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Continued from Log 27:

  • Thurirl puts a hand on Malaina’s shoulder and smiles… for once, in a way that anyone could notice. “I understand. And should we part ways again, I will make certain all that I learn of them will find its way to you, wherever you are. My only request is that you allow myself, and perhaps a few of our friends, to join you on your hunt.”
    Jessaila: ((Something like that, I suppose.))
  • Malaina looks over at him, side of her head leaning on her knees and she smiles back, nodding her head, “The more help I can get, the better, I just ask….leave the leader to me…and Vari….they killed his parents and tried to eat him….I think we both deserve our revenge…”
    Thurirl: “Indeed. Although… if I may be so bold… may I suggest you make it about more than revenge?”
  • Thurirl gives her a serious look. “Protection. It is only reasonable to think that every goblin you kill is one less roaming about. One less to raid villages, one less to make orphans of innocents, one less to kill and eat those who have done them no wrong.” He bares his teeth in a hunter’s smile. “To stop them from doing to others what they have done to you. That, in my mind, is the reason they deserve to die, in addition to all they have done already, to you and to others.”
  • Malaina looks down a bit, but still listens as he talks. When he is done, she keeps quiet for a few moments, but she slowly smiles and closes her eyes, “You’re right….I wouldn’t wish what happened to me one anyone….”
  • Thurirl smiles again and nods. “I would suggest you make that your mission as well. I have not seen it, but some have said revenge can be an empty thing. If you see it as protection of others, it may prevent that feeling. After all, if revenge is all you have, then it ends with that clan. But… if you’re protecting others, there are always more goblins to hunt. I, for one, look forward to always having more students to teach.”
    Malaina: “Heh, that is true….I see no reason to show mercy to any goblin, even if they beg for it. I just….well, I just feel, if I can destroy this clan….then my village, my family can truly be at rest as well as my heart.”
    Thurirl: “I understand. And I will do what I can to help ease the pain in your heart. I would expect the same of a good friend, though I know I rarely show such need.”
  • Malaina chuckles at him and nudges him a little, “Yea, I need to find a way for you to open up more….and probably put a bell on you.”
  • Thurirl smiles in a way that only Malaina can tell. “That would defeat the purpose of my teachings… yet I must admit it may help relations with the others.” He frowns a little and looks away. “I shall consider it. It was, after all, my obsession with passing unseen that led to my travels… but not in the way most assume.”
  • Malaina frowns a bit and scoots closer to him to lean against him lightly, giving her own support
  • Thurirl smiles and wraps an arm around her. “What do you know of my family and the circumstances of my leaving? Do you remember what I told you?”
    Malaina: “All you told me was your father didn’t really agree with your….studies. I didn’t think it was right to pry and ask questions.”
    Thurirl: “Truth be told, it runs… much deeper than that. What I am about to tell you… promise me you will keep it to yourself. You can tell Vari if you wish, though I ask you insist he keep silent as well. This will… be difficult for me to say…”
    Malaina: “Of course I will! And if I tell Vari, he won’t say anything either.”
    Thurirl: “Thank you. Now…”
  • Thurirl takes a moment to brace himself before opening up his heart. “In truth, the argument was not only about my habits of disappearing when I willed… but the fact that I tended to do it during the rituals dedicated to the worship of the dragons.”
  • Malaina listens quietly
    Thurirl: “The fact of the matter is I saw no reason to worship something that could not find me. I believe I met a dragon once, when I was very young, and it left quite an impression upon me. But alas, it was not the one my family and tribe sought to give me.”
  • Thurirl looks sad as he says this next part, though the sorrow only barely tinges his voice. “It looked, but it did not see. Somehow, whether by luck or innate skill, I had managed to escape its notice, even though its gaze fell upon the spot where I stood.” He shakes his head. “It was then that I knew… the dragons were not gods.”
    Malaina: “Did….did you think the same of Vari when you ran into the both of us?”
    Thurirl: “No. I tried to deny it at first, to tell myself such thoughts were immoral and disrespectful. Yet a voice in my heart cried out to test them… so I did. I made many a journey near the drakes, staying as quiet and still as I could. It was not long before I realized my suspicions were correct. If they were truly the servants of true gods, surely they would see me… or at least come looking. None ever did.”
  • Malaina wraps an arm around Thurirl, sighing sadly that his world was rocked like that
    Thurirl: “When I first met you and Vari, my tribe was long behind me. My father… did not approve. He accused me of many things, not the least of which was disrespect to the dragons. Among the Vessa, such was unthinkable. Yet… it was worse than mere disobedience.”
