

Log 55 In which you save the sunpools and are summoned for a mysterious mission.

Log 56 In which you stop at a festival for music and greasy snacks.

Log 57 In which you are attacked by water elves and charged with finding a historical artifact.

Log 58 In which Malaina is a reluctant leader and a sunpool drops you off in a dirty, dirty place.

Log 59 In which you finally get clean and agree to take a couple of tests.

Log 60 In which the battle continues.

Log 61 In which the battle is still going and Grok falls on his opponent.

Log 62 In which Grok uses Isabis as a teddy bear and the battle is finally won.

Log 63 In which you meet up with another group of Sunchasers and something mysterious is discovered about Malaina’s pendant.

Log 64 In which you have a merry chase and then walk a ‘wise’ path.

Log 65 In which cross the path and have to…take a test?

Log 66 In which you ace your test with time to spare, and take advantage of Grok’s pole-ordering service.

Log 67 In which you do jury duty.

Log 68 In which you finish jury duty and get out of the courthouse, finally!

Log 69 In which you start the test of your patience, and meet some kodos. Mystery solved?

Log 70 In which you travel the swamps and discover a rare form of undead at your destination.

Log 71 In which you fight rare undead and go wading in the waters of Chaos!

Log 72 In which you FINALLY get the Dawnbringer scroll fragment copied.

Wild Magic Table Random effects table for reference re. logs 71 & 72

Log 73 In which you get out of the swamp and Thurirl shows off a disguise.

Log 74 In which you approach the leadership of Morus’ mirror (slowly!) about the scroll.

Log 75 In which you meet the king of Moru’s Mirror, and commence a frontal assault on Khundrakar.

Log 76 In which you have fun storming the gate, and Grok “jogs someone’s memory too hard.”

Log 77 (forthcoming: Narrow bridge; balrogs optional.))

Log 78 title forthcoming

Log 79 title forthcoming

Log 80 title forthcoming

Log 81 title forthcoming

Log 82 title forthcoming

Log 83 title forthcoming

Log 84 title forthcoming

Log 85 title forthcoming

Log 86 title forthcoming

Log 87 title forthcoming

Log 88 title forthcoming

Log 89 title forthcoming

Log 90 title forthcoming

Log 91 title forthcoming

Log 92 title forthcoming

Log 93 title forthcoming

Log 94 title forthcoming

Log 95 In which you refuse to release a prisoner from a library

Log 96 title forthcoming

Log 97 title forthcoming

Log 98 title forthcoming

Log 99 title forthcoming

Log 100 title forthcoming

Log 101 title forthcoming

Log 102 title forthcoming

Log 103 title forthcoming

Log 104 title forthcoming

Log 105 title forthcoming

Log 106 title forthcoming

Log 107 title forthcoming

Log 108 title forthcoming

Log 109 title forthcoming

Log 110 title forthcoming

Log 111 title forthcoming

Log 112 title forthcoming

Log 113 title forthcoming

Log 114 title forthcoming

Log 115 title forthcoming

Log 116 title forthcoming

Log 117 Session pending

Log 118 In which you talk about planning and entice an expert to join you.

Log 119 In which you actually get around to some planning.

Log 120 title forthcoming
Log 120a A tour of the delve

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