    Thurirl: “When my father learned that I had ceased belief in any diety, for to me even the human religions seemed untested and unproven, he was outraged, shocked. I believe if it were in his heart, he would have killed me then and there. Only love stayed his hand.”
    Malaina: “Oh Thurirl, I’m so sorry…”
    Thurirl: “As it is, I am in exile. My father swore never to reveal my beliefs to anyone, but I expect by now the rumors have spread. A Vessa who not only has rejected the Dragons, but all faith in the gods… it is unheard of. I am a paraiah among my people, and I do not expect a warm welcome should we meet any on our journey.”
    Malaina: “Well, I’ll protect you….Vari as well. We won’t let them touch you…”
  • Thurirl smiles and nods. “I thank you for that, although I am not sure it will be necessary. They have no proof of who it is, and only my manner of speech marks me. Even then, we would need to travel deep into my homeland for them to harm me. Those who live with humans must abide by their laws.”
    Thurirl: “Still… I feel it would be prudent if my presence were not made widely known. I confess, coming this close has made me anxious should I encounter any of my brethren.”
  • Malaina nods her head, grinning a little, “Alright, no bell then.”
  • Thurirl actually laughs! “No. No bell. Not until we are back and I can be assured I am the only human-sized one with scales walking around.”
  • Malaina laughs a little, but grows quiet for a moment, “Thurirl…did you ever think we would be where we are today? Running into one of the 99 Knights….finding ancient ruins, fighting enemies left and right…”
  • Thurirl shrugs. “We cannot always know the path our life will take. It is like a river. Some parts are shallow and it is easy to choose where you will go. Others are deep, and you can only do just enough to keep from submerging. Sometimes it is fast and you have little time to choose. And other times, only a fool does not have the time to see where he is going. All we can do is stay close to those we cherish and do our best to be ready to swim when the current is deep and swift.”
  • Malaina nods and closes her eyes, head leaning against his shoulder
  • Vari peeks his head down, looking for Mala and see’s Thurirl with his arm around her and seems to have a look on his face that isn’t happy with what he sees
  • Thurirl looks up and seems puzzled at the Drake’s scowl…. then promptly removes his arm.
  • Malaina blinks her eyes open and looks at Thurirl and then looks over to see her drake with his scowl, “Vari, don’t be rude!”
  • Vari pouts
  • Thurirl is a little embarrassed and isn’t sure what to say.
  • Malaina sighs and rolls her eyes, standing up, “He can be such a kid sometimes…”
    Thurirl: “I am certain he will mature in time. He is still young, and learning.”
    Malaina: “Well, he can learn to not always need my attention.”
  • Malaina scowls back at the drake and watchs him pull his head back out and she sighs, shaking her head
    Thurirl: “He will learn soon enough. I only hope I do not make him too jealous.”
    Malaina: “I don’t know, for years it was just him and me in the Black Peaks, taking on jobs to earn money for food and other things. I think, with this group, this is the first time has had to share me.”
    Thurirl: “I imagine it will be quite difficult for him. Yet if you are firm and still show him affection, I have little doubt he will adjust. Besides, it is not good for either of you to be alone for so long, though you do have each other. I think you will both look back on this time with fondness as the years pass.”
  • Malaina grins lightly and nods, “Yea, those were some good years…visiting different villages, seeing different drakes, killing goblins and bandits…”
  • Thurirl smiles. “And we have many more years ahead of us. We should endeavor to make the most of them.”
  • Malaina gives a full blown grin and nods, “Well, I better head on up before Vari starts whining. Thanks for the talk Thurirl, I miss talking with you.”
  • Thurirl nods. “And I with you. We must do it more often while we are still travelling together.”
  • Malaina nods and heads on up, her voice carrying down as she fusses at Vari
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On the river boat after the goblin battle

  • Malaina comes above deck since it is later and looks around, seeing Vari snoozing away, but she was looking for another Drake, the older one
  • Seian is relaxing in the sun. He’s getting all he can as fall continues to march towards winter. He watches the river and the banks with mild interest
  • Mala makes her way toward Seian, rubbing at the back of her neck, “Ummm, Seian?”
    Seian: “Hmm, oh, hello Mala, what is it?”
    Mala: I….well, I hope you don’t take this offensive, but…how old are you, if I can ask?"
    Seian: “Oh, it’s no offense, I’ve passed 42 summers and winters.”
    Seian: “We age fairly quickly in our early years, then plateau for awhile till we reach great ages. Our king is over 500 years old, and still going strong, though there are signs of his age.”
  • Mala looks unsure, but nods and reachs behind her neck and unties the choker, slipping it off her neck and you can see the pale skin in contrast to her tanned skin, meaning she rarely, if ever, took off the choker* “I was…wondering if you might know what this is?” she holds up the gem for him to take, the color a greenish/blue with a vertical black…..well, it looks like an iris.
  • There also seems to be a fine, barely visible crack along one side of it*
    Seian: “Hmmmmm, it is an admirable treasure, for sure, and it looks like an eye of a drake, which is very beautiful. I don’t know what kind of gem it is, though, as I mostly prefer gold and silver rather than gems.”
  • Seian probably won’t notice the crack unless she points it out herself.
  • Mala sighs as she looks backs down at it, not ‘feeling’ the subtle change with her own eyes, “I wish I knew someone who know what this is….my… father gave it to me the day my village was attacked. Told me to never lose it….”
    Seian: “Ah…” he says, his eyes going a bit downfallen, “It must be very important then. And not just as a memory, though that can certainly not be discounted.”
  • Mala smiles and nods, putting it back on her neck, closing her eyes as she does. When she opens them again, they are back to normal, “Yes, my father always wore it, he promised he would tell me and my brothers it’s purpose when we were of age.”
    Seian: “Hmmmm, now that sounds interesting. Veeery interesting. Do you know where he got it from?”
    Seian: “And also, are you of age yet?”
    Mala: No, when I asked him, he just said his mother gave it to him, and her mother gave it to her. And I am 19, I guess that is of age."
    Seian: “Since you asked me my age, I think it only fair I ask you yours.”
    Seian: “Hmm, did he have any siblings or cousins?”
  • Seian realizes a moment too late that if he did, they were probably all killed with the rest of the village
    ((TGU: though a long lost relative might make for an interesting quest ;) ))
  • Mala thinks on it, “I think he mentioned an aunt, but she didn’t leave in the Black Peaks, I think he said Ashenead…I think…?”
    Seian: “Ah, we shall have to look for her someday! I’ve never been to Ashenead, have you?”
  • Mala shakes her head, “No, I’ve never been that far north, never saw a reason to venture that far. In fact, this is the first time I have thought of her, doubt she would know me.”
    Seian: “Blood knows blood, at least that’s what we drakes say. You humans might be similar.”
    Mala: I don’t know…some humans can be related and yet never look anything alike. and unless we are raised together, we wouldn’t know they are family."
    Seian: “But can’t you smell it?”
  • Mala chuckles lightly and shakes her head, “Sorry Seian, a humans senses isn’t as…well, sensitive as yours.”
    Seian: “Ah, right, I keep forgetting. Still, Vari might be able to sense it, since he’s been with you all of his life and knows your scent so well.”
    Mala: “Hmmmm, true….well, if we ever head up that far north, maybe we could ask…if I can remember her name….”
    Seian: “Another alternative to find out what that is would be to have it examined by one very knowledgable with talismons and the like. I think Gravinshilo could do it.” he says, idly
    Mala: “Who is Gravinshilo?”
    Seian: “Oh, just one of the archmages of the drake king. Haven’t seen him for several months now.”
    Seian: “I really should visit when I get the chance.”
    Mala:“Where does he live?”"
    Seian: “In the drake king’s Cavern of Majesty.”
  • Seian is talking like this is an everyday sort of thing.
    Mala: “Hmmmm….maybe…I guess, I am curious but..well, we’re on a mission. I guess this can wait, it’s not like we are in a hurry.”
    Seian: “Oh! Have you ever taken Vari to see it and the king?”
    Mala: “No, I wouldn’t even know where to look.”
    Seian: “Just ask any drake, we know.” Seian grins. “Where’s a map…”
  • Seian bugs their companions until one is found, then points out where in the Black Peaks the drake king’s Cavern of Majesty can be found.
    Mala: “Wow…that looks…well, it looks very close to where my village used to be…”
    ((It’s above the High Mirrior, just to the west of it))
    Seian: “It’s pretty close, yes. My family didn’t spend all their time there, but in my more recent years I lived a wing hop away in our temple to the Dragon Kings.”
    Mala: “Well…the elders did like to tell stories of the great drakes who lived in the Black Peaks and how the founders of our village even talked with your king at one point.”
    Seian: “Yep, I remember the stories, my mother would tell us about it.”
    Seian: “She saw the Rascel, once, even, but didn’t get a chance to meet him.”
    Mala: “Wow, really? Heh, I sometimes envy you drakes, I will be long gone and Vari will still be able to see the wonders in this world…”
    Seian: “Perhaps, but maybe you can find a way to live longer as well.”
    Mala: “Hmmm, maybe. I’m only 19, maybe old if I was in a village and expected to be married and with childern, but…well, I just feel like I got alot to look forward to.”
    Seian: “Hess, Vari isn’t child enough? I think you’d be one of few humans who’d be very welcome in the drake king’s palace, with how you’ve taken care of him.”
    Mala: “Wow…you really think so?”
  • Seian nods, “Of course, you’d probably get allll sorts of advice from well meaning mothers about how to raise him proper, though he’s getting to be an adult now anyway, so maybe not.”
  • Mala sighs softly and looks over at the snoozing drake, “He’s…..he’s only 13…would he be considered an adult so soon?” looks a little sad at that
    Seian: “Well, he has 3 more years left before he’s an adult, but getting there.”
  • Mala looks down and rubs at her arms, “3 years….I guess by then, he won’t need me anymore…”
    Seian: “Need? Maybe not in the strictest sense, no, but I’m sure he’ll want to stay with you for a long time after that. I lived near my parents all the way till I decided to become a seeker.”
    Seian: “I was around 30 then.”
    Mala: “But….but I’m not a drake, though I know how to raise one and communicate with them just fine. What if…what if he finally see’s that I am too weak and he wants to find someone who is stronger?”
  • Seian gives her an odd look, “Why should your stength matter in his affection for you?”
    Seian: “Either you’re stronger, so he stays with you for you to protect him, or he’s stronger, and he stays with you to protect you himself, or your about the same, in which case he stays with you to watch each others’ tail (if you had a tail), and in all cases he stays with you because he likes you.”
  • Mala looks down and sighs, “I don’t know I guess…as much as he seems to need me…I guess, I need him. We’ve been together for years, it’s hard to think what it would be like if he wasn’t here…”
    Seian: “Have you told him that?”
    Mala: “I….I don’t know if he would understand….and I don’t want to hold him back. What if, one day, he finds a female drake he really likes and wants to start a family with her? I couldn’t have them stay with me just so I wouldn’t be alone…”
    Seian: “Then you can stay with them and help raise grand children, adopted though they may be.”
  • Mala chuckles and rubs at her eyes, “Hehehe, and you can visit and tell them stories.”
    Seian: “And it’s not uncommon for father drakes to go off and do things, even for a few years at a time, while the mother stays and raises the young.”
    Mala: “What?! I don’t know if I like the idea of Vari leaving for so long!”
    Seian: “It’s not that long really, well, maybe it is for humans, I guess.”
    Mala: "Yea, it
    Mala: “It’s not looked upon with a smile if a father just ups and leaves his family like that, unless its for a darn good reason!”
    Seian: “Well, most hunting grounds can’t support two full size drakes and a clutch of children for too long.”
    Mala: “Well…what about the place we met you?”
    Seian: “Those on the edges of drake territory can spread out a little more.”
    Mala: “Well, couldn’t he live there? He seemed to get along with all the drakes there….it’s where he got his obession with getting silver for cows.”
    Seian: “But some peaks can get pretty desne in the center of our territory, so hunting ground is marked out.”
    Seian: “Sure, he could probably live there.”
    Mala: “Hmmm, well, I still have some time before it becomes an issue…thanks for talking with me Seian, really helped. Maybe one day I’ll find out where this gem comes from.”
    Seian: “Yes, it’s no problem. He probably won’t want to settle with a nice drakesss till he’s in his fifties anyway.”
    Mala: “Oh my, I’ll be 60 by then, an old lady!”
    Seian: “Hess, unless one really goes hunting after him and just insist he be hers.” He grins
    Mala: “Oh my, I don’t think Vari would know what to do!”
    Seian: “Hmmmm, maybe you ought to take him to the palace to get some of that mothering advice…”
  • Seian chuckles
    Mala: “That sounds like a good idea. Thank you Seian, I am going to go see about getting something to eat, hopefully Grok hasn’t eaten all the food supplies.”
    Seian: “Have a good meal.” With that he rolls over and suns his belly.

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